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    The Perfume By Solomon:

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    Geez, I don’t see anything that would indicate a version number. It looks like I got it on October 13, 2009.

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    This is the only file that I found for this story. Too bad, I would like to read the next chapter. I did find a few others by Bass though.
    This one was in the iiichan archive under “F”.
    The date on the file is 18-Dec-2008 12:06.

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    Thanks E15R91F, that’s helpful.
    Here is “The Fleming Family”

    There also seems to be a bit of activity by the “late” Parthian at TheValkyrie and Giantessworld:

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    Hi everyone. Here’s my attempt at a muscle growth story based on the second series of Digimon. None of these characters belong to me; they are all the property of their respective owners. Enjoy!

    Fruit of Power, by Bass.

    “Thanks to Okiawa’s sacrifice, the Digital World should be safe from all future attacks,” Izzy explained to the other digi-destined. The battle with Malomyotismon now seemed a distant memory. Even though only a couple of days had passed. Gemmai sent Izzy an email explaining how they could help the Digital World further. Izzy had called a meeting with the other digi-destined to discuss the contents of the email. “So it would only be fair that we returned all the power we borrowed from Azulongmon.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Tai replied. “But how will we get our Digimon to return the power given to them?”

    “It’s actually quite simple,” Izzy stated in a matter of fact kind of way. He rolled over to his drawers, and pulled a small orb out of the top drawer. “Here is the Digi-core Gemmai gave to us. We can use it to siphon the energy out of them, and then we return the Digi-core to the Digital World. All of the original digi-destined’s Digimon gave their energy to Imperialdramon so he could change into his Fighter mode. So all we have to do is get Gatomon, Patamon, Veemon, Wormmon, Armidillomon and Hawkmon to give up their energy.”

    “Do you mind giving up Azulongmon’s energy?” Kari asked her digimon partner Gatomon.

    “No, not at all, if it’s for the best of the Digital World,” Gatomon replied.

    “Yeah, let’s do it,” Patamon added. “With any luck, we won’t need them anymore.”

    “Besides, it is loaned power as well,” Tai stated.

    “Alright everyone,” Izzy said. “All the new digi-destined just point your digivices at the digi-core. With any luck, Azulongmon’s power should return to the digi-core.”

    Davis, Ken, Yolei, Cody, Kari and T.K. crowded around Izzy, and pointed their D-3’s at the digi-core. The devices begun glowing as streams of light flowed from the D-3’s to the digi-core. The digi-core began glowing a faint white as the last bit of energy left the children’s digivices.

    “So what do we do with the digi-core?” Davis asked.

    “It’s really simple,” Izzy replied. “We’ll go to the Digital World and plant the digi-core.”

    “Let’s go,” Yolei said as she held her D-3 out in front of the TV. “Digi-port open!”

    The rest of the digi-destined stood behind Yolei, holding out their digivices. A bright white light shone out from the monitor as all the digi-destined disappeared into the digiworld. They arrived in a large grassy plane.

    “This looks like a good spot,” Izzy said. Matt and Tai got down on their hands and knees and begun digging a small hole in the soft soil. Izzy placed the digi-core into the fresh hole and covered it up again. “The energy of the digi-core will return to the Digital World. This should help return some of the former beauty to the Digital World, and also restore some stability to it.”

    “But what if a new enemy comes,” T.K. asked. “How will we defend the Digital World?”

    “We are now stronger in numbers,” Izzy responded. “With the help of our international friends, we should be able to handle any enemy.”

    Five years later.

    “I’m home!” a 18-year-old Kari cheerfully yelled out as she entered her home after a rough day at school. Like usual, she had taken on more extra-curricular activities then she could handle. She was also preparing for the next big ballet recital, which was coming up in a couple of weeks time. Tai no longer lived with them; he was currently enrolled in an out of city college. Kari had grown into a beautiful young woman. Her body was slender and perfect, and her breasts large and firm. Her brown hair had grown down to shoulder length.

    “Welcome home Kari,” Kari’s mother replied. “Do you have much homework?”

    “No,” Kari replied. “My teachers showed mercy on us today. I think they’re getting weakness.”

    “Ha,” Kari’s mom laughed. “That’ll be the day. Now clean up, dinner will be ready in about half an hour. Tonight we’re having Turnip and Eggplant burgers.”

    “Yum, I can’t wait,” Kari lied. ‘Just enough time for one quick visit to the Digital World.’

    Kari skipped into her room and dumped her backpack in the corner of her room. She quickly changed into something more comfortable before turning on her computer and reaching for her trusty pink D-3 out of her top drawer.

    “Digi-port open!” she said as she held her D-3 in front of the monitor. Kari disappeared into the computer with a bright flash of light, and soon landed in the Digital World. Like usual, her clothes changed into her pink and white top with yellow shorts.

    “Gatomon!” Kari yelled out as she searched for her digimon companion. “Where are you?”

    Kari opened up her D-Terminal and opened up a map of the Digital World. She sat under the shade of a large apple tree and had a closer look at the map. “No wonder, this isn’t the spot where I agreed to meet with Gatomon.”

    A big red apple fell from the tree and hit Kari right on the top of her head. After swearing loudly, she picked up the apple and had a closer look at it.

    “This is the spot where we buried that digi-core,” Kari said to herself. “But I don’t remember there ever been an apple tree here.”

    Kari rubbed the apple with her shirt, “Looks tasty,” she commented. “And I haven’t had a thing to eat all day.”

    Kari took a bite into the large round apple. It was extremely tasty. Soon she had finished off the entire apple and was picking at every last edible bit on the core. “Damn that was a tasty apple,” she said to herself as she looked up at the tree. “There are tonnes of them up there. But how should I get some more down?”

    She tried climbing up the tree trunk, but it proved too slippery, and she kept on sliding back down. She tried looking for rocks, to try and knock one down, but there weren’t any to be found. Kari felt a sudden influx of strength in her arms, an idea came to her mind. She stood in front of the tree, and punched the trunk with all her strength. Apples rained down from the tree, covering the ground. Kari ran around with glee as she grabbed handfuls of the sweet fruit. A couple of minutes later, there was a small bunch of apple cores sitting beside her. Kari patted her stomach with satisfaction as she picked the apple from between her teeth.

    “I never knew fruit could be so satisfying,” Kari laughed. There were still many apples lying around on the ground. “I should take the rest of these home. Maybe mom could make an apple pie out of them.”

    Kari gathered up all the fallen apples and placed them into her backpack. She felt a little lightheaded, but she ignored it at first. Soon all the fruit was gathered up together. Kari rubbed her head as she begun feeling dizzier.

    “I shouldn’t have eaten all that fruit,” she cursed. “I didn’t even know where it came from, and is my top feeling tighter?”

    Her top, which was skin-tight before, begun feeling tighter and tighter as her breasts slowly inflated. A sharp pain in her lower chest doubled her over and she clutched onto the ground. Tears rolled down her cheeks, the pain was becoming unbearable. Her top tore open as her breasts (now the size of basketballs) popped out. She rubbed up and down her lower chest. Where once was nothing was now a set of rock hard abs. The sharp pains turned to feeling of intense pleasure, as her shoulders grew wider and larger with amazing definition. Her expanding shoulders destroyed the remaining fabric of her shirt. Her lower and upper arm muscles inflated, expanding until the fabric tore at the seems. With one quick pull, she tore off the remains of her shirt with so desperately gripped onto her massive upper body.

    Kari’s glute muscles grew larger and firmer, tearing through the fabric of her shorts. Her leg muscles grew to enormous proportions. Her feet grew longer and wider, destroying her shoes and socks. The pain wore off soon, leaving her crouching on the ground, semi-naked. A tiny bit of fabric from her shorts remained, covering her crotch, which fell away as she stood up. Her body reached a height of 12 feet, and her body pulsating with muscle which would have weighed around 1 – 1.5 tonnes. Her shoulders were around 5 – 6 feet wide, and covered in powerful muscle. Powerful pec muscles supported her massive breasts, which were now around 3 feet in diameter.

    “This is a problem,” Kari sighed to herself as she inspected her new massive body. “I’m going to need help.”

