"The Eden Incident"

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    Hey there y’all. I am somewhat of a newbie around these parts, but I already come with a little something I wrote a while back. While I write quite a few were TF tales, many of them (well, nearly all of them) have plenty of BE and FMG, so doing a pure physical TF instead of a human to an anthro with physical changes wasn’t too hard. Hope y’all like it.


    In the heart of downtown, within the world of neon lights, sleazy prostitutes and overflowing trash cans, was what some considered to be the classiest escort bars in the entire city. They called it “Eden’s Vineyard”, a rather innocent name for the place, but what went on in there usually wasn’t as bad on the inside as the outside suggested. It was here that gentlemen with the right amount of prestige and influence came to relax for an hour or two amidst the glow of neon reaching out to touch the curtains and linens that made it look better than it should. The bartenders served the finest liquor they could afford, which included some of the most expensive and rarest wines, champagne and even a little whiskey that they could get their hands on. They said that “Eden’s Vineyard” was filled with the angels that heaven couldn’t take in, and boy were they right! The girls here weren’t the trash that you found on the street or taking off their clothes in the strip clubs: they were all in their most modest, sleek designer dresses, surrounded by their baubles and beads and their hair made up to present them truly as ladies of the night. It was no wonder that the rich and powerful men that come to town end up taking a stop in here: some of them were cheating on their wives back home, others were just lonely and needed someone to talk to for the night, but each one had their reasons and their wallets to enjoy their night at this night spot.

    Richard Bligh was one of the many men that happened to make his way into “Eden’s Vineyard” while he was on the campaign trail for the senate race. He was a man of rather respectable presentation: tall, medium build, shaven with a long neck and a short head of hair that looked like it was maintained by an oil driller. He was dressed in a nice two-piece black suit with a white, fully buttoned shirt and a black necktie slightly poking through the upper cover¼the standard dress of the men that come in to this place. His political views were considered dangerous in how liberal, yet conservative, he was in several ways. The left couldn’t stand him because he voted alongside the president in the House for various laws involving privatization and industrial output; the right couldn’t stand him because he had a “blue state moral ethic”, being pro-choice, in support of gay rights and fighting for a living wage. Bligh knew in the back of his head he had many enemies and a long way to go in order to become senator from the state. But none of that mattered tonight. He came here for the same reason many men come into “Eden’s Vineyard”: he wanted to have a couple glasses of alcohol and hang out with one of the many beautiful courtesans that would listen to him and anything he could say…for a price.

    As Rep. Bligh made his way through the neon wall into the bar, he saw that things were already getting busy throughout the place. Several ladies were already standing around talking with several of the well-dressed men that had come here tonight, all decked out in their dresses, jewelry and makeup. At the bar, the bartender was taking down a vintage alcohol to a couple seats where a thin man was sitting with a blonde wearing a long white fur coat that reached down passed her stool and towards the floor. A large black man in a perfectly fitting two-piece was living it up on one of the couches in the back of the club, sitting with a girl around each arm, one a black girl with really short hair and a one-piece blue dress with sparkles, the other a darker Asian girl (probably Vietnamese or Cambodian) with long flowing hair and a dress of white that revealed modest-sized cleavage. A very Nordic blonde in a long ponytail, sapphire eyes and a short jade dress was sipping champagne around one of the small tables in the place, with a box of cigarettes in her hand and with the white coat of someone she was waiting for to finish up in the bathroom. Bligh saw this interaction of alcohol and restrained sexuality as a reflection of the human condition: the women probably had someone waiting at home, yet came to manipulate for money; the men came to be manipulated out of their money whether or not they already had someone waiting for them. And yet he, of all this prestige and political respect, came here to mingle in this forbidden world. He knew he was looking for something tonight, but didn’t quite know what.

