Teleportmorphation. (Part 1)

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    Note:  I know nothing of the science behind this so just go with it… and enjoy!

    By Ratlaf.

    Times were tough.  Actually that’s putting it mildly, time were downright devastating.  Gas was up to 32 dollars a gallon, there’s definitely something wrong with the climate making it hard for the farmers to reliably provide food, and travel between big cities was virtually non-existent.  Trade and business quickly turned very small scale, basically to within each cities limits.

    For some reason, however, technology took a huge leap forward.  In attempts to return the freedom of travel that we’ve enjoyed for so long thanks to cheap gas and cars, government funded research into alternative modes of transport skyrocketed and about five years after the oil collapse there was a major breakthrough.

    There were a good number of fuel cell cars but they were still so incredibly expensive that only the wealthiest could afford them.  The middle and lower classes were reduced to walking or riding a bike, until the teleporter was invented.  The unusual thing about this incredible invention was that once it was created and proven to work, there was very little development left to do on it.  It was one of those rare inventions that was perfect from the very beginning.  As a result it became widely distributed and within two years there were teleport stations everywhere.  Most people only had to walk a mile at most to reach a station and from there they could go anywhere for about the same price as cab fare.

    Business picked right back up again, now that people were able to commute to work in such an easy fashion, and within three years of the widespread use of these teleporters we had a colony on the moon and teleport relay stations halfway to Mars.  The climate was still struggling but since the entire human race had basically stopped burning fossils, because there were none left, the planet was slowly putting itself right again.


    “Welcome to Milwaukee, please step into the MVD to verify all of you made it,” said a totally bored and expressionless voice as I stepped out of the transporter.  The MVD was a device that ensured that all of your matter was accounted for and that you didn’t slowly loose atoms, from your DNA for example.

    “Thanks,” I replied automatically.  The MVD was only required for jumps of more than 500 miles.

    “Ben?” that bored voice asked.

    “Yeah, who are-  Dominic!  What the hell are you doing here.  I didn’t know you worked one of these. How’ve you been”

    “Well, I’ve been working one of these so things could be better, but… Well, I just figured something out about these machines that might turn things around for me.”

    “Really what’s that?”

    “I’m not going to tell you!  Not yet anyway.”

    “Well how about Saturday night, I’ll buy you a beer?  Trina’s going out with her friends so it’s just us.”

    “Sure, that’ll give me a couple days to figure out if I’m right or not.”

    “Good, I’ll see you at the brewery then!”

    Satisfied that I’d made plans for the weekend I walked the mile and a half to Trina’s place.  Usually she comes to visit me because we both prefer the mountains to the mid-west but this weekend she couldn’t get away so I came here instead.  Good that I did too because otherwise I wouldn’t’ve run into Dom.  I was definitely curious about what he was talking about.

    Saturday night came around and after Kat took off for the bachelorette party I headed into town to the brewery.

    “So what’s this new discovery you were talking about?” I asked him after his third beer.

    “Well, you know how those transporters work, right?  Your matter gets disassembled one atom at a time and reassembled at the target location from a different set of atoms.  Mostly from the person who left just before you arrived.”

    “Sure, that’s why you sometimes have to wait for a station to open up because if there isn’t enough matter you can’t arrive.”

    “Yeah, but because of rush hour traffic they’ve built in reserves and an emergency back up.”

    “Right, so…?”

    “So, what if that reserve were to be tapped into, or contributed to when a person jumps. Like say one person wants to loose weight, they’d be able to contribute to the matter pool by leaving behind some of the atoms that make up their extra fat.  Presto, every jump they loose a pound or so, the matter reserves can’t handle more than that.  But when you figure that the average person jumps about six to eight times a day, that’s a good amount of weight loss.”

    “Holy shit, is that even possible?”

    “Well, that’s what I noticed the other day.  The algorithm that reassembles you has to differentiate between which atoms get directed into which tissues and it’s all percentage based, so if a program were applied to that algorithm, you’d be able to adjust the percentages at your point of reassembly.”

    “Like a lower percentage of body fat?”


    “Wow, you could turn people into whatever they wanted.”