    “Kari,” a voice called out. It was Gatomon, and she was running as fast as she could to her partner. But this was the last thing she would be expecting to see. Kari covered up her breasts and vagina as best as she could.

    “Kari?” Gatomon gasped. “What happened to you? You’re massive?”

    “Gatomon, I need your help,” Kari gasped. “I need clothing!”

    “But how did you end up like that?” Gatomon asked.

    “All I did was eat the fruit from this tree,” Kari replied as she blushed from embarrassment.

    “You ate the fruit from the Tree of Power?” Gatomon gasped.

    “Tree of Power?” Kari asked.

    “Yeah, it grew from the spot where we planted that digi-core,” Gatomon replied. “How many did you eat?”

    “Um, about twenty,” Kari sighed.

    “I’ll send an email to Izzy,” Gatomon said as she ran over to Kari’s D-Terminal and opened it up with her paws. “I think you’re hands may be too strong and you’re fingers too big to work it.”

    “She did what?” Izzy gasped as he read the email from Gatomon.

    “Izzy, what’s going on?” Tai asked as he looked up from his magazine. The two were room buddies, living together at college. The dorm room was full of electrocial equipment, including a couple of computers, a TV and PS2, and a coffee maker in the corner.

    “It’s Kari,” Izzy replied. Tai jumped up off his bed and ran up behind Izzy.

    “What happened to her?” he asked.

    “She ate some weird fruit in the Digital World,” Izzy stated as he pulled up a map of the Digital World.

    “Is she sick?” Tai asked.

    “No,” Izzy replied. “Gatomon said she was feeling fine.”

    “Gatomon?” Tai asked. “How come Kari couldn’t send the message herself?”

    “Will you stop asking questions!” Izzy stated. “I’m trying to find out as much as I can.”

    Izzy lept for his D-Terminal again as another email from Gatomon came though. “She has eaten the Fruit of Power,” Izzy said aloud.

    “What’s that?” Tai asked.

    “I don’t know,” Izzy replied. Another email had arrived, this one from their old friend Gemmai. “But maybe Gemmai could shed some light on it.”

    “Izzy,” the email read. “It looks like one of your friends got a little hungry and ate one of the forbidden fruits of the Digital World. The Fruit of Power is the fruit, which comes from the Tree of Power. The Tree of Power was created when you planted the digi-core into the ground in the Digital World. Turns out it had a different effect then we had anticipated. Unfortunately there is not way to reverse the effects of the fruit, she will remain that way forever. But there may be a way we could disguise it, at least in your world. I’ll give you more info as I find it.”

    “I wonder what effect it had on her?” Izzy asked.

    “I had better check up on her,” Tai stated. “Well, I would, if I didn’t have this damn tutorial coming up.”

    “I’ll see if Sora or anyone else can help,” Izzy stated as she begun typing away on his D-Terminal. Besides, she might feel comfortable around other girls.”

    “Sure Izzy,” Sora typed into her D-Terminal. “I can go check on her if you want. Mimi can come with me.”

    After the monster incident in New York, Mimi’s parents knew that they’d never be able to escape from the Digital Monsters. The next year, they had moved back to their old home in Japan. Mimi and Sora were roommates together, who also went to the same College as both Tai and Izzy. Moments later, both Mimi and Sora had entered the Digital World and had reached the spot where Izzy told them Kari was.

    “I wonder where she is?” Mimi thought out loud. The girls reached the area Kari was suppose to be, but there wasn’t any sign of her or of Gatomon. As the two young women entered the Digital World, their clothes changed as the way they usually do. Sora was wearing her yellow top, with blue jeans, as Mimi was wearing her blue and red top with white mini-skirt.

    “Hey look,” Sora called out as she spotted the large apple tree. Several apples had fallen from the branches. “Apples! I’m starving! Do you want some too?”

    “Of course,” Mimi replied. “They look tasty!”

    “Isn’t that Kari’s bag?” Sora asked as she spotted a pink bag lying on the ground.

    “Could be,” Mimi said as she took a bite from the large juicy apple.

    “Save some for me,” Sora whined as she plucked one of the apples off the ground. After cleaning it on her shirt, she took a large bite out of it. “Mmm, it’s so good. I could sit here and eat these things all day long.”

    Several minutes later, a pile of apple cores sat between the two 20-year-old women.

    “I’m full,” Sora gasped as she picked her teeth clean. “I guess we should try and find Kari.”

    “Those apples were so addictive,” Mimi stated. “Maybe we should take some of them home.”

    “I bet Kari had the same idea,” Sora said as she looked over at the bag filled up with apples. “You don’t think the apples had anything to do with what’s happened to Kari, do you?”

    “I don’t know,” Mimi replied. “But something that tastes that good can’t be good for you.”

    “Kari!” Sora yelled out as she climbed back to her feet. “Where are you?”

    “Kari!” Mimi yelled out.

    “Sora, Mimi,” Gatomon yelled out. “She’s over here! She’s resting up!”

    The small white Digimon cat ran up besides Mimi and Kari. She was puffing and panting, trying to talk. “She’s down besides a stream that runs nearby. It’s not that far from here. Follow me.”

    “What happened to her?” Sora asked as she chased after the cat Digimon. Mimi tried her best to keep up with the two, but was falling behind.

    “Didn’t Izzy tell you?” Gatomon asked.

    “Izzy didn’t say much,” Sora replied.

    “Will you two wait up?” Mimi yelled out from behind.

    “Kari ate the fruit from the Tree of Power,” Gatomon replied. “We’re almost there.”

    “What does this fruit look like?” Sora asked, a hint of worry in her voice.

    “Like big red apples,” Gatomon replied. “Here she is.”

    Sora gasped in shock as she reached the now gigantic Kari, who was lying down besides the small stream, completely naked. “She’s feeling faint, no doubt from the transformation. It took a lot out of her.”

    “Woah, is that Kari?” Mimi puffed as she caught up to the pair. “How’d she get so huge?”

    “That’s not important now,” Gatomon replied. “She’s starving from the transformation. It would have boosted her metabolism.”

    “There’s plenty of fruit on that tree back there,” Mimi replied. “Sora and I must have eaten 50 of them between us.”

    “You ate them too?” Gatomon asked.

    “We just thought they were ordinary apples,” Sora sighed. “Whew, is it just me or is it getting hot.”

    “Oh no,” Gatomon sighed. “It begins.”

    Sora dropped to the ground and grabbed her lower chest as a sudden sharp pain flowed through her body. She could feel her clothing getting tighter, and tigher. Mimi stood over her full of concern.

    “Sora!” Mimi gasped before she too fell to the ground from the pain of the transformation. The sudden pain soon turned to a feeling of pleasure as Sora’s chest begun to pump up until her top was splitting at the seems. The fabric torn as her breasts inflated and pushed outwards. Her legs beefed up until her jeans were torn apart by her now massive legs. Sora’s gloves were torn to shreds by her hands, which grew larger and stronger. Soon, all of her clothing was torn apart by her growing body. Minutes later the growth stopped.

    “Wow, that was really something,” Sora said to herself as she stood up. It looked like Mimi’s transformation was over too, and she was massive. Sora now stood just around 14 feet tall. She gasped in shock as she looked over her new rock hard body, which overflowed with newly formed muscle. Her body was covered in ultra dense muscle, perfectly sculptured giving her whole body a weight of over 1.5 tonnes. Her biceps, when flexed formed a height, which went well over her head. And her thighs were several times thicker then most people’s body. Her breasts were now around 4 feet in diameter, and had a mass of over 300 pounds each.

    “Mimi, are you okay?” Sora asked her friend, who was just recovering from the shock of the whole transformation.

    “I’ve never felt better in my entire life,” Mimi said as she stood up, she was the same size and weight as Sora was. Neither of the girls were ashamed of their nudity. Then Mimi fell down onto her knees and whined, “Scratch that though, I’m starving!”

    “I’m feeling famished too,” Sora groaned as she rubbed her rock hard lower chest.

    “Sora, Mimi, is that you?” Kari groaned as she lay on the ground. The starvation was getting too much for her, she felt like she would pass out at any moment now.

    “We’re here Kari,” Sora said comfortingly. “How are you feeling?”

    “So very hungry,” Kari replied as she sat up. “But I think I’ve got enough strength to make it back to the real world.”