    It was about then that what he was searching for finally caught his eye…or rather, she was the one that noticed him. From a crowd of females standing around waiting for more potential customers, a red-haired beauty was staring particularly at him through her dark pupils as he noticed her in the corner of his eye. She was a slim, light skinned beauty of average height and at an age that seemed like her late teens or early 20s. Her long bright-red one-piece strapless flowed all the way down from the top of her shoulders down towards the floor where a pair of black heels were barely staring out towards him as if they were embarrassed to be seen. As the dress cut off into sleeves at the top of her shoulder, long bony arms made themselves prevalent coupled by long fingers and feminine nails that weren’t painted. The girl’s face was rather cute, with a small nose sticking out, moderate red lips and her two blue pools surrounding her dark pupils. Her most radiant feature, though, was the crimson-colored locks that brilliantly shined as the light in the room reflected their way off of them. This hair, though, was tightly restrained as the rest of her body, compactly fitting itself just around the top of her head and tied up in a small bun that was held down by two sticks that looked like lacquer chopsticks. Even though she was locked in a crowd of her peers, this girl mentally made her presence towards Rep. Bligh, looking out towards him as if she was saying “You’re mine tonight, whether you want me or not.” He stood there speechless as the redhead found her way through this crowd and glided with feminine grace towards the slick haired representative.

    “So, do you mind having the pleasure of my company tonight,” the girl said to him in a soft, cute voice as she picked out her source of income. There was a bit of accuracy with these words, as if there was no one else in the room but herself and him, a sort-of “love at first sight” situation between a girl and her money.

    “I believe you have made a good choice,” Bligh said to her immediately after her inquiry. He didn’t have too much time to think since he knew that he wasn’t going to get a chance like this again. One night with a girl like her wouldn’t be too bad as long as he was back on the campaign trail tomorrow and returned to his respectable, marketable self.

    Within minutes, the representative and the slim blue-eyed redhead found their way past all of the crowds and the other maidens of the night and in a nice little room in the back of this club. It was a much darker, much more intimate area than the neon and glitz of the exterior club. Three of the four walls were completely painted black with little pinpricks of light emerging through holes throughout the room, giving it a strange, starlit feeling of romance. The fourth wall was a dark curtain separating the moody atmosphere from the liveliness of the rest of Eden’s Vineyard. A small two-person couch was placed on the back black wall facing the curtain, with a table between the two with a couple coasters for any glasses that could be placed on the shiny oak varnish.

    Over the next half hour, Representative Bligh and the redhead engaged in pleasant conversation as the merlot flowed between the two of them in the back room. It started off as idle small talk, most of which seemed to center around the politician: the wife and kids he had waiting for him at home, his small-town upbringing and college education that brought about his bipolar views on various policies, even how he always seemed to wear the wrong socks on days of important votes! The redhead stayed silent during most of this drunken banter by her companion, letting the words drift through her ears, the wine through his body and the stars through the air. She stared at him with her blue eyes, nodding her head with each comment by her companion while gently saying “I see” occasionally as if she was taking a bit of an interest in what he was saying about his life in general. The redhead did have some interest in this man and his drunken revelations of his life, but she had other things on her mind at this moment.

    “So, I understand that you have a very interesting career, Mr. Bligh, but why are you running for senator?” the woman softly asked her plastered companion. She started to move one of her long, dexterous fingers with its long nails around one of his thighs, noticing a stiffer turn around his body. While it may or may not have been the reaction she had wanted, it was getting her in the right direction for a good payday. Somehow inspired by the inquiry by the woman, Bligh straightened himself up as best as he could, straightened the jacket he was wearing on his back, moved his head around to straighten his cricks out, and then began to speak like he was making a campaign speech in front of a fundraiser for his election:

    “In my time in Congress so far, I have fought long and hard for the laws and the respect of not only my own morals but those of my district. I have done plenty in my time working in the House, but I believe that I can do so much more with a greater power of representation. By winning this election into the Senate, I believe that I can have a better influence in the policymaking of the people in this state and this country than I hold at this moment. I believe this is for the better good of myself…” Bligh paused for a moment, whether or not it was caused by his train of thought or the merlot, before quickly saying the rest of his statement: “…andforthepeopleofthestate.”

    The redheaded beauty took great interest with each word that her drunk customer was saying, more so than she had for most of the time she had been with him this night. Her blue eyes watched as his body trembled on the couch, showing the obvious loss of coordination he already had from his current bodily state.

    “You know, you don’t look too steady, Mr. Bligh,” the woman said as the pinlights penetrated her fragile features and illuminated her bunned hair. “You need to calm yourself before you change the world.”

    “But what do you think I need, miss?” the drunk representative said to her. Although his body seemed to continue showing the loss of balance, his eyes somehow remained steady in his stupor.

