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    The final part of the Old Soul, Young Flesh storyline is here!
    It’s a rather epic story about an ancient woman stealing a young bodybuilder’s body through a magic ritual. However, deals with forces beyond human comprehension rarely work out the way one wants!

    The Soul’s Liberation
    This is the final part of Old Soul, Young Flesh. It’s the continuation of The Old Soul’s Confession. Mrs. Kane has managed to rid herself of the girl whose body she stole. However, her victim is slowly resurfacing, gathering her strength to free herself …
    This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion and body switching. All characters are over 18 years old.

    Get it here:

    The previous parts can be found here:

    and here:

    Here’s the preview:

    The Witch
    My hands feel like a glove. All those years, and I finally start to feel alienated by this body … It’s far from my first, and yet, here I am. I can barely remember my first life, but I am quite certain I never felt my own body to seem foreign.
    When I don’t think about it, it’s not a problem. Most of the time, my body is my body, and it obeys my thoughts without any strange sensation.
    The difficulties start the moment I think about it. It’s like realizing that your tongue is somehow resting in your mouth without lying on the “floor”, whatever it may be called. From that moment on, you seem compelled to constantly check on it, to verify it’s still where it’s supposed to be.
    Decades ago, a lover, I think his name was Ryan or Brian, told me that you constantly see your own nose, but your brain just ignores it so you can actually see without hindrance.
    Well, the moment you realize this, you are focusing on your nose, and there it is!
    In the same way, ever since I let that damned Michelle out for a moment, she comes to haunt me. Every time she closes to the surface, my whole body feels detached. I hate it. Everything becomes a willing decision and it feels completely unreal.
    Happily, the sensation passes after a moment, but …
    Here it is again!
    This is a curse. I hate it so much.
    The worst part about all this is that I should be content. Of course, some things went wrong with Elisabetha, but now, I believe I can deal with her and be rid of her sad, nagging intrusion. Once I sate my hunger on her agony and truly become myself again.
    Besides, this body is wonderful! I never felt so light and strong before! I feel as if I could dance …
    I just might. After all, training with Elisabetha means I have this wonderful gymnasium to use. Even the floor is more expensive than anything I have ever owned! It’s so springy, you can basically do anything and not get hurt. Also, there are so many mirrors! I had to understand that they are not only for vanity, but also to make sure you do all these exercises correctly, to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Still, they make the room bright and wonderful, and the sight of her garden only completes the whole experience …
    I am a little jealous.
    The good thing about this, though, is that I will soon have all of this for me. This, and Elisabetha’s soul too. Everything. And I won’t give anything back.
    I twirl around and look at my body. It’s astonishing, really. I never expected to have it look like that. As soon as I understood what I could do, I always made sure to be attractive. Why should one be ugly, when it can be avoided?
    However, beauty while always meant something different as the years rolled by, it never got even close to … this.
    I take a good look at my muscles. The training session I just finished only made them more pumped. It’s truly bizarre to accept how good it feels. Sure, there is a lot of pain and sweating, but once it’s over and the strain goes away, it leaves you glowing with energy and pride.
    I run my fingers over my shoulders and neck. Just sensing the power coursing through those muscles is enough to make me shiver … I have built a true bullneck over the last months, and I have become marvelously broad. I keep being impressed by how much room I now take up. When Elisabetha and I walk, it’s a little like two demigoddesses of ancient myths have come to grace mere mortals!
    It is just strange that the competition is more a question of looks and not one of actually using our power, but that is the way of this modern life. Besides, looking like this is hard work. It probably makes sense in some way …
    I grin and lift my arm, then I flex it. Those muscles look huge! I love them. You can really see all the little parts, the veins, the lines, everything … I give my wrist a little twist, and they pop out even more. I’ve been practicing my posing over the last weeks, and I have to admit, it is elegant, even if it is totally over the top. It’s like an elaborate dance, and you have to let every gesture flow into the next one. The practice is hard, but it’s paying off!
    I run my fingers over the biceps. If I continue growing it, I’ll probably be able to grab with both hands! One is easy, but the other one really needs it to be huge. I’ll get there, I guess? After all, I need to make it happen.
    I should probably be ashamed of myself, taking Elisabetha’s help, and then turning it against her, but such is life! Would she seriously do anything different if she could do what I can? Besides, I can see poor Theo crave me whenever he sees me. He seems to be constantly gravitating around me, trying to get a look at my muscles, even going as far as to brush against me “accidentally”. I could be having him for a long time …
    I will reap what I sowed, though.
    I will defeat poor old Elisabetha on the stage, I will humiliate her, and I will take Theo. And once I got him and she sees that everything she struggled for was in vain, once despair overtakes her, then, I will take her in and rip her apart and I will live on for a hundred years or maybe even longer … Her soul seems so tasty, and her feelings are so strong … I can’t wait to taste her.
    I touch my abs, tracing their lines and their hardness.
    Wow …
    I love this strength … This control …
    I think I just might keep to this interesting little hobby even after I got rid of Elisabetha. Sure, it’s hard work, but I have to admit that it makes things so much easier … And those men that crave a body like that are willing to go way beyond anything they would ever do for a weaker woman!
    I bend forward, feeling the tension in my muscles. Training them means brutalizing them until they grow. I work out long and hard, taking care of doing everything precisely and slowly. I had to learn this at first, but now, it works perfectly. As I destroy my body, it grows again, becoming stronger. In a way, this is how I always worked. Take a body, destroy it, and use its remnants for myself …
    Gently, I lower myself on the mat. The power makes things easy. I know I can support my entire mass with a single hand now, and it gives me wonderful confidence.
    At last, I can relax. My muscles ache.
    I close my eyes, feeling their warmth and power. All this training has intensified the flow of energy through my body, making it grow and increasing my control over it. I vaguely remember discovering my power as I became a woman, and it was a trickle running weakly through my developing, hungry body.
    Now, it is a mighty stream that flows confidently through the mass of my muscles, rebuilding them, healing them, making the grow …
    For this alone, all of the sweating was worthwhile!

    The Young Soul
    I am.
    It is so strange to say this to myself. To feel myself. No … To feel something that will be me … At least I hope so. I feel that I am so close to emerging. It’s as if I were drifting under the surface of a cold lake, and that the water is still forming a thin film above me, and I just can’t break it …
    I would only need one push to break this surface, to breathe again.
    But I am still trapped under this, unable to make my will felt.
    Sometimes, I can see through this horrible woman’s eyes. It’s like looking through mist, through thick, milky glass … through ice. I see shapes, I hear distorted voices, sometimes, there’s a smell that drifts through the membranes of my prison.
    There’s one thing, though. Somehow, my tormentress’ nature is connected to some strange source of energy whose pulse I can feel. Is that magic? Some kind of divinity? I cannot put it in words, but I can feel it, and I can sense when she touches it, when she changes it.
    I seem to slowly understand what the symbols she traces might mean, what the syllables she utters might cause.
    The flow of power within her changes, and I can almost manipulate it …
    I just might have my revenge on those horrible old women yet …
    I believe that the key to this lies in the moments when the witch slips. When it happened the first time, I didn’t react. I just felt a sudden tug in all directions as my consciousness managed to reach into hers, but it passed before I could do something. Still, now I felt that there was something I could do, something I hadn’t tried yet. Every time I felt that the witch was focusing on something else or spacing out, I would lie in wait, ready to maybe reach into her and take control …
    The first time it happened, she was surprised. I was too. She was working out with Madame Kane, and as she did her curls, she must have lost her focus and just drifted into some kind of zone. I quickly went in and tried to take control.
    It was like playing the piano in zero gravity with mittens on your hands.
    I got into her somehow, and ended up completely disoriented. She almost fell on her face as I tried to push myself into her body all at once, and I also made her muscles spasm all over. She dropped the barbell and almost broke her foot with it, then she caught herself and had to lie down for a moment. I could hear her mumble something about dizzy spells.
    Yeah, right.
    I had managed to get a foot in the door. Sure, I would have to practice carefully and discreetly, and I always had the risk of getting caught, but after this, I knew I could do something!
    There was one thing I found difficult, though. Whenever she fell asleep, I would lose “consciousness” too. I struggled with this, but eventually, I even managed to pull myself awake during the night. It was hard, but I was soon able to do simple things, more as a practice for later than anything. I would carefully train to move her hands and fingers, to look around, to tense her muscles and to gain some kind of control.
    I couldn’t help noticing that she complained the next day about feeling tired. Well, it was me who kept her up all night! Even this little frustration felt like a triumph for me. If I could only extend it further, I would be able to have my revenge!
    The longer this goes on, the better my grasp of how she works becomes. I believe I could even move her fully now. It would be clumsy and robotic, and it would probably be better to just crawl along, but … when the moment comes, I will be ready.
    I am just afraid of what she would do to me if she found out. What can she do? What can’t she? Would she trap me deeper within her? Would she send my soul to some jar, to be caught in there for all eternity, with no chance of ever becoming myself again?
    The idea terrifies me.
    So I move very carefully. I seem to have a lot of time on my hands, and observing my foes is a good idea.
    The thing is, though I am furious about everything that happened, I still have to admit that their work is incredible. I just wish it were me being myself and not being trapped for all eternity in some vampire’s mind …
    After the pair finishes their training, they usually pose in front of the mirror, as a practice for their competition, and also to humiliate each other, I guess. This is a thing a have realized lately: My tormentress hates Madame Kane. I sure wish I could use this somehow. It should be possible to do something with it, shouldn’t it?
    Anyway, they will stand in front of the mirror and flex their muscles, show off smooth moves to force their powerful arms and legs out and to display their carved silhouettes. Madame Kane has, and here’s me admitting something that nags me thoroughly, transformed my body into a piece of art. I never thought it could be this big and yet so feminine. She has used whatever strange drugs, gifts and magic to build a heavyweight bodybuilder’s physique, with massive shoulders that look like cannonballs under her skin, a thick neck and a deep chest, and yet, she has this tiny waist, all covered in muscle, of course, and the super-round, ultra-ripped butt-cheeks.
    I would never have wanted to take it this far, but now that I see it … I somehow understand the appeal. Of course, a body like this is extremely high maintenance and she basically does nothing but work on improving it.
    I just hate how it should be mine and how she stole it. I wish she would suffer for what she did.
    Which takes me to the other culprit in this whole mess.
    The witch is just as incredible. She has this strange mixture of faces and origins that distills itself into some kind of supernatural beauty … It seems as if she has taken the best from all her victims, and she just looks so good … I can see the people stare at her when she’s outside. She has even started to hide her face just to stop people from gawking at her and stalking her.
    That her body is built like a sexy tank is the cherry on top. She is almost as big as Madame Kane and her proportions are even more harmonious.
    I hate her so much …
    It’s painfully obvious that she plans some new devilry. I have watched her as she has started seducing Theo. The poor fool keeps falling for their tricks. Every time he ejaculates, she tries to save his sperm and takes it to her workshop. I can’t believe how gross this is! I … I don’t mind semen … I guess? But I wouldn’t want to scoop it up and carry it around.
    And then, once she has it at home, she uses it to make some kind of cream or oil. There’s some magic involved, I think. I have started to learn how she is doing it, and I think I can almost “feel” it when she casts her spells. There really is something happening when she does it. It’s really not just superstition and tricks … She’s using this to create this balm or something.
    Once it’s ready, she rubs it into her body all over and then, whenever she passes by Theo, I can see that he gets horny. No. Not just horny. He is completely losing his mind over her. I can tell from my strange vantage point that this cream thing breaks his mind. He would be her slave if she used it all the time and kept him around.
    She is despicable.
    Theo is a fool and I don’t much like him, but he doesn’t deserve this. He is not meant to be a toy for these horrible ancient women to play with and use in their idiot games. Also, I think I start to understand why the witch is all friendly and close with Madame Kane now. If I didn’t hate her, I would maybe try and warn her.
    Too bad she deserves the punishment.

    The Old Soul
    Has my life ever been better? I very much doubt it.
    Somehow, it all has worked out. I am young, I am strong, I am beautiful. I am loved by my wonderful Theo, no, more than loved … I am adored. He is incredible. Of course, he is handsome and well-dressed, but he is also considerate, intelligent and charming.
    And he satisfies me.
    He is wonderful.
    I love it when he is with me, when I give him a massage, when I treat him to little gifts he likes, when I let him ride me, when I do the same to him …
    I have never felt this relaxed and loved before.
    Things have been tough to get here, but now, it has all slotted into place, and I just marvel at how good life can be. Of course, I might just be jinxing it, but then again, maybe it is time to stop being superstitious. After all, if magic is real in this way, why should these petty little tricks be?
    The Witch has become something of a friend, at least, a regular visitor, and having her around is pleasant. She too can be charming, and she seems to enjoy the same things I do. Little wonder, after all, we’re both ancient women caught in a new, incomprehensible world.
    With Theo’s help, we have both been adapting to this modern life I ignored for so long. I really thought I wouldn’t need any of this newfangled stuff, and now, I can’t imagine a life in which I’d miss all this!
    There are strange pleasures now. Things I wouldn’t have thought possible are normal nowadays. I do not know who came up with it, but apparently, it is acceptable for grown folks to ride scooters? Electrical ones to that. I was so isolated in my old age, I didn’t just miss the times changing, I completely ignored them. Theo didn’t even find it strange, but we got us two of these scooters and raced down the sidewalk like giggling teenagers. People looked at me because of my body, but not because of my actions.
    Me shooting by in a tiny top that barely covered my breasts and minuscule pants must have been quite the sight, even if only briefly. After all, this body has enough strength to get really fast on the scooter.
    All in all, I’d say people are more childish and more mature at the same time. In my time, kissing in public was unacceptable, and especially not among unmarried folks. And yet, here we are. It was just wonderful! I was excited and somewhat aroused after that scooter race, and he bowed to me and kissed me, congratulating me for my skill. I am quite certain Theo would have done that even if I had managed to land face first on the tarmac.
    He truly adores me.
    When we sit on the sofa in the afternoons or evenings, he sometimes brings … drugs. It’s strange. Neither of us drinks alcohol, but smoking cannabis is a thing we both enjoy. I have to be careful when I am on my diet, because it causes hunger pangs, but still … He also brings other substances, and it turns out I enjoy them too.
    Being, as he put it, high is an interesting experience. Pleasant, but still surprising. Some of the things make us even more aroused, and then, there is no holding back anymore. We try all kinds of strange positions now, things I have never even considered.
    He would get between my mighty legs and worship them, admiring their size and definition, licking them, rubbing his cheeks against them, kissing them … I was confused at first, but now, I love it!
    Having Theo celebrate my muscles like this … It’s almost a religious experience for him. He prostrates himself in front of me and literally begs me to allow him to do this. I oblige him, and I flex my muscles to make it even better for him. Just feeling his burning eyes on me as I tighten my abs, my thighs or my arms makes me as excited as he is.
    Once I get going, he eggs me on. He can’t get enough of me:
    “Oh please, just one little flex!”
    “Have I told you how wonderful you are?”
    “Show me those triceps, please!”
    Sometimes, I sneak in a little flex just when he’s around. He catches it from the corner of his eye, and then, he is lost again …

