Teleportmorphation. (Part 1)

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    Don't worry.  I have a very specific goal/image in mind that will hopefully give this story an ending.  Something I'm notoriously lax with…

    Glad you're enjoying it!


    Wow, that was fantastic man. I really like the tongue part too.


    Don't you dare leave us hanging too long.

    I don't usually make comments that are meant to apply pressure to someone, but this story is awesome!  You so can't leave us hanging too long.  Now with that said, feel free to take the time you need to complete the next chapter with the same quality.


    Teleportmorphation. Part 4
    By Ratlaf.

    Three more chapters, including this one…  This one's a bit short but the last two are going to be totally worth the wait!!  Enjoy!


    “I’m 200 pounds now!” she bounded up to me and flexed.  Her body nearly exploded with new muscle, showing off her growth over the past five days with phenomenal detail.  “What do you think!”

    “You’re beautiful!”

    “Really!?” she said turning all bashful like she always does when I pay her a compliment.

    “Definitely,” I said getting up off the couch and turning my head up to kiss her lips.  I didn’t quite have to stand on my tip toes yet, but that day was coming very soon.  The smile she gave me as she looked down at me made me very happy.  “You know, I’m the luckiest man alive.”

    “No… Really?” she squirmed in response.


    “Then that makes me the luckiest woman in the world,” she exclaimed as she swept me up into her arms, lifting me up until I was floating several inches above her, putting me at our previous height ratio, except she was holding me with one arm, squeezing me tight to her body while my feet dangled off the ground.  “Take a look at this,” she said as she brought her free arm up into a bicep flex in front of my face. 

    Her arm grew and grew until I thought the muscle would explode right through her skin.  She was easily larger than Shawna Walker and yet she was all mine.  I’d never seen, let alone touched this much muscle on a woman before.  As I explored her ever changing body I predictably grew hard for her again.

    “Hmm, we’ll take care of that li’l guy later, we’re late for dinner.  Anna and Dom are meeting us there.”

    “Oh, OK,” I said obviously a bit crestfallen.

    “Well, I suppose a quickie wouldn’t make us too late.”

    My feet didn’t touch the ground once, and while she had to switch arms every once in a while I was always able to caress and feel her other arm, not to mention her broad shoulders, her thick neck, her meaty back, her full chest and breasts, and my legs could feel the power lurking within her legs as I wrapped myself around m’lady muscles.


    “There you are!  Finally we can eat. Where have you two love birds been?!” Anna cried out as we sat down at the table.

    After passing a glance between us Katrina replied: “Oh, you know me, I’m always either late or sometimes just barely on time.”

    “Yeah, you haven’t missed any key work meetings yet, but I wonder.  By the way, Trina, you look different somehow.”

    “Yep, stand on up and you can see for yourself,” she said as she stood up.  Anna had always been about the same height but now she looked up and up at my towering Kat and her eyes grew bigger and bigger.

    “How, how did you get so tall all of a sudden? And you’ve got muscle too!!  You look great!  Are you as strong as you look?  Do you like what’s happened to you?” Anna bubbled.

    “Oh yeah, I’m thoroughly enjoying these changes, and I’m most definitely as strong as I look, he can vouch for that.”

    I nodded in affirmation.

    “As to how this happened, well, I get the feeling from these two that we’re about to find out.”  Looking at both of our shocked faces she smirked and kept going.  “Ever since you ran into him almost a month ago you two have been constantly phoning and emailing and while I haven’t spied on you, I did overhear a few things…”

    “Well, we jut thought-“

    “Kat I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you-“ we both stammered at the same time totally terrified that my now 6’2” 200 pound muscle lady was going to get pissed at the both of us and we knew we were powerless to stop her.

    “Wait, wait!  Relax you two!  Even though I could punish both of you at the same time with this new body you’ve given me,” she said putting her hands together and flexing her chest, shoulders, neck and arms, her back contributing to the massive vision of muscle she now presented, “I love my new body so much I’m going to agree to go through with whatever you have in store for me.  As long as you let me do the same to you,” she added looking at me.

