Vanessa’s Vengeance (Complete!)

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    Very nice for a newby.  Keep it up friend. 😉


    😡 Blast a cliff hanger and a real life. What a revolting developement.  😆


    Indeed!  Although it does occasionally happen!  😥


    All good things come to those that wait. This story is good, I calmly await the next chapter.

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    Very nice.  Keep it up, Fonk (and Vanessa).


    Most excellent, dear Fonk. The anticipation is almost palpable to taste your story speaks so strongly.
    Thank you for this latest episode. Do not fret over time for the next. Do what has to be done first and then all else. We shall wait and be the most patient of readers.
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    Great story!  I love the build up to this contest too!  Thanks for posting it.


    Ooh man Fonk, lovin it. Keep it up. ^_^


    Vanessa's Vengeance – Part 3

    Vanessa Keates was pumped. She was getting to the end of her warming-up exercises and could feel herself already getting stronger from those simple exercises. Her forearms had regained a form more in keeping with the rest of her body. Her stomach was flat. Her biceps made a more discernible peak when she flexed them. Calves, glutes, triceps, lats and quads had all grown a little too. It was all Vanessa could do to stop herself laughing out loud. The only ominous part was that her top had become seriously tight, with her big nipples denting the fabric.

    "Let's get down to it," Francine drawled.

    Vanessa nodded. "I'll let you choose what we do first," she said graciously. "In that case," Francine replied, "we'll start off with my favourite muscles." With that, she lifted her arms and shot Vanessa a double-biceps pose. Two muscles shot out of Francine's slender arms. Vanessa nodded appreciatively. "I'm going to do a few barbell curls," Francine announced, turning to grab a barbell. "This is 20 kilos," she said, turning and getting in position for the exercise. "It's my warm-up." With that, Francine did ten curls with perfect form. She put the barbell carefully on the floor and flexed again. Her biceps had pumped a little and had a thin layer of sweat on them. "Now it's your turn," she sneered.

    Vanessa hit the same double biceps pose as Francine. Her muscles were smaller than the taller woman's. She reached over for the barbell and got into position. She pumped out ten careful reps, just as Francine had. Each rep brought more strength to her arm, more energy, more heat. The muscles began to swell up slowly. The taller woman lifted her nose to look down on Vanessa when she had finished. "Well, that was just the warm-up," she drawled. "Flex again for us." Vanessa put the barbell down and stood up, flexing her arms. Her biceps were noticeably bigger – the bumps her arms had previously shown were now definite swells. Vanessa grinned at her opponent. "I get pumped quicker than you do."

    "We'll see who wins in the end," she growled. She snapped her fingers at one of her cronies. "Bring me a 30 kilo barbell," she snapped. The other woman found one and dragged it over to Francine. "This is the maximum I can do safely," she admitted and picked up the barbell. Again she did ten curls with perfect form before lowering it. She flexed once more. Her biceps were a little larger than the ones Vanessa had just flexed up. Francine allowed herself a dangerous smile. "Your move."

    Vanessa nodded at the woman who'd brought the barbell to Francine. "Get me a 40 kilo barbell," she asked. The woman, a skinny redhead, didn't move. Vanessa sighed and went to find herself one. She returned to face Francine. "You'll never be able to lift it," Francine scoffed. "Watch," Vanessa whispered. She lifted the barbell with relative ease and did ten slow reps. Each time she finished one, her biceps swelled larger. Muscle and power were flowing into her arms, adding layer upon layer of pure strength to her frame. Vanessa lowered the barbell and flexed again. Her biceps were now larger than Francine's and formed definite peaks. Vanessa stared Francine down. "Ring," she thought, "is that the maximum?" "No," it replied.

    With an evil grin on her lips, Vanessa picked up the barbell again. This time, she lifted the barbell in her right hand and did ten reps with that. More muscle poured onto her upper arm. A couple of veins sprouted up as she worked the muscle, eager to feed it to ever greater heights. She switched to her left and did the same to the same effect. All the girls in the room were in awe. Again Vanessa flexed. This time her biceps were comparatively much larger.