    The Witch is a wonderful companion on this journey. We train together, we eat together, and we spend some of our free time together. Not all of it, she still seems to need to work on her magic, but then again, I got busy too!
    After all these years, I have found the energy to become active again. I have set up a training business, and the Witch is a wonderful testimonial. I only take select few clients, carefully vetted, but their results are promising!
    When I show them our posing, they are willing to pay anything. The combination of strength and femininity is just too enticing. They don’t negotiate, and I make sure the results speak for themselves.
    It’s not that I really need the money, but as it is, having some reserves and being able to satisfy the Witch in these things is soothing.
    There’s just one thing that weighs on my mind. In the wee hours of the morning, I sometimes wake up, and it’s terrifying. It’s worse than night terrors … It’s that guilt. That feeling that I destroyed Michelle’s life for my own gain and comfort. During the days, I can ignore it. I just fill my mind with so many things and so much to do, I couldn’t think of her if I wanted.
    But when it’s dark and quiet, the feeling resurfaces and there’s nothing I can do.
    That’s when I lie in the darkness and I get that horrible sinking feeling, that certainty that I abused her confidence and destroyed her for something that … well … was worthwhile for me … but … Was it really justified? I took her life to save mine, but am I really using that borrowed time in a way that was acceptable?
    Of course, being alive is good, and being alive like this is even better, but in a way, I have become some kind of vampire, feeding on her life to extend mine. I may have saved my life, but I’m afraid I may have damned myself in the process.
    Ever since I realized what I did, I have tried to make amends. Clumsy, small steps, but even though I can’t clear my conscience, I can at least hope to lighten it a bit.
    For one thing, I have contacted her parents as her and cleared up some of the confusion and worries they had. And they had a lot, sadly justified ones. I mean, I am literally a predator who lured her into a trap and abused her until she died …
    Thinking like this makes me spiral again.
    I am a monster.
    I have turned myself into a beast.
    The fact that I still have a conscience only makes it worse.
    I do my best to make them believe everything is fine. I wouldn’t want them to feel as if they were responsible for this. I had the messages translated to Korean so it would pass as hers, and I think I managed to fool them.
    I also bought her family a nice new house over there and made sure they had any comfort they need. I even went as far as to invite them to meet Theo and spend time with us, but so far, they haven’t agreed to anything. Maybe they are suspecting something …

    Theo is unsure about all of this. He wants me to take it a little easier on all fronts, but I am not someone who takes things easy. I never was. I just need him to worship me, to adore me and, in all honesty, to satisfy me. When I’m with him, when he loves me, when he sinks himself into me, then I feel safe and in control. Then all those terrible thoughts fade away.
    This, and me pushing my body to its limit in the gym elate me. I can just feel my mind loosen in his arms, or with the weights biting into my body.
    When he shoots his load into me, on me, down my throat, I know he is mine and I feel complete …
    There is just one thing he won’t stop about. He wants a child.
    This is a difficult situation for me.
    Can I really afford to skip on nine months of training? Can I risk losing my shape, to have gone through my whole diet for nothing? Can a body like mine even sustain a pregnancy? When I think of the supplements and chemicals I constantly have to use to maintain it at that level, I doubt this would be safe and healthy for a child …
    He looked at me with puppy-dog eyes:
    “I’m sure it will be fine. And you did it once, I’m sure you’ll be able to regain your shape in no time!”
    “Theo, I love you, but …” I ran a hand over my massive, perfectly sculpted abs. “I wouldn’t want to ruin them. In a pregnancy, they split up, and I doubt they’ll ever look this symmetrical and ripped again.”
    “They do?”
    I chuckled:
    “Well, where would you want the kid to grow? In that tiny waist?”
    He blushed:
    “Oh. Alright. I kinda understand it. But … I would really love to … be part of a family with you.”
    I thought about it in silent, letting my muscles rest. Eventually, I offered:
    “How about a surrogate? Or getting an adoption? I’m sure we can find a wonderful mother for our child, or even a sweet kid to raise as our own.”
    He obviously wasn’t sure about this. He managed a vague half-nod but wouldn’t say he’d accept it.
    I shrugged. I know him well enough already to be aware that he will continue insisting on this. Then again, I knew the perfect way to take his mind off this … I leaned back, put my arms behind my head and sucked in my abs until my waist disappeared into my ribcage, then pushed them back out into a rock-hard brickwork of power.
    My poor guy instantly forgot what this all was about.
    And yet, my mind kept returning to Michelle and my sin.


    A story that is a bit more outside the norm but I enjoyed writing it a lot, coming up with the strange alien biology …
    Also, if you like cheeky older women, you will be very happy.

    Rick Hunter is excited to be able to work with the famous Amanda Presley on her newest project to analyze the effects a meteor strike had on the fauna and flora of the desert. The place is well-isolated to prevent any contamination. Or is it …
    This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion, height growth and age regression. All characters are over 18 years old.

    Get it here:

    Here’s the sample:

    The road just went on straight ahead through the empty land. Rick Hunter saw some gnarled trees, a few bushes and some rocks pass by. The place was desolate. In the background, giant mountains rose against the blue, cloudless sky. The whole area had a kind of pristine beauty to it. Even though someone had built this road at some point, it felt like an intrusion into a wide field of untouched nature. Also, nobody had felt the need to maintain the road more than necessary and the patches of tarmac that covered the potholes still made his bike shake. He rode his hog with confidence, but he was starting to get a bit worried. He had driven out of the registered roads a while ago. This lane was not on the map.

    He wondered how much money or government help one needed to have to get the service providers to just forget about you. The project was a bit mysterious, he had to admit. Zorcorp was a major conglomerate that produced all kinds of industry machines and specialized plastics and alloys. It wasn’t clear to him why they would need a biologist. He smiled. Maybe it was just one of the managers who wanted to date him. It happened. Rick was rather good-looking and hunky, and the departments he worked for had usually asked him to talk to any possible female sponsors. He rolled his eyes whenever that happened, but it worked …

    It was a bit difficult for him. He had his scientific merits, but in this country, getting third party funding was everything, so everybody worked with what they had.

    Suddenly, he saw something appear on the horizon. It was a high steel fence that locked off a massive area at the end of the road.

    Rick stopped his bike and looked at it. Okay, this was starting to look a bit suspicious. There were watchtowers, and he saw some men in uniforms on patrol. He was quite sure they had already spotted him, so he drove closer carefully. He didn’t want to cause a disturbance. As he approached the fence, which was made of massive steel rails, one of the guards raised his hand to stop him while two others readied their guns. This was clearly serious business.

    He stopped the bike and carefully raised his hands.

    One of the men asked:

    “Good day, sir. Who are you and what are you doing here?”

    “Hello. My name’s Rick Hunter and I was invited here by Zorcorp as a researcher. May I show you my paperwork?”

    The men nodded, but were clearly careful as he reached into his biker jacket. He noticed that those were not military, but rather Zorcorp agents.

    The man took his documents and looked at them. He had Rick take off his helmet and carefully examined him, then said:

    “Alright. Go on in. Drive to the container on the right and go to Doctor Presley’s office.”

    “Presley? As in Amanda Presley?”

    “That’s right, sir.”

    “Wow. Okay …” Rick was surprised and impressed. Amanda Presley was one of the most brilliant minds in evolutionary biology. Working with her would be a tremendous honor! He had read quite a few excellent articles by her, and most of her books. Maybe this whole business would end up being quite enlightening! “I’ll get to it right away.”

    “Alright, sir. Have a nice stay.”

    “You too.”

    The moment his words left his mouth, Rick groaned internally. It always got him that way. Still, what was done was done. He drove on and stopped his bike under a roofed parking lot. He was surprised. The company had set up a kind of little town made of containers, but the whole place was also camouflaged from above. The sun shone through the small slits in the camo netting above the roads, which were much better maintained. He wondered what the whole thing looked like from above. Then he headed for the container.

    He knocked on the door. It opened and a tiny old woman with a rather large gut stared at him from below. Her hair was stuck under a kind of cap and he could see frizzy white hair poke out from under it. She wore thick glasses and had a lab coat on. She stared at his midsection, then slowly looked up.


    “Uh … My name’s Rick Hunter, and I’m looking for Doctor Presley.”

    “You are?”

    “I am. Where is she? I was hired to assist her.”

    “You’re big.”

    “Mhm. Yes. I get that a lot. What about Doctor Presley?”

    “You haven’t seen her?”

    He was losing patience with that hag.

    “No, I haven’t. Have you seen her?”

    “Not since the morning, no. It’s sad really.”

    “What is sad? Did something happen to her?”

    The old woman smiled at him. Her weird teeth showed between her ruined gums.

    “Are you worried about her?”

    “Look … Yes! Of course, I am. She is a brilliant scientist and I hope to learn a lot by assisting her.”

    “Yes, she is rather brilliant. People say that about her.”

    “Okay, wonderful, but … where is she?”

    Just then, a lab assistant walked up to the container, passed him and said:

    “I have the reagents you asked for, Doctor.”

    “Thank you, Camille.”

    Rick groaned.

    “Did you seriously just pull an Obi-Wan on me, Doctor?”

    She chuckled:

    “I was rather thinking of the Sun Wukong and the Buddha, but very well. Now come on in, there’s a lot to do.”

    An hour later, Rick was amazed. The information she had given him seriously shocked him. Apparently, a few months ago, a meteorite had entered the atmosphere and fragmented. The largest chunk had landed here and blown a massive crater into the ground. Zorcorp had quickly reached an agreement with the government that they could recover the meteorite and analyze it. Two weeks later, the scientists charged with the recovery had found that it contained biological matter of extraterrestrial origin and the management had brought Doctor Presley in to lead further investigations. The material had entered the topsoil and produced a series of fungi. As a result, the whole place had been cordoned off and placed under a kind of large tent to prevent further spreading of whatever it was. Also, the air closer to the meteorite seemed to be rather toxic, having caused several lab animals to quickly develop breathing difficulties when exposed.

    The current objective of their research was to obtain samples of the various lifeforms that had developed around the meteorite and to analyze them. It was obviously incredible to have actual extraterrestrial lifeforms to study.

    As she spoke, Rick was getting more and more excited. This was a dream come true. It was even better when the doctor declared that she had read his papers and not only approved of them, but also found them to be very promising.

    “I can’t wait to see it!”

    The old woman nodded:

    “Then let’s get you suited up, shall we? I’m sure your butt will look tremendous in a biohazard suit.”

    He stared at her, unsure of whether she really said that. She just smiled a strange and rather disgusting smile and walked slowly and clumsily to the door.

    “Come on.”

    He followed her quickly.

    Half an hour later, they were suited up in bright yellow plastic suits, complete with breathing apparatus and rubber boots. The old woman explained:

    “The company is very anxious that everything is safe because they don’t want to get in trouble with the government, so they make us wear these condoms.” Rick blinked again at the way she spoke. “We should be safe, though. The air is breathable as long as you don’t go too close, and so far, we haven’t found anything actually hazardous. It’s more a question of preventing a further spread of the biological samples in there.”


    They entered the airlock and soon, they were inside the bubble. The place was strange. The enclosure made the air warm and stagnant, and it was all very wet. Rick could see pearls of moisture form on his suit. It was all rather foggy and slippery. The crater loomed ahead of them and the doctor lead the way, carefully walking along a trail of thick plastic netting to prevent people from slipping. Rick offered her his hand, but she just pushed it away firmly and said:

    “It’s fine. I may be ninety-five years old, but that doesn’t mean I am infirm!”

    Then they reached the side of the crater and Rick was impressed. The hole in the ground was large and deep. At its center, a strange tree was growing, surrounded by clusters of what could best be described as mushrooms. It was an odd thing to see. The tree was purple and blue, with bizarre polygonal openings in it, like beehives, but much more irregular. In each hole, there was some bright blue tendril that was extending and receding a few inches in a regular rhythm, as if the thing were breathing. Rick felt a strange feeling of terror and disgust wash over him, but at the same time, he was deeply curious. This thing was some twelve feet tall and spreading out into cloud-like shapes. The mushrooms were just as odd, having formed into oversized polyhedrons that changed their colors as he watched. There was a faint buzzing or singing sound in the air. Rick turned to the doctor:

    “Ma’am, this is incredible.”

    “It is, it is. Come with me. I want to take some samples of the bark of the tree. It has changed again since yesterday.”


    He followed her down some robust metal ladders, then they progressed towards the tree. Suddenly, Doctor Presley held out her hand:

    “Now you can help me, Mister Hunter.”

    “Of course, Ma’am.”

    He took her hand and guided her to the tree. The closer they got, the louder the humming sound got. It was rather disconcerting. She handed him a sample box and said:

    “I’ll scrape off a bit and you’ll catch it.”

    “But Ma’am, shouldn’t I …”

    “Please. Do as I say.”

    She pulled out a knife and sliced carefully into the bark. A stream of sap ran from the “wound”. She lifted the bark off and broke it from the tree. As she did, a sliver sprang from the piece and hit her in the thigh. She twitched.


    “What happened, Ma’am?”

    “It’s fine. I am getting a little old. The container, please!”

    He held it out and she dropped the piece of bark into it. Then he closed it down. She nodded:

    “Well done. Let’s head back. I can’t wait to see what there is to discover!”

    Back at the airlock, Doctor Presley carefully removed the suit and put it in the disposal box. She made a sign to Rick to do the same. As he got out of the suit, she chanced a look at him and smiled, a little embarrassed by her thoughts. He was quite the man, she had to admit. If she were half her age …

    “I’d still be forty-eight …”, she whispered to herself.

    Rick turned to her:

    “Ma’am, may I help you?”

    She shook her head, hiding her blush.

    “No, thanks, everything is alright. I am beyond help.”

    He didn’t comment any further and went to the connected showers. She tried to get another look, and breathed out sharply. Maybe a quarter her age?

    As she examined herself, she saw a tiny cut on her leg.

    “Fuck …”

    She couldn’t tell them, could she? If they knew she was hurt, they’d start doting on her and get her out of field work. Then all she could do was sit in a lab all day and even there, they would find a way to push her into an office. No. For now, this had to stay a little secret. Besides, this was just a small scratch. Nothing to worry about. It had barely drawn blood. She doubted there’d been much contamination. Besides, it’ll wash out easily enough. Doctor Presley had always prided herself of her strong health and good immune system. She wasn’t going to doubt it now.

    Instead, she grabbed her things and went to the shower. Hopefully, the big man left her some hot water!

    The next morning, she awoke in a thoroughly crumpled bed. She must have tossed and turned all night, which was unusual. Most nights, she slept very still, very calmly, only getting up once or twice to relieve herself. Tonight, she had slept well, and as she examined her blankets, she realized that there had been no mishap. She smiled, relieved. Problems were to be expected, and the assistant the company provided to her was used to dealing with such things, but not having difficulties was welcome!

    She sat up carefully.

    Then she realized that her back wasn’t hurting as much as usual. It was still aching, but nothing compared to the “traditional” problems she had been facing over the last twenty years or so.

    Very well. Maybe having a young man like this around motivated her body to do what it was supposed to do. She inserted her dentures and walked over to the bathroom. Let’s see where this would take her …

    Three days later, she had to admit that this was probably not caused by having a young, handsome man around. It was still nice. She would sneak peaks whenever she could, and she would flirt with him in the strange, almost grotesque way of little old ladies. He took it in good humor, even if some of her innuendo seemed to shock him. Doctor Presley was a little surprised. She had thought that a big, handsome guy like him would be used to these kinds of comments, and that he would be confident enough to take it.

    She didn’t want to hurt him. After all, she was growing quite fond of him, and he was a good and disciplined worker too.

