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    Another one of the nice stories, with people just getting better at being themselves.

    My Best Friend Ashley
    Back when Kevin and Ashley were teens, they tried to sort of hook up. Did it work? Not really. Thankfully, they both went their way into the world. They stay in contact, and Kevin is surprised to see Ashley change and figure out who to be. This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, height growth, futa, and body modification. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    It’s available here:

    „Kevin, Ashley is here!“
    „I’m coming … Sorry!“
    Kevin tumbled down the stairs, his fingers brushing through his hair. He grinned:
    “Sorry …”
    His mother shrugged and said:
    “I’ll fix you both a snack, okay?”
    “Thanks, Mom!”
    Ashley chimed in as she pulled off her big black goth boots.
    “Thank you, Mrs. Langdon.”
    “Don’t mention it, kids. With you all leaving now, I want you to feel comfortable.”
    Ashley sighed:
    “That’s amazing, Mrs. Langdon.”
    “No worries, Ashley. I’ll be right up.”
    The two teens walked up the stairs. Kevin let Ashley go first. He really tried to be the gentlemen he ought to be. As they reached the upper landing, she whispered:
    “Kev, your mom is amazing! I wish mine was as nice as yours.”
    “Still having trouble? Even now?”
    “Yeah, what do you expect? It’s literally the reason why I’m leaving.”
    “That’s hard.”
    “I know, right? I mean, I don’t get why my mom and my dad keep being shitty to me! It’s not like I chose this …”
    They exchanged knowing glances. Kevin opened the door of his room. It was a nice and comfortable place, with a sofa, a bed and a desk. The walls were covered with movie posters and other nerd stuff. The big space marine always made Ashley wonder whether Kevin wasn’t secretly gay, but he had never shown any signs of this.
    It certainly wasn’t any kind of personal goal. Kevin was as shrimpy as could be. He had slim shoulders, a thin, drawn-out body and a prominent Adam’s apple. His hair growth was few and far between and he hadn’t yet shaved once. Still, she liked him a lot. He could really get her. Ashley was just as unattractive as him, and they had formed a kind of unofficial outcast loner duo at school. The other kids were actually completely disinterested in them, not even bothering to bully them. There had been an attempt once, but it had been so deeply dissatisfying to the bully that he had stopped again. Norman had just pushed Kevin to take his lunch money, and the poor boy had just fallen clumsily and broken his leg. He hadn’t even cried. He had just said:
    “Ow. I think I broke something.”
    The bully had decided that this wasn’t what he wanted and left. Ashley found him as he tried to crawl to the infirmary and helped him get there. From this point on, they were fast friends.
    The other girls shunned Ashley intensely. She was pale, plump and shapeless, never developing any breasts and being somehow perpetually greasy. Her hair stuck to her head like a mop and every attempt at fixing her look ended in disaster. As a result, she just always wore big shapeless black t-shirts and leggings.
    Happily, hanging out with Kevin was wonderful. He was a dork and a nerd, he shared some of her passions and fandoms, and he was eager to just listen to her explain hour after hour of lore of her current thing. In the same way, he would tell her of his own ideas and fantasies, and they would produce a now quite cringy piece of fan fiction with their own attached expanded universe. Their OCs would be involved in some rather stupid and later quite sexual adventures and the whole thing would always almost escalate.
    Then, just in time, things would fall apart.
    Tonight, though, Ashley had enough. She wanted to finally do it and to be with Kevin. For real!
    She dropped on the couch and patted the pillow at her side:
    “Come here!”
    Kevin closed the door and climbed on too, leaning against her.
    “Wanna know which movie I picked for tonight?”
    “Sure! How weird is it?”
    “Plenty weird. ‘Lord of Radiance’! It’s an Italian mega-shlockfest and it has it all: Space amazons, starship battles, weird lore, you want it, it’s got it!”
    “Okay, that sounds totally stupid and great!”
    “Just let me fetch it …”
    He took out his phone and fumbled about to find the files. Ashley leaned in on him all innocently and put her arm around it. He hesitated for a moment, then looked her in the eyes.
    “Wow …”
    “Yes …”
    “For real?”
    “For totally real. I wanted to do this after the prom, but …”
    “I was afraid.”
    “I get that. Me too. I’m just sad we didn’t do it then …”
    “Now, though, I’m less afraid.”
    “That’s good.”
    She came very close now.
    The soft knock on the door cut them off. Ashley grinned, rolling her eyes. Before Kevin could get up, she said:
    “I’ll get it.”
    She stood up and opened the door. Kevin’s mom handed her a bowl of popcorn, and a tray with a pitcher of self-made lemonade, as well as some crunchy vegetable sticks. She smiled with a slight hint of conspiracy.
    “Have fun …”
    “Thank you, Mrs. Langdon!”
    His mother gave her a grin and disappeared. She carried the bowl and the tray to the sofa:
    “Man, your mom is so awesome! I mean, I don’t know about the healthy stuff, but … wow!”
    “She’s always trying to get me to eat that stuff. It’s not bad or anything, but … I feel as if I’ll stay weak and thin forever.”
    “I don’t mind! I like you just the way you are!”
    “You do? Wouldn’t you rather have a big, hunky dude?”
    Ashley snorted:
    “What ever gave you the idea that I would want a hunky dude? I’ve been hanging out with you since we were kids. Did I ever say anything like that?”
    “Uh … no? I just thought that most girls …”
    “Kevin, you know me. You know me for real. Do you think I am in any way like most girls?”
    He blushed and chuckled.
    “Yeah. Okay, point granted. That’s literally how you are not.”
    He decided to change the subject for now:
    He leaned back, took a stick of carrot and bit on it.
    “Lord of Radiance!”