    "Eeew!" one of the interchangeable Francine clones grimaced. "Your veins are showing!" "That's what happens when we build a 'muscle', honey," Vanessa replied. "Careful," sneered Francine, "you're dripping sarcasm onto the floor." Then she paused and conceded, "You win that round. Let's move on. What do you want to work now?"

    Vanessa paused, as if for thought, but really to milk the moment. She knew what she wanted to work next. "Let's do squats," she said. "I've always liked the look of your legs." Francine was momentarily nonplussed but recovered well. "I know you like your spinning but I have to warn you, my legs have serious power." Vanessa smiled. "We shall see."

    Francine walked over to her opponent and took the 40 kilo barbell. She returned to her spot and got into position. She pulled off ten perfect reps and lowered the barbell. "This time, I want you to push down on my thighs with your index finger and, when the time comes, I'll do the same for you. The person who wins is the one who makes the biggest dent in the other's thigh." Vanessa took this in. She was a little surprised because with her stronger arms she had an advantage. Francine probably had a plan. Nonetheless, she agreed to the test. "Are you ready for me to poke you yet?" she asked innocently. Francine sneered. "No, I'm building up to my maximum lift." Vanessa shrugged. She picked up the barbell again. "This is a bit light for me. I'll go and get the one I need."

    She came back with a new barbell. "This," she announced, "is a 60 kilo barbell." Vanessa got into position and slowly squeezed out ten reps. Again her muscles swelled up but, as she was working with larger weight, the growth was quicker. Twin giant plateaus of muscle pumped up deliciously slowly to form Vanessa's new quads. Her glutes got in on the action and rounded out gloriously, stretching her shorts to their limits. When she'd done, Vanessa lowered the weight and looked at the crowd. "That's not right," said Francine quietly. "Your legs have grown far too much for the exercise you've just done." "I just get good pump, honey," Vanessa taunted. "No need to be so jealous." Francine practically growled. "Give me that," she hissed. Vanessa handed the barbell to her rival, one-handed. Francine struggled to get into position but, to her credit, managed to fire off ten slow reps. Gasping, she practically dropped the weight onto the fortunately-reinforced floor.

    "I'm ready for our test now," she said, when she had her breath back. Vanessa walked towards her. Francine flexed her quads. "Ready." Vanessa pushed down with all her might and got a fairly good dent in her opponent's thighs. "Now do me," Vanessa ordered. She flexed her quads, ready for Francine's prod. The taller woman pressed down with her finger and did not get the same dent that Vanessa had. "Round two to me too," Vanessa taunted, standing up. "You might as well give up now – but we can carry on, if you really want." Francine was growling but had her pride. "Bench press," she hissed. "You got it, honey," was Vanessa's instant reply.

    The bench was set up. Francine hissed at her redhead clone to spot for her and racked a weight of 60 kilos. "This is my maximum so far," she said, before getting into position. She took a good grip and did ten reasonable reps. When she'd finished, Vanessa frowned. "How does the winner, er, win this round, then?" "Heaviest bench press, pure and simple," came the reply. Vanessa frowned more but agreed. She then added twenty pounds to each side of the barbell. The clones, and Francine herself, were watching with their mouths open. "Some guys can't lift that!" Vanessa smiled to herself as she lay down on the bench. She got a good grip of the barbell. One rep, two reps, three reps… her pecs began to grow in response, forcing her enormous breasts further up and out. Four reps, five reps, six reps… her chest muscles swelled as more pure muscle layered on. Her top began to rip. Seven reps, eight reps… the tears widened as her pecs gathered more delicious strength. Nine reps, ten reps… the heat and power pouring into her upper body made Vanessa feel like a million dollars. Just for fun, she squeezed out five more comfortable reps – and her top tore in half. She racked the weight and pulled the tatters of her clothing to her body. She got off the bench, stood up carefully and addressed Francine's clones.

    "Get out, all of you – except Francine," she ordered. The other girls were only too happy to obey. Vanessa heard at least one of them mutter "Steroids, I swear" before they slammed the door sulkily behind them. Vanessa turned to her beaten opponent. Francine burst into tears and moved to hug the shorter woman.

