The reason why girls and guys get tall and big boned

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    Historically it has not been all that unusual for a given culture to preferentially select for tall-ness just as it would not be unusual for one to select for a given hair color or skin color or body habitus or nose size/shape, etc.  Unfortunately, such cultures eventually tend to begin to pick up some unhealthy and unanticipated "side-effects" when "breeding" is narrowed in scope: either consciously or not.  These side-effects can either be genetic or political.  The most recent examples of which I can think — Nazi Germany advocating selection for tall, blonde, blue-eyed folks to the detriment of everyone else.

    Another example can be found in 16/17th century European royalty.  They decided that it would be a good idea to marry cousins, etc to keep the royal bloodlines "pure."  Fastforward 10-20 generations and you have a bunch of inbred Danes whose jaws don't work and they all are clincally insane.  Fun stuff.

    Genetics, diet, overall health, etc. can all play a role for a given person, family, society or race.  The average age for the onset of puberty in females in the US has decreased from 15-16 yo in the 1950's to 11-12 yo now.  Some speculate that this is a reflection of a more sexually active society somehow subconsciously influencing the onset of menses.  Recall that The Pill became available in the early 1960's.  Some others have pointed to the additives in our food supply.

    I know there has been studies about this concerning Asian peoples.  They compared the height, physical development etc between cousins (? it's been a while since I read this article) who lived in Asia vs the US.  The kids in the US tended to be taller, and the females tended to have larger breasts.  They cited it to the differences in diet and growth hormone additives and what not.

    Of course that doesn't really explain somebody like Yao Ming.

    Many cultures buried their dead and many others cremated them or fed them to animal "spirits" so remnants of the citizens of some of those old cultures might be essentially nonexistent.  Or, as kissthemaniac mentioned, you could be sitting on top of one right now.

    Oh c'mon.  Everybody knows that those bones are stacked like cordwood inside the Illuminati's solid gold pyramid beneath Antarctica.  The reptilians are.. goh.. I was going to make a joke about "V" and eating hamsters but I ran out of steam.


    For truth to be known: Goliath stood a mere two and half metres in height. All else is exageration to make David seem more impressive.
    This can be seen in more reliable sources such as the Israelite Historian Josephius and the Histories contained within the writings of the Esceans and the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as other contempory sources.
    Ever culture as talls of Giants to explain why some amongst them were so tall and indeed there was actually a race above what is now Northern Israel that did have a majority of the population that was signifigantly taller than the others of the time (the average height being roughly a little less than a metre and half or there abouts). As did other cultures.
    The origins of the Giant Myth within Hebrew culture comes from the Defunct and REjected Book Of Enoch: "where the Angels ventured amongst the Daughters of Man and did lay with them, bringing amongst them Children of great Stature. and God, beign displeased with such work, sent a Flood to cleanse the Earth of them and make the Human Race whole again. And thus we have another prelude to the story of Noah and The Great Flood. For it was the supposed Giant, Nimrod, that after the Flood proposed the Tower of Bable and caused the spliting of the Tribes.
    That is all that I's can bother my's self to post now. 'Tis been a tiring day and I's have neither the words nor the patience to continue.
    Though, what is left to say, is that if you believe one Myth you must therefore believe them all.
    The Pimp NeonBlack

    Deadly Pixxxie

    Now you're bringing up The Nephilim, PimpNeonBlack…..

    You're dipping into apocrophya (sp?) that shouldn't be tampered with.

    magnus knight

    Hi, if I may be so bold as to interject the fact that I like to try and keep my little fetishes and my faith seperated like church and state should be.  I don't know about other's here but bringing ancient Hebrew texts and the Bible into GTS discussion kind of kills the buzz so to speak.  That's just my opinion though, and I am well aware of the refrences to a race of giants from both those texts along with the same refrences from Hindu, Greek, Egyption, and a slew of other cultures from long ago. 

    As far as actual science of giants, there is just no way it would be physically possible for anyone male or female to grow into a giant, at leats on this planet.  Gravity plus our physical beings basic design would cause our internal organs to crush themselves probably at anything over twenty feet and our skeletons would break due to the extreme stress anything over maybe nine feet.  We're not designed for that sort of thing.  Maybe on a planet with less gravity in theory one could at leats be a little bit more comfortable as a giant. 

    I know this is a downer just like knowing exposure to gamma rays won't turn you into the hulk, but instead cause lots of painfull tumors.  Life is somewhat unfair like that for us to like something so much and yet that deep down we know will never happen. 

    but enough of that, I must now return to my world of fantasy where all things are possible, and keep hope to one day meet some one to share my "growing" interests with.  😥

    Wow, that came out sounding a little bit depressing didn't it.  All well, I'll go play my guitar, that usually chears me up a bit.  And if I saddened any of you out there, just read one of the fine stories posted in the other sections.  That should chear you up. 

    Until next time,
    _M. Knight


    well magnus i was never trying to interupt anyones fantasy aspect of giant women…

    for me at least having something in reality that was just a fantasy in my head…well it's like anything else you desire in life….

    theres for instance my desire to have the powers of superman…in fact i have asked God for this often..usually when im really depressed or mad….and i feel i cant do diddly squat about anything or anyone…thats causing problems

    so im content i guess with not having these powers…but if i ever did have them id be so happy beyond belief…

    so for me also having my fantasies come true….well its a big thing


    Maybe on a planet with less gravity in theory one could at leats be a little bit more comfortable as a giant. 

    there's a story in that concept, a planet with a human colony in one of two situations: low grav and everyone grows very tall, but then has problems when they come back to earth, or a high gravity world where the average strength is vastly increased for the people who grow up on this planet, she looks normal but because of the heavy gravity she grew up in she has the strength of three earth humans…something like that.



    *They did that with the old battle star galactica movies…when they finally came to earth….they explain that because of the fact that those huamns lived on a planet with high gravity…they would be stronger…in fact i recall a girl hitting a baseball out of the park in one of those "return to earth episodes"

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