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    Mr. Stone

    Man, I have a novel laying around in my stack of books that is about a girl who discovers she has inherited the powers of the Amazon from her mother.  She grows musclular and strong and there is a sexual element to the transformation, as well.

    Maybe one day I can get off my ass, go through all of my books and find it.

    Mr. Stone

    Come to think of it, "Love Child" might actually be the one.

    Mark Newman

    This one isn't muscle growth, but it is a mainstream novel about a muscular girl.

    Modern Ranch Living, by Mark Poirer

    This is the Amazon blurb.

    The action centres on a small community in Tucson, Arizona, with the disappearance of a local teenager triggering the plot. However, it's the book's principal characters that keep the reader turning the page – notably 16 year-old Kendra, the muscle-bound young girl with a bizarre grammatical habit (her favourite phrase: "plussing as which") and Merv, the 30 year-old pool attendant that still lives with his mom. These characters are immediately engaging, and for all their oddities and imperfections, it is easy for the reader to empathise with them.

    And this was one of my favorite excerpts.

    By the time she hit junior high, she was worked, thick with muscle and intimidating to some of her teachers.  Her abdominals were like six caramel apples, and her shoulders were as wide as an Olympic swimmer's.  At home, she walked around in her sports bra, on display, pausing to flex in mirrors and snack on protein.


    I came across this one on Sounds like it might be interresting "BODY: A Novel" by Harry Crews.

    Mark Newman

    I read Body.  It wasn't very appealing.  A lot of the awful bodybuilding drug culture.


    I read Body as well. There are a lot of scenes that are pretty distatesful, but I found the writing to pretty engaging. (Incidentally, the author, Harry Crews, lives in my home town of Gainesville FL). 


    If my memories are correct, there is a muscular, insanely strong female lover and protector of Hari Seldon in Asimov's Foundation series. Her name is Dors Venabili. But I don't want to spoil major details…

    But it was a long time ago, I'm not entirely sure.

    Zespara Alathar

    "Love Child" by Andrew Neiderman.

    I read that book.  Awesome descriptions inside and a must-have for all those with an interest in FMG and femuscle in general.  🙂



    I’d forgotten about this one, been out of print since the earlier 80’s,
    might be able to locate it in a 2nd hand book store, or over on from a likewise source.

    Titan’s Daughter by James Blish

    Involves genetic engineering that produces a new race of nine-foot tall, smarter, stronger, longer life spaned people.
    The story revolves around the main character, (as denoted by the title) a woman.

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    _Iron Angels_ by Eric Flint and Allistaire Kimble has a physically robust female character, and the conclusion is very interesting.

    Most S.M. Stirling novels feature at least one buff chick.

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