    The movie ended, the snacks were eaten, and the lemonade was gone. The teens sat on the couch and sighed. At last, Kevin said:
    “Okay, that was fun. I didn’t expect …”
    She kissed him. He was surprised for a moment, but then, he kissed her back. In a moment, they were all over each other, kissing, caressing, groping each other, fondling and fooling around …
    Kevin pulled away for a moment and said:
    “Wait, I gotta lock the door …”
    “Okay …”
    “Get on the bed …”
    “Yeah …”
    Ashley climbed on the mattress, then Kevin turned off the light. She laughed:
    “Kinda? But could you turn on the light on the nightstand?”
    “Sure …” There was a bumping sound. “Ow.”
    “You alright?”
    “Yes, yes.” She fumbled with the switch and there was a low light now. He climbed on the bed too and she pulled him close and took his shirt off, exposing his thin chest with its protruding ribs.
    She ran a meaty hand down and said:
    “I love how tiny you are …”
    He blushed horribly, then said:
    “Well, if you want tiny …”
    And pulled down his pants. The moment he realized what he had just said, he wanted to cover his eyes, but she didn’t mind. Instead, she helped him get off his underwear, revealing his small ballsack and his slim, short dick. It really was rather tiny. She gave it a rub and it instantly rose. She grinned:
    “Okay, it’s not much of a shower, and not a grower either, but I like how enthusiastic it is!”
    He chuckled nervously. His cock managed to reach all of three inches and was about as thick as a thumb.
    She pulled off her own shirt, revealing her pointless bra. It barely had cups. The naked young man in front of her reached around her barrel-shaped upper body and tried to undo the clasps. After a fair bit of fumbling, he got it open. It dropped, exposing her nipples. There really wasn’t much more than that.
    She grinned and twisted a bit against his hands. Then she said:
    “I know it isn’t much …”
    “I like them …”
    He gave her nipples a bit of a squeeze, then she leaned back and said:
    “Get the leggings off, will you?”
    He pulled on them and took her underwear with them.
    “Oops …”
    “Don’t worry. The panties were going to get off anyway, right?”
    “Sure …”
    He smiled. It was still a bit of an odd sight, and he hadn’t seen her crotch in a long time, but there it was. Ashley was intersexed, and she had a small penis and an equally tiny ballsack hanging above her pussy. As he looked at her, her cock started to stir and hardened quickly.
    “Wow …”
    She grinned:
    “I mean, is it really a surprised that I’m getting hard?”
    “No, no … I’m just … nice …”
    “Yeah …”
    She gave her cock a rub. It was a bit bigger than Kevin. She hesitated:
    “Is it okay with you?”
    “Sure …”
    “I just … it’s bigger than yours, you know?”
    “Yeah, I don’t mind.”
    “You do mind!”
    “I don’t. It’s fine …”
    “Oh, come on! The size really isn’t a problem! Mine isn’t that big either!”
    “Ash, your cock is bigger than mine. And you’re a girl.”
    “So what? You know what, just stick it in! I wanna lose my virginity to my best and cutest friend, and I’m not going to let your cock-panic stop me!”
    “Uh …”
    She lifted her ballsack up, exposing her pussy.
    “Come on!”
    She pulled him closer and kissed him.

