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    Swim Lesson

    I was a junior in college at a small school in Maryland. I played lacrosse there. I was a pretty athletic guy. I played club lacrosse and went to the gym a lot. I was 5’10 and weighed around 200 pounds of mostly muscle. I was in pretty good shape and decent looking enough to do well with women when I put my mind to it. I was somewhat anti-social, but I had several friends and quite a few acquaintances around campus from the activities I did participate in.

    One particular acquaintance was a girl named Erin. I had hooked up with Erin a couple times at parties, but I always gave her the cold shoulder the next day, after we’d both sobered up. She was the captain of the swim team. She wasn’t as stocky as many of the other college level swimmers. She had more of a long and lean build. She stood about 5’8 and probably weighed in the neighborhood of 145 pounds. She was okay looking, her face was attractive but not gorgeous. She was pure grace in the water. When she trained she glided along the surface effortlessly. When she competed, she generally blew the competition away unless it was a big tournament.

    I had gotten the bright idea that I would become a Navy SEAL. I was a good athlete and working on getting myself in good shape. However, I was pretty muscular and therefore not at all buoyant. A lot of buoyancy in the water is based on technique which I lacked. As graduation began to show itself on the not too distant horizon, I began to seek help becoming a better swimmer. Most of my close friends were only good enough in the water to narrowly avoid drowning. Erin was by far the most talented swimmer that I knew, so I decided to ask if she was teach me to swim better.

    Erin agreed, and told me to meet her after her next practice.

    I showed up at the natatorium at around 5:30 in the afternoon. The women’s swim team had just finished their cool downs and most of the girls had gone into the locker room. I approached the pool as Erin was getting out.

    The sheen of the water on her skin highlighted her sleek muscles. It even highlighted her modest breasts underneath the tight navy blue suit. Her medium length blonde hair slicked back as she rose from the water.

    “Hi, Greg,” Erin greeted me with a smile.

    “Hey Erin, how was practice?” I replied.

    “It was pretty long. Some of the girls weren’t really getting into training today, so I had to be kind of a hardass. You know how it goes.”

    “Yeah, I guess.”

    “So, are you ready to get started?”

    “I’m as ready as I’m gonna be”

    I just into the water with a splash and began treading. Erin hopped in lightly, and stroked over to me.

    “Okay, let’s begin with the side stroke.”

    “All right,” I replied, as I leaned to my right and began my best attempt at side stroking down the pool.

    Erin glided alongside me, swimming effortlessly. By the time I had swum two pool lengths I was already huffing and puffing. I got to the edge of the pool and clung to the gutter.

    “Come on,” Erin chided. “You can’t give up yet.”

    I took a deep breath and pushed off the wall. I began side stroking down the 50 meter pool length. I made it about halfway before I began struggling again. I started to sink below the surface of the water. Before I was 10 meters from the opposite edge, I went under the water and caught a mouthful. I began choking. Then I began panicking. I clawed my way to the nearest edge of the pool, the side.

    Erin followed close behind me. “You were doing pretty well. Catch your breath and try again.”

    “Fuck you and fuck this. I’m out.” I climbed out of the pool and set on a bench by the wall.

    Erin was taken aback by my harsh response. “I can’t believe this! I thought you would at least put forth some effort. I thought maybe we could even become closer as I taught you. Instead you quit after five minutes and curse me out!” she screamed.

    “Okay, fine! You want to learn how to swim the easy way?”

    “At this point I will do anything just to shut you up!” I responded.

    “Follow me then,” Erin commanded coldly. She then turned on her heel and walked into the girls’ locker room.

    I walked quickly after her, curious as to what could help me become a better swimmer so quickly. Surprisingly, the locker room had cleared out already. The swim team had showered and hurried off to dinner. When I caught up to Erin, she was in front of her locker going through her swim bag. She soon retrieved a small tube with AquaPulse printed on it.

    Erin squirted some of the contents onto her hand and motioned for me to come closer. As I approached her, my nose was greeted with a scent similar to BenGay. Erin began rubbing the cream across my chest. Once my chest was covered, she instructed me to turn around and then rubbed the cream into my back as well. The cream felt just like BenGay, cool at first and then giving way to a slow burning sensation which was amplified by the pool water still clinging to my torso.

    As she finished applying the cream to my body, I turned to see her spread the lotion across her chest and under her suit. I became slightly aroused at the sight the muscles in Erin’s arms working as they applied the lotion to her body. I became very aroused as she caressed the gel into her breast. Erin’s nipples responded by poking firmly against the fabric of this suit.

    “Okay, let’s go again.” Erin said as she grabbed me by the arm and led me back to the pool.

    By the time I hopped into the water, I had a buzz. “Get to it. Side stroke.” She ordered.

    I obeyed and began to swim down the length of the pool again. I was on my side facing away from Erin. I began swimming as I had before, expending most of my energy just trying to stay afloat. As I progressed down the pool however, I noticed that I was able to swim with somewhat less effort. The buzz intensified as I swam. ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, ‘This stuff really works.’ By the time I reached the opposite end of the pool, I felt energized rather than worn out. I touched the side and immediately began swimming my next lap. Erin continued beside me but remained quiet.

