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    Hello, not trying to coerce anyone into doing anything, but rather curious at the state of some authors (and if they’re still around). In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I have enjoyed crzyfck’s stories (and if you notice a few topics down, he’s still around! and I suppose doesn’t hurt to give another shout out); however, I’m now wondering about a few others as well.

    Any update on Rick Powers?
    Always loved the Power Company’s stories and I’m hoping to see more of the Inheritance and Slave Girls from Planet Nurtz

    How about Fonk?
    I recall there was a few bits on computer troubles for Ms. Morris, but I enjoyed all of his writings (Florida Crane is one of my favs).

    Any idea on Ratlaf?
    I know he deactivated his deviantart, and its a shame that some of his stories could not be archived :/ I really liked one of his last ones in which the protagonist blossomed as she protected people by lifting the falling automobile.

    I know Ataru320 (StrangerAtaru) has lots of writings, though I’m always curious if he will ever get a sequel to SixPack (I did enjoy the story, though I really did wonder what happens if the main character’s dream girl got the final bottle… though I notice there were ample amount of comments about that in brawna).

    What has happened to gblock01?
    I was always enraptured by his stories and his character Mayim (and all her alter-egos?)

    In case no one noticed (not possible), Historian has come back and did a few stories -> http://historian2.deviantart.com/ though currently hasn’t updated his journal there. I always wondered what his progress bar was…

    Will Hunter S. Creek release a new story? I particularly loved Tim Doogan’s Little Sister and well, I always hope and anticipate for any more stories. I always find each paragraph compelling.

    And anything from Jimmy Dimples? One of my favorites was China Will Grow Larger (loved the C&C series)

    The elusive Eddie Delaney jr? I know his name was brought up a few times over the years (well, … I think I did once or twice) but Reverse It and the milk were one of my early favorites.

    And of course… The Mighty Lingster… Numa Maduk, Will’s Power, Building Brand, Buff/Nerf, and many others… great stories! Though an understated longshot (please don’t stomp on me), but… >_> is there perchance a story or (a dozen) that you may have written that you’re willing to share?

    Lastly, I can’t say any more but thanks to everyone else that’s currently writing, thinking, and dreaming of other stories. (Note, those that I did not give a shout out is not due to me not recognizing great stories, just that its all I can recall on the top of my head at this very moment [Don’t kill me, please]).


    Sadly I haven’t heard from CrzyFck since shortly after the great Google ‘Be Evil’. Mark New was working on some collaboration before Christmas (with Steve the Z IIRC) but I haven’t seen any updates from him on that other than ‘life got busy’.

    So I’m, oh what’s the term . . . oh yeah, ‘useless’. Although Brawna does have an updated (and in my opinion much improved) version of “Star Stones” that’s well worth reading.




    I also want to read more Numa Maduk as well.


    Hunter S. Creek is still around, tho you couldn’t tell that by the condition of his DA page. I’ve seen his nick appear in the status bar over @ giantesscity.com, occasionally commenting on a given topic now and then.

    Jimmy Dimples, I can’t say this for certain, but I think he’s moved on to other things beyond writing FMG stories. His DA page is still active. Maybe you can contact him there and coax him back into the fold.

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    Well, Steve the Z (that’s me!) is still writing, but I haven’t completed many stories. I have a few short-shorts I could post here or at Brawna (if anyone’s interested). Marknew and I started a couple stories but they kind of fell by the wayside, although some chapters do exist. I probably have a dozen or so stories that were started but never finished. I guess I’ll blame laziness for that.


    I’ve always wondered as to AuGoose’s status. He was writing some excellent stuff with Codename: Avatar, Double Dare, Yin-side Out, Imposer and his continuation of Mighty Lingster’s “Will’s Power”.

    I believe he also continued Zimbral’s story “Caroline’s Spell”.

    HiStandard is also sorely missed. His “Giantess Wife” story I enjoyed greatly. 🙁


    Well, I’m about halfway done with story 4 but unfortunately, I won’t be able to post to Brawna.

    At the risk of banishment from here and there, there have been some stories where protagonists are of a questionable age and or the stories (in my view) have become very much against common decency (The Old Man and Denise). Heck, there was even a discussion about familial situations whereby one poster said they were “for it”.

    It just seems that lately, with the exception of the guys above (who no longer post) that a lot of stories have taken a negative turn. I wish there were some set standards.

    As such, I’ve removed my stories. Sorry folks.

    Okay, go ahead and flame away at me.


    well if part 4 is halfway done you need to find a way to post it once your finished, the star stones is one of the best stories I have ever read. Please find a place to post it and let me know, you are an unbelievable writer

    Trent Harlow

    I’ve been wondering what happened to Nomdreserv. He had a great story going (Personal Demons), then he disappeared and his site eventually shut down.


    Hello Pug! That’s a shame that crzyfck hasn’t responded since that time :/ I enjoyed the additions that you brought to the Ripples story (really want to see that continue along with Lucifer’s Sandbox and Greatest Mistake). I’m currently reading Star Stones, but erm… I’ve noticed that something has happened.

    🙁 I presume something negative has gone on… and well… I don’t know what to say. Is there another site you can put your stories onto captr? I find Star Stones to be exhilarating to read.

    Yeah, I’ve noticed HSC around, just its been a while since his last story… which was… Compounding Interest? Well, I hope he wants to pursue another story! :laugh:

    And for Jimmy Dimples, I’ll attempt to give him a msg.

    Woot! More stories StevetheZ?! Haha, even if they’re short-shorts I’ll be delighted to read them.

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