    A moment later, Kevin was on top of her, doing his best to keep up some kind of rhythm. His mind was pretty overwhelmed, and he was obviously stressed, nervous and confused. Also, there was a lot of fumbling and slipping in and out involved. Every time Ashley felt that he was getting into it, he would screw it up again and slip back out, lose his rhythm or just generally be weird. He would occasionally bump against her cock with his when he slipped out, or rub against it in a strange way that made her twitch.
    After a few endless minutes, he started to growl and hiss and then, with a weird grumbling sound, he came. He grunted and came to rest on her tummy, looking exhausted.
    Ashley wondered whether that was it. Was that what the whole hype was about?
    Kevin breathed heavily:
    “That was sooo good … Thank you …”
    The chubby girl was a bit unsure of what to make of it. She had this sweaty dude lying on top of her, making sounds like an aging steam engine and feeling very satisfied. She really didn’t know how to put this …
    “Uh, Kevin?”
    “Yeah? Wow …”
    She hugged him, trying to soften the blow.
    “That was … kinda … you know … okay?”
    “I loved it!”
    “Yeah. Well, I guess it’s just me, but … uh …” She started to blush. It was just too awkward. She couldn’t just shoot him down like that, could she? He’d just be sad and disappointed. Alright, he really didn’t make her feel all that well, but … maybe … Fuck this!
    “Since this is literally our last chance for a long time …”
    “Hey, I’m not trying to make this awkward, but …”
    He gave her a very satisfied, surprisingly naïve look. The longer she thought about it, the harder her cock was getting.
    “… could I do you too?”
    Kevin was a little taken aback in the first moment.
    “Err … You really want that?”
    “I’d like to try?”
    The young man was suddenly thrown back down to Earth.
    “Um … Uh … Wow …”
    “I think that’s a yes?”
    “Hey … I didn’t …”
    “We’ll just try it, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll stop, okay?”
    “Okay …”
    Kevin got a little nervous:
    “Maybe use the lube from the nightstand?”
    “Are you sure?”
    “I never had anyone put anything in my butt. I just don’t want to get hurt.”
    “Okay, that’s understandable.”
    Ashley reached over to the nightstand and picked out the lube. Kevin was a bit surprised by this. He shrugged awkwardly:
    “I sometimes use it when I masturbate.”
    “You do?”
    “I like it?”
    “Okay. Okay. So … how does that work?”
    “I have no idea, but I’m going to lube up my dick, and you’re going to get on all fours, okay?”
    “Right …”
    He reluctantly did as he was told and she got behind him. He heard the squelching of the tube, then some slopping noise as she spread the lube all over her penis.
    “Okay, big boy, here it comes. Enjoy …”
    Kevin was even more nervous now, but then, he felt Ashley’s lubed hands on his hips and her inching her cock into his butt.
    “Mmmh … This is very tight …”
    “Oooh …”
    “Are you okay, Kevin?”
    “It’s … odd …”
    “Good odd or bad odd?”
    “Kinda … let’s see where it leads odd?”
    “Okay. Then I’m going in further.”
    She gasped.
    “Damn, this feels cool.”
    “Yeah …” He looked down between his legs. “Ash, I’m getting hard.”
    “That’s a good thing, right?”
    “I guess? I … oooh …”
    “Alright … I’m going to give it one more push …”
    “Yesss … Ooooh … Why is this so … good …”
    “Oof. Wow … Okay, Kev, I think I’m all in … You’re twitching?”
    “I am? I mean, yeah … this is … mmh …”
    “So you’re okay with this?”
    “Yesss …”
    “Okay. Okay! Wow … Wow … This is cool. I like this …”
    She slowly started to gyrate her hips, slipping in and out of his butthole. Kevin’s penis twitched and his balls tightened. He had no idea why that worked, but he liked it … a lot …
    Now Ashley was fucking his ass in long, controlled strokes, really enjoying his tightness around her penis. She went all slow. Anything else would be too exhausting to her. She looked down at Kevin’s slim back and thought that she liked the look. This was great!
    She continued, but now, the horniness was getting really bad. She gasped:
    “Kev, I think I’m going to cum …”
    “Me toooo …”
    This surprised her, but a moment later, he sprayed his bedsheets with his cum. Seriously. That was a lot of cum. Okay, it wasn’t that much, but it was still enough to make a mess. The sudden intensity was enough to trigger her too, and she grunted awkwardly as she shot her load into him.
    “Oooh …”
    “Gaaaah …”
    “Oh Goood …”
    Overwhelmed by the sensation, she rolled on him and Kevin broke down under her sudden weight. Ashley bumped her forehead against his skull and went “ow!” before falling to the side and landing next to him.

