Which FBBr(s) sets off your Lust-O-Meter?

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    Bruce Martin

    With all the bounty of beauties in the MG world, by far it has to be Mel …Melissa Dettwiller. Shes a little goddess in my eyes!



    wow, what is her name. she is quite sexy.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4EGo8ySYt4g :blink: :woohoo:
    Ignore the dork…

    Stop the presses!!
    Who is that??


    The following women are definite marriage material B) – if only all were still single 🙁 – If anyone has any ideas on setting me up with at least one of them don’t hesitate…..lol 😛


    The one and only BRITT MILLER

    The delicious DANIELLE REARDON

    Magnificent MONA POURSALEH


    Heavenly HAZEL PIAZZA

    Gorgeous KAREN GARRETT


    …………………and the list could go on and on!!! 😆

    There are just so many total knock-out 11 out of 10 type girls in the fitness industry especially among the young generation entering at the moment.


    A few of my favorites;

    Fabiola Boulanger
    Jamie Eason
    Jaime Ramsey
    Kris Murrell
    Dana Linn Bailey
    Carla Gutierrez
    Mi Hee Yu
    Melinda Mcnabb
    Lenda Murray
    Sharon Bruneau
    Ildiko Gaspar
    Hrönn Sigurðardóttir
    Monica Mollica
    Katka Kyptova
    Suzy Kellner
    Kortney Olson


    I gave my list already, but must say Gina Davis offseason may never be matched. Her footage blows my mind every time I see it even when I’ve seen the footage b4. She is just one of a kind in terms or size, looks, athletic ability, and smile. She was so dang strong and good looking without being at all unfeminine. One of a kind. :cheer:

    The WPW stuff at 190 blew me away and then she adds 15 to 25 more pounds in coming offseasons. Amazing.


    Of currently competing female bodybuilders (pros and npc national contenders), my top ten:

    1. Shannon Courtney
    2. Tina Chandler
    3. Sarah Hayes
    4. Lisa Geisbrecht
    5. Michelle Cummings
    6. Sherry Smith
    7. Debi Lasewski
    8. Tina Zampa
    9. Alina Popa
    10. Drorit Sliverman

    All time, pros:
    1. Nicole Ball
    2. Gina Davis
    3. Jennifer McVicar
    4. Jitka Harazimova
    5. Kim Chizevsky
    6. Lenda Murray
    7. Ellen Van Maris
    8. Tina Chandler
    9. Sarah Hayes
    10. Lisa Giesbrecht


    For me, size is everything. The whole point of being a bodybuilder, I feel, is to get as large and as muscular as is humanly possible — and then go beyond that. So the women who transformed themselves into true muscle monsters always excite me.

    So my list would have to include:

    Tina Lockwood: her size was effortless. It seemed that she had unlimited potential for growth. Very few women were in her class, then, or now.
    Aleesha Young: an amazing physical specimen, although I preferred her without the breast implants…matter of fact, I don’t see the point of any FBB getting them…we all already know you’re a woman because of your pecs, so why bother? 🙂
    Anna Mikhaylenko: her Ukrainian accent and her pocket Hercules body drives me wild.
    Renee Toney: the ultimate muscle monster, bar none. An incredible physical specimen.
    Colette Guimond: her muscle density and maturity is almost unparalleled.
    Cornelia Brandt: she has Colette’s muscle density with near-Amazonian height…a fantastic combination.
    Alina Popa: the Swiss mistress of might with some of the best abs in the business…I never tire of looking at her.

    I hold a special place in my lust list for the FBBs of Asian descent. They take muscle and beauty to new heights and smash any preconceived notions of Asian women all being delicate little flowers. Ha! Any of these women could lift a tank over their heads and smile as they do so:

    Amanda Lau: Lingster has a page here that’s captioned “Amanda Lau has become a muscle monster” — that says it all.
    Kashma Maharaj: the tiny titan from Trinidad & Tobago has come a long way and she’s nowhere near her full growth potential yet.
    Dawn Riehl: this Korean-American powerhouse was one of the first women to get on my lust-o-meter. I really miss her incredible displays of strength and muscularity.
    Yeon Woo Jhi: fortunately for me, we have another Korean woman to come to the fore. Again, the contrast between her powerpacked body and her angelic face do it to me every time…and when she does her reverse bicep pose, I’m gone.
    Tomoko Kanda: the steel butterfly is the finest FBB ever to come out of Japan. I can look at her biceps, her traps, and her calves forever.
    Rebekah Kresila: she was already high on the list when I realized she was a MILF and then when she did those topless flexing videos…game over, man!
    Paula Suzuki: probably one of the strongest Asian-American women of all time, and all those hours in the gym paid off in a barnyard wall for a back.

    Then there’s “the exotics” LOL

    Sharon Bruneau: at her best, her body was a living sculpture, a true work of art…topped with a supermodel face.
    Doughdee Marie: a beautiful face, and almost superhuman strength, in one blonde package? My kind of woman.
    Emmanuela Pintus: I had a crush on her for a very long time…I was a bit sad to see her abandon FBB for figure, but I carry a torch for her still.
    Zuzanna Kurnikova: few other women from the eastern bloc captured my attention as much as she did. She had muscles on muscles, almost literally.
    Dina Al-Sabah: a top-heavy bodybuilder from the middle east would be striking enough, but when she flexes her abs, it takes her into the stratosphere of sexiness and beauty.

    Finally, the young brigade, women who either are barely out of their teens or have been rising to prominence in the past few years. Look at them above the neck, and then below, and be amazed at the insane juxtaposition. These women shouldn’t look like that, and yet, they do. With starts like these, their futures are crazy-bright:

    Yulia Vins: this young lady looks like she could model for Seventeen Magazine in the morning and deadlift a tank at night. A very exciting entrant to the iron game, I foresee big things if she continues on her growth path.
    Hayley McNeff: I could say the same for Ms. McNeff. Every time I watch her in the trailer for Raising the Bar, it’s exciting beyond belief.
    Georgina McConnell: from the first time I saw her and heard her Scottish lilt on those Muscle Appeal videos, I was hooked…and that was before she took her biceps to true supersize. Amazing.
    Shannon Courtney: actually, she may not be that young but she sure looks like it — and her muscle mass cannot be denied.
    Kim Kilper: she has a face like a pixie, and a body made out of rock. Again, the contrast is what excites me.

    I know I must have left out some obvious women, but off the top of my head, these are the women who do it for me.


    Great descriptions.

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