She-Hulk Vol 4 #1 thoughts

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    Delmo Walters Jr.

    Funny you should mention "how well the Hulk would sell if he spent most of every issue as Bruce Banner"…last year, there was a period in the comic where, if the Hulk appeared at all, it was a miracle. I don't know what the sales figures were but, as a reader it got old very fast. There was also a recent story arc in Batman:Gotham Knights where, in the 6 issues the story ran, Batman was hardly seen. Not exactly the reason why I piss away $2.99 an issue.

    Prophet Tenebrae

    One of the reasons it's so frustrating to be a fan is because one has to sit in the passenger seat – for better or for worse.

    Now, given the site I'm at – I can assume that many, if not all, of us would like to see timid little Jen Walters (I'm speaking generically) hulking out graphically at LEAST once an issue. However, we all know that is never going to happen – if for no other reason than the fact this is not an adult publication and also that it's writer Dan Slott showed – upon seeing those who favour a sexual slew to the She-Hulk's transformation – more than passing disdain and discomfort (from my point of view at least).

    Anyway, I suppose I'm saying that you can't expect things to go "our" way all the time but that's no reason to dismiss a series – although opinions will vary.

    And of course if you read Fred Perry's fantastic Gold Digger, you'll struggle to look at most Marvel comics without contempt… but that's neither here nor there.


    Muffin guy, why all the bitterness, the sarcasm?

    We're just sharing opinions here.  You like the book, I don't. 
    Other people like the book; other people don't.

    Which is fine, as long as the debate is presented in a noncombative manner. We may, as he says, all be wrong and not know what we're talking about, but I still don't think that'll keep SH from vanishing again. I'll give this run until 2007 to be generous; if I'm wrong, I'll be the first person to say so, but from where I'm standing, there are far better characters out there for comic readers to get their T&A fix from, and She-Hulk ain't one of 'em. She's just not an evergreen franchise, and never has been.

    And I still don't know why my own strip was brought up in this discussion, as webcomics and comic books are two entirely different animals. I don't adhere to any specific genre, which leaves me wide open to explore all of them. I'm also very focused about who my fanservice is aimed at: nobody. Wasn't always like that, but I've been around long enough now that my characters can stand on their own two feet regardless of appearance. I create characters based on my own whims and am beholden to no one, because if people don't like it they can leave, and I'll still be there. The internet is one of the few places where all manner of aesthetics can be realized without money being a factor of influence. The main difference between webcomics and comic books is that if a comic book loses readers, they drop the title; if a webcomic loses readers, in most cases it doesn't make two damns worth of difference.

    I also find it rather pretentious that it's assumed that everyone here is irrevocably addicted to femuscle to the point of exclusion of all others; that's not only unrealistic, it's insulting. Many of us are quite able to separate our alternate realities from the real world, and quite frankly, I don't give two damns if a woman is built or not. I'm more interested in the heart and the mind, as anyone who's been around as long as I have can tell you, it's a foolish man who gets roped in by looks.

    Seriously, femuscle is tiny wavelength in the entire spectrum of my interests, the majority of which exist outside the realm of art. I'm sure I'm not the only one. As I said, She-Hulk's success (or lack thereof) is neither here nor there to me; I'm not a fan and haven't been in nearly two decades.


    Which is fine, as long as the debate is presented in a noncombative manner.

    Exactly, as moderator, I concider a debate, if handled within certain parameters of social conduct, to be acceptable – but the second I smell a whiff of smoke, its game over – the gate will be locked and everyone is out of the pool.

    So mind your manners and play nice.  😎

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)

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