Vanessa’s Vengeance (Complete!)

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    Vanessa's Vengeance – Part 1

    Vanessa Keates was tired. She was driving her old Ford Escort home but, really, she was driving to get away from the office. Another day of being abused by Ken Farrington, the boss of Farrington Enterprises. Vanessa is his personal secretary and since she got the job four years ago, Mr. Farrington has not ceased reminding her that she was not hired for her looks. However, Vanessa had more experience and better qualifications. Before the interview, Vanessa had a chance to meet the other people with whom she was competing for the job: a six-foot busty blonde dressed just the right side of appropriate who chewed gum all the while; a curvy Latino girl who looked fresh out of college and a young, enthusiastic looking man to whom Vanessa had taken quite a shine. "If I don't get picked for this job," she thought to herself, "I'll probably sue. I must have better qualifications than these guys." And so, unfortunately, it had proved.

    Vanessa ran her left hand over her face, trying to massage more concentration into her body. The traffic was awful. "Rush hour," she thought bitterly, "the greatest oxymoron of our times." Vanessa Keates is five foot two of thirty-two year old woman. She has dirty blonde hair tied back in an efficient, if not stern, ponytail. Her brown eyes are the best feature of her face; her nose is overly large on her small face and dominates proceedings. She has a double chin. Her lips are small and thin and haven't seen any action in a couple of years. That might be because Vanessa is not in shape any more.

    Years before the Farrington job, Vanessa had been a keen gym-goer. She kept her small body in excellent shape with a regular work-out routine, mixing weights for strength, yoga for tone and flexibility and spinning for weight loss and leg strength, which she used to love. Then she fell foul of a gym bully. Francine Delaney was her name: six-foot-two of stacked, strong, toned, gorgeous blonde ego-driven super-bitch. She could lift twice as much as Vanessa and let her know all about it, purposely timing her trips to the weights room to coincide with Vanessa's, showing off the strength all over her body. Vanessa found herself with the nickname "Little Van", which had turned into "Transit" as her trips to the gym became less and less frequent and she had grown resultantly larger in the wrong way. Her tone and strength had gradually disappeared, along with her flexibility – but she still ate as much as she had during the gym days. Her curves gradually softened and then began to work the other way as she cut out her gym trips completely, unable to face Francine's torturing.

    These days, Vanessa has a pot belly. She daren't wear any of the jeans that used to frame her butt and legs so well, for fear that her flab would poke out over the top. Her breasts were small B cups, as they had always been, which disappointed Vanessa more than anything else: surely nature could cut her a break up top to compensate for what was happening lower down? Seemingly not. Working for Farrington was never going to help her build her self-esteem back and so it had proved: she continued to eat – more comfort-eat now – and put weight on, with no thoughts of the gym.

    So it was a deeply frustrated woman who got back to her flat an hour and a half after leaving the office car park. Her key turned in the lock and the door opened, pushing back against something that had not been there in the morning. Vanessa frowned, put her bag on the sofa and shut the door to investigate what had made the noise. It was a small package. Frowning, Vanessa unwrapped it. It contained a wooden box and a piece of paper on which was written: "We think you deserve this." Frowning all the more, Vanessa opened the box. Inside it was a ring, set on a piece of burgundy foam. The ring itself was silver with a small stone set in the middle. As Vanessa looked at the stone it seemed to change colours: first it was a deep blue, the colour of a tropical lagoon; then it changed to a blood red, before going through a rich purple colour and a perfect emerald. It settled on an eerily sparkling green. Deciding she liked it, Vanessa slipped it onto her finger.

    Nothing happened.

    Vanessa smiled and went to take her customary post-work shower. She disrobed and stepped into the hot stream quickly, so as to avoid seeing her body in the mirror. Vanessa had developed a fear of her mirror: it could show her decline so efficiently that she simply avoided it when naked. It was a silly fear, really; in the shower she had to spread soap all over her body, which jiggled with nearly every touch. Sighing but thoroughly clean, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her frame. She dried her hands first and slid the ring back into place, which was now a rich yellow. With the towel around her, Vanessa could look once more into the mirror. Sighing again as she took in the sight that not even the towel could fully disguise, she focussed on her chest. "I wish my boobs were bigger," she said to herself, forlornly. Then something happened.

    Her stomach released a loud gurgle and, slowly but surely, her breasts grew and started to push the towel away from her body. Vanessa's brown eyes opened wide and her mouth followed suit. The B cups she had had since the age of twenty-two were growing in every direction, becoming fuller, rounder and larger. Vanessa whipped off the towel and watched, dumbstruck. Her B cups had become full Cs and were still expanding. She watched in horrified delight as her bosom slowly swelled and filled out. "Wow," she thought, as she grew past D cup size. Her nipples hardened and her areolae spread more. Still her boobs expanded and the sensations began to overtake Vanessa. She moaned loudly and would have sunk to her knees had she not wanted to keep watching the growth. Eventually they settled on double Es. Vanessa's face put on the most seductive smile and she jiggled her chest at the mirror. Her huge boobs bounced into each other. Then a gasp: she had been so absorbed with her breasts that she hadn't noticing her stomach lose some of its size. "They must have taken some of my belly to make my new boobs!" she thought, overjoyed at the double boon.