    Her “regeneration”, for lack of a better word, was confusing her, though. She found it easy to walk now, her bones somehow recovering their density and their structure. Her muscle tone had also returned, albeit sparsely, and her pains had mostly disappeared.

    All this made her work much easier. She could now stand in the lab for hours without problems. As she was preparing newly collected samples from the zone for analysis, Rick came in, carrying the current cultures with him. He smiled at her:

    “Ma’am, you look much better today.”

    “Mister Hunter, you always look amazing!”

    He chuckled, not sure of how to deal with this. She finished the set and stretched. To her wonder, there was none of the usual creaking and crackling. Instead, she just felt … better.

    “You are right, though. I have been feeling way better lately. Must be your good influence. Or they switched something up at the cantina.”

    He smirked:

    “It still isn’t very good.”

    “No, it isn’t. One would assume that an international conglomerate like Zorcorp would be able to find a good cook somewhere …”

    “It is okay. I’ve had worse cooking.”

    “You met my husband?”

    He gave her a confused look.


    “Sorry. I was joking. While being a lauded chemist, he still was completely unable to follow a recipe and produce something edible. He’s been dead for fifteen years, but his attempts at lasagna are still remembered with fond horror.”

    Rick looked back at his samples. This woman was so strange …

    They worked in silence for a while. Suddenly, Rick noticed that Doctor Presley was having trouble breathing. He looked over to her. She was still standing there, but there was a strange, wheezing sound whenever she breathed in.

    “Ma’am, are you okay?”

    He stepped over to her just as she collapsed. Instinctively, he caught her in his arms and prevented her from hitting the floor. Cradling her in his arms, he realized just how light and frail she was.

    “Ma’am, what’s going on?”

    She struggled to breathe, and couldn’t even answer.

    Doctor Presley’s mind was racing as her assistant ran to the infirmary. Why was she having trouble breathing? Up until now, her health had been improving, and now, there was this sudden crash … She hesitated to accept it, but what if she had really gotten “infected” when she had hurt herself in the zone?

    It was possible, after all. The wound had closed within a day, but there was this strange improvement …

    Rick burst through the infirmary door and in no time, she was hooked up to monitors and had a mask on her face to provide her with extra oxygen. To her mounting panic, this didn’t improve things. She rested on the bed and did her best to breathe.

    As the nurse left the room to fetch a doctor, she made up her mind and looked at her assistant.

    “Mister Hunter, there’s something I have to tell you!”

    He was surprised by this, but eager to listen. He was unsure of what was going to happen, she was an old woman, and she was in trouble. If those were her final words, it was up to him to hear them and tell them to her family. He took her hand to comfort her.

    “I am here, ma’am. What is it?”

    “Mister Hunter … I …” She wheezed. “I’m afraid I have hidden something from you. On our first day, I hurt myself and I’m afraid I got infected with whatever strange lifeform is developing from that meteorite.”

    He stared at her.

    “Do you think you this is what is poisoning you?”

    “No … I don’t think it is malign.” She took another deep breath, trying to force some oxygen in her lungs, but it seemed to only make things worse. “Over the last days, I have improved tremendously. I think that this is changing me, but not in a bad way. It is unfortunate, but I seem to have turned myself into a guinea pig.”

    He was shocked and held her hand tightly.

    “But … are you going to die?”


    A super-soldier story with muscle growth, moral degradation and incest? What’s not to love, fellow perverts?

    The Volunteer
    Dishonorably discharged, Sergeant Major Amira Khan finds herself looking for an opportunity to redeem herself. To her surprise, some agency is interested in using her as a guinea pig for an experiment to improve soldiers’ fitness. The test turns out to do way more than that … This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth and incest. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Get it here:

    Read the preview here:

    “Sergeant Major Khan, you had the opportunity of saving your commanding officer, and you didn’t do that. Care to explain why?”

    The prosecutor looked at Amina with barely concealed disdain. It was understandable, in a way. Captain Ramirez had been very popular, a bit of a pop star, and the “face” of the force. And now he was dead. The problem was, Ramirez had also turned into a fool over time. They should have kept him on PR tours and not bring him back into the field. Still, Amira wasn’t going to win this by ruining the man’s memory.

    “Ma’am, I was evacuating the civilian hostages with the squad. Captain Ramirez offered to cover our retreat, and I assumed he … knew the risk he was taking.”

    The prosecutor didn’t seem impressed by this. Amira thought about maybe telling the whole truth, about the man suddenly switching between grandiose posturing and panicked screaming, but decided not to. She’d have to take the blame for this for the good of the force. They could always use a hero.

    Three hours later, the proceedings were over. The dark-skinned Asian woman sat at the desk, still in shock. She had assumed they would just give her a slap on the wrist in exchange for preserving their golden boy, but now, she was dishonorably discharged! Her defendant had mumbled some bizarre excuses and her daughter Chloe had started to cry. Amina just breathed, trying to manage her anger and frustration. Slowly, the whole catastrophe dawned on her. They were going to lose her income, their home and basically everything that supported her identity. She had been an army brat herself, and it had always been clear that she would be a soldier, defending her country. She shook her head in disbelief.

    How could they do this to her?

    She hit the desk with her fist, just happy to feel the pain. Then she sighed. She was stuck, wasn’t she? Sure, she could still go for a retrial and so on, but the damage was done.

    With a groan, she got up and left. So much for that. Maybe there would be someone willing to pay for a disgraced NCO in her forties with a bad shoulder …

    Outside, she told Chloe to get the car and wait for her, then she walked down the corridor slowly, still trying to manage her feelings. Suddenly, she was aware of a man watching her. He was wearing the most nondescript suit ever and looked terrifyingly bland. She was used to being quick on the uptake and she had made it a habit of trying to remember people she met, but this one would be tough. The hair color could be anything from dark blond to black, and the face lacked any distinguishing feature. His look was intense, though. She turned to him, hat still in hand.

    “Yes? What do you want? If you’re here to insult me, now is not the time.”

    The man smiled:

    “No, Sergeant Major, it’s not my intention to get on your bad side. Instead, I would like to offer you a job.”

    “You’re from one of those PMCs? I’m not interested. I don’t fight for money.”

    “I assure you, I work for the government. Not for the more public agencies, though.”

    She rubbed her temples.

    “I don’t do wetworks either.”

    The man chuckled:

    “You always assume the worst of your others, don’t you?”

    “It has been my experience that nothing good ever came from a suit.”

    “Ah, you’re divorced, aren’t you?”

    Now it was up to her to grin:

    “Okay, you’ll have to tell me about that job now, Mister …”

    “Just call me Jack.”

    “As in ‘you don’t know Jack’?”

    He grinned:

    “That is correct, Sergeant Major.”

    “Go ahead, then.”

    “Mom, where are we going? This is really in the sticks!”

    “Chloe, it’s a job and since your deadbeat dad won’t pay alimony, I can’t afford to house you anywhere else.”

    “But couldn’t you at least find something normal? Or maybe at a place that’s not in the middle of nowhere?”

    Chloe was deeply unhappy. Moving from one army base to the next was one thing, but at least, there used to be some towns close by. This new place was just endless swamplands. It was depressing to look at.

    “Look, I just need to do this, and when everything is done, I get a big bonus and we can buy a house in a normal place. It’s just half a year of this, and then, everything will be fine. You’ll see. Also, this Jack said he could maybe get the discharge overturned. You just gotta trust me.”

    “It’s still shitty to waste my life on this place.”

    Jack waited for her at the main building of the base. Amira had left Chloe to deal with the whole settling down business, to which the teenager had grumblingly agreed. Now it was time to hear the details of this whole project. Jack greeted her and then turned to present the base commander, Brigadier General Colleen Simmons. The officer was a rather plump-looking woman with a greying crew-cut, and she didn’t seem all too happy to see Amira. The sergeant major saluted:

    “Brigadier General, I am thankful to be here, ma’am!”

    “Welcome, Sergeant Major. Let’s hope you will perform better than at your previous post.”

    “Ma’am, I will do everything I can, ma’am!”

    “Jack, please take care of this. I find it very hard to accept this.”

    “Of course, ma’am. I’ll just take the sergeant major to the lab.”

    There was more saluting, then they were on the way. As they walked, Amira asked:

    “Okay, I’m here, we’re on our own, explain to me why you picked me.”

    “Well, it’s actually quite easy. We’re developing a special performance-enhancing drug to support our military personnel in the field. Our scientists have determined that you are the perfect cultivator for it.”

    “What does that mean?”

    “Your organism is able to absorb the initial drug and transform it into a product that can be used by anyone. At least, that’s the working theory. We’ll test it, and when it works out, we’ll use tissue taken from you to produce more of the stuff. But we need it to work on you.”

    “And what does it do?”

    “Think of it as a steroid. It should make you stronger, tougher, faster and quicker when reacting to threats.”

    “Wow. That actually sounds like useful research.” She smirked: “Any side-effects I should know of?”

    “That is what we’re going to find out. But rest assured, we have only the best medical care for you.”

    “Well then. Let’s just hope it’ll go well …”

    The scientist recorded her measurements in the computer.

    “Arms, 16”, chest, 37”, waist, 26”, hips, 39”, thighs, 23”, calves, 14”. Pretty buff, ma’am.”

    “Thank you.” Amina gave her an amused smile. She did enjoy working out a lot, and even though the trial had taken its toll on her, she hadn’t stopped to train. It helped take her mind off her troubles in a way.

    The scientist smiled:

    “Alright, now let’s get you your first dose.” She swabbed down Amira’s exposed butt and added: “It’s probably going to hurt a bit, but not for long …”

    The needle went in. Amira hissed as the pain got more intense. It burned pretty badly.

    “There you are. Now please eat these meals, and then it’s time to get you to train.”

    The sergeant major nodded and tried the food. Yuck. Compared to that stuff, a MRE was delicious! Well, that was the price to pay. As soon as she had downed it, the scientist told her:

    “Let’s get you hooked up, and then you can train.”

    A few minutes later, Amira found herself in a state-of-the-art gym, equipped with all the best machines and weights. She was impressed. She had no idea what kind of a giant person would even be able to use some of these. Still, once the various sensors had been stuck to her skin, she was ready to pump!

    She came home much later, feeling sore all over. Chloe was all grumbly. Apparently, she had cooked dinner as an offering of peace, and Amira had taken forever to show up. The food was cold and her mother was way too exhausted to eat much. Instead, she just dropped on the barely unwrapped couch and fell asleep. After a moment of being angry, Chloe just sighed, got her a blanket and tucked her in. This place was shitty, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t support her mom.

    She put the food in the fridge and hoped tomorrow would be better.

    Amira woke up the next day, and she felt incredible. She couldn’t explain it, but she was bristling with energy! She literally jumped to her feet and just out of pure enthusiasm, she dropped down and pumped out fifteen one-handed push-ups with each hand. She did them nice and slow, enjoying the tension, and it didn’t even feel that hard.

    Once that was done, she went on a quick run and did a five-minute-mile without breaking much of a sweat. As she returned, she was elated. If it was that drug that did it, then she wanted more of it!

    Happily, the scientists were eager to oblige. They had her sit down, and then carefully took her parameters, jotting down any changes. The lady scientist in charge of the project got very close to her and insisted on another round of measurements. Amira raised an eyebrow:

    “Are you sure that there will be some change already, Doc?”

    The woman in the white coat shrugged and smiled:

    “In science, it always pays to have more data.”

    “If you say so, Doc.”

    “But you’re looking fine like that. I think we can give you the next injection.”

    “And the next disgusting meal?”

    “Only the worst for you, Sergeant Major.”

    Half an hour later, Amira was hitting the gym, pumping out reps on her previous maximum. That was some sensation! She had never expected that drug to work so quickly … The scientist kept looking intensely at her eagerly recording all the various measurements the different instruments spat out. As Amira finished a particularly strenuous set on the chest fly machine, she shot the other woman a relieved smile. To her surprise, the scientist blushed up to her ears. Amira hesitated. Clearly, she was conveying something that she hadn’t planned to …

    She had to admit, though, that the power she was feeling was exciting. In two days, she had pushed her own maximum quite a bit forward, and she wondered just how far this drug would get her. She grunted as she forced the machine’s arms together again. Fuck! This was one fascinating sensation … She felt that she was getting hot quickly. Amira closed her eyes to focus. She couldn’t just orgasm right here, could she?

    The moment the whole measuring equipment was removed from her aching body, she stormed to the showers and locked them behind her. Then she disappeared into a stall and turned on the water to hide the noises. Her fingers sank downwards, rubbing touching her heavy, pumped chest, tracing her bulging abs, and then gently parting her lips. Just touching herself like this, the warm water flowing over her strong back … It was incredible. She rubbed herself eagerly, exploring her aching pussy. Amira had always felt good in her skin, but now, she was really enjoying this. She moaned loudly, then caught herself, hoping nobody heard that.

    When she came home, Chloe tried to immediately direct her to the dinner table, and Amira actually managed to last through parts of the meal before slumping over her dish and snoring loudly. Her daughter wasn’t sure of what to make of this. Normally, her mother was full of energy, and even when she came home from long, exhausting maneuvers, she would have the strength to at least pretend to be awake. Now her mother was snoring, producing little mumbles in her sleep.

    With a sigh, Chloe cleaned the table and moved her dozing mother to the couch, grunting with effort. Was it just her, or had Amira gotten heavier? She tried to hoist her on the sofa, but when that failed, she just let her sleep on the floor, just putting a pillow under her head and covering her with a blanket.

    A week later, Amira was back at the lab. The experiment was going perfectly and she was brimming with power. She had started her day with three twin sets of single-handed pullups, and she had managed to do them nice, slow and precisely. Then she had sprinted through her mile, not even bothering to fall into the usual quick trot. She had just powered through the whole distance, and when that hadn’t been enough, she had just hit the obstacle course, racing it with perfect ease. She really had to stop herself from going too fast for fear of launching herself into an area where she might get hurt.

    Now she was doing barbell curls, strapped up with all the wires and sensors the scientists loved. She was somehow curling 160 pounds, which was an absolutely outrageous mass. Whenever the weight moved up, her biceps tightened into a baseball-sized clump of brutal muscle and she groaned. These workouts were turning her on incredibly. She looked over at Margaret. The scientist had measured her beforehand, and feeling her soft fingers on her own hard skin was heavenly.

    She still heard those numbers as Margaret called them out:

    “Arms, 19”, chest, 41”, waist, 27”, hips, 43”, thighs, 27”, calves, 16”. You’re getting huge … Amira …”

    The blonde licked her lips, then swallowed. Amira’s sweaty body was bulging with muscle now, and she had just received a new set of clothes. She hadn’t put it on yet, and so, her tank top was clinging to her heavy, pumped muscles.

    At last, the training was over and Margaret wiped the sweat from the cables. Amira stretched, showing off her broad chest and massive lats.

    “I’m going to hit the showers …”

    “You do that. Yes …”

    “I’ve been having trouble washing my back lately … I think I might be getting a bit too big for that.”

    “Oh … That sounds … impractical.”

    “I wish I could get help …”

    “Uh …” The scientist hesitated, and looked after Amira as she walked to the showers.


    I’ll probably end up eventually doing all the Grimm’s fairy tales, so here’s another!