    “Neither of you three are going anywhere,” a voice called out behind them. The three girls turned around, Gemmai had arrived. “At least not yet. There once was a time when…”

    “Ah! Hentai!” Mimi yelled out.

    “Gomen-nasai!” Gemmai called out as he stared down at the ground. “But this is really important.”

    “What is it?” Sora asked.

    “Your condition is permanent,” Gemmai confessed. “There is no way to reverse what has been done.”

    “But how are we supposed to live like this?” Mimi whined. “No designers make clothes in this size.”

    “There is a way we can disguise the transformation though,” Gemmai confessed. “However you will still retain you’re strength and weight, just you will go back to the size you were before.”

    “How can you do that?” Kari asked.

    “With Izzy’s help we’ve just uploaded a new program to your digivices,” Gemmai confessed. “But there are some downsides. First, as I said before, it is only cosmetic. Second, it will only last for a couple of hours at a time before you will have to return to the Digital World to recharge your digivices. And lastly, the program is still in its beta stage, so there could be glitches in it.”

    “How does it work?” Sora asked.

    “It’s rather simple,” Gemmai replied. “Just hold up your digivice, and say ‘Disguise On’ to turn it on, and ‘Disguise Off’ to turn it back off.”

    The three girls held up their digivices and said in unison, “Disguise On”. The three girls were enveloped in bright pink energy. Soon, the energy faded away, and the three girls had returned to their original size.

    “Wow,” Mimi gasped. “It worked.”

    “But I’m still starving,” Kari groaned.

    “Now you three must return to the real world,” Gemmai stated. “And remember that this will change the rest of your lives in ways you may not be able to understand at this current time. You’re current level of strength is around ten trillion times greater then what it was before. So it might be a lot to get the hang of.”

    Moments later, Kari had arrived back in the real world. The clothes she was wearing before she left for the Digital World had suddenly reappeared on her. “Woah, that was weird,” Kari thought to herself.

    “Kari, dinner is ready,” Kari’s mother called out.

    “Yah,” Kari said cheerfully as she bound towards the door to her room. With each footstep came an extremely loud thud. Kari shuddered as she remembered about her new body mass. “Opps,” she thought to herself. “I hope I didn’t damage anything.”

    Kari grabbed onto the doorhandle handle, and pulled. But with her extra strength she ended up pulling the doorhandle off. The doorhandle melted in her extremely tight grip and seeped out between her finders. She managed to catch all the run off of the molten steel with her other hand. “What do I do with this,” she thought to herself. Kari quickly pulled the door open (accidentally tearing it off the hinges) and tiptoed over to the bathroom. She quickly dropped the molten metal into the toilet bowl. The metal cooled down instantly when it hit then water.

    “What’s going on in there?” Kari’s mother yelled out.

    “Nothing mom,” Kari lied. “Just the door fell off the hinges.”

    “What a weak door,” Kari’s father gasped as he looked at the damage in Kari’s room. “The thing shattered into woodchips when it hit the floor.”

    “You should get your money back,” Kari laughed nervously as she washed her hands. She carefully treaded from the bathroom into the dining room. Kari’s mom’s burgers were ready, but she didn’t care what was in them. She was so hungry she would eat just about anything. She carefully pulled the chair out, and was about to sit down when she remembered. “You know what,” Kari said. “I think I might eat it standing on the balcony.”

    Kari walked out onto the balcony and placed her plate down on a small table. She was worried the balcony wouldn’t be able to support her weight, but deep down she knew it would. Seconds later the Eggplant and Turnip burger was devoured. The single burger didn’t satisfy her hunger much though. According to the D-3, she would have about another 5 hours before she would have to return to the Digital World to allow the D-3 to recharge. “I’ve got to get more food,” she thought to herself. She was still starving, but she was also broke.

    “Mom, I’m going for a walk,” Kari said as she walked back inside the apartment. “I’ll be back in about half an hour.”

    “Just be careful,” Kari’s mom replied.

    “Don’t worry, I will be,” Kari said as she opened the front door and walked outside. She was starting to get the hang of this unlimited strength thing. At least she wasn’t destroying everything she touched. “I guess I’m too heavy for the elevator,” Kari sighed as she walked towards the staircase. She carefully walked down, step by step. She gradually made it down to the floor level without destroying anything.

    “Maybe Yolei is working tonight,” she thought. “She’ll loan me some food.”

    It was about a 20-minute walk to Yolei’s parent’s convenience store, and Kari was still starving. The streets were unusually quiet for this time of night. A couple of vending machines came into sight, and Kari cheerfully ran up to it (smashing several concrete slabs on the way). Her cheerfulness soon turned to disappointment when she discovered everything was out of her price range.

    “Damn it,” she cursed. After checking out the area quickly she noticed that no one was around. Everything was quiet, and even if someone did notice, what could they do to stop her? She placed her hand on the thick glass. The machine was heavily fortified to prevent break-ins. But she knew that no type of fortifications or armour could prevent her from getting her candy. With her other hand, she grasped onto the top of the vending machine and tore the door of the machine like it were made of paper.

    “Oh, Chocolate Cookie Sticks,” she cheered as she reached for the packet of candy. Ten minutes later every single piece of candy in the machine was consumed. “It’s only fair I clean up,” she laughed to herself as she lifted the door up and crumpled it up into a small ball of scrap metal. She threw the scrap inside the vending machine, then lifted it up off the ground and crumpled it up into a small ball no bigger then a basketball. After throwing the scrap into a bin she continued on with her walk. “I could get use to this,” Kari laughed out loud. “I wonder if Mimi and Sora are having as much fun as me.”

    “Damn inhuman strength,” Sora cursed to herself. A big assignment was due in the very next day, and she was trying her hardest to type it out on her computer. Her insane strength made it hard not to break her keyboard or mouse. “How am I supposed to do this?”

    Sora and Mimi were roommates. At this current time Mimi was trying to get use to her new strength through a new set of exercises. In the corner of the dorm room sat a couple of broken keyboards, a broken computer seat and several other broken bits of furniture. Sora picked up a pencil and carefully picked up the phone. She dialled Izzy’s number; hopefully he’d have some ideas.

    “Hi Izzy,” she said into the phone. “You don’t happen to have any keyboards which can withstand over a trillion pound per square inch do you? Oh, you don’t? No reason, just kidding. Haha, funny huh? There’s something wrong with my computer, and I’ve got this big assignment due in tomorrow. So if you have some spare time tonight, could you please type it up for me? You can? Thanks, I’ll drop off my drafts tonight. Bye.”

    “That was nice of him,” Mimi commented while doing her exercises (which looked remarkably like Tae Bo).

    “The guy can type at 350 words per minute,” Sora replied. “He’ll probably have the whole thing one in about 10 minutes. But still, it was really nice of him.”

    “Are you sure he doesn’t just want to run some tests on you?” Mimi laughed.

    “I don’t think he’d have the guts,” Sora grinned. “I’d better run now to get these drafts to Izzy.”

    “Ok, I’ll see you later tonight,” Mimi said as she picked up her digivice. “We only have another 3 hours till the Digivices run out of power.”

    “I won’t be that long,” Sora stated. “Bye!”

    Sora carefully opened up the dorm room door. She was started to be able to control her strength fairly well. Just her bad keyboard technique made it impossible to type anything. She carefully made her way out of the dormitory house. Izzy and Tai’s dorm wasn’t too far away from theirs. Which was also kinda close to Matt’s. Sora was about to knock on the dorm door when she thought it wouldn’t be worth chancing it.

    “Izzy!” she called out. Tai answered the door, wearing a towel on his head.

    “Hi Sora,” he said. “Izzy’s inside.”

    “Just got out of the shower huh?” Sora asked. “How much shampoo did it take to wash that head of hear?”

    “Ha ha, very funny,” Tai said sarcastically. “You wouldn’t be so smug if you weren’t impervious to physical harm.”

    “I’m just kidding,” Sora replied.

    “Come on it,” Tai said. “Just don’t sit anywhere. We’ve already got enough kindling.”

    “You know, it isn’t nice to make fun of a girl’s weight,” Sora sulked.

    “Oh, you can handle it,” Tai said as he patted her on the shoulder. “You’re a big girl, at least when Izzy’s program isn’t running.”