    “Um, sure.  Anything for you.”


    “Well, yeah, if you’re willing to go through with what I want…”

    “Alright then.  I love you my little man.”

    “I love you too!” I said as we kissed.

    “Aww isn’t that sweet,” Dom joked, “shall we order and I can fill you in on all the details.”

    “That sounds great!” Anna exclaimed, obviously liking what she was hearing.


    “…and I think it might be possible to introduce foreign DNA into the algorithm too.” Dom concluded after filling in our ladies on all the details.

    “What do you mean, like animal DNA?  We could give people tails and wings and whatnot…!?”

    “Well, yeah.  I’m not sure exactly how yet but I don’t see why not.  I mean if we can do what we’re doing to you, Trina, then yeah.”

    “Crazy!  So how do we proceed and release this to the world?” I asked.

    “I’ve hired an agent and an advertising firm, and along with your marketing and the protection of the patent, which will take at least another 6 weeks I’d say we’ll be able to release in two months.  Just about the time you’ll be done growing into what Ben has in mind for you.”

    “And hopefully what I have in mind for him too…” Trina said ominously.

    “Hey, watch it li’l lady or I’ll have to… well I’ll…” I finished lamely as she sat up to her full height and flexed her muscles threateningly while giving me the most radiant smile she had, telling me with her eyes that she was going to ravish me tonight if I kept this up.  So I did.  And she did. And it was amazing!


    Excellent story, Ratlaf!


    Teleportmorphation. Part 5
    By Ratlaf.

    For the next two months my Katrina kept on growing and growing.  Oddly though her muscles grew in direct proportion to her height.  She was growing taller and stronger but if you saw her out of context you’d still think she was a champion middle weight female bodybuilder.  About the same size and definition as Kristy Hawkins.  When you saw her in context however, she would dwarf me and everything around her with her height, her fully flexed muscles were bigger and stronger than any woman had ever possessed.

    When she grew to a foot taller than me she prepared a special anniversary treat for us.  She was now 6’10”ish and almost 325 pounds of Amazonian muscle and power.  I’d also begun to undergo the changes she wanted to see in me which amazingly enough only included a larger penis, mostly just to match her larger size, and a longer tongue just like hers.  I will say it felt great to be of a size to match and pleasure her but I wondered how big I’d get when she grew into the eight foot range.

    I entered her place to find it lit only with candles.  There was a note on the table for me to come into the living room.  When I entered I was greeted by the spectacular sight of my Amazon lying naked on the floor surrounded by a room full of candles.

    “Come here my little lover boy,” she purred and pointed to a spot next to her.  As I walked across the room I also walked the length of her which gave me a very good idea of just how enormous she was becoming.  It seemed to take ages for me to walk the length of her legs and torso to the spot she’d indicated next to her perfect breasts.  Of course I was already hard for her and with my new size my pants were struggling to contain me.

    Seeing my bulge she smiled and oh so slowly extended her new tongue to it’s full nine inches.  My bulge became more pronounced.  Smiling even more she lifted her head so that she could lick and squeeze her own nipples with her tongue.  As her nipples grew hard my pants began to become painful.

    “Here, let me help you with those,” she said and with one finger ripped open my pants and peeled them off of me.  I pulled my shirt off too because what was the point now.  Freed from his prison my hard-on jumped to attention, ready to pleasure m’lady muscles.  “Not yet,” she purred again.

    This time, still using her tongue she slowly worked her way up from my feet, up my legs to take all of me in her mouth.  I shuddered with pleasure.  She then wrapped all of her tongue around me several times and began to give me the best blow job ever.  Actually, it was more of a tongue job, but either way it was incredible.  I even began to feel my body lifting off the ground again.  She was sitting on the ground and using only her tongue to hold on to me and using only her neck to lift me.  When my feet lifted off the ground I gasped and nearly came then and there.