    “How about you sit on my lap until you calm down,” suggested the beauty. “You need the soft touch of a woman to get your strength back.”

    “I don’t think my wife will mine,” Bligh said without thinking too much about the state of mind and condition he was in. Although he was tipsy, he slowly moved his way down the couch towards the glowing red lap that awaited him at the end of the finish line. The congressman was easily much larger than the redhead, but somehow he fit himself on her seat just like a little child finds his way to his mother. Scrunching down a bit, he placed his head on top of her flat chest, making himself comfortable on top of her body as a sign of security instead of merely a sexual fetish. As the redhead felt him falling right on top of her, she moved her arms and legs to make Bligh feel more at home on using her body as his support. Her right arm slowly made its way around his thin neck and her two slender legs crossed themselves around his own legs. He was perfectly secure within her warm, comforting body.

    Staring upwards, representative Bligh felt the ease of the moment as he started to relax away his stupor on top of his hired redheaded companion. He was completely surrounded by her small, comforting body, knowing that no problems could ever come his way. Silently, Bligh began to close his eyes, feeling his body on top of her in a very comforting manner. This is the way that he wanted to stay: not with some hoar that gave sexual favors, but with a woman that spends time with him and understands that he’s not the formal type every moment of his life. As the alcohol continued to affect him, he sensed how his companion was getting softer…firmer…tighter….tighter!?

    Through the slits of his eyes, Bligh saw that the girl’s arm seemed a bit different than how it was several seconds ago. For one thing, the arm was becoming a bit longer in length…not just longer, but leaner, developing what appeared to be a small bicep that was closing in as he stared down. To make it worse, as this arm was gaining in length and size, it was also tightening its grip around his neck! Feeling the new pressure of what was going on, Bligh started awakening from his alcoholic stupor. He had to know what was going on.

    “Um, miss,” the representative asked, “you know you are holding me a tad close…”

    “Am I?” the redhead said in a soft, but slightly more sinister voice than the one she had before, “I don’t know. I think I have you right where I want you.”

    Bligh noticed what his companion was saying now and knew that this was all wrong! His eyes opened up and saw the bicep in better view, growing larger and firmer by the second while a tricep appeared around her lower arm. At the same time, he felt a new pinch around his pant leg as well where she had tied her legs around his body. With the limited view he now held, he saw that the girl’s legs were starting to gain length and definition as they further constricted his movement. The red one-piece she had been wearing was seeming to become shorter and shorter by the second as both of her legs emerged, revealing how they were both gaining in length and how the calves that were emerging were getting larger alongside their gain in length. Trying to turn his eyes upward to get away from the changes on the bottom, he saw that changes were occurring with his partner’s top as well! The girl’s shoulders were expanding outward from the nearly skeletal, even proportion that she had, stretching out the fabric of the one-piece. And even more amazing was the state of her hair: what was once neat and put up in a small bun was starting to become more and more frayed as the restricted ends were loosening the tight style as they gained in their own length. Even places merely felt by Bligh were becoming larger: the flat chest his head was stuck on was becoming both softer and firmer at the same time as the redhead’s bust was growing at an amazing rate that already was testing the elasticity of the top of her dress! If their rate of growth kept up, his head would be drowning in between her cleavage!

    “What the heck is going on!?” Bligh said with whatever voice he could muster up as his throat slowly choked up towards her growing arm. “Who are you? What are you? And what are you doing here?”

    “I’m sorry,” the girl said, staring her blue eyes down upon her suffering victim. A little bit of the fraying hair started to fall right in front of her eye as it continued to grow with the rest of her body. Strangely her voice remained as cute and soft as it had in her smaller, thinner form. “Do you know what would happen if I told you who hired me for this job?”

    “I was the one who hired you!” Bligh said with whatever force he had left. His face was starting to turn blue from the increasing force and mass of the choke hold and the leg lock. “I even gave the manager an up-front so I could have plenty of time until we were finished!”

    The redhead turned her head down towards the poor suffering representative. Although her shoulders and arms were slowly breaking the threads and seams of the dress as they became more massive and her hair was increasing the tension of her bun and the chopsticks towards the breaking point, she gave him a cute smile with her ruby-red lips. “Listen, I really like you and all, but do you realize how much I get for an assasination like this? I’m getting paid really well and I don’t want to mess this up. I hope you understand this, love.”