    A retelling of the classic tale everybody knows, but with a musclebound twist. In the depths of winter, as hunger sweeps the land, Greta sees no other choice than to leave her parents so they can survive. Happily, she discovers a gingerbread house in the woods … This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, breast expansion and height growth. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Get it here:

    The sample:
    Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a poor farmer who worked his hands to the bone to pay the taxes the duke requested. It hadn’t always been this way. The old duke had been a kind man who had lived a simple life, for a monarch, of course, but the young one was a proud and pompous man, who spent his serfs’ taxes on a lavish castle, on jewelry and on holding court with plenty of leeches. He was an avid hunter and forbade the peasants the use of the woods entirely, on account of them, as he put it, scaring the animals.

    He also loved to go to war, and took every little provocation as an opportunity to assemble his men and fight his neighbors. The priests told the serfs to pray for their lord’s victory, but more than one hand’s fingers were crossed behind their backs as they did so.

    Those were bad times, and hunger loomed over the duchy.

    The poor farmer knew that the coming winter would be difficult. He had married off his sons and daughters and had grown old with his wife. However, in her forty-fifth year, she gave birth to one more daughter. It was a time of woe for the family. The child was pale and sickly and they had little faith that she would survive the first months, but the girl prevailed.

    Greta, as she was christened, was a clever, yet weak child. She could do spinning and needlepoint, and she was rather good at it, but she lacked the strength and toughness to work the fields with her parents. Even as a young child, she could barely help harvesting the corn.

    Of course, the other farmers didn’t want her for their sons. Even if her parents were to die soon, the prospect of taking over the poor and unkempt farm and not having a wife able to work on it was daunting. Finally, the small and gangly girl was seen as too weak to ever bear any children.

    Then came the winter, and it was terrible. It was long and hard, and the cold seeped into the inside of the cottage, the farmer desperately using what firewood he could use to keep the kitchen warm. Greta had reached her eighteenth birthday now, and she was as weak as ever. The harvest had been bad and it was obvious that they wouldn’t last through the winter. There simply wasn’t enough food for three.

    One night, as her parents had gone to sleep on the oven, huddled together under their blankets, Greta took her decision. As they say, one can always find something better than death, and she took her amulet of St. Blaise, her cape and her coat and headed out into the darkness.

    Outside, the wind was blowing briskly and the snow was shining in the moonlight. She was shivering and as she walked into the woods to the main road, she understood that she had made a mistake. She turned around to go back to the cottage, but the path had disappeared in the snow drifts. She was beginning to despair when she suddenly spotted a light in the darkness. She strode through the snow, her thin legs shivering. She felt numb and cold and she was well aware that she had to reach the fire soon, or else, she would die.

    Just as the cold started to go away and she began to lose the sensation in her legs, she stumbled into a small clearing she had never seen before.

    In it, she saw a strange little cottage. Its walls were built of gingerbread, its roof was decorated with cake and its window panes were made of sugar. At first, Greta thought she was dreaming, but then, she decided to approach it. She could see a warm fire dancing in the house’s windows and so, she knocked on the door made of cookies.

    Just then, she remembered the tales of a witch in the woods her mother had told her, but what else should she do now?

    The door opened and the warmth made the ice on Greta’s cheeks melt. There was a very small, woman, wrapped in a thick shawl that ushered her inside without much talk. Greta complied and soon found herself sitting by the oven, the cold slowly leaving her body as she drank an infusion of rose hip and chamomile. The old woman was massaging life back into the girl’s feet and she asked:

    “What on Earth have you been doing outside in such a cold night, dear?”

    Greta hesitated, but then she said:

    “I ran away from home. My parents are running out of food and I hope they will get through the winter like that.”

    The old woman’s strong, thin hands continued their treatment, and she said:

    “That is very brave, my child. You did right.”

    “I did? I was afraid …”

    “Oh, to be afraid is fine, but one needs to conquer one’s fear.”

    The woman’s hands went up to Greta’s stick-thin calves. The girl sighed, the woman’s gnarled hands bringing her legs back to life.

    “I am sorry I am causing you trouble …”

    “No, no, you are welcome here. I am so alone in these woods … By the way, dear, are you hungry?”

    The girl wanted to shake her head, but she was interrupted by a mighty growl of her stomach. The old woman chuckled:

    “Ah, there’s no denying it. I will cook you something nice. We’ve got to get some meat on those bones, don’t we?”

    Greta nodded, relieved. The warmth of the oven was wonderful.

    “But Mother, how may I ever repay you?”

    “You don’t. Unless you would want to help me with the housekeeping? I am not as strong as I was before, and there is so much to do …”

    “Mother, I am sadly weak, but I will do my best to help you!”

    “Yes, yes, all in due time …”

    The old woman quickly prepared a thick broth and gave it to the girl. Great eagerly devoured the food and she decided that this was as close to heaven as one could get on this sad earth.

    As she finished, scraping the last bits from the stoneware, she asked:

    “But Mother, aren’t you eating some too?”

    The old woman smiled, her teeth shining in the light of the fire:

    “No, not yet, don’t worry. At my age, one’s not such a big eater …”

    Greta soon started working at the old woman’s house. There were many tasks to do, despite her weakness. She cooked and cleaned and scrubbed the pots and smaller cauldrons. She also sharpened the knives and spun and weaved with the old woman. The kitchen was well-equipped, much better than her mother’s had been, but there was one piece that fascinated her. In the back stood a gigantic cauldron, massive and heavy, and she wondered what kind of dish one could prepare in such a monster …

    Every day, the old woman would serve her a wonderful meal, and on Saturdays, there would even be two! Greta was fascinated. The old woman seemed to have an endless stash of delicious, strange plants in her cellar, as well as dried meat, cheese and all kinds of sweet treats. For Greta, these were wonderful days. The winter was still as cold as before, but in the gingerbread cottage, it was warm and wonderful. Life was good, and the young woman grew stronger every day.

    It took her a while to notice the changes, but one day, she saw her reflection in one of the window panes, and she almost didn’t recognize herself. Somehow, her face had lost its gaunt thinness. Instead, it looked cheerful and healthy, with rosy cheeks. Even her lips had gained some color, and her hair was full and strong now.

    Blushing, she turned a bit and looked at herself. She had noticed that her bodice had grown a bit tighter lately, and while she was still slim, she had somehow developed a chest that, well, could probably entice a young man to do a double-take. If anything, she was turning healthier and happier every day. The old woman watched her intently. She was clearly happy for her, and spent the evenings teaching her strange secrets. Also, whenever Greta felt a pang of hunger, the old woman would offer her some of the food. It was heavenly!

    As spring came, the old woman went into the forest with her and gathered herbs which she dried or used to brew strange potions. She grew plants which Greta had never seen before in the little garden behind the house, and somehow those were always plentiful.

    For Greta, these were wonderful weeks and months. She worked hard, yes, but she never thought that the old woman was pushing her too hard, making her wear her hands to the bone. Instead, the crone would feed her well and always charge her with tasks she felt she could fulfill. She would gather her strength slowly and it was as if her malnourished body was flowering. When the snows had thawed and the woods turned into morass, she would set out in thick woven galoshes to gather wood, mushrooms and certain early herbs. She never thought she would be able to do this with such an ease! Working the fields with her parents had been terribly exhausting, but now, she was taking big strides through the spring woods, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the whole forest was budding and growing after the long and grey winter.

    It was the same for her. On her first outings, she carried with her a knife to cut things free, stumbling through the mud. A while later, she was surprised to find herself bringing along a hatchet and to walk purposefully through the muck.

    During these days, Greta was sometimes in pain in her arms and legs and the old woman would chuckle and tell her:

    “Oh, my little one, you’re growing! It is only natural. Your body was so deprived of food when you came here, it held back on all those things that it deemed unnecessary. But now that you’re well-fed, it catches up.”

    “But Mother, why does it hurt so much?”

    “It’s your bones, girl. They stretch and they pull the rest of you along. Don’t worry. You’re getting taller, but you will get used to it. And soon, my dear, your body will fill that frame accordingly.”

    These words left Greta a bit nervous. The old woman was always friendly, though often stern and strict, but occasionally, she would give her this strange, almost lustful stare that confused the young girl.

    When the pain abated, she was impressed, though. As the May sun dried the forest floor, she found herself having grown a good three inches, now towering over the little woman. She had soon reached the height of five and a half feet and the old woman looked up to her with her strange smile. That was another strange thing: For someone living in a gingerbread house with sugar window panes, she certainly had the hardest teeth! The few times Greta saw the ancient woman eat, she would sink her teeth into dry bread, raw vegetables or dried meat, and she would easily tear it apart with strong bites. Her own mother’s life had left her mostly toothless, but this ancient woman was able to gnaw through the hardest foodstuffs with ease.

    Overall, it was impressive to witness just how strong the old woman was. She was tiny and wiry, but her muscles were honed by a lifetime of hard work. She would occasionally retreat to the nearby hills and once, Greta decided to follow her in secret. The place was strange. The smell of sulfur was eyewatering, and the old woman had done her best to keep her privacy, setting up skulls of all shapes, sizes and proveniences on stakes around the hill. The whole area had a grim, intimidating feeling about it.

    Greta had to harness all of her courage to follow the ancient woman further. The smell got worse and worse. The young woman had to crawl through the shrubs and thorns to pursue her hostess discreetly. When she reached a cleft in the hill, she saw the old woman down below, slipping out of the layers of clothes she covered herself with. Then she climbed into a hot spring that had formed in the cleft. Greta was quite shocked by what she saw. The ancient woman was rail-thin, but her pale bones were wrapped with slim, hard muscle. There was barely any fat on her body save for a swollen belly, her deflated breasts resting on it. The woman moaned as she sank into the water and looked up. Greta barely managed to slip out of sight, then headed home quickly. What she had just seen had shocked her. There was an impression she couldn’t shake … Had she seen some kind of shade in the darkness of the cleft? A man, perhaps? She was starting to feel a tad uncomfortable.


    A little psycho thriller … available in two versions, English and German.
    Also, this is my 200th release! I am amazingly proud! Thank you all for sticking around and reading my stuff!

    Regina lives in a secluded traditional community. One day, she sees a strange woman on the TV: A bodybuilder! Fascinated, she embarks on a strange journey of exploration and transformation …
    This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, breast expansion and identity theft. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    The English version is here:
    The German version is here:

    Here’s the English-language preview:

    “Dear Alexandra!
    My name’s Regina and I’m your biggest fan! It is super awkward for me to write, because I am really not in shape and you are a great bodybuilder, no, you’re the best bodybuilder ever! But I still wanted to write this to you, because I had to tell you. You are awesome! Your muscles are so big and hard … I know that it isn’t quite okay to tell other women that one likes them, but I just had to. When I think of your muscles, I feel all funny.
    My family would never understand. They are so strict! Ever since I saw you on TV, I could only think of you. My mother immediately switched the channel.
    Anyway, I’m writing because I think you are amazing and because you are my idol. If you have time, I’d be really glad for you to reply. But only if you have the time.

    “Dear Alexandra!
    Sadly, I didn’t receive your answer or you didn’t have time to write. That just happens. We don’t have other ways to contact you other than letters because my mother says that it is sinful. I get that, but happily, I have seen a picture of you in a newspaper. I just had to have this!
    I snuck out during mass for a moment and I bought the magazine. I took the money from the collection box. My mother takes the money I earn at the shop, so I can’t use that. I believe that the Lord will understand. As soon as I have some money of my own, I will return it. I pinky swear.
    Anyway, I hid the magazine under my dress and I could only take it out in the evening. It was a bit sweaty and rumpled, but that is still fine. Your pictures were gorgeous. You wear outfits that I would never dare put on!
    And your poses … yes, those are wonderful!
    Ah, how I wish I were like you!
    Still, I hope you will find the time to write. That would be marvelous! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and good luck!

    “Dear Alexandra!
    I’m starting to think that my mother is intercepting your letters. That would be really sad, because I would love to read them! Lately, she has been very strict with me, and I think that this is because she has found your letters. That was foolish of me. Please send them to the address enclosed instead.
    That’s the address of the shop where I work. We shouldn’t have a problem like this.
    Also, I have decided to follow your example. I have started to do these exercises in my bedroom when my parents and my sisters have gone to sleep. I have to be very quiet, and once, they almost caught me, but I’m going to manage! You will see, I’ll make some great progress and then, I will send you a picture. You’ll be so proud of me!
    I’m really excited about this.
    If you have any training advice for a beginner like me, that would be amazing. Please send them as soon as you can. Of course, only if you have the time. I understand if you’re busy.
    Best regards and lots of luck

    “Dear Alexandra!
    I’m afraid that my boss is in cahoots with my mother. He certainly told her of your letters and he stole them! This is so mean. For me, this is super hard, because I have to learn everything by myself. Sure, I have several of these fitness magazines and I have managed to assemble some equipment to train with. But of course, I don’t have the proper nutrition. This is going to be really difficult. I can’t just start to eat more, right?
    I do have an idea how to make this work anyway: My boss only checks the order lists superficially; he doesn’t care if there’s something that doesn’t belong. If I manage to be careful about it, I can order some of that protein powder, and he pays for it.
    So that would be that.
    Of course, that’s a sin, but … I think he will understand. I have checked his accounts, and when I look at what he pays for wares and what he sells them for … Let’s put it this way: I’m surprised he lives such a modest life. He wouldn’t have to.
    He’s probably just very pious. That’s important, after all, he is one of the three heads of our community, with my mother and the preacher!
    Anyway, this should work. I think, I’ll send you a picture of my progress soon.
    Best wishes, your devoted


    “Dear Alexandra!
    I did it! I actually managed to sneak out of our neighborhood and I went to the little picture booth. I took a photograph, but it was really disgusting. It smelled as if somebody got very sick. My older sister takes care of the older members of our community, and when she talks about it, this is what I think it smells like. There were a lot of strange people there. They looked all different, and they wore these bizarre outfits. The women too. Two of them talked to me all weirdly. They weren’t wearing anything! Just some strange boots and a suit that looks a bit like the one you’re wearing on your pictures. I would have liked to ask them about the suits, but … they laughed all weirdly.
    Of course, I was dressed differently then them. With my stockings, my long dress, my blouse and my headscarf, I looked very different from those sinners. No wonder they were confused.
    Anyway, I got into the booth and took pictures. Pictures! That alone is a sin. But I made it even worse. The first ones were just my face, but then I pulled down my dress and my blouse and I took some more pictures so you can see my progress!
    I did those exercises from the magazines for weeks, and now they’re getting really easy. They absolutely worked.
    You can see it a little.
    My arms became quite hard and my bosom is much tighter. And I have this six-pack that everybody is so excited about. I like it a lot. It’s funny to play with it. Of course, I can only do that at night when everybosy is asleep. I hope you like the pictures. You’re my inspiration, the best of the best. I wish I could be like you!
    Best regards

    “Dear Alexandra!
    Something terrible happened! I was so happy because of my success, I must have overdone it. Vanity is a sin. I know, I know. Tobias, my boss’ son, found out about the accounts and noticed my orders.
    I wanted to deny this, but I couldn’t. Because lying is a sin!
    I begged him not to tell my mother and his father. I even prostrated myself in front of him, which is also a thing you shouldn’t do.
    He just laughed and said that he would tell them if I did him a favor. I asked him what he wanted, and he told me.
    Then I told him that I couldn’t! That would be a sin! And besides, I’m not allowed to do that before marrying, and I am already promised. And not to him!
    He said that it wasn’t a problem, because he didn’t want in there anyway.
    I looked at him in confusion, and then he told me things I don’t even dare write them. Anyway, I did what he told me. It was … strange? He was very impressed by my … back side and he said he had never seen one like that. I was rather surprised how he even managed to see one, but I didn’t ask. Those are really strange times, I can’t just ask questions! No. He then did those things and he told me that it would be alright.
    I am mostly thankful, I have to say. He said it wasn’t sinful. I don’t believe him, but what should I do? Besides, I must admit that I … well … didn’t enjoy it, but I did find it … interesting.
    Dear Alexandra, I admire you and a I hope you are proud of what I’m doing for you. I just wish I would receive a letter from you.
    All the best