    “Yeah, want to try it?”


    “Yeah, haven’t you always wanted to be, whatever…?”

    “Not really, I’m quite happy with the way I am right now.  But, there might be another way to test it.”

    “Yeah, how’s that?”



    “Yeah, OK, so, this is probably getting a bit deeper into our lives than you probably expected to be, but she’s always wanted to be tall and muscular.”

    “Really, I wouldn’t’ve guessed that.”

    “Yeah, for some reason she’s been obsessed with becoming an 8 foot tall giantess with about five times more muscle than Arnold ever had.  She downloads artwork, stories, even has me make photo manipulations where she’s this giant version of herself and I’m my normal size, tiny in comparison to her.”


    “Told you it was a bit much.”

    “Well, I don’t know about making her taller just yet.  I’ll have to figure out how the algorithm determines height but the muscle is easy. Here let me see…” he said as he pulled out his laptop.  “What’s her ID?”  With her ID in place he began tweaking numbers and within ten minutes it was done.  “There, that should do it.  Starting with her next jump she’ll be pulling additional matter out of the reserves and her personal algorithm will convert that extra matter into skeletal muscle.”

    “Really, it’s that easy? Damn, I can’t wait to see her.”

    “It’ll be a subtle effect.  She’ll only gain a little bit.”

    “Yeah, but that’ll be each time she jumps and I know she jumps about six times a day!  That’s a good amount of muscle every week!  This is going to be awesome!”

    “Yeah, now I’ve got to figure out how to patent and market this.”

    “Well I can help you on the graphics side of the marketing.”

    “Yeah, I figured as much.  Also, how does 10% sound for keeping quiet and helping me test this?”


    He sighed, “15?”


    “Yeah, 25.”

    “Good 25%, but if this is a big as I think it’s going to be, you won’t even notice my 25% plus my design fees.”

    “That’s what I’m hoping for too…”

    With that agreed on, we were going to sign a contract on Monday, I headed home because I’d received a text that Kat was on her way too.  As Dom warned me she didn’t look any different that night, so I sucked it up and waited.

    On Monday, when Dom and I signed the contract between us he told me he’d worked out the height equation as well but for him to implement it he’d have to split it up between her height and her muscular growth.  That was fine so I told him to do it.  I also asked him if his program would automatically stop enhancing her once she reached her desired size.

    “Oooh, good idea.”

    “You didn’t think about that?!  It’s a good thing you let me in on this, I’m thinking 25% might not be enough.”

    “Hey now, don’t get greedy or I’ll find someone else to test this on, and since I think this is what you really want and that you haven’t told Trina about this, I’d shut my mouth if I were you.”

    Knowing he’d seen through me, I offered to buy him lunch instead.

    Hunter S Creek

    Cool idea!

    Thank you for sharing it!


    randy guillotte

    Wow! That's a totally new one to me. What a great concept! Thanks for a great start to a different approach.


    Thanks, I'm always looking for a new approach too so I'm enjoying wiriting this.  Here's the next part:

    Teleportmorphation. Part 2
    By Ratlaf.

    That week I watched for signs of growth in Kat and either they were too subtle to notice or Dom’s theory wasn’t working.  It wasn’t until that Saturday a week after we’d started his experiment that I noticed something.  Kat came to visit me here and we went rock climbing at the local indoor gym.  It was her first time so we started with the easy stuff.  I’m not the greatest climber but I do know what I’m doing and I could tell right away that she was going to out climb me tonight.

    She was wearing a pair of micro shorts and a sport top and even though she didn’t realize it yet she had become quite muscular.  About as muscular as a fitness competitor but it was still leaps and bound above what she’d had before.

    “That was too easy, I wanna try that hard one you barely made it to the top of…”


    That’s when I noticed that she was taller too because she was able to reach the same holds that I was able to reach, something she wouldn’t’ve been able to do a week ago.  Not to mention that with the new strength she now possessed she easily glided to the top.

    “That was still to easy, I want to try the hardest one.”

    “Uh, are you sure?”

    “Yeah, I feel great and I’m not even tired, I feel like I could climb with you on my back and it’d still be easy.”

