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    I am happy to announce that the cove has now officially moved servers and is once again open.

    – Site layout redesign….(marginally)
    – updates on some of the albums
    – FINALLY have a links page….(need more though email me if ive missed any)

    enjoy and let me know what you think…..

    oh and there is a little compitition as such, as well….. can anyone donate a picture sig for the cove as the boob sig is what i use for the morphers in the bea and i would like a fmg sig for here if possible, so the site contributors can have one to let people know 1. they contribute and 2. advertise the site on any forum they go on….
    unfortunately there wont be a prize….. but i may change my mind

    post them in here and ill pick my favorite…


    Thank you for the update, dear Asusus. Glad to see that the web address has remained unchanged. A very nice set up you have, but how deep the changes are must be seen later.
    Thank you again.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    the new look is nice .
    i'll  have two fmg sequences soon. i hope i can post them before the next update and you 'll like them.


    sorry guys and gals…. after the joy at the news;boardseen#new

    next update in 2 weeks (if anyone sends me anything….lol)

    Hunter S Creek

    Thank you for your work and dedication to your great site, Assus!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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