    “Dear Alexandra!
    I keep dreaming of you. Whenever I am sad, when my life isn’t making me happy, when my family or my boss are making me suffer, when Tobias wants to do these things with you, I try to put myself in your place. I hope you don’t mind. I still don’t receive any messages from you, but I think it is alright with you. At least I pray that it is.
    Oh, to be like you …
    This strength … and the willingness to wear such revealing clothes … Oh … Sadly, this is completely impossible for me. I struggle to hide my strength. When I’m cooking, I always ask my brothers or my father to open the preserves so they don’t notice it. I try to hide myself in general. Before all this, it was automatic, but now that I have to force myself, it feels wrong.
    I haven’t confessed these thoughts.
    Not to the priest. But to you. You, I trust.
    Thank you very much.
    Yours, Regina”

    “Dear Alexandra!
    Something very strange has happened. I was at the photograph bootn outside of our quarter. I wrote about it before. I have to confess that it was my vanity that drove me, and it got me in trouble. Of course.
    This is what happened:
    I got into the booth and took my pictures, some of my face, and then, I took off the blouse and the dress. I made one of these pieces of clothing from some leftover fabric, I don’t know what it is called. It’s just two triangles on strings. It’s worn over the bosom. You certainly know what it is called. In our community, we only wear undershirts under the blouses.
    Anyway, I fumbled with it and then took the pictures. I even tensed them a bit so you can see them well. I think they’re quite nice …
    Tobias only ever looks at my posterior, but he still adores it. It is rather large and taut now. The rest of my body has also grown.
    And this was the problem. When I tried to put on my blouse again, it got ripped! I was stuck in that booth without my sewing set!
    I couldn’t go out, I was trapped. I couldn’t call for help either. That would have been even worse.
    So here I was, and I was unable to figure out what to do. If I wasn’t home soon, my family would wonder where I had gone, and then, they would figure it all out! That was unthinkable. I couldn’t run around naked either, could I? I sat in the booth for a few minutes, completely helpless. Then one of the two women I mentioned earlier came over and asked how I was doing. I was rather surprised. She had been so dismissive before! I said nothing tried to be silent, but she kept asking, and then she just peeked inside!
    I just wanted to disappear. The shame! The woman was rather surprised, though, and she asked me what was going on. It was such a bizarre situation. She also had such a strange bosom as you do. All round and full … Mine are all tiny and look like little bags. I still couldn’t say a thing, but she told me she wanted to help me.
    Then she said that I was ‘pretty fit’. And that I had ‘one heck of a back’. She didn’t say ‘heck’. And a sixpack. She was impressed. I was quite proud in that moment, and it was also terribly embarrassing. It was sin, sin, sin!
    However, the strange woman understood what the problem was, and she left. She came back with a sewing kit. She watched me as I patched up the blouse and nodded admiringly. Then she gave me my photographs and told me to let her know if I ever looked for work.
    What kind of work might she do?
    I left quickly. Now I’m safely back home, and I hope you like the photographs. I still have a long way to go, but I think we are getting closer …
    Best wishes


    Butch x Bimbo – Issue 7
    I finally managed to set this up. Here’s part seven of our project.
    If you feel like supporting us, why not download it and enjoy the story in one big chunk?

    Get it here:


    For all the fans of power draining and muscle and height theft, this is the perfect story!

    Ill-Gotten Gains
    Simon has been working hard to build his body, and he has put a lot of effort into his relationship with Ariane. Sadly, she is less enthusiastic about it and mostly ignores him. Until she realizes she can take his hard-earned muscles … This erotic fiction contains power draining, height theft, height growth, female muscle growth and breast expansion. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Get it here!

    And here’s a preview:

    Simon climbed the stairs slowly, his legs feeling a little wobbly. He had recently replaced his previous cycling cardio with rope-skipping, and after a few initial problems, he had become accustomed to it. It was somewhat enjoyable, and he definitely felt like a fighter as the rope whizzed by. Overall, he could be proud! He was a hard gainer, but that didn’t let it stop him. Instead, he stuck to it, getting up early every morning to pump iron, then get to work, and do the cardio in the afternoon. With the nutrition, supplements and massages, he was putting in a lot of effort and money, but after three years, he could say he had earned it all.
    He had to stop. His legs were shaking. He grinned. Totally worth it!
    Seriously, earning it was his gig. He had built up his own body just as he had honed his skills, and he was getting good money as a systems administrator for one of the more intelligent social media companies. Overall, things were looking up. He couldn’t help noticing that the ladies at the company let their looks linger on him lately. That seriously boosted his confidence. He slowly started to accept that he might actually be good-looking.
    All in all, Simon could be happy. He had it all: Good job, fit body, his own apartment, and a cute girlfriend. If only Ariane were a bit more, well, focused. She had her moments, but she seriously lacked his dedication. Then again, she liked him, she was around, and she was a good fuck. What else could he ask for?
    He reached the top of the stairs after the break and checked his looks once more. He really wanted to make sure she liked what she saw. Hair was looking good, clothes were nice, he got that!
    Simon opened the door and he heard Ariane ask:
    “Are you here?”
    He immediately answered:
    “I’m here, yes! How was your day?”
    “Yeah, fuck that shit!”
    He walked into the living room and found Ariane at her usual place at the computer, sitting on his gaming chair. In a way, it had become her chair lately, since she used it pretty much all the time. She had recently taken up streaming, and the success was moderate. Not that she was bad at the game she was playing, no, that was mostly fine, at least as far as Simon could tell.
    It was more a problem with her constantly getting into fights with internet people. He suspected that they liked to bait her too. In a way, that was her claim to fame: She had had a rather loud and intense meltdown that had trended for a few precious moments as people amused themselves over her expletives-laden rant. Since then, she had tried to reproduce that effect, but the novelty had worn off as quickly as it had come.
    Most of all, though it meant that she just hadn’t heard him.
    He looked at her, focusing on her so she would notice him. She was cute, so much was true. At 5’2”, she was, as she put it, fun-sized, and she had a slim body, which she managed to maintain without any effort. She could literally devour a portion fit for a big dude like him, and it just disappeared. It was even stranger since she didn’t exercise or even move all that much.
    Some people had the strangest luck.
    She had recently cut off her long, rather stringy hair and paid a professional stylist a lot of Simon’s money to get a high-maintenance pixie cut, but he had to admit, it was a very good look on her. Seriously, Ariane might be superficial and lacking focus, but for an authentic nerdy gamer girl, she was amazing!
    Finally, she noticed him and smiled:
    “Simon, you’re back! I’m right in the middle of this …”
    “Yeah, no problem.”
    That wasn’t entirely true. He really would have liked to have her full attention.
    And then, he got it.

    “Guys, this is my dude Simon. Say hello, Simon.”
    “Hello. How are you doing?”
    She turned to him:
    “Seriously? ‘How are you doing?’ What do you think this is? Old people TV?”
    “Uh …”
    “Whatever. Simon here is my cute boy, and he’s really tired, you know?”
    Simon wasn’t all that happy with being online right now. He whispered:
    “Could we just take a break? I’m really tired and I would love to relax a bit …”
    She looked at the camera and answered a question:
    “Yeah, he’s been training for three years now, haven’t you?” Simon nodded. “I think he’s still pretty scrawny. Also, he’s a bit on the short size. But 5’7” is okay, I guess. When you’re a cute little girl like me, there’s no sense in having such a big, hunky dude, right? Though I gotta admit that it would be nice to have a dude to really look up to … Maybe with some real muscles?”
    That stung. Simon frowned at her. He tried to hold back, but then, it slipped out:
    “Maybe you should try working out, once in a while. Then you’ll see how much work this is!”
    She was still wearing her headphones, and she spat:
    “Yeah, how about you getting off your sorry ass and start working out yourself, fatso!”
    Simon shook his head. This was pointless. He was too tired, and having a three-way conversation with one party not even being audible, he put up one hand:
    “Okay, I’m heading for the couch. Join me there, will you?”
    She made “yeah, yeah” noises and returned to her game.

    A little later, as he was relaxing on the sofa, she came to him:
    “What was that?”
    Ariane seemed quite annoyed.
    “What was what?”
    Somehow, Simon was more tired now than before.
    “You criticizing me live while I’m streaming?”
    “I wasn’t criticizing you. I just said that it would be nice to do this.”
    “Seriously? Are you saying I’m out of shape? Are you saying I’m ugly?”
    “No, no, darling. I … I just thought you could enjoy it with me? I mean, it takes a moment to get used to, but once it becomes routine, it’s …”
    She cut him off.
    “And get all sweaty and sticky? Bleargh.”
    Simon lifted an eyebrow:
    “May I remind you of the sweaty stuff you enjoyed?”
    “Okay, okay, but that’s different! When we fuck, that’s fun! Working out … that’s just boring! You always do the same thing, and then you feel sore! Where’s the point in that?”
    He shrugged his buff shoulders:
    “I look better, I feel better, it’s nice? Seriously, you remember what I looked like before. Isn’t it better now?”
    She sighed:
    “Yeah … Okay, I get what you’re saying … Still, that’s pretty boring and sweaty and it takes forever! I don’t have the discipline for that! Either I get it quick, or I don’t need it!”
    He grinned:
    “Sorry, Ariane, but there really is no short cut …”
    She got herself a soft drink and asked:
    “Want one too?”
    He nodded and she plopped herself down on the sofa next to him, handing him the can. He opened it and took a sip.
    She put a hand on his thigh. It was pretty buff. Then she rested her head on his lap and looked up.
    “Your face looks funny like that.”
    “You look funny like that.”
    “Whatever, Simon.” She took another sip. “You sure got big tits.”
    “Those are pecs, Ariane.”
    “Look like tits to me.”
    “Oh, come on!”
    She giggled.
    “Seriously, your chest is bigger than mine! If I had one like that, I wouldn’t have any problem getting the views on my stream.”
    He sighed. Okay, the idea of her having a bigger chest, with bigger breasts … That had a certain appeal.
    “I would like that …”
    She grinned and ran her hand over his chest.
    “I can see why …”
    She felt his cock poking against the back of her head. As she looked at him, she suddenly felt a weird tension in her chest. Not in the middle, but at the sides? It was very confusing. What was happening? The sensation faded after a moment. It had been quite pleasurable, though.
    She wondered what it was.
    Ariane chuckled:
    “I mean, seriously … I recently saw a dude do that pec thing …”
    “Pec thing?”
    “When you bounce them? Can you do that?”
    He blushed. He had to admit that he had learned how to do it a while ago. It had been a personal challenge to him, and he had practiced in front of the mirror. He didn’t want to show off, but …
    Simon flexed one pec, then the other. Then back to the first. Then both. It was fun, but also embarrassing. Also, he wasn’t sure, but he felt as if it had become a bit more difficult. Maybe that was just because he was tired …
    She grinned:
    “Okay, that’s cool! I … wait, let me try …” Ariane focused, and then, her left boob jumped. She raised an eyebrow. “Where did that come from?”
    Simon looked pleased:
    “I don’t know, but I liked it! Do it again!”
    She chuckled:
    “Okay … Wait … Let me find the spot, and …”
    It jumped again. Then she did the right one. Then the left one again. Then both. She sat up.
    “Whoo! Left … right … left … right … both and … wave!”
    Her breasts jiggled. She looked at him. The young man was clearly amazed. His eyes were shining with lust and his cock was getting quite hard in his pants. She licked her lips.
    “This is fun! Do it in time with me!”
    He blushed a bit, but then he sat up straight next to her and wanted to start, but she cut him off:
    “Let me count in. Ready … On count of three. One, two, three!”
    He did a right flex and she did a left one.
    “What are you doing?”
    “I’m not doing anything!”
    “No, you started with the wrong side!”
    She poked his right pec.
    “Sorry …”
    He was all sheepish.
    “Now do it right!”
    She got back in position and said:
    “One, two, three!”
    She flexed her left pec, and it felt perfectly natural and relaxed. She glanced over to him and noticed that Simon’s pec wasn’t moving as smoothly as before. She lifted an eyebrow:
    “What was that? That was pathetic!”
    “Hey! Stop it.”
    “Yeah, yeah, but … where’s the bounce?”
    “It’s right there!” Simon tried to flex his pec, but it responded much slower and less intensely than before. He groaned, refocused and tried again. It took him a bit of effort, but then it worked. He was a little confused. Had he overdone it at the gym? But today had been leg day …
    He looked at Ariane, and she was merrily bouncing along as if she had never done anything else in her life. Was it just him, or was she getting the hang of it? Her breasts were jumping up and down now, and she appeared to be having perfect control over them. She noticed his curiosity and grinned:
    “This is how it’s supposed to look.”
    “Wow … You’re a quick learner …”
    “I am!” She did another set of bounces, the she got up. “It definitely is a good workout!”
    Ariane ran her fingers over the top of her pecs and grinned.
    “Is it just me, or did they just get bigger?”
    “I … I don’t know? How would that work?”
    “I don’t know, but I like it!”
    She traced them and said:
    “I think you can really see the top of the muscles now …”
    “Come on, Ariane, that’s impossible!”
    She grinned cheekily:
    “Maybe I’m an easy gainer?” She gave her breasts another bounce, then did a wavy motion, letting her newly developed pecs move under her skin. “That’s amazing! I love it! My watchers are going to adore this …” She looked down on him. “Got any other tricks I could learn?”
    “Learn? I mean … I don’t even know where you got that from …”
    “From you, I guess? Must be a thing, right?”
    Simon hesitated. Out of a weird idea, he flexed his own pectorals again. They felt … off? As if the tension in them was gone. What did it mean?
    He looked at Ariane, who was clearly eager for more. She called on him:
    “Come on, show me another trick!”
    He scratched his head. Her newfound enthusiasm was a bit intimidating.
    “Maybe … you could try the ab roll? People like to do that, and it feels funny?”
    “I’m all for it. If you can do it, it won’t be difficult!”
    “Simon, I don’t want to be insulting, but you practiced that pec bounce stuff for weeks, and I figured it out in five minutes, tops? I guess that makes me a natural. Show me the ab roll!”


    It’s time for a spinach-based story!

    The Bar

    An innocent little outing at a bar turns into a catastrophic catfight when Debbie, the local queen bee, feels the need to seduce Philip. His girl, Sandra, won’t have any of it. Spinach-powered chaos ensues! This erotic fiction contains spinach-fueled female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion, clothes ripping, height growth and fighting. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Get it here!