    “Hi Sora,” Izzy said as he turned around from his computer. “Just leave your notes there. Would you like something to eat or drink?”

    “Yes please,” Sora said cheerfully.

    “Well that’s too bad,” Izzy sighed. “We’re out of everything.”

    “What do you mean? I picked some up..” Tai interrupted, Izzy glared at him. “That’s right, nothing edible at all.”

    “I found out some more information from Gemmai,” Izzy stated. “The Digimon Sovereign aren’t happy that Kari, Mimi and yourself ate that fruit, but because of all the times you’ve saved the Digital World they’re willing to let it slide. They have firewalls in place to prevent Digimon from approaching the Tree of Power. Just they never anticipated for a human to eat its fruit.”

    “Well, as long as no one is upset,” Sora sighed. The thought of the Digimon Sovereign been mad at her terrified her. “So what about these glitches Gemmai told us about?”

    “We haven’t found any yet,” Izzy replied. “But the program is still in its infant stages. I’ll drop these off in the morning. You should get back to your dorm before the Disguise program stops working.”

    “Ok, thanks Izzy,” Sora said.

    “One last question,” Tai interrupted. “How’s Kari handling this?”

    “Last time I saw her she was fine,” Sora replied. “Besides, she’s a mature girl.”

    “Ohh, ATM,” Kari said as she spied an automatic teller machine across the street from here. She looked the machine over a couple of times before plunging her hand into the machine and pulling out a small camera. “Don’t want anyone to know I was here,” she laughed as she pulled the machine out of the wall. With ease, she removed the vault from the machine and tore it open.

    “Some yen should come in handy,” she said as she pocketed a large handful of cash. Quickly she left the scene of the crime. No one would believe that a sweet innocent girl like her could do such damage with her bare hands. She pulled the money out of her pocket and counted it, fifty thousand yen in total. Of course there was more money in the vault, but this is all she would really need. She could hear a couple of voices in the distance, voices she knew all too well.

    “And I’m telling you Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best movie was ‘Terminator 2!’”

    “You got it all wrong T.P., it was ‘Kindergarten Cop’!”

    “That movie was terrible. And we’ve known each other for over six years and I have to keep telling you my name is T.K.!”

    “Hi guys,” Kari said. “What ya doing?”

    “Oh, hi Kari,” T.K. said. “Nah, we’re not doing anything. We don’t have any money.”

    “I’ve got money,” Kari said. “How would you like to go bowling?”

    “Wow Kari,” Davis exclaimed. “It was awesome of you to pay for bowling like this. You are such a nice person!”

    “Don’t worry,” Kari laughed. The three of them walked down to the nearest bowling alley, where Kari handed over a small bit of the stack of money she had just acquired.

    “I never knew you liked bowling,” T.K. stated. “The last time we went bowling around 8 years ago you hated it.”

    “The sports grown on me,” Kari replied. “Are any of you hungry? I’m going to get something from the cafeteria.”

    Five minutes later, Kari returned with a tray covered in hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers and other unhealthy foods. T.K. and Davis drooled over the huge stack of food. “You didn’t have to buy all that,” T.K. said.

    “Oh, I thought you didn’t want anything,” Kari replied.

    “What?” Davis gasped. “All that food is for you? You can’t eat all that.”

    “Wanna make a bet?” Kari said mischievously.

    “What are the stakes?” Davis asked.

    “If I eat it all,” Kari said. “Then you have to go up to a random girl and kiss her on the cheek. If I don’t, then you can kiss me.”

    “Ok,” Davis said. “Hehe, this’ll be the easiest bet I ever won.”

    One minute later..

    “That wasn’t anywhere near as filling as I thought it would have been,” Kari said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. T.K. and Davis were completely speechless. “Oh well, you can fulfil your end of the deal after the game. After all, we don’t want to get thrown out of here before we’ve had a chance to play.”

    Kari stood up from her seat to get her bowling ball. T.K. had a good laugh at poor Davis’s expense, before he set up the bowling computer. Soon Kari returned with a 16 lbs. ball, and they were ready to play.

    “Isn’t that ball too heavy for you?” Davis asked Kari.

    “Want to lose another bet?” Kari asked as she picked the ball up and spun it around on her index finger.

    “What’s gotten into you lately?” T.K. asked.

    “Oh, not much,” Kari replied. “Just some fruit.”

    “Are you sure you don’t want to sit down?” T.K. asked Kari, who was standing behind him. Davis was just about to go up to bowl, and T.K. had the power seat behind the computer console. Kari was fairly confident the seat wouldn’t be able to hold her body weight.

    “I’m fine standing,” Kari insisted. On the first shot Davis managed to knock down two pins, and easily picked up the spare in the next shot.

    “Beat that,” Davis said to T.K. as he walked past. T.K. got a strike. “Beginners luck,” Davis grumbled. Now was Kari’s turn to wow them with her bowling skills. She picked up the 16 lbs. ball, lined up the shot on the arrows on the lane (at least that’s what the pros did on TV). One step forward, two step, three and throw. The ball went straight through the floorboards and disappeared out of sight.

    “Opps,” Kari said nervously. “Maybe we should leave now.”

    “No, it wasn’t your fault the floor was damaged,” T.K. replied. Kari pulled her D-3 out of her pocket to check how much time she had left. “Five minutes!” she thought to herself. “I’ve got to find a computer quickly.”

    “Oh no, it’s not because of that giant gapping whole in the ground,” Kari laughed as a crowd begun forming around them, Kari then got in closer to the others an said, “I promised Gatomon that I would stop by tonight, and I’m already running late. So I was wondering if you could do me a little favour?”

    “Sure, I guess,” T.K. said.

    “Anything for you Kari,” Davis added.

    “Great,” Kari replied. “I’m going to go over to that Internet terminal over there, and go to the Digital World. Could you two make a diversion so no one notices anything.”

    “Sure Kari,” Davis said as T.K. and himself walked off. “A diversion, what can we do?”

    Kari stood by the Internet Terminal, with her D-3 ready for the diversion.

    “I’ve got an idea,” Davis told T.K. He then got up close and whispered it into his ear.

    “Alright,” T.K. replied with a grin. Just in front of them, a group of children were celebrating their birthday. T.K. and Davis ran down to the players’ area, onto the alley.

    “Strike!” the two yelled out as they dived towards the pins, knocking them all down. Everyone gathered around to see what all the commotion was, giving Kari enough time to disappear into the Digital World.

    “And don’t even come back!”

    Davis and T.K. sat there on the cold pavement rubbing their asses. The Security guard showed no mercy to them, but at least Kari managed to disappear into the Digital World. T.K. reached for his mobile phone, and dialled a number.

    “Who are you calling?” Davis asked him.

    “Tai,” he replied. “Something definitely seemed wrong with Kari tonight.”

    “What makes you think that?” Davis asked.

    “Didn’t you pay attention tonight?” T.K. asked. “First she eats that huge pile of food, then handles that bowling ball like it was a balloon filled with Helium. And then she smashes the floor apart.”

    “Yeah, that does seem a bit odd,” Davis replied.

    “Hi Izzy, is Tai there?” T.K. asked into the phone. “Could you leave a message for me? Yeah, it’s about Kari. Yeah, she did seem a little more energetic then usual. Ok, thanks. Bye.”

    “What’s it about,” Davis asked.

    “Izzy’s sending me an email,” T.K. replied as he pulled out his D-Terminal and read through the email. “Wow, that’s really something.”

    “What happened?” Davis asked.

    With a flash of bright light, Kari appeared in the Digital World, clad in her usually Digital World clothing. She counted down the seconds left of her disguise. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Disguise off,” the D-3 said in a calm voice. A bright white light enveloped Kari as she begun to change back. Soon, she was her huge, muscular self. But this time, the clothing she was wearing stretch to fit her large frame.

    “Kari!” Sora yelled out, a look of anger on her face. Mimi was by her side, both of whose clothing had adjusted to fit their gigantic frames. “Izzy just told us about what happened with the Vending machine, ATM and bowling alley.”

    “I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about,” Kari replied, trying to look as innocent as she could.