    Realising quickly what had happened, Vanessa made another wish. "I want my gym-fit body back, with these breasts on top!" A small voice came out of nowhere: "Cannot make muscle from fat." Her face now frozen in fear, Vanessa turned quickly all around the room. Seeing no-one there, she dashed out of the bathroom, still naked. She checked the whole flat but there was nobody else there. "Who said that?" she asked. "I did," the voice came again. Vanessa frowned. It was a male voice which kept speaking in a monotone. It also sounded – unnatural. "Identify yourself!" she called out. "I am The Ring," the voice replied.

    Vanessa's mouth, not for the first time that night, opened into a wide 'O'. She looked down at the ring on her finger, which was now cycling through all the colours of the rainbow. "I don't understand," she gasped. "It is simple," said The Ring, "someone judged you worthy of me and here I am. I can grant you any wish you want but I cannot turn fat into muscle, for it is impossible." Vanessa thought for a moment. "In that case," she said slowly, "how would you go about phrasing a wish to make me fit again?" "You do not need to vocally state a wish; if that is your wish, then that is my command." Vanessa stood still and waited for a full minute. Nothing happened. She spoke again.

    "I thought you were going to make me strong again!" she cried. The Ring paused, as if to conceal some laughter. "Go to the gymnasium tonight and you will be rewarded." A smile spread like a bird taking flight over Vanessa's face. Hurriedly, she dried her body and dressed in her largest jumper and skirt. Then she collected her gym kit, which had languished in the bottom of her wardrobe for years, threw it in her car and set off to the gym.

    — To Be Continued —

    Hunter S Creek

    Cool beginning, Fonk.

    Can't wait to read more.  Thank you for sharing.


    Harry Braff

    Yep I agree,
    Really nice !


    A very nice prelude and set-up, dear Fonk. Most masterful indeed because you have left us wanted and waning for more.
    Which is hoped shall be delievered as soon as you are able.
    Thank you for this mere taste of what shall be a most enjoyable banquet.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    Great start!  Keep it up!


    I agree with every one it is a good start keep going.


    I like that the ring (magical object, whatever) is actually communicating with the subject at hand and having a dialogue, it adds another layer to these stories…


    Cool man, keep it up!


    Vanessa's Vengeance – Part 2

    Vanessa Keates was excited. Her jumper was tented away from her body by a newly-developed and perfect pair of EE cup breasts, which made it difficult for her to drive properly. A thought struck her as she turned the car left out of the apartment car park. "Ring?" she asked timidly. "If I get my gym body back, will you be able to make my boobs bigger again?" There was a pause. "Not safely, no," The Ring responded. "In that case," said Vanessa decisively, "could you make me a double G cup, please?" The physical ring glowed orange briefly and Vanessa felt her bust swell again. Her black jumper stretched out – the V-neck tore a little, exposing the first couple of inches of Vanessa's generous cleavage. It rode up as well, revealing more stomach. This morning Vanessa would have been embarassed to wear anything that showed just how large her waist was; now, though, she had a respectable abdomen. There was still fat there but much less now, as The Ring had plundered those stores to make her breasts grow.

    She leaned and kissed the ring. "Thanks," she whispered. At the next set of lights that were red, Vanessa slid her car seat back.

    Ten minutes later Vanessa was pulling into the gym's car park. She got out of the car, stuffed her gym kit into a plastic bag and walked up to the reception desk. "Hi," she opened breathlessly to the tanned and toned receptionist. "Do you have any classes in the next thirty minutes?" The woman looked down at a printed list on her desk. "Yes," she replied, looking up and fixing Vanessa with a bright smile. "We have a Boxercise workout and a spinning class, both at 7:30. Those classes both last half an hour each." Vanessa smiled to herself and thought bitterly about how she had let her passion go. "I'll take the spinning class, please." "Sure," the receptionist said, and tapped a few keys on the keyboard in front of her. "That'll be four pounds, please." Vanessa handed over the money and went through to the changing rooms.

    Finally given some privacy, Vanessa investigated her newly enlarged breasts. They were simply outrageous on her diminutive physique. Nipples hard as rock, sticking out about an inch. Her new areolae made a nice pair of handfuls on their own. They jiggled and bounced around as Vanessa took her clothes off. "Thank God it's Saturday tomorrow," thought Vanessa with relief, "and I can get new clothes to fit these babies." Then she paused. "Ring," she whispered. "I don't suppose you can do anything about the clothing situation?" The Ring's strange monotone came back after a slight pause. "No," it returned. "I can only affect your physical form."

    Shrugging, Vanessa pulled her gym kit out of the bag. She held her top in front of her, looked at it and then draped it over her enlarged chest. "That might be a problem," she thought, biting her lower lip. Slowly, so as not to tear anything too soon, she pulled the top over her head. As expected, she had trouble pulling it down. After a couple of minutes' struggling, Vanessa had the top covering all of her breasts but no more: it exposed her putchy stomach. "I can't do any better," she thought. She slipped on her shorts, which mercifully fit her much better, though they now hugged a fat butt instead of a tight one. Emerging from the cubicle, Vanessa walked quickly to the spinning room she used to love so much.

