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    so…mostly out of boredom…I wanted to ask a question…

    How did you get the artistic style you use?

    what I mean is…I come here…I see several artists…ALL OF THEM are great…but all of them are different! every feature and how it's done varies from artist to artist…

    -for example-
    DCM draws arms very accurately (in my opinion at least) and you can actually point out "Ohh, hey, there's the bicep and there's the tricep…" and the biceps especially have a "double scoop" look (lol) that's more on the jagged/rocky side of things than round

    on the other hand, in Dr. Otto's more "off season" pictures, everything appears to be really curved…

    I don't know what I'm getting at exactly…but I think the point is how did you come upon the way you like to draw your ladies? Since I've been so exposed to FMG, I find it hard to sketch without nearly totally copying another artist's style…

    heh…sorry for the confusion!  :mrgreen:


    My style is a load of nonsense most of the time x_X I can barely made head nor tail of it!

    I have two styles so it's kind of arkward. Tho, I do bodies pretty much the same.
    My most common style is anime-based and is much more simplistic than my other more western comic-book style.

    I learn from what I see in drawing muscles, and my first influence was DBZ, because I used to be an avid fan o_O! But my style came into it's own because I've always been influenced by other styles. Seems silly but most of the time I make it up as I go along! XD

    But I've always preffered drawing in a style that doesn't put in too much detail but still has a good amount of it. Like my personal prefference would be more to Dr Otto's art than DCM's.
    Ofcourse they are both excellent artists! (and probably a lot better than I can ever be! :P)

    I'm always changing things when I draw, so often something I'd have drawn say six months ago will look very different from something I'd have reecently done. So really… I'm influenced by just about every image I see! It'd be hard to pinpoint what exactly.


    I have quite a few different styles of drawing.  They go from a cartoony Iczerman-ish style to a semi-realistic style to a over-ripped style.  That covers the muscles, the face is like that of the early 90's Disney cartoons to strait Anime to almost realistic to a hybid of all those.  The body type can be greatly varied, from 7' amazon to a 4' built-like-tank girl, from very thin to very wide.

    All in all, it all depents on what I feel like drawing and what I think best suits the character I'm drawing, wheither it be my own or someone else's.

    Course, this doesn't cover all the art that I do.

    David C. Matthews

    This is a hard question to answer, because my style (as I think any artist's does) evolved over time.

    It's like the old joke, "How do you carve a statue of an elephant?" "Take a piece of stone and carve away everything that doesn't look like an elephant." Well, when I approach a drawing, I just start putting the lines down on paper until the picture I see in my mind is (approximately) on the paper.

    I've always been fond of the look of comic-book art, and many of the artists I studied and emulated would be familiar to almost anyone on this board, but to almost nobody outside of comics fandom: Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, John Romita, John Buscema, and others. And when I discovered manga and anime, I began to add their influences to my "style", such as it is: Takahashi Rumiko, Mikimoto Haruhiko, Matsumoto Leiji, the character designers at KItty Films (Urusei Yatsura) and Tatsunoko Productions (Macross, Gatchaman[/i]), etc.

    As for the "accuracy" of my anatomy: well, I think I've still got a looonnng way to go in that department, but I do appreciate your compliments. (And I happen to like "freaky" biceps… If you've ever seen a pic of Joan Lauth* flexing her guns, then you know what I mean. I like biceps that are not only hard as a rock, but also look like they were carved out of rock.)

    I also notice about my own work that there's not a whole lot of difference between my "comics realism" style and my "manga/anime" style, and that's something I'd like to work on, to get the latter more "authentic" looking.

    *Dammit! the WPW site won't let me link directly to her pages!


    Well…I cant really say that I totally am original. I look at what others do, and look at what I got, and see if I can push myself a little harder. Like Kulli, I started out doing DBZ, but as time progressed, I was more exposed to other styles…saw other anime's, other comics, games, and all that jazz. My style is a little close to the anime/manga style, which is quite evident, but I dotn really care. Hehe, But I try to better my skills as much as I can, to tell you the truth, I belive in evolution as an artist, as long as youre not totally satsified, you have that drive to make something better of your work. When I look back at when I started out, and where I am now, Im like, "Well…damn. I came a ways, but I still have a ways to go." I see all this great work and I smile a little knowing that theres always someone who is a bit mroe experienced, and not to mention does a better job. Although at school, Im looked at one of the better artists there, it doesnt matter much to me, just as long as I know I can grow more, its all good. Well thats my two cents.  🙂


    My style is influenced by the "old school" Marvel House style. I loved the way Jack Kirby drew larger than life (his women too!), but much of what I do comes from improvisation (If it looks good to me, then it works). I'm not so big on the anime/manga style of rendition, but I think one cartoon in particular, "Jonny Quest" had  a big impact on me visually. I see 'touches' of that style on my work. In the end, I wouldn't say I have a "finished" style. I'm always looking for ways to improve.



    Hard to say, my first inspiration was cancuz and his style with the huge upper and lower body finished off with an exagerated v-shape torso.  Later on toned downt eh musculature and created a wider denser wastline while still tryin to maintain teh hourglass look.  This was mostly a result of difficulty in gettin larger musculature, while trying to maintaiin a sembelance of anatomical accuracy. As i recently got better i decided to go back to larger muscles.  Despite all this i generally tended to go for the defined and chiseled look. 

    Of course where im going now, no clue, but im thinking about trying to go for the bulkier styles that wrexodus and kulli uses and see how that goes.

    As for faces, ye i think its definitely an anime inspired look, one which i just refined over the years using the bits of the style here and there so i dont really have any particular aritst that defined my look.  Trying to create more realistic faces though through sketching real life, though there not female muscle related.  Also experimenting, by cooking up complete different styles as can bee seen from a few recent post. 

    So overall its all still a work in progress and im not really sure if got a "look" that defines my art.



    I draw cartoons.  If I draw pictures that stand on their own?  Well it doesn't really work out too well because the way I draw makes it look better for an animation than a pin up or anything like that.

    However, I have based my artwork off pretty much every single artist whos artwork I have saved at least once on my hard drive so that I could learn off of them.  From Cancuz, to Scoundrel, to Wreck-Shop, DCM, Coyote, FFF, Japanese Artists, Bekkakno, Erugoro, Purokogi, the list goes on and on.  But you can see at least one homage of every artist I've mentioned in my animations.  As far as I'm concerned my style has now become TC 2 cartoons style.

    Matthew Lim

    Mine is a real mish-mash of a million and one styles. I never feel truley satisfied with the way I draw, so I keep finding ways to make it better. Currently it's a solid combination of Bridgeman and Otto's shape simplification on muscle with my own anatomical knowledge. The faces (outside of my Regime of the Rogue images) are derived from Tony Fucile's designs for the Incredibles and Iron Giant (two of my most favorite animated movies of all time). And the coloring know-how came from my college courses where highlight, midtone, core shadow, reflected light and cast shadow were all drilled into my head. My style has massively evolved since I first started drawing muscley females. Although I don't have a hell of a lot of drawings to my name, you can see the progression of my style on my page on DtV.


    Natural tendencies, limitations, temperament, and sometimes even deliberate effort result in an artistic style. (At least for myself anyway.) The style I have is shaped as much by what I don’t do well as it is by what I do reasonably well. Additionally my temperament limits the kind of things that I’m willing to work on and that also shapes what my style evolves into. Add a feedback loop in there and the things that give big, quick rewards get more attention then the things that have smaller rewards that are delayed. In the end these things are the primary movers and shakers of my stylistic development.

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