The Surgury (Short)

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    -after a visit to the doctor you bring me some unusual news, the doctor said

    that he knows exactly why you’re short and tiny and that he’d be able to fix

    it, apparently one of your hormone secreting glands is physically blocked so

    those hormones are not circulating to your body, a simple surgery to open

    the passage would fix the problem and bring your body to normal. you’ve

    already scheduled the surgery so i had no choice but to go along with it,

    the day came and you spent the night in the hospital, i visited you the next

    day, bringing flowers and a bandage for your head to cover the huge horrible

    ugly scar of your surgery, which is actually about a 1/2 inch long right

    behind your ear, and you’re feeling like nothing happened, except that

    you’re hungry, so we go out for lunch.

    over the next few days we begin to notice some changes come over you, first

    off you’re super hungry, eating everything in sight, but not gaining a

    pound, well except your breasts which, over a couple days have grown quickly

    and have become really big for your tiny body, you look damned good in a

    bikini, something you showed off to me one night…. then about a week after

    the surgery, i come to your apartment and you get up to greet me and, holy

    shit, you’re taller, you’d grown about 2 inches, enough to notice, we go out

    and in your three inch shoes i’m constantly amazed at how tall you suddenly

    are, actually at the end of the evening you seemed even taller, i was so

    excited, and you were so enthusiastic, and wondered how tall you would grow,

    i had no idea….

    the next few days school and work kept us apart, but after two days we

    talked on the phone, and all you could talk about was how quickly you were

    growing, i asked how much you had grown but you wouldn’t tell me, we

    arranged to go out a couple days later and i agreed somewhat mystified, but

    patient, actually i could hardly wait to see how much you had grown and

    those days dragged by sooo slowly i couldn’t stand it. then you’re ringing

    my doorbell and i open the door and you’re so tall that i’m looking you in

    the eyes, i nearly passed out, then i realized you were standing a half step

    down from me, you walk through the door and suddenly i’m looking up at you,

    my jaw drops and shivers run through my body, i look down and see that

    you’re wearing three inch shoes, although a bigger size, in four days you

    grew eight inches taller and are now as tall as me, "hello shorty" you say

    and i turn into putty…we go out and have an awesome time, on the way home

    you have to take off your shoes to rest your tired feet and as you step down

    i’m still looking up at you, now you’re about an inch taller than me…and

    that’s not all, you reached over to me and with one hand grabbed me by the

    shirt and lifted me off the ground to kiss me, there’s a little bulge where

    your arm muscle was holding me up, but nothing enormous, "cool huh?" you ask

    and all i can get out is an amazed grunt.

    over the next week you continued to grow taller, another eight inches making

    you six and a half feet tall, but now the speed at which you were growing

    tall had slowed, you were still a growing girl but now your strength and

    muscles began to grow, at six feet tall you had fair sized muscles for a

    woman, at six two, about the size of a lightweight bodybuilder, and at six

    six, you were as muscular as the largest women bodybuilders, but being a lot

    taller you were quite a bit stronger too, then another week later, at six

    feet eight inches tall our positions had been reversed, you were now ten

    inches taller than me and i finally got to experience what it’s like to be

    as short as you, although your strength kept increasing and your muscles

    were becoming more massive, at six ten you were as big as most male

    bodybuilders, at seven feet you were as big as a champion bodybuilder and

    finally after about a month at seven feet two inches tall, you were

    undoubtedly the strongest most muscular human being ever, and all of this

    without lifting a single weight, i shuddered to think how much bigger you’d

    become if you did start lifting, i felt miniature next to you, and you loved

    being an amazonian goddess and showing off your strength,

    but you were still growing, very slowly, a couple months later we

    re-measured your height and you were now seven feet six inches tall, and

    somewhat more muscular, but it seemed that without exercise they weren’t

    going to grow bigger, so you joined a gym and began lifting, within a week

    your muscles had exploded and nearly doubled in size, your arm was as big as

    my entire body, and you had no problems at all lifting SUV’s off the ground

    and moving them to different parking spaces, a game you found entertaining,

    about two months later you hit eight feet tall and were so enormously

    muscular that we had to find you an apartment with high ceilings and double

    doors so that you could fit through the door frame, thanks to this one small

    operation that freed the hormones that this one little gland was producing,

    in about six months you went from a sexy five feet tall, to a goddess like

    eight feet tall with enormous muscles never before seen on a human, and i’m

    the lucky guy who gets to sleep with you, i was never happier…

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