Pig Found Flesh-Chapter Three

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    Pig Found Flesh- Third Input

    The car slid to a halt at the stop light like a slug eating salt. Barkeley Files was breathless from the squirming going on between his lower torso and the steering wheel. He was a good ten minutes away from the college and its two tied up security guards and the phantasm of physicality wearing their clothes was in the passenger seat. Mandy had settled into a height far enough below Bark’s own that she had to lookup into his eyes. He could tell this from the aura of resplendent adorability that she radiated as she rotated her meat stocked haunches into her seat and took a deep breath pushing the seatbelt outwards. “It wasn’t too tiring of a jog eh?” Bark queried, she just shrugged and kept her breath in. Mandy had settled on meeting him just outside the campus grounds as to avoid the numerous monitoring cameras scattered across the place, from which she had then disappeared from sight in full gallop. The thing that bothered Bark was that such a venture from her supposed apartment would have taken about three minutes longer and have left even the Runner Girl he fantasized about in an exhausted jelly-limbed state. Mandy however was unfazed and still holding her breath. “Look you’re gonna pass out if you keep that up, Hell I’LL pass out if you don’t start getting some oxygen to that amazing brain of yours” Bark commented to which Mandy just answered with an attention grabbing shrug. The feature which captivated Bark’s eyes so was the fact that she WAS in fact breathing, albeit calmly, yet her chest still stayed as far as it was when she first drank air as she entered the car. The shiny buttons of the Garfield Security uniform glinted from the streetlights as bold striations and exaggerated pectorals threatened to spill her diminished though no less desirable breast tissue through the gaps of those stressed fasteners,

    “I needed more air in order to run better, don’t you ever watch the Nature Shows?” Mandy finally said, her voice was still her own, lilting and barely accented despite the thorough familiarity with English that she displayed. Bark was distracted by the way her now merely athletic instead of massively brawny arms still had a pull on his libido’s hair trigger. Mandy seemed to be slowly regaining a semblance of the shape that she was in when they first began their bizarre courtship a few hours earlier. There were new contours added to the boundaries of her original waifish format though. As she began to positively swim in the garments designed for beefy male six footers that weigh 300 pounds she kept some of her conditioning. Bark drove towards his own abode seeing new vascularization on her forearms which were exposed as she stretched to try to put her palms flat on the car’s interior ceiling. Mandy arched her back and let out a cooing sigh that filled the car with her breath and additionally hinted to Bark’s experienced lecher’s eye that her default teats were more engorged dimensions than he had studied at their initial tryst.

    There was also a higher humidity that made his nose itch and Bark’s car’s windows fog over, causing him to have to turn on the heating to drive normally. Entering the shared driveway of his building he discovered that Mandy was soaking wet after taking her hand in his “Guess you really did sweat all that mass off running to the car eh” giving her smooth palm an affectionate squeeze. Her hand, Mr.Files noted, was icy cold despite the run she had conquered minutes earlier “Must be the air conditioning” he rationalized. The car idled in the parking spot as Bark took measure of his situation. Mandy on the other hand was busily tearing at her garments and after scooting around a while managed to make them into something fashionable instead of overly baggy. It was a sarong of blue and brass but with the pants acting as a sort of shirt while the knotted button-down acted as a sweeping skirt. “I’m dressed at least, now lets see about you getting my stuff to our apartment” she demanded.

    Bark was too stunned to voice protest as he made the three trips up the four flights of stairs required to reach his home. After each trip he did risk a glare to which Mandy finally answered “Look I’ll expand my horizons to help us from landing in the slammer but I sure as hell won’t just to save your wage slave ass a few minutes of work”. She followed up her rage inducing retort with a flirtatious full palm SLAP on Bark’s posterior that made him nearly wince from both its intensity and unexpected arrival “After all it’s 11:30 if your car’s clock is right and I want your little tush all pumped up once I catch my wind” Mandy baited.

    The apartment itself was a tribute to piled living. There were entire mountain tops of clutter each individually separated into their own archipelagos of junk. As for any signs of the roommate to whom Bark shared the rent only a faint luminous glow from under one of the bedroom doors signified any other bipedal life. As for the six legged contingent there were at least as many of them in this living space as there were people in the entire building. Their secret feedings were interrupted as Bark made his final foray of moving Mandy’s things, and herself, in.

    “There we’re home” Bark realized it was a mistake to speak out loud when a gangly specter of electronic sound making materialized. Silhouetted by the single halogen construction lamp that provided light to its inner chamber it swaggered zombie-like and streamed cigarette smoke to extend a hand to the recent visitor. Bark attempted to negotiate the tense moment “Mandy this is Option 30” and under his breath “Walter on his paychecks”. She regarded Walter/Option 30 with an almost abject fright at the sight of his sleep deprived eye sockets and equally pale skin, her hand trembled as it grasped his in a firm grip that made the Nosferatu like co-inhabitant wince visibly. “Oi she’s a strong one mate!” Option countered in his best nature show host voice to which Mandy answered “I have a baby’s grip and it won’t be on your unmentionables … tonight at least”. Bark watched the exchange nervously, Walter and he had been friends since high school and having to choose between enduring friendship and a metamorphic hottie thirsting for his cock, was a choice Bark didn’t want to have to make. At least after a workday and before his weekend got started that is.