    “Don’t try and lie to me,” Sora replied. “There were photos from security camera’s on the TV. They’re in denial, and don’t believe you did it though, they just want you for questioning. But we know better!”

    “Come on, I was just having a little bit of innocent fun,” Kari stated. “No one was harmed.”

    “That’s besides the point,” Mimi replied. “You broke the law.”

    “Ohh, scary,” Kari said sarcastically, but was soon made to swallow her words when Sora slapped her across the face.

    “Get serious!” Sora snapped. Kari responded with a slap to Sora’s face. The force of such a blow would have been enough to destroy an office complex. Sora stared at Kari with an evil glare.

    “Come on you two, there’s no need to resort to violence,” Mimi pleaded. But her pleads fell on deaf ears as Sora grabbed Kari by the arm, and flipped her over her back. The thud when Kari’s massive body hit the ground caused the ground to shake for miles around. Kari jumped up onto her feat and punched Sora in the lower chest, knocking her down into a large puddle of mud. In desperation, Mimi grabbed her D-Terminal and typed an email to Izzy asking for advice.

    “I’ll get there right away,” Izzy typed into his D-Terminal. “Just try and keep them calm.”

    “What’s going on?” Matt asked. He was sitting on the sofa behind Izzy tuning his guitar.

    “Sora and Kari are fighting,” Izzy said. “I have to go calm them down.”

    “Let me get this straight,” Matt replied. “You’re planning on getting between two passionately fighting girls, who collectively weigh a little over 3 tonnes. Do you or do you not plan to live and tell the tale?”

    “I have a plan,” Izzy said as he pulled a long case out of the lower drawer. “I knew I would need this soon, but not this soon.”

    “What’s that?” Matt asked.

    “It’s a tranquilliser gun,” Izzy replied. “The doses are high, but with their body mass it should at least be able to calm them down slightly. Sora use to be your girlfriend, can’t you try and talk to her?”

    “I guess I could try,” Matt replied.

    “Ok, then let’s go to the Digital World.”

    “You two are been naughty,” Mimi said as she tried to stop the two muscle girls from fighting. The fight was going slightly in Sora’s favour, as she had the weight advantage. Matt and Izzy walked up from behind.

    “You’re finally here,” Mimi said. “I could stop them.”

    “Let me try,” Izzy said as he aimed and fired the tranquilliser gun. The dart bounced off of Kari’s flexed bicep muscle and implanted itself in the soft flesh of Mimi’s hand. “Sorry Mimi, I wasn’t aiming for you.”

    “It’s alright,” Mimi said sleepily. “I just need to lie down for a little bit.”

    With a loud thud, the monstrous Mimi fell to the ground. Soon only the soft sound of breathing could be heard as Mimi fell into a gentle strength.

    “That must have been powerful stuff,” Matt sighed.

    “It was a highly experimental formula,” Izzy replied. “But it was the only one I had.”

    Sora and Kari continued rolling around on the ground slapping each other in one gigantic hissy fit. But soon, Izzy and Matt were staring in disbelief as Kari tore off Sora’s top with one swift pull.

    “Maybe we should get some help,” Izzy stated.

    “Well, someone’s bound to get hurt, so maybe we should get Joe here,” Izzy said.

    “Yeah, Sora’s nipples might take someone’s eye out,” Matt added. “And maybe some of the other guys could bring some chips and a slab of beer.”

    Moments later…

    “Pass the dip Matt,” T.K. said. Matt, Izzy, Joe, Davis, T.K. and Ken were stretched out in deck chairs enjoying the view and drinking a couple of cold brews while Sora and Kari continued wrestling in the mud, tearing off pieces of clothing. Now they were both half naked and covered in mud. “When should we try and stop them?” Ken asked.

    “They’ll get tired soon,” Joe said as she ate a handful of chips. “Just let them get it out of their systems.”

    “What the hell are you people doing?”

    Everyone turned around in their seats to see one pissed off looking Tai. “That’s my little sister you’re all staring at over there!”

    “I wouldn’t say she was ‘little’ anymore Tai,” Joe stated.

    “I’ll take care of this stupidity once and for all,” Tai said as he dusted off his hands and walked towards the scene of the fight.

    “Should we start writing his obituary?” Matt asked.

    “Will you two stop acting so stupid!” Tai yelled out. Kari and Sora stopped mid-fight. Sora had Kari in a headlock, and was holding her head between her breasts.

    “Kari!” Tai yelled out. “Go clean up, we’re going to talk about all the crap you did today.”

    “But I was just having fun,” Kari pouted.

    “That sounds like something Lady Devimon would say,” Tai replied. “Are you saying you are as bad a person as she is?”

    “No Tai, but…”

    “No buts,” Tai replied. “And as for you Sora, you should know better.”

    “But she provoked me,” Sora whined.

    “I don’t care,” Tai replied. “Both of you clean up, now.”

    “Yes Tai,” both of the gigantic girls said in unison as they got up and walked off sulking. Tai turned back to the other guys who were smoking cigarettes and looking very satisfied. “Will you perverts put those things out,” he yelled. “And help Mimi!”

    “No wonder he’s the leader,” Izzy stated.

    Days later, the whole mess with Kari’s misbehaving had all been sorted out. Kari was in her room working on her homework when Gatomon jumped up on the table in front of her. “Almost done?” Gatomon asked her partner.

    “Yes, I am,” Kari replied. “Stupid maths homework, I don’t know why I have to do any of this anyway.”

    “Kari, Gatomon said. “Don’t talk like that.”

    “I was only kidding,” Kari laughed. “Don’t be so serious all the time.”

    “You had me worried for a moment there,” Gatomon said with a hint of relief.

    “I’m done,” Kari said as she sorted out all the papers on her desk. After placing all her homework in her folder, she locked the door and grabbed her D-3. “I’m exhausted,” Kari said with a yawn. “There’s still another six hours power in the D-3. I’ll save the rest of it till tomorrow.”

    Kari opened up her cabinet and pulled out an extra large blanket. After stripping off all of her clothing, she held up her digivice and said quietly ‘disguise off’. Soon she had returned to her huge muscular form, and lay down on the floor ready to sleep.

    “That doesn’t look comfortable,” Gatomon commented as she watched from on top of Kari’s bed.

    “It’s fine,” Kari insisted. “Good night.”

    “Tai, look at this,” Izzy exclaimed with a hint of terror in his voice.

    “What is it Izzy?” Tai yawned as he got out of his bed and stretched.

    “This is terrible,” Izzy said. “The gate between the Dark Ocean and the Digital World has opened.”

    “What does that mean?” Tai asked.

    “It means that Daemon has managed to escape from the Dark Ocean.”

    “I’m so hungry,” Mimi groaned as she rubbed her lower chest. “Can’t we go get something to eat from the cafeteria?”

    Mimi and Sora were in their dorm room. Sora was going over some difficult differential equations and didn’t want to leave while she was on a run. “I’m hungry too,” Sora replied as her stomach groaned. “But just give me five seconds.”

    “We need to go shopping,” Mimi stated as she searched through the fridge. It was completely empty, bar some condiments like mustard and soy sauce. “When was the last time we went?”

    “A few of days ago,” Sora replied. “We went through a fortnights worth of food in two days.”

    “We have to get there before the buffet finishes,” Mimi stated.

    “Okay, I’m done,” Sora said as she threw her pencil at the table, shattering it into tiny splinters. “Opps.”

    “Geez, I hope Kari is handling all of this a bit better then we are,” Mimi stated.

    “Thanks for the dinner mom,” Kari called out as she walked into the room and closed the door. “I’m just going to do my homework, with the door locked.”

    “Phew,” Kari sighed as she locked the door. She reached over and grabbed her D-3 off of the table. She kicked off her slippers, slipped off her dress, then held up her digivice and said, “Disguise off!”

    With a bright flash of white light, she slowly grew to her full size. Her breasts inflated to monstrous proportions, as did her muscles. She crouched down to the ground just before her head hit the roof. ‘That meal wasn’t anywhere near filling enough,’ Kari thought to herself. ‘Good thing I have some snacks hidden behind the bookshelf.’

    Kari carefully reached over and pulled the bookshelf out from against the wall. Sitting in a small alcove in the wall, was a large carboard box. Gatomon jumped out from the wardrobe where her bed was hidden and jumped up on the bed. “Kari, what are you doing?”