    “Wow, uh, OK, here’s their hardest one.”

    Again she glided off the ground effortlessly and even made it about three-quarters of the way to the top before she was forced to stop.  She was working so hard that every one of her muscles was visibly pumped, making her look super sexy.  She tried three times before giving up.

    “I’ll be back next week and I’ll try this one first, while I’m still fresh.” she told me with that look in her eye telling me that she wants me to take her right then and there.  We had to settle for a kiss and a squeeze of her now incredibly hard muscular ass.  She was so pumped that she pulled me in with amazing force and held me so tight that I knew that she was already stronger than me.

    Thinking about all the jumps in store for her between now and then I knew that she’d easily conquer it.  Not only that but I’d probably need to start looking up at her within then next day or so.  I couldn’t wait.


    Halfway through her second week under Dom’s new program she called me up and I could tell by her voice that she was nervous about something.  Most likely knowing what this was about I let her vent for a bit, got her to relax and finally, gently coaxed it out of her.

    “I think I’m going through some sort of midlife growth spurt, or something.  None of my clothes fit anymore.”

    “What do you mean your clothes don’t fit.  You looked amazing this past weekend when we were climbing.”

    “Yeah, I don’t notice anything when I’m wearing shorts or spandex but it’s all my work clothes.  I look like I’m wearing high waters and my tummy shows with most of my blouses.”

    “OK…” I prompted her for more, waiting for her to get there on her own.

    “I’m also str… uh heavier although you wouldn’t know it to look at me.”

    “What do you mean by that?”

    “Well, I’ve gained 30 pounds!!! But I don’t know where it all went.  I look the same as I always have, well almost, but, I’m, I’ve always, oh, I don’t know what to do, what’s going on?”

    “Calm down, relax.  We can figure this out.  If I’m understanding you correctly, are you thinking that you’re growing taller, is that why your clothes don’t fit, lengthwise anyway…?”

    “Yeah, I think so, I haven’t measured myself.” she chocked through her sobs.

    “OK, well if you’re growing taller then there’s more of you, hence the weight.”


    “But that might not account for all of your extra…”


    “Is it really that bad!?”

    “I don’t know, maybe, maybe not.  I feel different somehow, more in charge.  Like I’m seeing the world from a different perspective all of a sudden and I kind of like it.  But that’s what scares me too!!  I don’t know what’s going on…”

    “Well why don’t you come over and we’ll try and figure this out?”

    “Really, you want to see me, like this…!?”

    “Like what?”

    “Like the freak that I think I’m turning into.”

    “Honey, I’ll love you to the end of our days, no matter what you look like.”

    “Really?” she asked her sniffles suddenly subsiding.

    “Really, really!”

    “Alright, I’ll be there in half an hour.”

    “See you then, my love.”

    That went as well as could be expected.  The problem now was that I was giddy with anticipation at seeing the changes that she’d noticed in herself.  Surely she must be about as tall as me by now, she was nearly there a few days ago, but as to 30 pounds more mass on her.  That would put her at about 170 and someone my height and 170 pounds, mostly muscle, would definitely make her stronger than me, and probably visibly muscular too.  I’m a skinny guy. 

    I really couldn’t wait!

    A bit later I heard her come in the front door.  As I walked down the hallway to greet her I realized for the first time how much she’d grown over the past two and a half weeks.  She was definitely as tall as me and although she was wearing long sleeves and jeans, she looked bigger than me too.

    We hugged and she swept me up into her arms and lifted me completely off the ground.  I could tell she was still trembling, but it definitely wasn’t out of exertion at holding my weight.  She held on and on to our hug and  then looked me in the eyes just before we kissed.  Since she was holding me up our kiss was at the usual angle we were used to, with her about two inches shorter than me.  Also, her tongue was still as tiny as ever when our kiss intensified, giving me another idea!

    After a while I wondered how she’d react when she realized that she’d been holding me up off the ground for such a long time without apparent effort.  Also how she’d react when she realized she was the same height as me, and much stronger than she’d previously been.

