Midonna – The Awakening (Shulkie TF)

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    Part 11 (some sort of epilouge)

    “Miharu? Miharu?! I know you’re not dead, Miharu! Your back has been showing your breathing since the moment I got here!”

    A strangely familiar voice slowly emerged through the Japanese girl’s ears as she regained some sort of consciousness wherever she was. She felt like her face and her entire body were on top of a rough surface like concrete, but her eyes remained closed so that she could get in the last bit of sleep that she could. But as she tried to sleep the voice continued to go on in its pesky manner.

    “Attention Miss Yoshimune! This is your conscious again! Remember me from earlier? Well its time to get up now! Or else…”

    “Or else what, brat?” the Japanese girl said really softly as her mouth opened, but her eyes remained closed for the moment. She somehow knew that Akira was around here somewhere, but really didn’t want to wake up for any reason whatsoever at this time. All she wanted to do was sleep.

    “Or else I’m gonna squeeze you to get you off of this filthy gray ground!” said the younger Japanese boy, who promptly started to put his arms around his big sister and squeeze her without any consent at all! She felt that her nude back was very soft in accepting her brother’s embrace as he easily surrounded her with his figure. But why did her back feel like there was nothing on? It was then that she subconsciously took note of her entire body’s structure: somehow or another, it all felt like it was wearing nothing at all! She then noted her front side was completely touching cold concrete from the side of her face all the way down to her feet! The only thing she still had on somewhere was her cotton panties she put on this morning, and even they felt much looser than they usually did around the thighs as if some giant had stretched them out and given them back to her as a practical joke.

    Without thinking too much, Miharu slowly opened her kind, brown eyes once again to at least get a good look around wherever she could. Trying to move her head around, she saw her brother Akira trying to make do in hugging his sister once again by putting his arms around her back as if he was trying to treat it like her whole body. His dress shirt was still on his body, but open at the buttons revealing the t-shirt that he had put on earlier, a good indication that he was already home before he ran back to see what was going on back at Fermi High. Unfortunately, from this perspective, she really couldn’t see anything else that was going on, but she did hear sounds all around the vicinity that someone was cleaning up after something that happened. But for some reason, with each thought that she tried to make towards what that could have been, she really couldn’t think of what this was. All she knew was that the last thing she really remembered was that Tybault hit her when she tried to run and save Darren. But she could at least ask a few things.

    “Uuh, weren‘t we supposed to meet and go home together, brat?” the Japanese girl said in her soft voice as her brother continued to squeeze her tight. Something probably had happened that made him act this way, especially the quick way he was talking like he had to get it out of him.

    “Well I know we were supposed to go home together, but I guess when my teacher let us out early and I remembered that mom wanted me to do some stuff at home and get there immediately. I really should have waited, but I was in too much of a hurry and its not like you have a cell phone. But when you didn’t come home too soon I knew something was up. And when I went out and saw that huge beam of green light come out into the sky, I knew that you could have witnessed it and I needed to come back and make sure you were alright!”

    “Green light…into the sky…” Miharu felt like she did see some sort of green light emerging into the sky…she had no idea what it was or where she remembered that, but there was a green light somewhere along the line. Even though she was practically nude and her brother was still on her body, she had to get up to see what exactly was going on.

    As the pale body of the Japanese girl slowly rose to her small feet back onto the ground, her eyes slowly took in the nightmarish situation piece by piece. The first thing she noticed were several ambulances, all of them parked right outside of the school with various doctors and nurses coming out picking up several bodies, all of them hurt but none of them dead, and putting them inside to take care of their wounds. A policeman was standing outside of the school grounds where another of the players was being picked up by a large nurse while a doctor was washing his face with water, trying to make sure a dent in the side of his head was being treated well. Tybault’s body had already vanished from the sight where he had been knocked out, most likely because he was one of the closest to the street when the police and the doctors arrived on the scene! She saw several doctors around one ambulance where she swore she saw a shiny bald head, but she wasn’t going to make any bets about who or what it was.

    But what really made everything sink right in was watching a stretcher stand right in front of her with the body of Darren laying right in the middle of it. While she couldn’t quite see him from the perspective that she was standing, she did notice that his breathing did seem much stronger than it did after all of the smashing that Tybault had done to him in the name of his crooked justice. His eyes also appeared to be open, whether or not he was able to speak to anyone out of the shock of what he had been through. But other than that, his face appeared in terrible shape as he laid on his makeshift bed preparing to go to the hospital. Both of his eyes appeared black and he had several other bruises and cuts covering every piece of his face, which had already looked scraggly before the attack but looked worse even now. His body was covered by a really heavy blanket, one that prevented him from moving an inch whether he wanted to or not. Miharu wanted to go over and at least see if Darren was still speaking, but a couple doctors immediately came over and started to wheel him away for even more treatment.

    “I guess the green light had something to do with all these guys going down,” Akira said to his sister as he started taking off his large dress shirt from his body to at least cover up the small, non-existent bust that his sister had. “Outside of that weird Darren guy you hang out with, every one of them were some of the best football players in the school…at least I think they were. And all of them were flat on the ground, beaten to a pulp!”

    “But what about me?” Miharu questioned her little brother. She knew that whatever took down all of those guys, it probably took her down as well. But how come she was the only one still conscious and standing after all of this was over and done with?

    “Wish I could tell you what happened to you, brat,” Akira answered slyly. “It does seem strange that you of all people would not have a scratch on your delicate skin…not to mention have your clothes ripped off without any sign that there was an attack!” He turned towards a wall where there were a couple pieces of Miharu’s old school uniform still lying around as if someone had outgrown them, but none of it really clicked with the big sister there and then.

    “So then, maybe it was me that did all this to them?” she asked one more time…just to make certain whether or not she really was a culprit behind this mad scene.

    “Yeah, it could be you…though I don’t know how you would have the technology to create a huge jade beam of light into the sky like that, but there may be more to you than even I know.”

    Akira’s last words somehow struck Miharu in a way that she didn’t think it could. The jade light in the sky….the fact that she was the only one unharmed from the chaos in front of the school…the mere fact that she could remember what happened to Darren…and maybe that green light…the poor Japanese girl stood dumbfounded as she continued to watch the police and the paramedics take control of the situation that she was watching. There may be something inside of her…something horrible and deadly…something that could destroy everyone and everything…and yet with this notion locked away in her mind, she did not want to have to face it right now. Perhaps if Darren or one of the football players treated her any different…perhaps if Barbie tries to threaten her life again…perhaps if she knew if there was something and she could somehow use it to do good instead of evil..maybe then she could be ready. But for the moment, all Miharu did was walk on over towards the paramedic riding off with Darren’s breathing body, only wearing the cotton panties and Akira’s dress shirt, if only to congratulate him for standing up to that bully Tybault.

    Heh…heh…and that's that.  Hope y'all liked this tale..even with how long it is.

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