Wife Stronger than Husband

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    Jayne Greye

    I am in the midst of writing a non-fiction book analyzing The perspective of the muscular female from the the women and the men who appreciate them. I was wondering if anyone knew of a wife who was stronger than their husband who might want to be interviewed. I’m particularly interested in this aspect since my wife is already squatting over 200 and has me in her sites (and works far harder than I) 😉 Anyway, please message me if you have a contact or would be willing to be interviewed yourself.


    I remember there was a big dustup on a female lifting group blog, about 15 years ago, when one of the contributors disclosed that she’d become stronger than her husband, and that they’d discovered it during intimate circumstances.

    She pulled the post down pretty quickly because he was mortified, but she continued to make reference to it, such that if he had a problem he should hit the weights.

    It was pretty fucking hot.

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    Jayne Greye

    Sounds pretty hot. I wish I could track that down.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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