Which FBBr(s) sets off your Lust-O-Meter?

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    A simple enough question – Female Bodybuilders, of the past and/or the present.

    Let the confessions begin . . . 😉 B)


    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    Thanks for opening it up to past as well as present. I’ll open with Paula Suzuki!


    Cindy Phillips :woohoo: :kiss:
    Alina Popa :woohoo: :kiss:
    Cory Everson :woohoo: :kiss:
    Kathy Unger :woohoo: :kiss:
    Elena Oana Hreapca :woohoo: :kiss:
    Britt Miller :woohoo: :kiss:
    Katka Kyptova :woohoo: :kiss:
    Kristy Hawkins :woohoo: :kiss:

    All have caused serious trouser-tenting. B) :laugh: :blink:


    Cindy Phillips :woohoo:
    Britt Miller :woohoo:
    Kristy Hawkins :woohoo:
    Elena Seiple :woohoo:
    Gina Davis :woohoo:


    I’ve been at this since i was 13 so there are way to many to list them all. i will list some of my favorites now.

    Debi Laszewski :woohoo:
    michelle ralabate :woohoo:
    marja lehtonen :woohoo:
    colette nelson :woohoo:
    alina popa :woohoo:
    aleesha young :woohoo:
    tina chandler :woohoo:
    jana linke-sippl :woohoo:


    Gina Davis
    Colette Nelson
    Deanna Panting
    Kay Baxter
    Amy Pazzo
    Erica Kern
    Doughdee Marie
    Athena Annis
    Sharon Marvel
    Steph Park
    Robin Coleman
    Tina Lockwood
    Nuriye Sener
    Isabelle Turrell
    Shawn Tan
    Amber Deluca
    Luciana Andrade
    Colette Guimond
    Amy Schmid
    Lisa Cross
    Kim Perez
    Julie Bouroussa
    Hannie Van Aken
    Alina popa
    Karla nelson
    Dominique Danger
    Melissa Detwiller
    Stacy “sunfire”

    all at their peak and at their biggest off season weight in 95% of the cases or more.


    Top 10 All Time: all of mine are exceptionally beautiful and exceptionally big

    Kay Baxter — favorite early 80s bodybuilder, huge for her time
    Rhonda Lundstedt — early 90s she-hunk
    Gina Davis — legend of the sport
    Nicole Ball — especially lately as she’s put tons of size
    Sarah Hayes — up and coming star
    Michelle Andrea — saw her live once, combination of size and beauty
    were staggering
    Jitka Harazimova — Czech Stunner
    Jennifer McVicar — drop dead gorgeous, huge legs and glutes
    Murianne Nichols — favorite black fbb, best glutes I’ve ever seen on an FBB
    Amy Schmid — Can’t explain why she drives me nuts, not particulary big, ripped
    or beautiful, but she drives me wild nonetheless.

    Robert McNay

    Marjo Selin
    Rebekkah Kresila
    Roxie Rain
    April Hunter
    Alina Popa
    Christine Lydon
    Juliette Bergman
    Svetlana Outsmieva
    Athena Annis

    Marjo and Rebekkah are definitely numbers 1 & 2, the rest are no particular order.


    Off the top of my head, without over-analyzing anything:

    Tonya Knight
    Erika Andersch
    Suzan Kaminga
    Cory Everson
    Nikki Fuller
    Doughdee Marie
    Denise Rutkowski
    Sharon Bruneau
    Michele Ralabate
    Debi Laszewski


    Denise Masino
    Amber Steel

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