    Not wanting to pull the trigger just yet she eased up and continued her tour up my body until she was kneeling and kissing my lips at the same time.  On her knees she was a bit shorter than me putting us back at our previous height ratio.  Our two long tongues danced and sparred within our mouths but because the tongue is a skeletal muscle, her tongue easily overpowered mine and it felt amazing.

    Kat then continued to stand up and I realized it was my turn to use this long new tongue we’d given each other. As she stood up I paid special attention to all of her huge bulging muscles.  At her height her arms were easily 28 inches around so my tongue had no chance of encircling it, neither did my hands for that matter.  I did however trace a sinuous path around all the new curves her muscles presented and by the time I made it to her nipples she was shuddering with anticipation.

    I squeezed and even bit her nipples as I continued my tour of her incredibly body.  By the time I made it down to her crotch she was so eager for me that the moment my tongue found it’s way inside her she sucked me in completely, mashing my face into her crotch, my lips covering her own. 

    A normal woman’s vagina is stronger than any muscle any man could ever build, but Kat’s has also been benefiting from the transporters so she was able to totally trap my tongue inside her.  I was still able to move the tip around and make it pulse like a snake, but she wasn’t letting go.  Not until she got what she wanted and while my tongue was busy inside her my hands were busy with her nipples and the rest of her magnificent musculature.  She in turn took me in her hand and was bringing me close to eruption as well.

    Suddenly it happened!  Her body began shaking uncontrollably, my tongue felt like it was getting crushed then she let me go as wave after wave of orgasmic contractions hit her.  I kept my tongue in her as long as I could to keep her coming.

    “Stand on up here my lover boy,” she said a few minutes later.

    I stood up and at her full height I was eye level with her pillowy pecs, just above where her breasts took over.  I knew from experience that when flexed they were rock hard making her breasts stand out proudly from her chest.

    “Your turn now,” she said as she lifted me off the ground by my buttocks.  She still needed both hands for what she had in mind.  I thought she was going to lift me into herself but I kept rising until my legs were basically in her armpits, my dick was nestled between her pecs and breasts and I was looking down at her when she smiled and began flexing her chest.

      The ripple of her muscles flexing sent a shiver of pure pleasure all the way up the length of me and when it reached my tip it backfired into my body turning me into jelly in her hands.  And that was just the beginning.  She continued to ripple her pecs up and down the length of me until I couldn’t hold it in any longer.  Her long tongue snaked out of her mouth to catch my jizz as I convulsed in her arms while her pecs flexed me into the best titty-fuck imaginable!

    And the night was just getting started…!

    She set me down in front of her and as I stood there shakily, she began a flexing routine she’d obviously prepared for this night.  By now she knew all of my favorite poses and she’d sequenced them perfectly.  By the time she flared her lats, showing off a “V” taper that would make Isabelle Turell envious, I was hard for her again, and when she finished her back double biceps, I was trembling, the grand finale was one back bicep flex while her other arm flared her lats.

    I couldn’t stand it anymore, I leapt at her, wrapped my arms around her midsection, and forced myself into her from behind.

    She wasn’t expecting this assault and gasped with pleasure and surprise.  Then, knowing the best angle for us she went to her knees and bent forward so as to allow me maximum penetration as I stood up straight behind her.

    I started out slow at first, which I knew was tortuous for her.  The new length of me would take ten seconds to slide in and out of her.  Then, as our rhythm increased she’d begin to hold me a bit, and squeeze me a bit.  Then as she was getting nearer to her little death she began to actively pull me into her.  All this time my hands were roaming over her incredibly muscular body.  A body previously only possible in my imagination. Realizing that I was having sex with the real thing, a real muscle woman, incredibly beautiful, so much taller and stronger than me, and the love of my life on top of that made me explode into her!

    She felt it coming, as always, and let herself go too.  This was no little death, this was an orgasm that was all encompassing for her new Amazonian size.  Her eyes rolled up to the back of her head, she stopped breathing for about fifteen seconds and nearly passed out from the intensity of it.

    When she recovered a bit she reached behind her with one arm, grabbed me under the armpit and ripped me out of her, lifting me up over her head.  She then stood, still holding me with one arm, put her back to the wall and said; “Pin me my little man!”