    “I’m just going to eat some of this food Yolei managed to get for me wholesale,” Kari explained. She didn’t try to hide her nudity from her Digimon partner. To Kari, Gatomon was like a doctor. “It’s special slow digesting high carbohydrate food, that’ll keep me full for a long time.”

    “So you acquired it legally? Gatomon asked with a look of suspicion on her face.

    “Of course,” Kari replied. “Gatomon, I’m insulted.”

    “Just checking you haven’t been playing hacky sack with any ATMs” Gatomon commented. Kari’s D-Terminal begun beeping, an email had arrived. Gatomon jumped up onto the table and knocked it open with her paw. “It’s from Izzy,” she stated. “It’s bad news.”

    “What is it?” Kari gasped.

    “How bad is the situation?” Tai asked Izzy. Tai sent emails to the other Digi-destined, while Izzy researched into this disaster further. “It’s bad,” Izzy confessed. “As we speak, Daemon is attacking and taking over sectors of the Digital World. But in our current weak state, I don’t have a clue how we’ll be able to take him on.”

    “How bad is it guys?” Matt asked as he walked into the dorm room. Followed close behind him was Joe.

    “Real bad,” Izzy repeated. “I just don’t know how we’ll be able to hold him off.”

    Tai’s D-Terminal went off, an email had just arrived from Sora. Tai jumped up from his chair and read it.

    “It’s from Sora,” he said. “Both her and Mimi are willing to go into the Digital World and check things out.”

    “Are you sure you want to let those two go in by themselves?” Joe asked. “It could be really dangerous.”

    “I just got another one from Kari,” Tai added. “She wants to go in as well.”

    “I think those three should go in,” Izzy stated. “Once they meet their Digimon partners they should be safe. Plus they may be able to get their Digimon to Digivolve higher then the Champion level.”

    “You have a point,” Joe replied.

    “Yeah, we have faced much more dangerous threats,” Matt said. “And with their strength, they should be invulnerable.”

    “Good enough for me,” Tai replied. “I’ll just send them another email.”

    “We’re going into the Digital World,” Kari told Gatomon as she picked her Digivice up off of the table. She held it up to her computer and said, “Digi-port Open!” She was pulled through the portal and into the Digital World. When she appeared, her usual pink outfit with yellow shorts appeared on her. Waiting on the other side was Mimi and Sora, who had already dropped their disguises and were in their muscular forms. They had landed in a patch of the Digital World, which was been attacked by Daemon’s evil forces. The sky suddenly changed colour from a light blue to a dark black with a hint of crimson red.

    “Hi Kari,” Sora said. “Welcome to the Digital World.”

    “What happened here?” Kari asked.

    “We are on the outskirts of the Daemon Zone,” Sora replied. “According to Izzy, Daemon had taken over this part of the Digital World. Look over there, you can see his fortress in the distance.”

    Kari strained to see into the distance, and there it was, a giant fortress, with a sort of gothic look to it. “What can we do?”

    “That’s what we’re going to find out now,” Mimi stated.



    Palmon and Piyomon yelled with joy as they ran up to their partners. It was a beautiful reunion of old friends. “It’s been terrible,” Piyomon stated.

    “Yeah, it was horrible,” Palmon added.

    “What happened?” Sora asked.

    “Daemon has been slowly taking over the Digital World with these weird Crimson Spires,” Piyomon said. “They’re like those Dark Spires, except they’re more powerful then them. We couldn’t even digivolve into our Champion levels.”

    “Crimson Spires?” Mimi asked.

    “Maybe he picked some up from the Dark Ocean,” Kari thought out loud. “Then what happened?”

    “Then he sent out all his minions to spread the Crimson Spires out and take control of the Digital World,” Palmon finished.

    “That’s horrible,” Mimi replied.

    “Now that we’re all here, let’s go have a closer look,” Sora stated. The group began their journey into the Dark region of the Digital World. The air on the other side felt thicker and staler. A sudden chill ran down their spines as they walked into the dark region.

    “I have a bad feeling about this,” Mimi stated. The beautiful green landscape changed to a dull lifeless brown. The Crimson Spires were draining all the life and beauty from the surroundings. One of the structures came into site over the horizon. It looked exactly like a Dark Tower, but was coloured Crimson instead of Black.

    “So all we’ve got to do is tear down this tower?” Sora asked. “Couldn’t get any easier.”

    “But none of us can Digivolve,” Palmon stated.

    “Palmon, look at us,” Mimi laughed as she flexed one of her massive biceps. “We’ll turn that thing into gravel.”

    “Daemon would have one of his generals guarding the area,” Piyomon stated.

    “Who’s that?” Sora asked.

    “Around here its Devidramon,” Palmon replied. “He’s a Champion level Digimon. All of Daemon’s generals are invulnerable to the effects of the spires.”

    “A Champion level?” Sora laughed. “That’s not too much of a challenge.”

    “Let’s just tear down this Spire and move on,” Kari declared. “This place is depressing me.”

    “Sounds like a plan,” Mimi laughed as she cracked her enormous knuckles.

    “I wouldn’t lay a hand on that Spire if I were you.”

    Above the group hovered Devidramon, the evil dragon type Digimon. It store down on its prey with a glint of evil maliciousness in its red eyes. “You have a lot of nerve entering my area. What business do you have here?”

    “So you’re Devidramon huh?” Sora asked. “Oh, we’re just here to destroy this Spire.”

    “You will have to kill me first,” Devidramon snarled. “But I think your own well-being is a bigger concern then mine!”

    The evil black dragon swooped down on his targets, his sharp grey claws ready to slash. First, he set his sights on Sora, who stood still with a look of boredom on her face. Just seconds before making contact with its target, Devidramon was stopped dead in his tracks. The dragon turned to see what could have possibly done this. Kari stood behind him, firmly grasped onto his tail with one hand.

    “Is that the best you can do?” Kari asked in a completely relaxed voice. She couldn’t even feel Devidramon’s struggles.

    “Let go you bitch!” Devidramon yelled as he slashed at Kari with a set of his giant grey claws. But to his shock, he soon saw that Kari had a very firm grasp on one of the claws.

    “Pathetic,” Kari sighed.

    “My thoughts exactly,” Sora added.

    “Are all of Daemon’s generals this weak?” Mimi asked.

    “You don’t stand a chance against the combined strength of…”

    “You talk too much,” Kari interrupted as she slightly tightened her grip on the claw. Devidramon howled in pain, as his claw broke apart into many tiny pieces. The dragon soared off into the air as soon as Kari relaxed her grip on his tail.

    “If I can’t attack you physically, then I shall just bombard you from the air,” Devidramon roared. “Crimson Nail!”

    Devidramon pelted several crimson bolts of energy towards the three girls. Huge explosions followed blowing dust and dirt into the air. Devidramon looked down at his handywork with a hint of satisfaction. No one he had ever faced before had survived such an attack. But from the thick clouds of dust rose a figure. Sora jumped up from the dust cloud and soared up straight towards the dragon. She landed on his back, and gave him a tight bear hug, binding his wings together. The dragon and muscle goddess plummeted, landing with an enormous thud as Sora pile drove the beast into the hard rocky ground. Sora brushed the dust off of her, but Devidramon didn’t come out of that skirmish so well.

    “Opps, I guess I hurt you a lot more then I intended,” Sora laughed. “But you’re still alive, and that’s all that counts.”

    “Yeah, we want you to pass a message onto your boss,” Kari added.

    “Tell him that if he doesn’t want the same to happen to him, then he should go back to the Dark Ocean immediately,” Sora stated firmly.

    “And also tell him that if he dares set a foot in the Real World, then he’ll beg for us to finish him off,” Kari added.

    “Can you move?” Mimi asked with a hint of concern in her voice. “Because if you can’t then we’ll be willing to give you a hand getting to your masters fortress.”

    “Choke on it you bitches,” Devidramon growled softly.

    “Mimi, do you want the honours?” Sora asked.