    And here’s a preview:

    “Okay, Sandra, this might just be stretching it …”
    “What do you mean, Philip? The place is a little rough, but I’m sure we can have a good time here.”
    The young man was a bit nervous. He was a preppy looking young man, with short chestnut hair and a polo shirt, looking straight out of college and maybe a little inexperienced. Sandra, his girlfriend, was channeling a kind of Marylin Monroe-vibe in her white dress with its three well-placed buttons, though she was way skinnier than the famous bombshell. She was rather slender, with long, slim limbs and her blond hair was tied into a pony tail. Overall, she had this aura of innocence that fit well to her boyfriend’s style, even though Philip had found out that she could sometimes let shine through some more … adventurous tendencies. He didn’t mind, though. The spice was welcome and it certainly made things more interesting.
    This time, though, he was a little hesitant. This place looked really … dive-y?
    “Are you sure about this place?”
    “Yeah! You’ll see, it will be fun. Besides, I can show you my pool tricks.”
    “Wait, you know pool tricks?”
    “Okay, I know one pool trick. But I’ll show you. Come on, it will be fun.”
    “Whatever you say, Sandra.”

    They walked inside. The music was this strange Country/Western/Classic Rock mixture. Not bad, just … old-fashioned. The patrons looked at them, rather surprised by this entrance. Most of them were heavy-set dudes who worked hard jobs and just wanted to drink their beers quietly. In the back, a few of them were indeed playing pool, and there was a dart board too. The décor included plenty of pennants of the local sports teams and a few autographed posters and jerseys. Some vintage posters added to the overall impression of being lived in.
    The regulars took some time trying to decide whether those newcomers actually were in any way annoying, but as the young couple got on bar stools and ordered a glass of beer each, they decided that this was going to be okay. However, one woman kept staring at them intensely. She was quite tall and very fit, with a rather impressive biceps for a woman and some obviously strong thighs that hiked up her Daisy Dukes. Adding to this, she also sported a set of shockingly perky, round breasts that were mashed together under a short-sleeved plaid shirt. Her auburn hair was cascading down her back in long, thick tresses and she licked her full, soft lips.
    The beardy dude next to Philip whispered:
    “Ooh boy, you’re in trouble.”
    “I am? What’s going on?”
    “That there is Debbie Anderson. She’s … kind of a man-eater.”
    “Oh. Wow.”
    “Yeah, we call her DD-Debbie.”
    “I can see why.”
    “Just wanted to warn you. You’re about to get into trouble.”
    A snap of a finger drew Philip’s attention around and he stared right into Debbie’s cleavage. Those tits were all proud, full and milky, and they did make his heart jump a bit.
    “Hey, handsome … How nice to have you here!”
    She set an arm on his shoulder and slowly moved it downwards. A shiver of delight went down the young man’s back, somehow instantly making his cock stir. Oh lord, this woman was so intense, and she had barely said a word …
    “Uh. Hello.”
    She leaned in a bit closer, giving him an even better view of her cleavage, while also bringing those deep red lips into view. She licked them and said:
    “My name’s Debbie. And you are?”
    “Philip, ma’am.”
    “Ma’am? Wow … You’re so cute! A real gentleman. We get those rarely around here. I’m just glad you are here …”
    Sandra was staring at her. She was completely overwhelmed by what was happening in front of her. It took her a moment to recover her cool. What was going on? How could any person not see they were together? And why was Philip turning into a salivating idiot without warning? She lowered her eyes and saw the growing tent of his pants.
    This was not acceptable.
    “Hey, Debbie, how about you leave my man alone? We’re trying to enjoy our beers and I don’t need a homewrecker to ruin my day.”
    Her tone was a bit on the angry side, but she tried to still keep it civil. If this woman just backed off, everything would be fine. Sandra was clutching her handbag, and the blood was pumping hard in her chest. This was quickly turning into a very bad situation.
    Debbie didn’t seem to be impressed. Indeed, she completely ignored the girl.
    “Say, Philip, would you like to help me? I’ve been feeling a bit sore lately, and I heard that gentlemen can be a real help there …”
    Stupidly, the young man tried to stay all businesslike. He knew he should probably have just turned away and stayed with Sandra, but the woman’s straightforwardness and her sexy looks made it very hard for him to even think that far. Instead, he mumbled:
    “I could … Where are you sore?”
    “Oh, here …” She turned around, trusting her round, taut ass in his direction, then leaned against him, pointing to her shoulders. “I could really stand a massage …”
    She slipped one hand back, brushing against Philip’s thigh and …
    Sandra had enough of this.
    She caught the woman’s hand and held it.
    “Stop this.”
    “Shouldn’t this be Philip’s choice? You know people can decide who they want to be with?”
    Sandra forced Debbie’s hand a little further away, and the redhead laughed:
    “Wow! This is so cute! You’re almost strong, you know?” She grinned and declared: “Okay, little lady, I can see that you are upset, and that you don’t mind to touch, so how about we settle this now.”
    Debbie sat on Philip’s lap, wiggling her butt to really make the young man all hard, then she grabbed Sandra’s hand and brought it in an arm-wrestling position.
    “Here it is: We’re gonna do this the way problems are cleared around here. Best of three!”
    “Wha …”
    Before Sandra could say a thing, Debbie pushed and slammed her hand against the counter. The bang was loud enough to stir the other patrons. Sandra felt the urge to cry in pain, but held it back as good as she could. The only thing she produced was a small yelp.
    She stared at Debbie in shock, but the buxom woman didn’t even care much and caressed Philip’s stunned face.
    “That’s one-nothing, skinny girl.”
    Sandra glared at her, extricated her fingers from Debbie’s grip and glared at her as she stood up. Then she ran to the bathroom in tears.
    Philip wanted to say something, but the redhead on his lap just kissed his cheek and rubbed her big breast against his chest. He was completely enthralled.

    Sandra slammed the door behind her and locked it. She was hyperventilating, her chest swelling with every breath. Her mind was spinning as revenge fantasies roared through her mind. Should she really do it? She hadn’t used it for so many years! What if it had turned bad? What if she lost control? How would she explain this?
    She leaned against the door, then took her purse. Screw this. She was not going to tolerate this. Never.
    She pulled out a can from the purse and carefully tugged on the pull tab. The last thing she needed was to tear it off now.
    Then she reached inside with pointy fingers, taking a pinch of spinach leaves. It still looked okay as far as she could tell. The smell was fine too. Bah. It would work.
    Down the hatch!
    She munched on it, then swallowed.
    Sandra took a deep breath and felt the power wash over her. In a moment, the pain in her hand and arm was gone. She stared at the bathroom mirror, and already saw her muscles tighten and grow. Wow. It was as amazing as the last time, all those years ago.
    All over, her muscles grew harder and bigger. Her legs swelled. Her quads visibly grew, their individual heads becoming easily visible under her skin. She could feel more and more power pump into them, lifting her up and making her feel light as a feather. Her calves followed suit, reshaping her legs into an athlete’s, while still retaining their elegance. At the same time, her hamstrings grew, filling out her legs fully.
    Her glutes lifted the skirt up a bit, still keeping her decent, but definitely having something to show now. She turned around, admiring her behind in the small bathroom mirror. Each butt-cheek was visible through the fabric, and as she watched, the “cleavage” became only more visible. She wasn’t just getting stronger, she definitely felt sexier too. It wasn’t as if she didn’t trust Philip, but even if he fell under that floozy’s spell, she was pretty certain she could win him back easily with just a wiggle of those wonderful cheeks. Just to feel it, she gave them a flex, hiking her skirt up even further.
    She looked more and more like a professional sprinter, or really like a speed skater, but without any asymmetry or pointless bulk. Then again, her upper body was still as slim as before. That was about to change, though.
    She could feel her abs emerge and turn into hard blocks of muscle under her dress. The fabric was getting a bit tight now as her midsection morphed into a cobblestone matrix. She sighed happily as her newly buff core built up, her waist staying as slim as before, but now so hard that it would give any martial artist second thoughts. She smiled happily. She loved this part! With every breath, her strength grew and her control of her rippling abs improved. She flexed and unflexed them making the dress creak as she put some strain on it.
    The transformation spread further, reaching her upper body.
    Her dress grew tighter as her muscles swelled, her chest growing visibly, the pecs filling out her cleavage. It was an astonishing sensation. Of course, it was feeling cozy around her chest like that, since the dress was, while not super-tight, still cut for a woman with a normal figure, not some kind of uber-sexy amazon! She didn’t mind the constriction, though. Just watching her pecs grow and feather was wonderful! Sandra pulled her shoulders back a bit to let her pecs tense and flex. The transformation was turning her on!
    Meanwhile her breasts pumped up to become round and full. Sandra could feel the engorged nipples rub against the fabric of her bra, and now, she realized that she probably should have prepared for this growth!
    She wanted to open the button, but she was too slow and it popped off with a little snap, bouncing around and landing in the sink. She giggled. She would have to sew it back on once this was finished. The spinach amazon extended a hand to fish it out of the sink, but noticed just how amazing her arms were developing at the same time.
    Her shoulders had rounded out already, transforming into hard, powerful spheres of tight muscle. She could sense the energy they contained. She was happy to see that her silhouette was as feminine as ever, only now, she was much more a Norse Valkyrie or a Greek heroine than some kind of bodybuilder. She stretched, the dress groaning some more, and admired her arms.
    With a happy grin, she saw her biceps build up into a hill of muscle. She did her best to relax them so as not to overstrain the fabric of her sleeves. She did hear the seams creak, though. The ball of muscle felt incredibly tight, as if it packed the energy of her anger. She nodded to herself. This homewrecker would end up regretting her challenge!
    At last, the growth subsided. She admired herself in the mirror. She had turned into a veritable little powerhouse, and she felt wonderfully strong!
    “This is even more potent than I remember! I love it!”

    With another happy flex, she folded the can’s lid back down, closing it up again. Then she tossed it to her bag. She didn’t notice that she missed it, the can rolling away into the dark of the bathroom. Regardless, Sandra returned to the main room after fixing her makeup.
    As she emerged from the bathroom, the regulars stared at her. The barwoman’s jaw slackened, while Philip gasped, overwhelmed by his girlfriend’s beauty and intensity.
    “Wow …”
    People drooled into their beers as she walked back to the bar, her muscle-packed hips swinging, her deep cleavage on full display. Normally, Sandra preferred not to draw too much attention to herself, but now, it was on! She was going to make that bitch pay.
    Debbie struggled to understand what she was seeing. She was trying to figure out how this was even possible. How could someone grow this big and muscular in a matter of moments?
    What was worse, though, was that this mighty woman was obviously pissed at her. A dumbfounded Debbie lifted her arm as Sandra made the sign for her to get ready, and set it on the bar. Without a moment’s hesitation, Sandra grabbed the bitch’s arm and fixed her. The redhead instinctively held against her, but the challenger’s hand wouldn’t budge, not an inch. She strained, her face turning a deep red, even more than her hair. She gritted her teeth.
    “Fff …”
    Sandra didn’t seem to be in the slightest inconvenienced by this. Indeed, her biceps was only slowly tensing more, straining the fabric of her sleeve just a little more. Debbie’s face was a mask of panic.
    “What is going on?”
    The muscular young woman chuckled and started playing with her a bit, relaxing her muscles just a little to fool Debbie into having some sort of chance, but then immediately flexing up again, righting their arms once more.
    As she did this, however, her muscle burst through her sleeve with a crack. Debbie stared at the fist-sized mass that emerged.
    “How are you doing this?”
    There was a hint of panic in the redhead’s voice now. Sandra’s grin turned quite wicked, and she released her full power. She slammed Debbie’s arm on the zinc bar with a bang. The bottles and glasses jumped and clinked. Some of the patrons turned to them, shocked by what had just happened.
    Debbie stared at her pinned hand, questioning her sanity. She even tried to push it back in position, but she might just as well have tried to lift a car like that. Her hand twitched and she struggled, but there was no way she could even move it.
    Sandra chuckled:
    “I guess we’re even now.”
    “Uh … uh … What the hell just happened?”
    “You lost, bitch.”
    With a further tense of her muscles, she whipped the whole Debbie out of Philip’s lap, sending her flying and landing her on her butt. She slid along for a bit, the power of the swing carrying her along.
    Sandra laughed, standing above her tormentress, all proud and happy of her victory. She raised her other arm and flexed it too into a mighty double biceps pose. The tension was enough to overwhelm the fabric of her other sleeve, and it came apart with a loud crack, her other biceps emerging, hard and strong.
    The gasps of her audience made it very clear that she had made her point.
    She inhaled deeply now and caused her breasts to swell. It wasn’t just the usual spreading of her chest, though. To the watchers’ delight, her tits actually seemed to get bigger. One more deep breath, and the second button of her dress gave way, shooting off her bust and hitting Debbie right on the forehead.
    Her yelp was ignored since Sandra’s bra came apart at the same time, collapsing under her dress. Sandra didn’t mind. Instead, she pulled it out and tossed it at Debbie. The garment landed on the redhead’s face. Sandra laughed some more. The shadows of her nipples were somewhat visible under the white dress’ fabric, but for now, she really didn’t care.
    She turned back to Philip, kissing him squarely on the mouth.

    Debbie stared at this, the bra dropping into her lap. She was shocked. What just happened? How was this even possible? How could anybody change like this in a matter of moments?
    She expected the other regulars to say something or come to her aid, but they all ignored her. She felt a wave of frustration wash over her and slunk off into the bathroom. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing her at her weakest.
    Locking the door behind her, she splashed some cool water at her face, trying to clear her mind. She pinched herself. This wasn’t a dream, right? This was somehow happening for real.
    It didn’t make sense, but …
    If it was real, there had to be some kind of rational explanation, right? People didn’t just sprout random muscles like that. No. And even if they did, they absolutely couldn’t just make their breasts grow like this.
    Something must have happened in here in the few moments that girl had been in there.
    She looked around. Maybe there was some kind of a trace of it. Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of one of the buttons from Sandra’s dress.
    She got on all fours carefully and looked around on the floor of the room. It was clean, that was one of the advantages of a bar most of whose regulars were men.
    Then she spotted the can of spinach.
    “What have we here …”


    Sometimes, stories get an unexpected sequel. So, here’s the continuation of “The One Thing”, which you can find here:

    One More Thing
    We’re revisting Bill and Chelsea from “The One Thing”, and now, it is time for her to make their common dream a reality. She will gain the muscle they both crave and their fantasy will be realized …
    This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth and breast expansion. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Read it here:

    And here’s a preview!

    Chelsea awoke slowly. She groaned. Then she looked around. That wasn’t the hotel room … She was back home, in bed.
    Oh no …
    She sat up, her back rebelling. Why did this have to be so hard? Why did it have to hurt? She must have twisted something as she dreamed. To her frustration, she felt her saggy breasts, well, her saggy everything flop down. She looked down at herself, the bulging rolls of fat that formed her midsection, the elongated, stretched breasts resting on her belly.
    She rubbed her temples. There had been this wonderful dream, this perfect vision …
    And it was gone. Disappeared. Fading into nothingness. She was back to being old and disgusting. Carefully, she crawled out of the bed and groaned as her back grumbled back into position. What a night … She wondered where that had come from …
    Okay, to be honest, it had been quite enjoyable. Normally, Chelsea didn’t remember her dreams, or just some strange fragments that then floated around her mind for the next few days. This one was still there, clear as day.
    She sighed. Wow. Wow. Just thinking of it was both disturbing and comforting.
    Chelsea walked to the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. Everything was back to normal. She blinked, hoping to summon back the body of her dream. Nothing. Of course.
    The weird thing about this dream was that she never wanted to do any bodybuilding. Of course not. That was for perverts and freaks. The most she had done was some sports in high school, and even then, it had been more of a chore than a pleasure.
    Now, on the other hand, it was somewhat enticing. Of course, it was completely illusory. She didn’t have time for that. And she certainly lacked both the motivation and the discipline.
    But there was this little voice in the back of her head that whispered: “You liked that …”
    She shook her head to clear it. Time to get ready for the day. There was a lot to do, and she certainly had no time for daydreams, especially not for disgusting, crazy ones like this one!