    After thoroughly kissing, her trembling subsided a bit and we went back to our hug.  She was still holding me!  When she felt she was ready and under some sort of control she looked me in the eyes again and I figured now was as good a time as any.

    “Uh, babe, would you put me down?”

    “What do you mean ‘down’?”

    “You’ve been holding me up in your arms since you got here.”

    She looked down to see my feet hovering off the ground.  Startled she let me drop as she brought her hands up to her face making her arms balloon in her sleeve with hidden muscle.  I caught sight of her tears falling again just as she bolted for the living room.

    “Wait!” I shouted as I followed after her.

    “No, no, no, no, NO!!!  Leave me alone I’m a freak!”

    “I won’t because you’re not, and I love you!”

    “You don’t think I’m a freak?  Look at me I’m as tall as you.  And I’m suddenly strong too, strong enough to hold all of you without noticing!  How is that possible?”

    “I don’t know but to be honest… I… kind of like it…” I said hesitantly.

    “You like it…?”

    “Yeah, I think so,” I said stepping up close to her, looking her directly in the eyes.  “I mean it’s different and all but you’re still you, I can see that in your eyes and your smile, it’s just your body that’s different.  You’d still be you at 80 even though your body would be old then.  It’s the same thing…!”

    “Really?  So if I were to stand on my tip toes,” she did and was instantly about an inch and a half taller, “and kissed you,” which she did her little tongue just able to dart over my lips, “you wouldn’t mind, you’d actually enjoy it?”

    The half dazed look on my face at being kissed by my love, who was taller than me for a moment, along with the bulge in my pants, told her everything she needed to know.

    “Oh, my darling, I was so worried!  I was terrified of loosing you because of this.” and with that she picked me up in her bear hug again and carried me to our bedroom.  I was fully hard for her by the time we got there and minutes later we were naked and basking in the glory of each other.  Kat was basking in her ability to manhandle me any way she desired and I was basking in the fact that she was as tall as me but much bigger and definitely stronger.  I can’t remember ever being harder or bigger for her and two and a half hours later we were finally spent after going at it like two crazed animals.

    As she slept in my arms, I marveled at her new muscularity. She definitely looked like a champion fitness competitor yet all of her new hard muscles were still coated with her feminine layer of fatty tissue that made her feel as soft as ever to me.  Even with her muscles lurking just under that surface she was super sexy.  Just feeling her body was getting me excited again and before we knew it I was inside her again from behind and another hour and a half had passed.

    So much for sleep tonight.

    “That was the best night of my life…” she said over breakfast.

    “Me too.  I definitely like these changes in you.  I hope you do too?”

    “Between you and me, definitely.  I’m still a bit nervous about going to work, suddenly looking down at everyone.  And people on the street gawking at me.”

    “I think you’re a long ways away from gawking, but at work, wouldn’t people treat you with a bit more respect if they’re now looking up at you?”

    “I suppose so…”

    “I think so, I think that’s how people react to people taller than themselves.”

    “OK, I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday.”

    “Alright my love.  See you then,” I said as she stood on her tip toes again to kiss me goodbye.  My need for her was obvious on my face and it put a huge, beautiful smile on her face, knowing and enjoying this new effect she was having on me.

    Sweet!  That definitely went well.  Hopefully she won’t freak out too bad now, especially when she grows beyond any previous human proportions.


    Good story.  I hope you write more!




    Nice to see someone else picking up (no pun) on using the transporter effect for a TF story.  😉  8)

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    Wow, I really like where this one is going.  Keep up the great work!


    Teleportmorphation. Part 3
    By Ratlaf.


    “Hey Ben.  How’s our test subject doing?”

    “Well, she finally noticed and I totally convinced her it was a good thing.”

    “You sweet talker you!  Does she know we’re the ones doing it?”

    “No and I’d like to keep it that way for now.  I’m pretty sure she’ll put two and two together eventually but by then she’ll be so hooked on her new size she won’t care, too much.  Either that or I’ll let her know when she’s starting to grow beyond a reasonable size for women.  How’s progress on your end going?”

    “Great, I’ve hired a patent attorney and have even refined my program beyond general bodily traits to specific features.”

