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    Oh, my dear, sweet Fungo.
    To quote Futurama: "You've watched it, you can't unwatch it."

    Leave Maudom right away. Any links off-site from Maudom will be equally awful. I love the Simpsons, but this is too much for me. I've seen this all before and these people are CRAZY. They draw themselves in Simpson's style, they make up characters and for some reason the whole webring adopts those made-up characters as legit additions to the Simpsons cast and they do fanart of that.

    Sometimes Maude is an angel, sometimes she is a whore. Sometimes she misses Flanders, sometimes she's posing nude for a male angel that is now some kind of accepted character.

    Sometimes Lisa gets together with Professor Frink.
    Sometimes with Milhouse.
    Sometimes with the cartoon representations of the male artists.

    Sometimes you will see Lou naked, drawn with the cartoon rep of the artist who loves him so.

    Sometimes you will see Eric, the 4th child of the Simpson family that has been adopted into this freakish webring as a legit character.

    Sometimes you will see Edna and Skinner's kid, who's name I don't know.

    Jessica Lovejoy poses sexily on men's magazine covers.

    I cannot stress that no one should view these sites. I wake up screaming all the time. This replaced my night terrors. I wake up everytime I'm about to fall into REM sleep, and I scream so loud that I scare myself into wetting the bed. Never view these sites or the sites related to them. While not all the sites are German, avoid German Simpsons fansites at all costs. Damn it, man, I can't make you not go, but I can show you my scars and hope you learn.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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