Ran into a girl today that looked like Hunter S. Creek’s drawings

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    [glow=red,2,300]Just had my 1st real life giantess encounter[/glow]

    she had to be 6 foot 5 inches…and she was lanky

    She had a smart girl look..sand blond hair with glasses…real cute as if she had been a cute blond haired girl that
    hunter s. creek had given a growth serum to…..she was perky and funny…she was with her boyfriend taking pictures of the college campus….

    i swear hunter s. creek must have created this girl out of thin air….it was uncanny of how she reminded me of his drawings


    I saw a tall blond girl at the DMV the other day.

    Not sure how tall she was, but it was over 6', 'cuz I'm 6' tall & she was maybe 1 foot taller +/-.

    Didn't pay her much attention (it takes a LOT to impress me).  Though I don't see that sort of thing every day…

    Cute, if I remember right.


    Eric F., EnhanceMan


    The tallest woman I's have ever known stood at well over 7 feet in height (she was almost a foot taller than I and I's am abiut 6' 4") but her height was caused by a terrible malady -which she eventually succumbed to. Though in her life -in order to prolong it and give herself some sense of power and control- she did lift weights and was fairly muscular, despite having a very lanky build.
    So, in the long and short of it all, I's do suppose that she did quite resemble a drawing by our dear Hunter S. Creek. I's wish that I's could find a photo to compare but alas, not.
    To Hunter: please keep up your fine work.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    In high school I knew a basketball athlete who seemed to be about seven feet tall.  She seemed quite friendly, but her legs were so long I wondered how she could succeed in sports with such a high center of gravity.

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