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    Yeah anything might happen, just don't expect it to be good.


    The problem with the books is one crappy artist. or the story line goes to hell
    when she gets super model Thin , it looks horrible or the stories gets really bad.
    the last she hulk outing with that poor euro style was bad, it stared to get good when she hulk came back fighting Slautherus.
    but the the damage was done.


    I think that the most we're likely to see is a cameo in one of the Marvel films, like they did with many of the X-Men characters (Colossus, for instance).  I'd love for them to do a full live action film on She-Hulk, but I doubt they will.  Or if they do, it'll be cast horribly.  They'll hand it to Quentin Tarantino and he'll have Uma Thurman in green body paint. :p

    Robert McNay

    They'll hand it to Quentin Tarantino and he'll have Uma Thurman in green body paint. :p

    Wouldn't be She Hulk, but not exactly an unpleasant concept either.  ;D


    less likey to make a she hulk movie

    Don Jack

    The other problem is that you need Bruce around for her orgin story, which is another reason she'd might only show up in a Hulk film.

    Prophet Tenebrae

    As I've heard, the rationale for Disney buying Marvel is to hit the young male demographics which they're striking out with on their saccharine pop kids etc. Generally, the conventional wisdom says – boys relate more to male characters and so, I doubt She-Hulk will be at the front of the line… but honestly, I don't think that this is really going to make a big difference one way or another.

    Trent Harlow

    i hope to see a she hulk with muscles or fit one hahahah


    I want to be hopeful, I really do.

    But there is a high chance She-Hulk is going to be scrawny and tall. Or she’ll be figure thick and we’ll never ever see a transformation. Or there will be a transformation and it will be off screen.

    Anyway, will cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 106 total)
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