    At work, it only got worse. The dream was haunting her, and whenever she passed a reflective surface, she’d check whether somehow, her body had returned to its incredible state. Usually, she would be caught by another employee or even worse, her boss, and snapped back to reality. It was even worse than being caught daydreaming. After all, how dare she inspect her reflection? Wasn’t she aware that she was disgusting?
    It was humiliating.
    She hurried back to her spot and dove back into her files. There was so much to do, and yet, her mind kept drifting back to her bizarre fantasy. She gave in eventually and hurried to the bathroom, locking herself into a stall. She looked up some bodybuilders and stared at their strange, mutated bodies. It was just so odd … It was fascinating, though. Even if she couldn’t really “get” what Bill was seeing in them, she liked the confidence. The cockiness. The decision to transform oneself into one’s dream …
    She groaned.
    Was she really going to do this? It was so stupid! There really was no point to it, right?
    She took out her phone and wrote to Bill:
    “Are you okay?”
    There was a pause, then she got his answer.
    “I am. I just had a bit of trouble getting out of bed today. Weird dream.”
    “Weird dream?”
    “Hot dream?”
    “Incredibly hot.”
    “Whoa …”
    For a moment, they both thought about what was just happening. It couldn’t be … This was all too strange. Then she saw his reply:
    “You too?”
    “Uh-huh. Was I in your dream?”
    “Yeah. Me too?”
    “Yes. So much.”
    “I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know what happened. I mean, I know what happened in the dream, and I’m getting horny thinking about it … I just can’t explain that you …”
    “Me neither. But it’s making me hot.”
    “Yeah. We gotta talk. Would you come to my place after work?”
    The answer came so quickly, Chelsea wondered how he had typed it so fast:
    “Yes! I’ll bring pizza!”
    “Alright! I can’t wait!”
    She wanted to add something, but then, she heard her boss outside of the bathrooms:
    “Anybody seen Chelsea?”
    She wrote:
    “I gotta get back to work. Sorry! But I’m really excited!”
    “Me too! See you later!”
    She managed to duck back to her place, evading her boss’ search. When he found her a bit later, she was all smiles and acted surprised that he didn’t see her. Confused, the man walked away. She giggled to herself at this wonderful deception, then got nervous because of tonight. What if this was all just a misunderstanding?

    She came home a bit later than expected and found him standing at the door, pizza cartons in hand. There was also a bag of soft drinks and to top it all off, a salad. He grinned and made movements to make her come over faster:
    “They’re hot!”
    “Oops. Sorry. I forgot that you had no keys.”
    “Don’t worry, just let me in. Please! Or take the cartons.”
    “I’m working as fast as I can! I just got held up at the office.”
    “Yes, yes, no worries.”
    She let him in and he sprinted through the apartment to set the cartons on the kitchen table.
    “Oof. Now … How about we eat and relax, and then, we talk about the elephant in the room?”
    “That sounds like a good idea. We could also watch a movie?”
    Bill hesitated. He wanted to talk about their dream, but … it was incredibly awkward at the same time.
    “Alright … Pick something nice.”
    “Will do.”
    A little later, they were sitting on the couch, enjoying the pizza and watching some inane comedy. Having the characters fill the voids in their thoughts was a very good idea. However, after a bit, the movie was over, the pizza was eaten and the salad was still sitting there, threateningly.
    It was time to talk.
    She took a deep breath. In a way, she had to be the brave one. After all, that was her thing, right? She put the boxes away, carefully ignoring the salad, and sat down next to him. He put his hand on hers and looked at her nervously. She smiled and then managed to say:
    “It was a dream … And I was in it with you.” He nodded. “And I was a bodybuilder.” He agreed again. “And you had it too?” He swallowed, then replied:
    “It was the hottest thing ever.”
    “I know.”
    “You liked it too?”
    “Liked it? I was … it was … fuck. I never felt anything like it!”
    “Mhm. I … I can’t say where that came from, or how that even worked.”
    “Twilight Zone?”
    “Maybe? But in a good way.”
    He grinned:
    “It still makes me horny, you know?”
    “Me too. We could leave the lights off and try to imagine …”
    “Yeah …”
    She noticed he was already getting hard. She too was feeling a wonderful tension within her. Clumsily, she got up and asked:
    He nodded eagerly and followed her. Moments later, they were struggling out of their clothes in the dark, which involved a lot of giggling. It was such a strange sensation: They were like horny teenagers all over again, and it was amazing!
    Finally, they managed to get on the bed, and after a bit of fumbling, she got on top of him and rubbed herself against his dick.
    “Mmmh … This is nice …”
    “Yesss … I love it …”
    His hands touched her sides and he caressed her, sighing happily. She whispered:
    “Now imagine me with a hard waist, with sculpted obliques …”
    “The muscles on the side!”
    “I know that, but I didn’t know you ever heard of them …”
    “I did my research, Bill. And I gotta admit, they look kinda cool …”
    “Yes. Fuck, yes!”
    “Man, you are getting pretty hard …”
    “Oh fuck yeah, I am …”
    She rubbed his cock a bit more, sinking her pussy over it. He groaned.
    “Mmmmh …”
    “Imagine how strong I would get … All over. Even down there …”
    “Fuuuck …”
    He shot his load. She gasped. This had never happened so quick! The thing was, he wasn’t getting much softer. Instead, she felt his arms move upwards and he was hardening again. How was this even possible? Before, it had always been a bang, bang, done thing. This time … it was way more intense!
    She leaned forward, moving up and down on his dick, even though it was a bit difficult, and whispered:
    “You’re touching my lats now … my big, hard lats that are really gonna give me that massive taper, you know?”
    “Oh Lord … What did I do to deserve a woman like you? This is …”
    He came again.
    Chelsea herself had been very, very close, but somehow, his horniness was still not dying down. He was just staying rigid. She loved it!
    She kissed him and rubbed her aged breasts against his body. He gasped as she moaned:
    “You’ll see … I’ll train my muscles everywhere, and of course, I’ll work on my chest … I want you to feel somewhat small in that department next to me …”
    He sighed happily. She continued:
    “No, strike that … I want you to feel tiny next to me. I’m going to build those pecs until they’re as big as my boobs right now …”
    He grunted:
    “That would be incredible …”
    “I know … It must feel so good to be strong. To have those muscles wrapped around my body … You’ll see. It’ll be a sight to behold. And when my pecs are really huge, and thick and cut, I’m going to get implants …”
    He sank his hungry fingers into her. His penis was hard as a diamond, and the precum was already welling up again.
    “You really would do that?”
    “Of course! I know it’s crazy, getting stripper tits at my age … But honestly, why should we care? We’re going to have fun, and I’m going to be happy and make you happy …”
    “Oh God …” He sighed and ran his fingers along the skin of her droopy tits.
    “I’m going to get those pumped up to the brim! The surgeon is going to ask me whether I want them to be that big, and he’s going to say they’re gonna look cartoonish and fake. And I’m going to grin and say: ‘Well, Doc, that’s exactly the look I’m going for!’ And he’s going to try and talk me out of it, and I’m going to tell him: ‘Doc, that’s all fine, but I’m only going to walk out of this office with tits the size of basketballs and a cup size near the end of the alphabet!”
    She felt him cum once more, his cock twitching hard. She loved this … This control, this passion … It felt incredible. She grabbed his hands and slammed them on her chest:
    “Imagine my fake uber tits and my massive, pumped-up pecs. This is it, right? This is what makes us hot!”
    “Oh Lord yes … Fuck! Chelsea, you make me go crazy just from you talking …”
    “I got a secret to tell you … It’s the same for me! Just saying these words makes me sooo horny!”

    With a grin in the darkness, she kept riding him, feeling closer and closer to the edge, and him, still as hard as before. She suddenly took his hands, set them on her shoulders, and guided them down to her upper arms.
    “Those are going to be huge, you know? Huge traps, cannonball shoulders, and biceps so big, you’re going to cream yourself just looking at them …”
    He came instantly. It wasn’t even funny anymore. The poor man was exploding with horniness, pumping a third load into her at full force. He was completely overwhelmed, and his cock was still rock-hard, but nothing further would come from it.
    It didn’t matter. Chelsea just rode him on, imagining her new, muscle-packed Amazonian physique. The idea of her body becoming perfect … it was enough to push her over the edge.
    She came with a long, drawn-out sigh, and collapsed on him.
    It took a while for his erection to die down, and he was still tingly with horniness.
    They lay in the darkness together, caught in the fascination with her possible body …

    After a night of some very strange dreams, Chelsea awoke in the wee hours, unable to stay in bed any longer. She let Bill sleep and went to start her day, still tense. After what she had experienced the night before, she had to do something. The effect her words had had on her husband, and on herself, the incredible dreams, the total fascination with this perverted fantasy … All of it made it clear to her that she had to deal with this.
    Maybe …
    She shook her head. It was just too bizarre an idea.
    Well …
    Maybe she could go half-way?
    That was a copout, and she knew it. Going half-way on this was basically an insult to their passion. She could do it … It would be tough, it would probably hurt a lot, and it was basically a surefire way to alienate everybody she knew, but … Just thinking of what her body could be like turned her on already.
    She sighed.
    It was a strange idea, but she had made up her mind, hadn’t she?
    The thing was, she would need a trainer to do this. That kind of fantasy couldn’t become reality simply by going to a mom-workout-class. She would need someone who understood the passion of it all and was able to deal with the insanity that lurked below it.
    She grabbed her phone and started looking around. There were plenty of personal trainers, but she quickly narrowed them down.
    Wellness … nah.
    Self-affirmation … nah.
    Fitness … nah.
    Crossfit … cute, but nah.
    Bodybuilding … maybe …
    Oooh …
    Wow. Okay. Okay … Now that was an idea. A crazy idea, but one she could maybe try? She felt idiotic even daring this, but then again, the woman advertised herself, right?
    Michelle Choe, four time Western Open champion, the biggest woman in the world, the queen of symmetry, the goddess of posing …
    And apparently, she was offering her work as a trainer to select clients. Chelsea didn’t know for sure whether she could even be considered, but she had to try!
    Nervously, she composed a message, asking for an interview to maybe be considered and hesitated to send it. If she did that, if she got accepted, then she would have to commit, right? She couldn’t just ask the best bodybuilder in the world to train her, and then chicken out.
    That would be … unthinkable.
    Her finger hovered over the “send” button. She closed her eyes, and thought about the absurdly intense passion in Bill’s eyes. Just thinking of it made her feel incredibly hot. She was shivering with delight as she thought of him cumming until he no longer could, her maybe-muscular body having completely drained his balls. It was amazing.
    She hit the button.

    As she went about her business in the morning, with Bill still asleep, she suddenly received an answer.
    “That sounds interesting. Let’s have a quick video interview in half an hour. Michelle”
    Chelsea stared at the message. To herself, she whispered:
    “Oh my God … It’s happening. She answered!”
    Nervously, she went to fix her hair and put on some kind presentable outfit. Then she thought about it, realized that the bodybuilder would probably want to see, well, her body, and took it off again, then she was halfway into putting on a tracksuit when the call came. Panicking, she stumbled out into the front yard in her underwear and took it.
    On screen, a gorgeous young woman appeared, Asian, her eyes shining with a kind of intense intelligence that was quite intimidating. She smiled:
    “Hi! You’re Chelsea?”
    “That’s right, Ma’am.”
    “Call me Michelle. Ma’am makes me feel old.” She chuckled. Chelsea sighed. Oh God, this woman was so cute! How was this even possible! She could see the young woman’s shoulders and bust on the screen, and she couldn’t believe that this was real. Even on the tiny screen, she looked huge and powerful. Those muscles were gigantic, and she was incredibly ripped. She was a sight to behold. Chelsea felt almost afraid.
    “Alright, Michelle. Yeah. So … I wrote, asking whether you would train me.”
    “Sounds good. I must admit, I was a bit surprised, which was why I decided to get back to you. What are you up to? What are your plans?”
    “Uh …” Chelsea swallowed and blushed. This was super-awkward. Could she even tell her? Wouldn’t she laugh? Or maybe even be disgusted? Should she come up with some other explanation? That would make things worse. Also, she was quite certain that Michelle would not train her if she just wanted to be a bit trimmer. She took another deep breath. The wonderful woman on the other side seemed amused, but still curious. “Okay … Now please don’t judge me … but … Okay. So, my husband Bill, he’s been photoshopping my head on bodybuilders for a while now, and they’re huge and massive and strong and … sexy. And I found out and got into it and now, it turns me on two.”
    Michelle smirked as she heard this. Now that was unexpected! But she liked this. She could relate to the strangeness of it all.
    When Chelsea talked about their shared dream, she nodded. Then Michelle said:
    “Okay, Chelsea, I think I understand you perfectly. How about you show me one of the pictures?”
    The other woman sneaked back inside, only now realizing she had been standing in the cool morning breeze in her underwear, and headed for the computer. She called up one of the pictures and held the phone so Michelle could see it. The trainer breathed out sharply. Now this was a challenge! But one she was willing to take.
    “Chelsea, I think we can do this. If you stick with me, I will help you build a body that will blow yours and Bill’s minds. It will be incredible! Also, I will teach you a few tricks that will be quite useful …”
    Chelsea felt her heart beat like a drum.
    “Wow! Thank you, thank you! I never would have thought …”
    “Don’t worry. Come to my place next week, I’ll send you the coordinates. Oh, and tell Bill that you will be away for the better part of a year. This is going to be hard work, and I don’t want it to be interrupted, okay?”
    The other woman nodded. That sounded terrible, but if it really worked, than it would be worth it a thousand times over!
    She would have to find some way to tell Bill without spoiling the surprise …


    Here’s a story for people who like their women become hairy, muscular and dominant, while abusing their power.
    You know who you are …

    A Dream into a Nightmare
    Valentina finds out that Marco is into musclewomen. She is disgusted. Drunk and frustrated, Marco uses an experimental serum on her that makes her more muscular. As he does, she changes, not only her physique, but also her personality … This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, height growth, hairiness and personality changes. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Here it is:

    And here’s a preview:

    The cup swung down on his finger, dumping the coffee on the floor. By sheer luck, it missed the carpet, which probably spared him more scold. Valentina stared at the screen, then her head turned to him slowly, as if completely in shock. Her expression was hard to parse. Confusion? Disgust? Complete disbelief? Her mouth opened slowly and then shut again quickly.
    “Marco … What is that?”
    He was trying to righten the coffee cup and stared at the brown liquid on the floor. Right now, he was a little overwhelmed. He had just gone over to the kitchen to get himself a new cup of coffee and had left the social media page of his female bodybuilding appreciation club site open, even if he had minimized it. He was a bit confused. Why was Valentina at his computer?
    Still trying to figure it out, he managed a “It’s social media?”, which only made her look even more confused. Slowly, her expression shifted to anger.
    “I can see that. What I’m asking is … What perverted shit is that?”
    Now her voice was getting louder and more aggressive. Marco shrugged:
    “It’s just athletes?”
    “Athletes, my ass! That’s just a bunch of perverted she-men prancing around in their bikinis! Look at them! They look like men! They don’t even have breasts!”
    For the rest of his short life, Marco wanted to stuff his next words back into his mouth. But it was already too late by the time he thought of that.
    “Most men aren’t even half as muscular!”
    It wasn’t just what he said, it was how he said it. She roared, her face a deep crimson:
    “So you like that? You like these freaks? You like these manly women? Are you a fucking pervert too?”
    She was screaming now, and Marco was blushing up to his ears. The humiliation was terrible. He wanted to shrink into the ground, to run away, to turn back time.
    “I just … like the look … A little? I love you. I love your look too. A lot …”
    “Don’t you dare lie to me!” She walked up to him. He was 5’11”, she was a nice 5’6”, slim, with a pair of wonderfully large and soft breasts of which she was quite proud. Valentina tended to show them off a lot, which Marco enjoyed most of the time. Even now, she was wearing a comfy shirt and some sweatpants, and she still looked amazing!
    Okay, so she was also extremely furious and she had just found out about Marco’s fetish, but … even when she was angry, she was hot.
    “I’m not lying to you! I just … Okay, I confess. I love muscles on a woman. That doesn’t mean I love you any less! It’s just a thing I like too …”
    She cocked her head and said:
    “Your mouth says one thing, your face says another. You are a shithead, and a liar, Marco!”
    “But … I only kept it secret because I thought you wouldn’t understand!”
    “And I don’t! I don’t understand how anybody could want a body like this! Not you for looking at it, and not them for wanting to look like freaks! You can sleep on the couch, freak!”
    She turned around and stormed out of the room. There was a slam of the bedroom door, then there was silence, followed by soft crying. Marco stood there, shocked, confused and actually quite angry. Why did she even do this? He never pried into her personal things. He would never look at other women in real life. And he certainly would never have nosed around in her search history.
    They had been married for seven years now, and passion had faded a bit. Plus, his work at the lab took up a lot of his time. He paid for the apartment, he paid for the food and he took care of the many little things at home, repairs, building things, and so on. Sure, she was an excellent cook, she was an amazing screw, and she was very passionate, but … She didn’t have to explode at him like that!
    Marco decided to go on a walk. It was late already, but at this point, he doubted he could sleep. He put on his track pants and headed out. Wandering through the darkness of the warm summer night, insects buzzing about, still furious and frustrated, he ended up back at the lab.
    This was when the fateful decision happened, and in hindsight, it had been amazingly stupid. Mostly.
    He stepped inside, and headed for his workspace.

    Marco returned much later to their apartment and to be honest, he wasn’t totally sober. He had his little science project with him. A small vial with the special booster drug he had developed in his off time. A little thing that would improve the regeneration and muscle growth in people. It was still very much experimental, but he was certain that it would either work or do nothing. It was not toxic or anything. He careful opened the bedroom door. Valentina was sleeping like a log, spread-eagled all over the mattress. She was making cutesy little noises. Marco shook his head. Then he whispered to himself:
    “Freak … Yes … Fuck this. You’ll find out how it feels to be a freak … Fuck … Fuuuck …”
    He groaned, then took the vial, loaded it into the sterile injector and shot it into her half-exposed butt. The moment he did this, a small voice in his clouded mind asked him if he’d gone crazy, but most of his inner voice just shouted that she would get what she deserved. Then he staggered out, putting the vial away.

    The next morning, Marco woke up on the sofa. Valentina wasn’t there, and she was clearly still angry. Normally, on their days off, she would set up breakfast for him, even if she had to go out early. Instead, he was having a bit of a hangover.
    He sighed, rubbed his temples and headed for the shower. After cleaning his body, brushing his teeth and shaving, he looked at his reflection and said:
    “You’re a shitbag, Marco. You’ll have to tell her.”
    Then he heard Valentina come back. He put on his outfit and went out to greet her. She looked at him, and hesitated. He smiled vaguely at her. She had changed a bit. Fuck. The serum worked.
    She was all smiles, even though he could still sense her anger.
    “I had a great workout! I think I went past my personal best on all my stuff. Seriously! And I think I lost two pounds? Is that even possible?”
    “I don’t know.”
    She hesitated for a moment. Then she said:
    “Okay, Mister Muscle Freak …” He blushed. “… I still think you’re a pervert, but … here’s something to be perverted by.”
    With these words, she worked up her shirt and showed him her stomach. It was as thin as ever, shaded by her large breasts, but there was a faint sign of maybe a few abs. Of course, he immediately got horny and got a hard-on. The serum worked amazingly well!
    She spotted his cock tenting his pants and sighed:
    “Okay, you really are hopeless.”
    The moment had passed. She walked past him and shook her head. Marco was left confused by what had just happened. If she didn’t want him to be into muscle on women, why did she tease him like that? What did she expect?
    In a moment, he was angry again. Alright, so he wouldn’t tell her. It would serve her right!
    Grumbling, he went to work.

    During the day, Valentina felt weird. It was as if somebody had put her into overdrive. At work at the salon, she was flying, quickly taking care of everything and managing the customers without any effort at all.
    The other stylists stared at her. Normally, Valentina was a bit of a bitch, enjoying the attention her large tits and her long, wonderful blond hair got her. She tended to work way less hard than she should, and still got the best tips from the men. Of course she did.
    Today, she worked fast and easy, and the customers were happy.
    As they all took their break for lunch, Maria asked:
    “Hey, did you change anything in your workouts?”
    “No, why do you ask?”
    “Just … you look different.”
    “Different? I mean, I somehow managed to lose a bit of weight since yesterday, but I guess that was just because I was so stressed.”
    “Yeah. I found out Marco is a pervert.”
    “They all are. Don’t worry. You just found out early. Still, I like your arms.”
    “My arms?”
    “Yeah. Flex them, will you?”
    “No! What’s your problem?”
    “Nothing. I was just asking. I thought you’d be happy your workouts paid off.”
    “Not you too …”
    “What?” Maria looked nonplussed. “Did I say something wrong?”
    “Forget it. I’m just a bit sensitive right now.”
    “Okay. Whatever. Time to get back to work.”

    At night, the atmosphere was a bit strange. Marco tried to smoothen things with Valentina, having prepared a nice dinner and bought some flowers. At the same time, he kept glancing at her arms, trying to spot a hint of muscle. Whenever she did something, he stared, hoping to catch a bit of a flex.
    Valentina wasn’t sure what to make of it. It was obvious that Marco tried to fix this, but he didn’t apologize per se. Instead, he kept ogling her. Okay, she was used to that, and she usually liked it, but like this … Not quite as much. Really not.
    Still, the food was good and she decided to mostly forgive him. Not completely, but she found that he was a bit of a dork, and as long as he left her alone with his perversions, she could accept them. A bit.
    Later, she was in the bathroom, getting ready for the night. She looked at her reflection. Okay. She could see why people reacted like this. She was … looking fine? Fit. Like someone who took their gym work seriously. Whatever had happened, she had hit just the right amount of bodyfat versus muscle tone to look good.
    She hesitated, then she did a little flex. She immediately felt ashamed.
    Disgusted, even.
    It was time for bed. She needed her beauty sleep.
    Valentina still insisted that Marco slept on the couch. Things were not alright again yet. To her surprise, he didn’t mind. He just readied his stuff and crept off to the living room.

    Marco was incredibly nervous and excited. The drug really worked! The serum had improved Valentina’s physique in just twenty-four hours, and it didn’t seem to have had any ill-effects. Good! He still felt a bit disgusted with himself that he had tested this stuff on her without her consent, but … she kinda deserved it, didn’t she? After all, she was still quite bitchy.
    She also didn’t even say thank you for the dinner, or even talked to him like a normal person.
    Well, there would be more soon.
    He laid on the couch and waited. He couldn’t have slept if he wanted to. He was just too eager to continue. He just had to wait for her to sleep fully.
    As he waited, he wondered just how far the serum would push her. She had gone from slim and busty to fit in one day. If he shot her up again, would the drug have an even stronger effect? There was only one way to find out, wasn’t there?
    He crept to the bedroom door and gently opened it. He was ready to explain something about needing his outfit for the next day, but Valentina was already sound asleep.
    A moment later, the injector produced its tiny hiss and the drug was in Valentina’s other butt-cheek.

    He awoke abruptly in the morning. The sun was up and he rolled off the sofa with a tumble. Fuck. What time was it?
    He had had the strangest dreams about a giant woman tossing him through the air and laughing in a deep thundering voice, and he was still absurdly hard.
    He got to his feet and checked his phone. Fuck. So he overslept. There wasn’t much he could do right now to fix this, so he just called in sick. They would understand, he hoped. He quickly looked around to see if Valentina was still there, but there was no sign of her. He quickly showered and the moment he was done after rubbing one out, he heard the door.
    Drying himself off as he got out of the bath, he almost ran into Valentina, who was looking at him rather surprised. His eyes went up and down her body and he immediately noticed the drug had continued its work. She was looking harder, sharper and … buffer. She had gained a bit of mass on her shoulders and that definitely emphasized her hourglass shape. Also, her face had leaned out a bit. She also had switched out her top and it was way more covering.
    He could feel his cock rise again.
    She stared at him:
    “Shouldn’t you be at work?”
    “I … no. Sorry. I … I overslept. I’m not feeling too well. There must be some kind of virus or something.”
    “You do look a bit stressed. Did you sleep badly too?”
    “I just had the strangest dreams.”
    “That’s usually a bad sign. Might mean that you are really getting sick. I just hope you don’t get me infected.”
    He smiled weakly:
    “I’ll do my best.”
    “If you’re still here, could you fix me breakfast? I’m so hungry, and I still have to get ready for work!”
    “Sure. No problem. How was the gym?”
    “Okay … That’s all?”
    “I don’t want to talk about it.”
    “Alright. I’ll just get you something to eat.”

    A few minutes later, Marco slipped the scrambled eggs on her plate, the salad and the cheese and tomato following up. To his surprise, she immediately wolfed everything down. This was a big serving, and she’d usually leave something for him on account of her being full, but clearly, she wanted more.
    He didn’t wait for her to ask and just said:
    “I’ll make more.”
    “Yes. Definitely.”
    He headed back to the kitchen, trying to catch a good look at her body. It was difficult. For the day, she had chosen one of these large, fluffy blouses that hid her shape almost completely. It even covered her bust, which was a bit of a surprise. After all, she normally loved to show off her big tits.
    When he came back, she asked:
    “Uh … Marco, could I borrow your razor?”
    “My razor? Why? Don’t you usually wax?”
    “There’s a bit I need to take care of. Is that okay?”
    “Sure. Sure. No problem. Just clean it when you’re done.”
    “I will.”
    She didn’t.
    After putting away the dishes, Marco went to the bathroom and found that the sink was pretty gross. There were little hairs stuck in his razor and Valentina had clearly not been too careful when flushing all the hair. There was a ring of blond and blackish hairs around the outlet.
    Also, there was this lingering smell in the room. Strange and, to Marco, arousing …
    He quickly cleaned the sink and the razor, then thought of his wife and got very hard.

    At work, Valentina was a bit quieter than usual. The other women noticed it too. After a few exchanged glances, Maria asked:
    “Everything okay, Tina?”
    She was busy with one of the clients and only slowly reacted:
    “Yes, yes. Everything is fine.”
    “You sure? Your voice sounds all rough. Are you getting sick?”
    “I don’t think so. I had a nice morning, basically. I just … I don’t think it’s anything.”
    “Uh-huh. Yeah. If Marco is giving you any trouble …”
    “No. No, he’s fine. He even made me breakfast, and cleaned up.”
    “Good. You gotta teach them how to behave!”
    Maria grinned. Valentina nodded, unsure of what was going on. She felt a bit odd. As if there was something bugging her. Some kind of tension within her.
    As the day went on, she felt increasingly uncomfortable in that blouse. It seemed tight, especially around the armpits. Also, she was sweating for no reason. Maybe she was getting sick? If Marco managed to get her infected with his stupid bug …
    Just then, one of the clients looked at her and asked:
    “Excuse me, young lady, but … can you smell this too?”
    Valentina looked up at her. She was busy with the woman’s toenails and had spaced out while she worked.
    “Smell? No. I don’t smell anything.”
    “Are you sure?” She lowered her voice: “Maybe you should … take a little more care of yourself.”
    Suddenly, there was a flash of anger racing through Valentina’s mind. She stood up abruptly and glared at the woman.
    “Are you saying that I smell?”
    Her voice was rough, harsh and threatening. The other woman stared at her, shocked.
    “I didn’t say a thing!”
    “You did! You said I smell!”
    Without warning, her arm shot forward and she barely managed to just point at the woman without actually touching her. The sudden tension tore the seams of her blouse on the shoulder. There was a cracking sound. Just as the manager turned to look at her, Valentina noticed the hole that had formed.
    The boss’ eyes narrowed and she made a sign for her to come to the back room with her.
    “Sarah, you take over for Tina.”

    A moment later, they were in the small room, out of sight of the clients. The boss asked:
    “What are you doing?”
    “I … This woman said I smell!”
    The boss sniffed. Then she said:
    “I’m not sure it’s you, but … there’s a smell, yes. Smells like my son’s clothes after his training.”
    “But … That’s not me! It can’t be!”
    “I don’t care. Go home. Clean yourself up, relax for a bit, and come back tomorrow morning. Understood?”
    “I don’t …”
    “Home. Now. Please. Come back tomorrow, clean, happy and ready. Got it?”
    Valentina opened her mouth, but the other woman’s expression allowed no debate.
    With an eye-roll, she left.

    After a surprisingly copious dinner, Valentina was restless. She had noticed that Marco kept staring at her, and it was making her uncomfortable. She was feeling off. It was so strange. Her clothes felt tight, her skin was all itchy and uncomfortable, and yes, now she was smelling it too. Something was happening, and she didn’t like it at all. She decided to take a shower and go to bed early. Maybe tomorrow would be better.
    Marco watched as she left for the bathroom, careful not to show her body at all. He was struggling with his erection. He could see that her legs were getting quite fit and shapely, and the seams of her blouse were quite strained. As far as he could tell, she could basically show up at a fitness competition and place. The drug was working, and it was turning him on …
    In the bathroom, Valentina quickly showered. As she dried herself off, she was careful not to look at her reflection. She could tell what she was looking like now just from looking down on herself, and the last thing she wanted was to see the full extent of what was going on. She just hoped things would calm down quickly. She just needed to get to bed fast …
    Once she was asleep, Marco snuck to the bedroom. She was lying there, stretched out over the mattress and snoring. It was a strange sound. Valentina rarely snored, and when she did, it was usually a cutesy squeaky sound. Now, it was quite impressively loud and frequently interrupted by grumbles and mumbling. He grinned. He was horny again. Also, he had to admit that he was feeling a little ashamed about doing this to her, but then again, she deserved it, didn’t she?
    He waited until she rolled on her chest, producing a long, drawn-out snort, then he gently pulled up her nightdress. It was a little difficult since her legs had become quite a bit thicker, as had her butt. Just brushing against it with his fingers and feeling the hardness made him shiver with lust.
    Marco stuck her with the needle and injected the next dose.
    “Fucking mosquitos.”
    The husband panicked for a moment as Valentina complained in her sleep. Her voice sounded harsh and rough. Then she reached around with a swing of her arm and scratched her butt. He breathed out sharply. Then he left to jerk off.

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