    The illusion that I was pinning her to the wall was one that always turned her on.  She brought me down to her and as I wrapped my legs around her waist she pulled me inside her.  Then she did what I thought was previously impossible.  She put both her hands above her head for me to pin to the wall and was holding me only with her vagina, helped a bit by my legs wrapped around her waist.

    So I pinned her to the wall totally overwhelmed by every new thing her incredibly strong body was capable of.  It was ludicrous of course, me pinning her to the wall, especially since my hands didn’t even go all the way around her wrists, let alone her 16 inch forearms.  But it was the position of subservience that made it real for her and as I began to rock my hips she began to pull me in and out of her with her arms still pinned above her head.

    I had no fear of being dropped out of her because she was just that strong!  In short order, helped along by her previous orgasms she began orgasming again and this time it was my turn to let myself go to match her.  We twitched and spasmed with so much pleasure that she lost her balance and crashed through the wall into our home office.  She took out a couple of studs but in our pleasure neither of us noticed until hours later when we finally regained some semblance of coherent thought.

    I decided that night to ask her to marry me.  When she’d reached her final gargantuan size that is…


    Teleportmorphation.  Part 6.
    By Ratlaf

    I had it all planned out.

    Katrina had finally, after three months, reached her final height and to be honest, I had no real idea how big eight plus feet really was.  I felt miniscule next to her, walking down the street, in the car, on the couch, in bed, everywhere!  She totally dwarfed me in every way and situation possible.  It made me a little nervous but that nervousness quickly turned into excitement when she’d catch me staring and she’d flex a muscle, or smile down at me seductively.

    When she reached eight feet the program stopped adding to her height and completed building her muscles.  In three weeks she went from looking like an eight foot tall middle-weight female bodybuilder to a mountain of muscle that nearly defies description, but I’ll try. 

    It’s kind of hard to describe just a single arm of muscle, longer than I am tall and about twice the size of my own body.  Then to realize that arm is attached to the body of the woman you love and that her torso makes her arms look proportional to her eight feet of height.  A height that puts my eyes at her belly button which just happens to be filled with mounds of abdominal muscle the size of pool balls.  Then the realization strikes me that she has a second arm just as big and when combined her two arms barely make up half of the mass of one of her legs, and she’s got two of those and knows how to use them.

    When that single arm, two times the size of my body begins to move and the muscles of that arm begins to flex and expand, the fight or flight instinct kicks in, heavy on the flight.  But then I remember that this bicep that’s expanding next to me, bigger than my torso, is attached to the love of my life and that she’s always been supremely gentle with me at all times, I relax and try to wrap my arms around her upper arm.  Heh!  Not even close, and they’re spreading farther and farther apart as she flexes an arm that could single handedly lift a Hummer.  The real ones, not the fake ones; and remember she’s got two of these arms!

    My perfect woman!!!

    We’d released our program by now and as predicted the world went crazy over it.  Within half a year everyone who could afford it was turning themselves into their idea of the ideal being.  I don’t say human being because a good number of people grew wings, tongues, tails, claws, eyes, tentacles, antennae, horns you name it!  One guy even half transformed himself into a velociraptor.  Who knows where he got that DNA from and we didn’t ask.  As a result Kat was nowhere near the oddity she’d feared she was becoming initially. 

    Actually, those women bodybuilders who didn’t really want to compete in the legal competitions turned themselves into their ideal image of female muscle, power and height.  We had to make concessions to The Alliance of Nations not to alter the fundamental reproductive DNA of people, otherwise our species would go extinct, but once kids turned of age they were allowed to do whatever they wanted to themselves as long as evolution went along unhindered by our manipulations.

    As a result, Kat and I felt totally comfortable with each other as we went out to the swanky dinner where I’d planned to ask her to marry me.  If it weren’t for her willingness to be our first test subject, allowing Dom to perfect his program, we wouldn’t be where we are today, eating in the best restaurant on the planet with a $1500 bottle of wine that was worth every penny.