    “With pleasure,” Mimi said as she grasped onto Devidramon firmly by the tail. With a flick of the wrist, the dragon was sent flying in the distance to approximately where Daemon’s fortress was located. Mimi walked up to the Spire and cracked her knuckles. With one hard punch, the spire was sent toppling over. It exploded into specs of data as soon as it hit the ground. The sky in the immediate area changed back to a sky blue. The life force of the area slowly returned.

    “That was amazing,” Piyomon gasped. “How did you three do that?”

    “Haven’t you noticed anything different about us?” Sora asked her partner.

    “Well, I did think you put on a bit of weight,” Palmon stated. “But I thought that was normal for you humans.”

    “You’ve got a lot to learn,” Gatomon sighed.

    “You can fill them in then,” Kari said. “We’ve got to tell Izzy about what just happened.”

    “Yeah, like how we just managed to beat up a Champion level Digimon,” Mimi squealed delightfully.

    “Yeah, I’m amazed we were able to do that as well,” Sora added.

    “But you three were acting so confident,” Gatomon said. “You mean you got into this fight not knowing your own strength?”

    “Sorta,” Sora replied. “But ever since we became this strong, we haven’t found a single thing that is beyond our limits. So I guessed this would be kinda the same.”

    “Amazing,” Piyomon replied.

    “Why don’t you two come and stay with us,” Mimi asked Piyomon and Palmon. “You can stay in our dorm room with us.”

    “Yah,” Palmon cheered as she jumped up on Mimi’s broad shoulders.

    “C’Mon,” Sora said to Piyomon. “Let’s go home.”

    Meanwhile on the other side of the Digital World, Daemon sat in his gigantic throne. The throne room was pitch black, apart from the large throne and several glowing monitors. He watched over the monitors in front of him, and planned his next attack. One of the red lights indicating a Crimson Spire suddenly went out.

    “What?” growled the furious Daemon. “That reason belongs to Devidramon. What could have happened?”

    Soon however his question was answered when the bruised and battered Devidramon crashed through the roof, and landed in a pathetic heap in the middle of the large room.

    “Devidramon,” Daemon growled. “What happened?”

    “There were three girls,” Devidramon growled. “Three human girls. They defeated me and destroyed the Crimson Spire.”

    “You were defeated by humans?” Daemon growled.

    “They weren’t normal humans,” Devidramon gasped. “They were incredibly strong.”

    “Useless!” Daemon growled. “Flame Inferno!”

    Daemon’s flames engulfed the helpless Digimon, destroying him instantly. Daemon growled to himself as he pondered the next part of his plan. “This is a complication,” he thought to himself.

    “Lady Devimon! Skull Satamon!” Daemon yelled out. A puff of purple smoke appeared, and once it cleared away, the two demon digimon were standing there.

    “What are your orders my lord?” Lady Devimon asked.

    “I want you to find out everything about these three girls,” Daemon demanded. “I want to know who they are, how powerful they are, what the source of their strength is and what their weaknesses are.”

    “I’m exhausted,” Kari yawned. “This was one rough day.”

    Kari and Gatomon were alone in her bedroom. Kari was about to go to sleep, and had set up her bed on the floor. She hadn’t donned the disguise again since then, as her time in the Digital World had recharged her D-3, and she didn’t want to waste any of that energy.

    “I wonder what possible glitches there could be?” Kari wondered as she store at the D-3 on the table.

    “Its probably nothing,” Gatomon stated confidently.

    “I hope not,” Kari sighed. “My big ballet recital is tomorrow. I put lots of extra work into adapting to my strength for it. Even perfectly timing my jumps so it looks like the people lifting me actually are. I’d hate for anything to go wrong.”

    “Nothing will go wrong,” Gatomon reassured her.

    “I hope not,” Kari sighed.

    To be continued…

    The Fruit of Power, Part 5.

    Lady Devimon stormed through the lower levels of Daemon’s fortress. Skull Satamon was close behind trying to keep up. A devilish grin spread across her face as she finished plotting her ultimate scheme.

    “Do you have any idea what we should do?” Skull Satamon asked the devil woman in his usual raspy voice.

    “It would take one tough human to be able to thrash Devidramon like that,” Lady Devimon replied. “One very tough human indeed.”

    “You seem to know a lot about what happened?” Skull Satamon asked with a hint of curiosity.

    “I witnessed the fight with my own two eyes,” Lady Devimon stated as she pointed at her glaring red eyes. “I have never seen a human with such physical strength in my entire life.”

    “If they’re so great, then how do you know they’re not Digimon?” Skull Satamon asked.

    “I can tell these things,” Lady Devimon stated firmly. “But this all leads onto my plan.”

    The two demon Digimon entered their quarters. The room was very bare, containing only two single beds. Lady Devimon strode over to her side of the large room, and with a flick of her fingers, transformed into a 6′ tall woman. Skull Satamon grinned as he caught onto the basics of her plan.

    “I’m going to go into the Human world,” Lady Devimon stated. “And then I will find the source of their power. Then I will exploit it and take over this two bit operation.”

    “Don’t even kid about something like that,” Skull Satamon growled. “Daemon would destroy you for sure if he heard you talking like that.”

    “Which is why he will not find out,” Lady Devimon insisted. “Now, I will enter the Human world and track them down. They should stick out like a sore thumb.”

    “It might not be as easy as you think,” Skull Satamon growled. “Don’t get overconfident.”

    “Stop your nagging,” Lady Devimon replied. “I will return as soon as I done. For the time being, try and make yourself useful. Go put up some more Spires.”

    With another click, Lady Devimon disappeared out of sight. Skull Satamon turned around and growled, “always giving out orders. I hope those girls sort her out.”

    ‘Today is the day of my big ballet recital,’ Kari thought to herself as she crammed her ballet outfit in her schoolbag (carefully though :p). Gatomon jumped up onto Kari’s desk and watched as Kari hurridly packed for the upcoming day.

    “Sure you’ve remembered everything?” Gatomon asked.

    “Yup,” Kari stated as she threw her over her shoulder.

    “Oh, then what about this?” Gatomon asked as she knocked over a stack of papers, revealing Kari’s D-3.

    “Opps,” Kari sighed as she spun around and grabbed the small device. “It would’ve been really embarrassing if I forgot that.”

    Meanwhile, Sora searched through the University library for a particular textbook. It was still fairly early in the morning, so the library was deserted except for a few people who were watching some videos in the Audio Visual booths to kill some time before their first lecture. She had the call number of the textbook written down on a small slip of paper.

    ‘547.VOG,’ she thought to herself as she looked over the slip. ‘Damn, that’s on the 5th floor.’

    The 5th floor was emptier still, which made her feel more comfortable in a way. As she walked through the narrow aisles between the bookshelves, the thought crossed her mind of what she’d have to do if it weren’t for Izzy’s program. Her body would have been too big and wide to fit between the shelves. The thought even crossed her mind of how the program worked in the real world, or how it even worked at all for that fact.

    ‘There it is,’ she thought to herself as she found the book she was looking for. But this one textbook was sitting on the highest shelf, just out of her reach. She dared not use the stepladder, as she knew it would never be able to support her weight. She also wasn’t willing to try and jump up and grab it, as she didn’t want to cause a lot of seismic activity this morning.

    “Need a hand?”

    Sora turned in the direction of the voice. It was a young man of around 24-25, who looked like a grad student. Sora replied, “Yes please, I was just trying to get this book, but it’s just out of my reach.”

    “Which one is it?” he asked as he stepped closer. Sora pointed out the book on the top shelf.

    “Want me to give you a leg up?” he asked, but Sora quickly avoided the idea.

    “I weight a lot more then you’d think,” she replied. “But I can give you one.”

    “I don’t think I’d need one,” he laughed as he got up on the ends of his toes and pulled the book off the shelf. As he handed her the book, he said, “here you go. Read it in good health.”

    “Thanks,” she replied as she grasped onto the large textbook, and tried to make her retreat when.

    “I probably should introduce myself,” he said as he extended his hand. “My name is Sanji, I work part time here in the library.”

    “Hi, I’m Sora,” she replied as she accepted his hand and tried to shake as gently as possible.

    “That’s a firm grip you have there,” he stated as soon as the handshake broke and he reclaimed his hand. “Say, you’re not doing anything tonight are you?”

    “I don’t know yet,” Sora gulped. “I have a lot of work to do, and stuff like that.”