    A silent sort of exchange between the rail thin wiry bean pole of a man and the petite Indian girl took about two minutes of heated staring. Having made a decision Option 30 declared his edict over Mandy’s head and directly to Bark “She’s cool, she’ll have to pay rent or something but doesn’t seem stupid”. Bark sighed in relief as he noticed something odd about his night’s paramour. She had subtly altered her hair to include highlights fashionable in the crowd that Option 30 hung with as well lengthening her neck in order to appear more in line with the standard of beauty that thought willowy was wonderful. Turning slightly to regard Mr.Files, Mandy blinked longer lashes that would have been either a rare gift of nature or the pursuit of many a make-up clerk. She also puckered lips that had a redness often a signal to arousal but in this case Bark thought they were just another trick of Mandy’s social camouflage. Her hands though still small now had longer though somehow well formed nails that absently tapped on the brass buttons of her Garfield Security skirt. While Mandy turned towards him Bark could see her profile had also been reconfigured, now her nice breasts looked as if they were supported by a corset lifted from below by what he could only imagine was her own flesh. The entire presentation though, was of an unnaturally pale girl of Pacific Rim descent ready to go clubbing at a ‘Sisters of Mercy’ concert.

    Bark hazarded a wink in her direction to which the monitor burnt eyes of Option 30 missed blissfully. Proclamation finished Option 30 trudged to the kitchen to battle the creatures that lurked under the fridge for any remaining scraps of food. Mandy spun around laughing and gracefully landed on the magazine littered couch “I don’t even want to see your room let’s get me started right here” she said grinning wildly her eyes flashing from the uncovered lamp Option lit on his way out. Bark had another start as she hiked up her skirt the pubic fuzz that he swore he felt while his head was on her lap an hour earlier had retreated to shaved stubble. Jaw finally closing Bark remembered something, how damn tired he was. After more than a handful of member inflating rushes of blood to his nether regions and a full days work at the college’s Veggie Burger Mr.Files was spent without having been spent himself. Bark admitted “I don’t know what to say I’m wiped the fuck out, just don’t go having sex with Walter” to which a voice from the kitchen hollered “OPTION 30!”. Startled at his normally tone-deafened friend’s selective hearing Bark got in close enough to smell the newer odor emanating from Mandy’s body. it was no longer that flower smell now an insidious perfume wafted from her. One which distracted Bark from any further announcements of being worn “Baby we’ve got to bottle your sweat and sell it, you’re better than a cup of coffee and a Yulia Nova movie marathon”. Daring to pick her up he navigated the debris of electronic music magazines and pornography to reach the File-cave. As she passed one of the new piles which was actually her tossed belongings Mandy grabbed a gallon of her taped springwater and drained it tossing the plastic carton back with unnerving aim as they reached the door to Bark’s room.

    Mr. Files room was less littered than the rest of the place. A mattress and box spring lay directly on the floor without any supporting frame while a single desk and dresser held the entirely of Bark’s life. Mandy wriggled out of Bark’s grasp only to plant her legs around his waist to run her exposed sex along his shirt leaving a shimmering road pointing to her clit’s goal. “Talking with your friend gave me some very interesting ideas” Mandy purred as she ran a tongue that couldn’t possibly fit in her throat along Bark’s face ending in his ear where it burrowed sensually. “A wet willy does not the Bark make wet” he responded while responding below the belt, hazarding a look at his work synchronized clock he could see that there was 10 minutes till midnight. “Fall on me!” Mandy demanded to which Bark answered “Sure and squish you all over the place you’re gonna have to make me!”. Mandy looked almost as surprised as when the campus security tossed her apartment but then smiled with her newly red lips and batted her naturally long and dark eyelashes at Bark. Suddenly she was heavier mostly in the ass from what Bark could gather in his hands to keep a grip on her. While not cut muscle her rear was thick and firm, spreading her skirt and emanating from a gentle pulse in her midsection that within such proximity Bark could actually feel. The problem of holding her up wasn’t really one for Bark since it was intercourse either way. But he stayed standing as some small way to regain control over the roller-coaster events of the evening. His position grew more precarious as Mandy’s legs joined the act, even wrapped around his waist Bark could feel them slide as they grew longer. Unlike the earlier living Barbie incarnation Mandy had tried, this one provided sinew to support the lengthened limbs. Combined this lower center of balance and now that Mandy extended about two feet from his chest in sheer inseam Bark tumbled forward giving a surprised “YELP!”. A quick knock on the door and Option’s sarcastic voice could be heard “If you kill her I’m not helping hide the corpse, this time” he replied in such seriousness that Mandy almost stopped the procession of her body’s changes. Bark gave her a pleading look of reassurance as she then released her disproportionately long, strong and sexy legs from an air choking grip she assumed on Bark’s torso from the previous Option-tossed comment.

