So…why muscles??

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    I just wanted to know what you guys like about muscular women, and I know it’s grown into a "super-tall woman" fetish, too, so what’s with that?

    Genuinely curious, I’m not judging you or anything 🙂

    Matthew Lim

    Can’t really explain why I like muscle women. I’ve always had a natural liking to them since I was in grade school. Artists like DCM, Iczerman and Wreck solidified my addiction to females of the strong kind. Then I started drawing them and it makes the love just as much fun.

    Muscle Growth Nut

    I think that whatever we’re attracted to is just hardwired into our brains from birth, but we don’t know about it until we first encounter it. It’s really the only explanation I can think of, because I remember having FMG fantasies about cartoon characters (mostly April O’Neil…my first crush) when I was 7, and thinking, "That would be so cool if they did that!"


    strong women have always interested me weither its their mental strength or physical strength

    they are sure of themselves and always know what they want to do with their lives


    actually, i’ve seen this kind of question millons of times on different boards, sites etc. and read many different post about it.

    finally i came to the conclusion that i just like them, like a like any other girl, but if she is strong and muscular, that’s even beter.

    i can’t really remember the first time i felt it, but i sure was very young (about 6 or 7) and is just another fetish (in the concept that is not the mainstream felling about how a woman should look to be nice looking ) just like femdom ,foot fetish, gts, or anything else.


    As a visual person, as all men are, I enjoy the forms, and curves, and bulk, that make muscle women look as strong as they are, and universally stronger than me, while still maintaining their femininity within their face, hair, and clothing. The bigger the muscles the better. I like everything about women, but when a woman has muscles as well, the juxtaposition of the two just drives me crazy. Then there’s the personality, every strong woman i’ve met has been filled with confidence, dedication, and a healthy dose of brains, all of which i’m attracted to. This same thing goes for tall women as well, so combing the two into a fantasy works perfectly for me… Oddly though, I have an easier time talking to a muscle woman, than a tall woman when they are total strangers. I’m pretty sure that I’m not looking for a woman to dominate me, but just knowing that she can is enough for me. She’d only have to seduce me with her muscles to make me melt. I am totally comfortable with a woman being physically superior to me, and would want a relationship with her based on being each other’s best firend and ally in life, which means equality and compromise, not her way or my way all the time. So i’ve rambled on but that’s how i feel and what you sexy, gigantic goddesses do to me. Keep up the good work.


    Umm…no clue…as Muscle Growth Nut said, I think it’s born in us, and we continue as normal, until we first see it…

    I couldn’t tell ya when THAT first happened, but I can tell you that after that, I haven’t fallen in love (real love that I would actually pursue) yet because nobody around here goes for the muscular look…

    Living in Georgia (ATL lol…) is a curse…girls of every race want big booties, which isn’t a problem to this perv…until they just let themselves go to get the ass of their dreams…I want a girl with abs dammit! (not like I can talk…I’m sure they want a guy with a six pack too lol…)

    I think along with the extra muscles , I like the extra lines, curves, and crevices that come with a muscle girl…and not to mention I like breasts like any other guy…but the one thing that can throw ALL OF THAT off is the face…A lot of muscular women have masculine faces, and strangly, estrogen deprived hair…so you see, often I’d rather look at a drawing than the real thing, just because I’m a sucker for eyes, lips, noses, and hair lol…

    thats my story at least lol…


    For me it’s a pretty simple fantasy that’s gotten out of hand – one of being seduced by someone attractive, rather than getting shot down by an attractive women I’m trying to hit on. Not quite a rape fantasy, but similar.

    Of course, for it to be a seduction, I have to be unwilling at first and converted to willing. I’m a physically large, reasonably strong for my size and reasonably strong willed human being, so to actually get from point a to b, I have to either imagine myself weaker than I am, or imagine that the woman is somehow stronger than I am in one way or another – my subconscious picks the latter as it happens.