    There was a bike free right at the back – Vanessa hopped on after checking the machine over. She fastened her feet to the clips on the pedals and began slowly turning them to warm up. Initially it was hard going but the longer she pedalled, the easier it seemed. By the time the instructor started the session, Vanessa felt back in her element. There were still some regulars in from her spinning days so many years ago but none of them had noticed her. "They wouldn't recognise me," Vanessa realised with a sad frown.

    The instructor pushed them harder than Vanessa remembered but, just as with her warm-up, the session got easier the longer it continued. She soon got drawn into the euphoria of the exercise and, as a result, didn't notice her body changing quite drastically. As The Ring promised, her dramatic bust did not change one atom. However, as the session went on, Vanessa's lower body underwent an incredible transformation. Her legs, butt and stomach began to shed fat; slowly at first but, as Vanessa got into the exercise, melting away faster and faster. Halfway through the session, her stomach was almost fat-free, her butt was non-existant and her legs were mere shadows of their former selves. Then her legs and butt stopped shrinking and started growing.

    Muscle formed and began to fill out her stick-thin legs and shapeless butt. Each pump of the pedals brought more power into her quads and calves. Vanessa's legs began to take on the smooth shape they had had at her peak fitness: silky smooth but not large, which belied the strength they held. Her butt was filling out to be the fine jeans-hugging peach it had once been. Still nobody noticed, least of all Vanessa.

    The transformation was complete when the instructor called the class to a halt. Vanessa still did not notice anything unusual as she undid the clasps of her pedals and began to dismount for the warm-down stretches. Sadly, she then did – she fell off the bike in surprise and landed awkwardly on her side. Most of the class turned in the klutz's direction and, as she picked herself up off the floor, muttering that she was OK to the people who approached to help her up, she touched her legs. A wicked smile curved her lips as she felt her now smooth, strong thighs and perfectly toned butt. Both hands patted her flattened stomach, noticing with a trace of dismay that it was soft. Vanessa noted also that her arms were still flabby.

    "Hey, Ring," she thought, looking down at the physical ring, which was glowing a fierce crimson. "How are you doing this?" "I have made your muscles extremely efficient at burning localised fat," it replied. "Then I programmed your muscles to reach their old peaks with extreme speed." "But you said I'd get all my gym body back if I went to the gym!" "Yes," it returned. "However, you have not worked the muscles in your abdomen, back or arms, so I have left them untouched." The smile still painted on Vanessa's lips curved deeper as she began the stretching routine. "Well, I'll just have to fix that, won't I?"

    Once the stretching was completed, Vanessa rushed from the room and snuck into the weights room. "OK," she said to herself, "let's make it happen." Picking a pair of light dumbells from the nearest rack, Vanessa began some bicep curls. As with her legs, the fat began to drain away slowly. Vanessa switched dumbells for something heavier and the process accelerated. When her upper arms had lost all their weight – though her forearms remained chubby, which was a bizarre sight – she switched for something heavier still and kept curling. She felt no burn but was rewarded quickly as her biceps inflated. The muscles grew and pumped until Vanessa re-racked the weights. She flexed both arms eagerly and, right enough, there was a small bump on each, just as she'd once had.

    Vanessa began snickering to herself when her impromptu weights session was interrupted by the door opening. The hated Francine Delaney walked in with three or four of her friends. Immediately she fixed on Vanessa and started to taunt her. "Well, well, well, I never expected to see you here again, Transit," she crowed, walking around the now slumped blonde. "Looks like you've had some airbags fitted." Vanessa's eyes narrowed as she looked her foe in the eye. "No, sweetie, these are all natural," she retorted, cupping the massive mounds and letting them jiggle for emphasis. Francine laughed mockingly. Half a second later her troop laughed along with their leader. "I doubt that very much," she said, stopping behind Vanessa.

    Just then an idea struck Vanessa, an idea that produced a devilish smile on her thin lips. "Ring," she thought. "You've made my muscles grow back to their best size, right?" "Indeed," it responded. "Well, now, I want you to keep the same quick strength-gaining power but I want the biggest muscles I could ever possibly have had, whenever I exercise a body part." Vanessa hid the ring from view as it glowed white briefly. "It is done," The Ring intoned. For a split second Vanessa thought she caught a trace of worry in The Ring's perfectly level voice but dismissed it in the excitement of her idea.

    "Hey, Francine," she grinned. "How about you put your money where your mouth is and we hit the weights?" Francine looked down into Vanessa's confident eyes. "You have yourself a deal, Transit." She smiled indulgently at the shorter woman. "I promise you," said Vanessa, "you won't know what's hit you."

    — To Be Continued —

    Sorry, guys, but you might be waiting a little while for the next part. I've just started a full-time job and time is precious now! 🙁


    excellent! this is going great, cant wait for part 3

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