    “Oh, well here is my phone number,” he said as he grabbed a piece of paper out of his pocket and scribbled down a number. “Give me a call if you want.”

    “I will,” Sora replied.

    “Why didn’t you say yes?” Mimi asked Sora with a hint of disbelief in her voice. “How long has it been since you last went out on a date?”

    “I just don’t feel comfortable going out on a date after what has happened recently,” Sora replied. “The break up with Matt was kinda hard on me.”

    “Matt’s gotten over it,” Mimi replied. “He’s dating other girls, why can’t you?”

    “But how am I going to tell him,” Sora asked. “I think he’ll be a little shocked when her finds out about me.”

    “If the idea of dating a girl who is 12 feet tall, weighs close to 1.5 metric tonnes and is probably around a trillion times stronger then he intimidates him, then that’s his own problem,” Mimi stated. “Now I insist you go out on that date tonight.”

    “Ok,” Sora said. “But only if you come along too.”

    “Nuh-uh,” Mimi said. “I’ve got plans of my own. And besides, you’re a big girl who can take of herself.”

    Kari nervously counted down the time before the ballet recital. The time seemed to flow by so very slowly. ‘Will this maths class never end,’ Kari thought to herself. ‘When am I going to use differentiation in real life anyway?’

    As usual, Gatomon stalked Kari from afar to make sure her she was safe. But mostly just to make sure she didn’t get into any trouble, as Kari could take care of herself now days. Just this morning, some older college guy tried hitting on her as she walked to school. But soon he found him self upside down in a garbage can, once he violated Kari’s personal strength. Still, Kari was proud of the restraint she showed when dealing with him. He was lucky she didn’t tear him in half.

    “Next we move this number down in front of x and reduce it by one,” the teacher droned. Kari gently tapped her pencil against the side of her desk, each tap getting harder and louder until.

    “Ms. Kamiya!” the maths teacher snapped, startling Kari, who broke the pencil by accident. “Could you please stop disrupting the class?”

    “Sorry sir,” Kari replied.

    ‘Only one more class to go,’ Kari thought to herself with glee as she walked between classes. Maths was always one of her least favourite subjects, which only made the time seem to go on forever. Next was Private Study. At least there she could slack off, or do whatever she wanted. Kari chose a seat in the back of the classroom, where no one would notice anything suspicious, like the way she sat. She was getting use to squatting an inch above the seat, as not to crush the thing. As the class begun, a woman walked into the classroom and sat in the teacher’s chair. She was fairly tall, at around 6 foot tall. She had pale chalky skin, and long black hair.

    “Good evening class, my name is Ms. Makino,” she announced to the class. “I will be taking you for Private Study from now onwards.”

    “What happened to our old supervisor?” one of the other students asked. Kari was also interested to find out about that. This new supervisor definitely gave her the creeps.

    “He fell sick,” Ms. Makino replied with a hint of malice in her voice. “It really was an unfortunate accident, but we are all wishing him a speedy recovery.”

    The rest of the session seemed to go even slower then the previous class. Kari couldn’t help but think that the teacher was staring at her throughout the class. The expression on her face sent a shiver down her spine. But soon the class was over, and as Kari was walking through the doorway, Ms. Makino stopped her.

    “Kari Kamiya?” she said. Kari stopped dead in her tracks. “You don’t have any siblings do you?”

    “Yes,” she replied. “I have one older brother.”

    “I thought I recognized that surname,” she said. “I took your brother for a class when he was here. A nice boy he was.”

    “Yeah, he is,” Kari replied. The expression on Ms. Makino’s face sent a shiver down her spine. Her eyes were empty, as if she didn’t have a soul.

    “You’re performing in that School Ballet Recital tonight, aren’t you?” she asked.

    “Yeah, I have a big part,” Kari replied.

    “Then you better hurry up,” she said. “I am a big fan of ballet myself, so I will be there. Break a leg.”

    “Thanks Miss,” Kari said as she left the classroom. ‘That was weird,’ she thought to herself.

    Meanwhile, Sora was getting ready for her date tonight. Mimi had managed to twist her arm, and now Sanji and her were going to see a movie tonight. Sora had almost finished getting ready when Mimi entered the room.

    “So, how do I look?” Sora asked. She was wearing a short skirt with a sweater.

    “Looking good,” Mimi replied. There was a knock at the door. Mimi giddily rushed for the door and opened it. Sanji was stading there, holding a bouquet of flowers.

    “You must be Sanji,” Mimi said. “Sora’s alost ready, want to come in?”

    “Sure, thanks,” Sanji replied as Mimi let their guest in. Sora just had to put on a pair of shoes, and she’d be ready.

    “Sure you don’t want to come along?” Sora asked her just as she was about to leave.

    “No, you two enjoy yourselves,” Mimi said. “I’ve got some things to do.”

    As the couple left, Mimi sighed and lay down on some cushions on the floor, ‘I’m so lonely!’

    Kari had just finished getting ready for the Ballet Recital. At this moment she was waiting in the changing room with the other members of the Ballet club. But she had other thoughts on her mind beside the upcoming Recital. Who was Ms. Makino anyway? She had never heard of her before, Tai hadn’t mentioned her. There was definitely something weird about her.

    “How you feeling?” one of Kari’s friends asked.

    “Huh?” Kari said as she was suddenly pulled back into the moment. “A little nervous.”

    “You too huh?” she said. “It never gets any easier, but it’ll be over soon.”

    “I need to go to the bathroom,” Kari interrupted. “If anyone asks, could you tell them that’s where I am?”


    But Kari didn’t really need to go. What she needed more was a little privacy for a moment so she could check on her D-3. She definitely didn’t need anything going wrong around now. After she had walked a fair distance away from any activities, she checked on her D-3.

    ‘75%’ the small device stated. There’d be enough power to last through the recital. But then the small screen changed.

    ‘Error 102 – FF5043E where FF5021B expected.’

    ‘What the hell?’ Kari thought to herself.

    Meanwhile, Sora and Sanji were watching the movie. Sora quietly sat there, minding her own business. But by the look of it, Sanji wasn’t there for the movie alone. He pretended to yawn and place his arm on her shoulder, which only made Sora feel more uncomfortable. ‘Relax,’ she told herself. ‘Just try and have a good time.’

    But that was becoming harder and harder. It’d been a long time since any of them had the chance to enjoy just a simple sit on a comfortable chair. Unknown to anyone else, Sora hovered just an inch above the padded seat. For anyone else, this would have been an impossible feat. Though her legs were starting to feel a little tired. She decided she needed to get up and stretch.

    “Where are you going?” Sanji whispered as Sora stood up from her seat.

    “Just to the bathroom,” she replied. “I won’t be long.”

    Sora did go to the bathroom though, just to freshen up. No one else was there. In fact the theatre itself was almost empty. Sora pulled her Digivice out of her pocket, just to check how much charge was left in it.

    ‘Error 102 – FF5043E where FF5021B expected.’

    ‘What?’ Sora thought.

    ‘Deactivating Disguise.’

    With a bright flash of light, Sora’s disguise was stripped away. All her clothes tore off as she grew to her full size inside the bathroom. She hit her head on the roof as the transformation finished.

    “This is a problem,” she gulped.

    ‘I should email Izzy about this,’ she thought to herself, but then she remembered that she had left her D-Terminal in her bag back in the change room. And then, with a flash of white light, she too lost her disguise. Her ballet uniform tore off of her ever growing body like paper.

    To be continued…

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    UPDATE: So apparently giantesscity was NOT hacked, and it’s instead some kind of issue with the domain. The site can still be accessed here:

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    UPDATE: The site is down due to an error of the server. Right now Pete and the crew are trying to get back the domain, which is lost in 2020-01-30T11:42:32Z. For now some people can access into it but… the account has been suspended. Source from GiantessCity Discord


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    Thanks guys, I know that site is very different from but I don’t know any other sites where their members might be going for information.
    It seem’s to have been down since yesterday by at least 7:00am Pacific time.
    I haven’t heard anything except for an email from Joyce Julep at her Patreon where she says the site appeared to be hacked. I don’t know if this is just a guess by her.
    Does anyone know where there is a similar site that the members might be going to share information?


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