    From there of course, I can branch out into all sorts of fetishes – gynoids, amazons, witches, whatever. This just happens to be one that my brain can easily enjoy – <G>.

    Well, if you skip the rather depressing fact that there seem to be very few real-life women interested in seducing me, nevermind good looking witches, amazons, or marksnew characters – <sigh>



    I would have to say it was when I was just a wee lad. Now we’re talking the early 70’s here, very strong women were virtually unheard of. My father started lifting at that time and he subscribed to the now Muscle & Fitness from the Weider brothers. Not too long after that Lisa Lyons started showing up in articles and then fbb contests were covered. That is when I became interested in strong muscular women, there was no equivocation, it was immediate acceptance and fascination.


    Lots of responses 🙂 Some of you left ones that I can’t really comment on, so I’ll just leave them at that. For those of you that I did want to respond to:

    MUSCLE GROWTH NUT: I agree and disagree. Some people gain fetishes because of events in their lives. For example, there was a man who, as a teenager, would pleasure himself in his room (big surprise), but his door didn’t have a lock so he’d hold the doorknob so his mom wouldn’t get in. Later in life, he gets married and has trouble keeping it up. They seek marriage counseling, and the psychologist finds out his practices as a teen, so he suggests the man hold a doorknob while he and his wife made love. It worked.

    This is a little different, though, because we have no biological reason to be attracted to doorknobs. Buff people = physically fit, and that’s just biology right there. Of course, according to this reasoning, ALL men should be attracted to physically fit women…it’s a weird situation, which is why I asked. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    RATLAT: Very in-depth explanation you’ve given. It reminded me of what I think all people, men AND women, should be: physically fit, intelligent, capable, virtuous individuals in-touch with their emotions. The reason I realized this is because my “crush” character was always Colossus. He was so strong, so buff, but he was artistic, sensitive, a good person, and loved his family. I realize now that I look for that in EVERYONE. I’m not a lesbian by any means, but as a woman, I’m disappointed to see my fellow women squandering their lives waiting for “the perfect man” and ignoring education. I hate how they succumb to their emotions all-too-quickly and ignore logic. Granted, ALL women aren’t like this, and the ones I’ve met that aren’t are my friends. I don’t see their behavior as “feminine,” I see it as childish. Whining over every little thing is ridiculous. I knew someone who cried at the drop of a hat, even after people apologized, even though they didn’t do anything wrong. A strong, confident, logical woman wouldn’t do that. Some people think I hate women and femininity because of this, but I don’t. I believe in emotions, I know that they are beneficial, and I know women physiologically are predisposed to being more emotional. That’s fine, we’ll embrace that. But OVERLY, ILLOGICALLY emotional is where I draw the line in men AND women. The people that attempt suicide because they lose a job or a boy/girlfriend. The people who flip out for no reason. Idiots that murder because they’re angry. People that emotionally abuse family members and friends for no rational reason. That’s what I discourage.

    You said: “I’m pretty sure that I’m not looking for a woman to dominate me, but just knowing that she can is enough for me.” If you ever get the chance, I suggest you try it. I think a guy like you would get a kick out of a dominatrix.

    DEBIDO: Yeah, you’ll do better with pictures. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a super-buff chick with breasts. As for manly faces, this is why I don’t take steroids. Chyna: My Anti-Drug! I say that enough, I think I’ll add it to my sig 😀

    PUG: You can’t rape the willing!

    I think that YOU would do really well with a dominatrix. There are some S&M clubs that you could check out, and a good S&M club is one where sex isn’t part of the deal (and that’s good to know…you don’t want some other dude’s STDs or something). Call around, ask for a muscular chick, and have her act out this fantasy with you. It’s probably the only place it’ll happen, at least safely, as seducing someone who REALLY doesn’t want it to begin with (as you described) either doesn’t happen or only happens under the influence of alcohol or (more common) drugs. Not a good plan.

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