    “Really, ‘cause I had another idea.  Would you see about making her tongue grow super long?”

    “Dude! I did not need to know that.  But I suppose since we’re partners I’m not surprised.  I guess I’ll have to get used to requests like that too.  I think so yeah, how long you thinking?”

    “Uh, 8 inches longer.”

    “Dude, you’re twisted.”

    “Yeah, I know.”

    “I’ll see what I can do.”

    “Thanks man.  I’ll have the first round of graphics to you by Monday.”

    “Right on, thanks!”



    Those next two days couldn’t’ve gone by any slower.  On Friday though, tragedy struck, well relatively.  Kat was suddenly called out to one of her job sites and would be busy all weekend fixing the problem and schmoozing the clients so that she wouldn’t loose that account.  We wouldn’t be able to see each other ‘till that next Monday.  In a way that was good because she’ll have grown even more by then but I’d still be without her for almost a whole week, that doesn’t usually happen.

    “Hey honey!”  she chirped cheerily at me through the phone.

    “Oh hey babe, I was just watching the Packers.”

    “Oh, how’re they doing?”

    “Up 21 to 10.”

    “Sweet!  Listen I got done a bit early and really need to see you.”

    “Be here in 30 minutes?”

    “Actually…” she said as I heard a knocking on my front door.

    I think I performed the first unassisted teleport in human history because I materialized at the front door before she was done knocking.  When I opened the door she was there, dressed in her business best and looking me in the eyes.  She was standing on the porch, a step down from the house so when she walked in she suddenly towered over me by at least four inches.

    “I-um-an-a-um-a wow…!” was all I could get out.

    She looked down at me smiling and bent down to kiss me.  “Hello my little man,” she said with obvious confidence and pleasure.  “I don’t know how or why this is happening to me but I love it, and I love you,” she said as she picked me up in a bear hug this time. 

    I felt like I was weightless in her arms and was instantly hard for her.  She felt it and squirmed with pleasure.  It turned out that three of the four inches she’d grown were due to her heels but she was now definitely taller than me.  She was also seemingly stronger too because when I put my legs around her waist, and took some of my weight off her arms, she needed only one arm to hold me.  She used the other arm with great efficiency and quickly stripped off my shirt, opened my pants, freeing my raging hard-on due to this incredible display of strength, which was turning her on too I could tell, and repositioned me so that I could slide up into her as she held me in her arms, my legs wrapped around her waist.

    I was able to rock my hips forwards and back but not able to slide in and out of her.  She realized this and using both arms again, began raising and lowering me so that I’d slide in and out of her while my hips rocked back and forth.  This display of her newfound strength almost made me come then and there, but she felt it coming and clamped down on me with her vaginal muscles, over which she suddenly had total control.

    It was sensational! After a moment she started again lifting me up and down and this time, when my hands went to her arms and felt the relatively large muscles of her arms working to move me around I nearly exploded again.  Again she stopped me.

    “You’re amazing,” I gasped.

    “I know,” she gasped equally as stimulated by her new strength.

    “I want you now my lady muscles!”

    “Then take me, if you can…”

    I wrapped my arms around her back, barely making it all the way around and pulled myself into her.  She wasn’t expecting this and it threw her off balance.  Luckily she’d moved us to our bedroom by now and she fell back on the bed.  I took advantage off my momentary position on top of her to plunge into her repeatedly, driving her crazy before she could react.  The unexpectedness of my assault made her orgasm and this time she wasn’t able to stop me as the intensity of her contractions, the size of her new muscles as they pumped up with blood and her new amazonian height made me come into her as well.

    It was mind boggling.  She couldn’t do anything but gasp with pleasure for a full two minutes while riding the wave of pleasure and multiple orgasms that followed.  When she was able to recover herself a bit she looked straight into my eyes, smiled and kissed me, her tongue sneaking well past my lips this time.

    I’d never been happier in my life.


    “So, what happened?  Why the sudden enjoyment of being taller and stronger?” I asked her later that night.