    Vanessa could not have been more surprised if Francine had sprouted another head and begun to recite Russian poetry. Tentatively she put an arm around the fallen gym queen and patted her back. Francine tried to speak to her in between big gulping sobs. "I'm, I'm – sorry," she wailed. "I didn't – want to – let him down." Vanessa frowned and pulled away. "What do you mean? Who's 'he'?" Francine looked down at the floor and Vanessa could practically feel the brittle and dismissive nature of the taller woman float away. "My, my – father," she whispered. She sniffed apologetically and appeared to get some of her confidence back. "He wanted me to be the best at everything," she continued. "He – hit me if I wasn't." Vanessa shut her eyes and began to feel some of the other woman's pain. "No-one deserves to be hit, ever," she thought, and felt a pang of compassion. She moved back to Francine and hugged her. "There, there, honey," she said.

    "To be the best," Francine continued, "I shut myself off from people. I couldn't let anyone in, because they might distract me from my goals. I became harsh and hard-hearted. I, I could have helped people. And I didn't. I let them float around me and never get anywhere near. I'm so, so sorry." "Listen," said Vanessa, getting an idea, "you can fix all that. Change it around. You can be the person you've stopped yourself from being." She paused. "If you want to." Francine pulled away and nodded. "Change," Vanessa whispered, looking the blonde straight in the eye. "You can do it. You have so much strength, use it for people instead of against them. You'll feel so much better." Francine managed a smile and nodded. "You can even start now," Vanessa said. "Would you mind going to the supermarket over the way and buying the biggest sweatshirt you can find?" she asked, clutching her tattered top to her for emphasis. Francine grinned. "Of course," she said. "I'll lock you in here – they were scared enough to give me a key…" Vanessa laughed, a genuine, friendly laugh. "I'll be right back." With that, Francine left the room. Vanessa heard the key turn in the lock.

    She had to take a moment to make sense of what had just happened. After a little thought, she simply shook her head. "I have to make the most of this chance!" she said to herself and began to exercise again. First she did some crunches, taking a 20 kilo weight plate for added resistance. The slight indentations of her abs carved more firmly into her midsection with each rep. When she'd finished twenty crunches, she had a gorgeous six-pack of defined, hard muscle. She picked up another 20 kilo weight and worked her obliques, which tightened her stomach muscles further. After a good set of tricep dips, her upper arms showed good balance. Experimentally she flexed her triceps: twin horseshoe-shaped muscles burst out to greet her. Next came her shoulders. With each dumbbell shrug they grew and grew. She smiled before finally working her calves with raises. The muscles slowly grew into being, turning into diamond-shaped bulges of pure power.

    Vanessa looked herself over, still trying to keep the tattered top on her gorgeous body. She had the look of a fitness competitor who, for some reason, wanted to go for strength instead: muscles had roared into life all over her body. Her biceps were solid mounds of power. Her abs jutted out strongly and looked perfect. Her butt was the most amazing she had ever known it to be: full, thrusting peach-shaped balls of flesh proudly filled out her shorts. When Vanessa flexed her forearms, twin veins ran down each one to feed the strong muscles there. Her pride and joy, though, was her spinner's legs, which had taken on strength and definition that even she was amazed at. Just as she was finishing her self-inspection, the key turned in the lock and Francine walked in.

    "Here," said the blonde, throwing a massive sweatshirt at her friend. "Hope it fits!" Vanessa grinned and finally let the remains of her top fall to the floor. She heard Francine gasp as she pulled the shirt over her head and down over her newly-enlarged body. "There, like a glove," she grinned. Francine smiled back. "Just out of interest," she said, "how did you grow so quickly?" Vanessa showed Francine the Ring and decided to go for broke. "It's a magic ring," she replied. "I got it in the mail this morning. It seems to grant wishes." Francine frowned and, after a moment's pause, laughed. "Sure," she said. "I think you've got a gift."

    As the pair left the gym, Vanessa thought to herself, "You don't know how right you are." She drove home and went to bed.

    "Excellent," said The Ring, once Vanessa was asleep. "She has passed the First Test."

    — To Be Continued —

    Many thanks to scat for his help in writing this part of the story. I'm aiming to get another part done before the week's out and I think that will be the final part of the story. Thanks for reading, y'all! 😀

    Rob Smith

    Part 3 was the best yet!

    Keep up the great work!

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