    I reached the other side easily. I really felt much lighter in the water now. I turned to Erin. “I can’t believe how well that cream works!”

    Erin was somewhat flushed “Yeah, me neither. It really is amazing.”

    I took a moment to notice that Erin looked somewhat different. Her face had a softer look somehow, probably because of the pool water, I assumed. She also looked… fuller. Her lithe muscles seemed a bit more pronounced, and her breasts pushed her suit out more than I realized. I told myself that it must have been an optical trick played by the water.

    “Let’s keep going.” I suggested.

    “Sure, Greg. I can go as long as you want,” was Erin’s reply.

    We kept swimming. I completed lap after lap and they seemed to get easier as I went along. I couldn’t believe how well I was able to move through the water. Erin mainly stayed quiet, probably because I was doing so well and didn’t require much instructing. The buzz continued, elevating me to an almost euphoric state.

    After 20 laps or so, I pulled up at the wall. “This is amazing! Thank you for the help! I’ve never swam so well!” I exclaimed as I turned to face Erin.

    I gasped as I faced my swim instructor. I had to look up to meet her eyes! Her gorgeous eyes which were surrounded by stunningly beautiful feminine features! She had a wolfish grin as she look down on me. “No worries, Greg. It’s been my pleasure to teach you a lesson.”

    I glanced at her body and my shock continued. Her once slim physique was now very muscular. She didn’t appear bulky at all. Her arms and shoulders were big and athletic looking. Her breasts strained her racing suit with noticeable cleavage. I was at once completely terrified and completely turned on.

    “Something the matter, Greggy?”

    “Y-You’re huge!”

    “That’s right. The experimental cream I used on you has some very interesting effects. When a swimmer uses it and then swims in a pool, the compound reacts with the pool’s chlorine and greatly enhances the training effect on both cardiovascular and muscle tissue. There is a side effect though.” She swept her arm to indicate the changes to her body, and then she pointed to my body.

    It was then that I looked down. My body was puny compared to my former self. My muscles were small and barely evident. It looked like I never touched a weight rather than being my usual gym rat self. I looked up at her in shock.

    Erin’s wolfish grin widened. “Yes, it seems that when men and women both apply the cream to their bodies and swim in the same pool, the men dwindle while the women grow and grow with the size and strength that is released into the water.”

    Erin grabbed me by the shoulders and rammed me against the wall of the pool. I cowered as I faced her. There was no way for me to escape!

    “Of course, the effect is amplified by physical proximity.” Erin leaned down a planted an aggressive kiss on my lips. The pressure from her mouth felt like it would press my teeth in. I could feel her huge tits and hard body press into mine and spread against it. I was instantly hard.

    After what seemed like an eternity, Erin released my mouth, put her hands under my armpits, and threw me out of the pool. I landed on my ass, and watched as she swung herself out of the water in a blur of speed. She was on top of me instantly. She lifted me to a standing position, just inches in front of her. My chin was about even with the top of her heaving breasts. She stepped forward, her breasts pushed my collar bone and I was forced back. Erin walked forward with no effort at all, pushing my back toward the wall. I tried to brace my legs and resist, but my feet simply slid along the tiled floor.

    The backs of my head and shoulders collided with the wall with a slight thud. I looked up at Erin, her dazzling eyes danced.

    “Let’s see… You’re about 5’1 now!” Erin had backed me up to a height scale on the wall! “And since I am staring straight ahead at the 6’ mark, I would have to estimate my height at about 6’3! I’m an AMAZON!!”

    “You know, Greg, I used to really like you. I loved how manly you were and how great you were in the sack. I guess all you really saw me as, was a means to an end. Too bad.” She turned to walk away, into the locker room.

    “But wait! Erin!” I ran to catch her. To my surprise, she actually turned to see what I wanted. “You’re so beautiful, I would love to get a chance to date you now.”

    A condescending smile emerged on her lovely face. “Of course you would, now. I can have any guy I want. I’ll dominate any sport I choose. I have a body to kill for now. Sorry, Greg, you’re just too little, too late.” She spun and strolled into the locker room, leaving me with my new existence.



    Great stuff.

    I love these first person narrative tales of power swappage!

    It would be interesting if the narrator somehow got his hands on that AquaPulse stuff and managed to ‘spike’ some co-ed practices in petty vengence.

    It would be funny to see things from Erin’s view as well. Was she the first to learn of the stuff’s effects? Is there a greater conspiracy?

    jakes, thank you for sharing such a keen short story. 8)


    Wow! A very sexy story, Jakes. I really like the plot and description in this one. Thanks!


    This was my first story. I appreciate the positive feedback. Writing a story gives me a newfound appreciation for guys like Marknew, Lingster, and all of the consistently solid contributors of good stories. Hopefully more to follow…



    great story, looking forward to reading more

    Mark Newman

    Just back from vacation. Very enjoyable. Thanks for contributing!



    Wow.. a great short story but don’t end here please keep going! 😀


    Nice! I hope you continue this.

    If I was him, I would want to take vengeance on her. Hell…anybody would do so! So maybe you could write another chapter about his retribution. Of course, you could always use the Mark Newman screw-up technique 😉 , and have his revenge NOT work exactly like he planned. Who knows…maybe making her even more powerful? Haha! *evil thoughts*

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