    Bligh’s mouth gaped wide open, both from the pain he was feeling and from the revelation of the redhead’s true nature. All of the hard work he had done, all that he was fighting for, all that was riding on a victory at the poll, all of the love his wife and son had given him…all this was slipping away thanks to some cutie that turned out to be an amazon. As his mind slowly started to slip away from the lack of oxygen, he started thinking who would have hired her to get rid of him. Was it his opponent in the election, trying to get rid of the competition? Was it someone that didn’t like his policies towards the right? Was it someone that didn’t like his policies towards the left? Could it even have been his wife, taking advantage of his womanizing nature to punish him for his ways? Bligh knew he had many enemies, but didn’t think that they would attack him in a place like this!

    With the energy remaining in his body, Bligh stared around to get one last look at his killer. Looking downwards, he saw that the dress the girl was wearing had become really tiny now, as huge thighs had emerged to compliment the immense calves that he had seen before. The thighs continued the job started when they were much smaller, binding him to her as he was crushed to his death. The heels she was wearing had fallen to the floor without his notice: they had already caused her too much pain and she had to get out to emancipate her gargantuan feet. He even saw a pair of panties binding themselves to her body…red, just like the rest of her. Moving upwards, Bligh saw her arms: muscular, powerful arms that were sapping away the last of his life energy even as he thought. Staring upwards one last time, he saw that her shoulders and upper arms had broken free from her strapless, with how they sat as the only way keeping it somehow on her body. As he watched, the beautiful red mass of hair finally made the bun cave in, dropping its chopsticks down as a long crimson stream made its way down her side. With final resignation, Bligh turned upwards and stared out towards the little lights that danced around the room. He placed his head on the redhead’s breasts like two great pillows reaching out towards a child. These breasts had become as immense as the rest of her, transforming into two firm watermelon-like orbs that beckoned him to his sleep. He stared out one last time as the lights danced around the room as he closed his eyes…

    It was about an hour after the incident that Representative Bligh was discovered in the private room of “Eden’s Vineyard”. One of the bartenders was making his rounds, wondering whether the senate candidate and his redheaded companion needed another bottle of merlot, when he discovered the congressman laying cramply on the couch with his legs limping downwards off one of the sides and his head comfortably laying on top of one of the cushions. Around his body, the torn remains of a one-piece red dress wrapped around him with two lacquer chopsticks holding the dress together as they kept the wrap together. When the autopsy studied him later, it would discover that Bligh’s windpipe was crushed as his neck bones snapped from something giving it too much force. Some of his leg bones were fractured as well as well as some internal bleeding where the veins burst from pressure. The official word from the coroner was that he died from lack of oxygen reaching his brain or heart.

    But even with the physical evidence of Representative Bligh’s death, many questions remained. Who was it that killed him in the first place? Did he or she work alone or did someone else work with them. What happened to the woman that Bligh went into the “starlight” moon with? Was she murdered too and dumped elsewhere? Could she have been the murderer? Or was she just an innocent bystander watching all of this? Was it she or someone else that created that dress wrap? Was there a motive or a reason behind his murder? Could one of his many enemies gotten to him? But then there was the biggest mystery of all: why was there a huge grimace on the representative’s face as he laid dead? Was that made up by someone to make it look like he was happy in death…or could that have been his own strange decision?

    The greatest mystery of all, though, was the identity of the redheaded woman Bligh was with the night of his murder. After his death, she never returned to work at “Eden’s Vineyard” again. Although some figured she was traumatized by the death of her partner, there were a couple questions that didn’t add up. A couple of the people who were interviewed by the police said that this was the first night this girl had worked in this place and that Bligh was her first charge. Why would she not return after just her first night on the job? Then there were those that thought they saw someone just like her around the time Bligh’s body was discovered. They say they saw a thin, small female wrapped completely in a white sheet with what appeared to be red hair hanging down to about the middle of her neck, but this and her face was completely hooded and could only barely be seen from certain angles. Could she have been Bligh’s companion….and what would she know of what happened to him? But, just like this white-sheet girl, all of these questions quickly disappeared into the night.

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