    His head on her chest as she lay between him and the mattress Bark attempted to get undressed. The fleshy petals of her woman’s hood looked, from a brief glance downwards, to be entirely ready for his seed. The want of her organ prompted worry “Oh damnit my condoms.. “ Bark moaned. His partner chuckled slightly and Mandy whispered to him as he got up “THIS is why I wanted to make love with you, you have a real sense of responsibility”. Getting his clothes off for the second time in the soon to be early Saturday Bark noted the time, 11:56pm on his desktop old style green LED radio clock. Unwrapping the phosphorescent manjuice stifling material and ensuring a proper fit despite the orifice of entry Bark turned around to present himself to her. Instead he saw a navel on what could be accurately termed “Tyrannosaurus Sex?”. She had legs long and sweeping solid with muscle, but due to their sheer length, the lines of a voluptuous porn star only magnified. The top of her collarbone were where Bark’s 5’ 10” frame ended as she looked down at him from her still petite torso. There was a CRACK as her hips began to widen so the sensual space between her sheer thighs beckoned for Bark’s flesh rocket to navigate. Her skirt’s brass buttons popped from their loops from her lower limbs progress. She bent WAYYY down to attempt to remove the combat boots she recovered from the Garfield Security interlopers a few hours ago. “Could you help me out my arms are too short” Mandy pleaded, Bark was about to tease her with something along the lines of “Well I wouldn’t do that just to save your fine tush some effort” but a wink and her tooth cruising tongue going from side to side in her red bordered mouth made the fact that this was foreplay clear even to him.

    Bark attempted to undo the tied laces but they were on her feet tighter than he thought . As he fought with the boot straps he felt his hair touched by something, the globes of gladness had returned on Mandy’s chest and they engorged almost water-balloon like to reach down to a crouched naked Bark. Soon a set of pale arms as long as his legs and just as thick fastened themselves to his ankles and lifted him up as if he was being climbed like a ladder. “You won’t puke upside down?” Mandy asked a bewildered Bark as he noticed that while her torso stayed the same in terms of height the development of muscle mirrored that of her proportional limbs. Mandy’s breasts were crowded to near nonexistence by the bull thick slabs of she-flesh that powered her long arms to keep him aloft and left the improvised sarong torn completely in two. “Time to lift the flesh curtains and start the show” Mandy announced as quietly as her altered neck would allow. She soon had Bark upside-down and held by his ankles, he swept back the blue shirt-skirt and saw her woman hood that twitched as he breathed on it. Mandy’s knees buckled with pleasure at even that slight stimulation and Bark ended up getting his face mashed by them. “By dobs.. I domb’t think dat dis wilb beb I goob Ibea” Bark vainly tried to communicate as blood trickled up into his head from his wounded nostrils.

    “Oh….” Mandy quickly set him down standing and pulled off his condom carefully pulling it on one of her long pinky fingers. Mandy then bowed on her knees and after going on all fours from the other side of the small room with her implausibly enormous yet shapely ass obscuring at least three posters she kept the condom finger in tea raised position and homed in on her target. “Let me make it better” Mandy chimed as the LED blipped twelve she enveloped Bark in her mouth until her eyes brushed his belly. The sensations assaulting Bark as he primed himself for a suppressing burst of wad were akin to being licked by an enormous cat without all the worries of bestiality or having ones dork bit off if Siegfried loses control of said tiger. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and blood freely dipped onto Mandy’s hair as he fired repeatedly, his balls and reptile portion of his mind in agreement that there was no way he’d not pass genes on with this incomparable artillery blast of fluids. Mandy for her part didn’t gag or breathe once while all the muscles of her body except for her condom coated pinky finger twitched in time to each of Barks own launchings.

    Coated in sweat from both his own heat and that of a finally warm to touch Mandy, Bark gasped for air and collapsed onto her wide back. For her part she was slowly becoming less tall as her legs advanced on her arms in a bizarre wheelbarrow race that no gym class had ever the opportunity to witness. However most of her super powered girth was retained as she finally lifted Bark bodily and tossed him onto the bed. “OOMPPPHH” went the air out of her nearly expired male toy’s purchase on consciousness as she advanced causing things on his dresser to fall from the impacts.

    Bark was in a moment of stark terror that became bliss as instead of raping him or somehow pulling another, and in his minds approximation possibly fatal, erection from his organ she curled her six foot tall bulging frame around him. Before sleep overtook him he heard her mention “Well I guess we’ll have to wait til morning for my turn.. and I guess I can stay harder then you can”. Bark chuckled and then passed joyfully the hell out.




    This is the first time I’ve read any of your work Cowprobe, and since I’ve got to chapter 3 that must mean your doing a good job!

    Mysterious, weird, lots of unanswered questions (mostly about Mandy) it was interesting being in Barkeley’s (slightly empty) head for a while.

    The writing style helps promote the bizarre atmosphere of the story but I have to say that at times it was so packed with similies that I lost the thread.

    That aside I hope you post more 😉

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