    “Well, it was at work, just like you said.  Now that I’m either the same height or looking down at almost everyone, they pretty much do exactly what I ask them to do and they do it right away.  Even the client in Helsinki couldn’t keep his eyes off of me as he looked up at me and as a result I was able to placate him easily.  Something I wouldn’t’ve been able to do three weeks ago.  Oh, and my luggage has never felt lighter.  I usually roll it along but now I can carry it effortlessly.”

    “Well, considering the way you handled all 150 pounds of me I’m not surprised.”

    “You obviously enjoyed that too. Why?”

    “I’m not sure.  I suppose it’s the contrast between your feminine beauty, your sexiness, with you suddenly being taller and stronger.  That’s not something women usually have and the uniqueness of it, of you, turns me on.  I told you when we first met that I wasn’t like other men.”

    “So you don’t feel emasculated when you’re with me?”

    “No, anyone who has half a brain can plainly see you’re my woman, and I’m you’re man.  The fact that you’re taller and stronger excites me to no end but I don’t care what other people think when they see us together.  Even if you were ten feet tall and able to lift trucks with one hand, I would still feel totally comfortable being seen with you.”

    “Ten feet! I’d be a giantess! I’d be, you’d be so tiny, we’d, oh take me now my little man,” she growled at me as she flipped me on my back and pinned me to the bed with one hand, apparently ignoring her own request.  “Let’s see if you can handle me now, I’ve gained almost 15 pounds since last week.”

    “But you’re totally defenseless where it counts,” I said as I lifted my hips and speared her with my fully erect dick.  Again she wasn’t expecting it and cried out with pleasure.  All rational though gone now she held me down on our bed with one arm that was so strong it felt like I was trying to move a young tree, there was some give but then she’d flex and her arm wouldn’t budge.  As she rode me I began to realize that my hips were being pulled up off the bed.  She’d started lifting her hips whenever she came forwards and her grip on me was almost enough to lift me off the bed.  It hurt a bit but the fact that her vagina was almost strong enough to lift me made me so hard for her it was amazing.

    For the second time that night her good orgasm ripped through her and for minutes after, as I squirmed inside her, and under her, pinned by her immoveable grip, she experienced orgasm after orgasm.

    “Oh! My God!  That was amazing! You’re incredible, oh I want to grow bigger and stronger, just for you my little man.  If a six foot version of me, just a little bit stronger than you can make you want me like this, imagine what I’d be able to do at seven feet, or even eight!”

    I began to get hard inside her again.

    “Oooh, and imagine what I’d be able to do when my muscles double, no triple in size.  Your body would seem tiny when compared to mine, my arms would make yours look like toothpicks, one of my legs would be bigger than both of yours.  I’d be gigantic compared to you…”

    I grew even bigger inside her.

    “Mmmm, and you’d have to look up at me and would only be able to kiss me when I bent down from my unimaginable height to kiss you, or when I’d pick you up with one hand and lift you up to my moist, sensuous, soft, waiting lips.

    I began to shudder and moan with pleasure and anticipation as I felt her massaging me inside her.

    “(Gasp) I’d be your Amazon!  (Gasp) Your Giantess!  (Oh! My God!)  Your muscle woman!  (Aaaah!)  Tell me you want me!  (Oh!!)  Tell me you want me to be your gigantically tall, inhumanly muscular woman.”

    “I want you to totally over-power me, to totally out-muscle me, to totally dwarf me with your height, to take me knowing I can’t do anything to stop you, I want you!  I want you!”

    There are some events that can be called cataclysmic, that change the world forever.  This was it.  As the third set of multiple orgasms ripped through her six foot tall 185 pound lithe and muscular body (my third as well), she totally gave herself in to becoming the eight foot tall, 1500 plus pound muscle giantess I’d hoped she’d want to become, and thanks to Dom’s program, she was well on her way.

    As a result of this moment, we were able to fundamentally change the very nature of human existance on this planet.

    Prophet Tenebrae

    Ah… ever since Jeff Goldblum managed to become a big ol' fly, people have been messing around with this idea… or maybe since Scotty first beamed someone up… Suffice to say that I can't recollect any of the results being quite so sexy… Don't you dare leave us hanging too long.

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