    I looked across the table at her immense form and smiled up at her.

    “My beautiful muscle giantess?”

    “Yes my little lover?

    “Will you marry me,” I asked on my knee, revealing the ring I’d had specially made for her.  It looked to be the size of one of those napkin ring holder things.

    “Oh! Yes, of course I’ll marry you my little magician,” she pronounced to the whole restaurant while lifting me up with one arm, the way I liked best, and kissing me with every ounce of passion she possessed for me.  I reciprocated in kind and of course we had to have each other then and there.

    We kept our heads long enough to get ourselves home but after parking in the driveway we both knew we’d waited long enough.  We pounced at each other like the two hungry, wild animals we were and within moments were naked and having sex on the hood of her car.

    Katrina was so gigantic that we had to get her a reinforced, a.k.a. armored, car that was able to first of all, fit all of her inside, still allowing her to drive, and be able to handle all 1500 plus pounds of her.  Even so this car stood no chance against the passion we felt for each other.

    As she sat on the hood of her car, with me standing all the way up between her legs, I slid myself into her, filling her to capacity yet only able to reach and kiss the lower half of her breasts, my arms roaming over her broad muscular back, her ass, her perfect breasts, her nipples.  I could see it in her eyes that she was enjoying having her big little man inside her but her eyes and face and lips were so far away that my mind still couldn’t comprehend they were attached to the same body.

    As our passion for each other built up to the point where car alarms a block away were going off and neighbors were yelling at us to keep it down, the car buckled underneath us as we came together again and again and again.  Trina was arching her back, her head tilted back with pleasure, one of her arms on the ground to give her a little support, while my tiny body was overwhelmed and out massed by her ginormously muscular body, yet still causing her the utmost pleasure possible. 

    All this while the car was being crushed underneath us…

    I’m sure a part of our brains heard the screech of metal as the car was crushed, heard the car alarms and the yells, but was tuned out by the part of our brains that held our love for each other, our passion, our wild frantic desire for each other.

    When we regained coherent thought we looked at the ruin of her car.  It looked like it had tangled with a herd of rampaging elephants and lost badly.

    “You want to see something amazing?” she asked me.

    “I’ve got all the amazing I ever need right here!” I said climbing up onto her back and kissing her neck the way she likes best.

    “Really…?” she asked turning all bashful again.


    “Well, I’m going to show you anyway, so there!” she proclaimed and with that began crushing her totaled car between her legs.  First she crushed the engine across the grille and radiator.  Then the trunk of the car.  The she set it on it’s side with one hand and folded it in half with her arms.  The size and definition of her muscle was unbelievable and I started jerking uncontrollably.  I realized I’d just come while merely watching my fiancée do the impossible. 

    After the car was folded she submitted it to her legs again and when she had compressed it to a rough cube she began molding it with just her hands.  The metal screeched with protest as she sculpted it into a sphere.

    “Here you go honey, a new beach ball for us to play with when we go to Fiji next week.”


    “Yeah, give it a try.”

    I went up to it and realized it was taller than me, yet in her hands it had looked like a child’s beach ball.  I even tried to give it a shove to roll it but of course a metal sphere six feet in diameter wasn’t going to be budged by someone my size.

    “Here, let me help you,” and with one hand she palmed the metal beach ball and carelessly tossed it to herself, back and forth from right hand to left, even up behind her back.  Her muscles worked and pumped up with blood as she played with her new toy and as she grew bigger and more cut, I grew instantly hard for her again.  When she saw this she gently lifted me up to her waiting lips and brought us inside to our bedroom, all the while palming the resculpted ruins of her car in her other hand as if it weighed no more than a real beach ball.

    We’d never been happier.

    The End.

    Hunter S Creek

    Thanks for sharing your very cool story, Ratlaf!



    Merci viel mahl Hunter.  😉  Glad you enjoyed it as much as I do.



    Worth every second of the wait.  Thanks Ratlaf, for creating this account and depiction of my perfect woman. 😉

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