    After a moment of rest, she said:
    “That was cool … I loved it.”
    He blushed:
    “Me too. I didn’t expect it, but … yeah.”
    They smiled at each other. Ashley added:
    “Fuck, Kev, we’re such stupid freaks.”
    “We kinda are, yes.”
    She got up and went to the shower, while Kevin tried to clean out the cum from the sheets. As she came back, she slapped the boy’s butt:
    “Okay, bathroom is free.”
    “Ouch! Okay. Got it.”
    He got up and washed up. When he returned, Ashley was lying in the bed, covered by a blanket. He slipped in with her and cuddled against her. They fooled around for a bit, then they got into talking, and before they knew it, it was very, very late.
    Ashley whispered:
    “Okay, I’m going to stay for the night.”
    “Just like your feet.”
    “It was a joke.”
    “Just like your … uh … fuck. Okay, I missed that beat.”
    “Don’t worry.” They lay in the darkness for a bit, then Ashley said: “I really enjoyed this. This is so nice. I’m really going to miss you.”
    “Me too. I’m going to visit you, you know?”
    “I’d be really happy. Don’t be a stranger.”
    “Definitely not. You’re way too cool.”
    They kissed awkwardly. Then, after a dozen more little exchanges, they finally fell asleep.
    The next morning, Ashley left early, hugging him tightly. He waited a bit to release her, and as she left, Kevin’s mother gave her a little wink and added:
    “It was nice to have you here, Ashley. I hope we’ll see you around on the holidays when Kevin is back.”
    “Sure thing, Mrs. Langdon.”
    “You too had a lot of fun yesterday. That is nice. A good thing to give this to Kevin.”
    “Uh … Alright, Mrs. Langdon.”
    She hugged him again, then she left, stopping to wave at him several times. A little later, Mrs. Langdon drove Kevin to the airport, while Ashley loaded up her own car. She just hoped that jalopy would carry her all the way to the big city. In a way, she already missed this town, but with Kevin gone, what did really hold her back?
    She shrugged. Everything would be better than this. And maybe, she would see him again soon!

    in reply to: My stories on Smashwords #157460

    This is a nice story about three people figuring out their lives after tragedy and complications.
    Bigger muscles are obviously an important part of the solution!

    A Contest Between Friends
    Two young women nerds are into the same young nerd man. After a long separation and personal tragedy, they explore their relationship, and figure out that things will have to change. As they become more like what they want, their emotions evolve …

    This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion and age progression. All characters are over 18 years old.

    Get it here:

    Read the preview:

    Their favorite little gaming store was, well, not exactly crowded, but there were plenty of people here. The Dreaming City had been Dana and July’s hangout for almost two decades now, and they just felt welcome here. Jerry and Vera, the owners, knew that even if some teens just came here to just browse and never buy anything, they tended to become repeat customers over the years to come. As Jerry put it: “We’re playing the long game here …”, to which Vera would add that she’d been running a multi-generational D&D-campaign since the mid-eighties in the shop’s basement.

    This was a place where people came to hang out, nerd and bitch, and forge lifelong friendships. This is what had happened to Dana and July. They were an unlikely couple in their way. Or, as Vera put it, they had their fandoms switched at birth.

    Dana was an olive-skinned, rather tall and plump young woman, which always struggled with her big, indomitable and very, very frizzy mud-blonde hair. She always wore black, oversized shirts that struggled to hide the figure which made her uncomfortable, and advertised her fandoms quite aggressively. Or, as July put it: “So many lesbian vampires! Are you trying to tell me something?”

    The thing was, it wasn’t just lesbian vampires. Very beautiful, slim, fit young vampire men in tight leather pants were just as fine. Oh, and while you were at it, black trench coats and katanas! She even owned one of each, and tried to never show them to anybody after trying the coat on once. She just didn’t feel like she had the figure for it …

    As to July, the thin, clearly somewhat anorexic pale woman with the long straight dark brown hair and the intense eye makeup was fascinated by Tolkien fantasy. She had even tried an archery class once. It had been … fine, mostly? She liked it, but then, the instructor had them shoot at plastic animal targets, and she just quit. It was a bit weird, because as soon as July was at the roleplay table, she would play brutal amazons and barbarians and just rage and rend anything she could get her strong hands on.

    It probably was just the fantasy?

    The two young women had one thing in common, though there was a bit of a difference in focus:

    Sword and Sorcery, as well as Cosmic Horror, would always get the both of them to the table. Barbarians, tentacles, deep ones, great old ones, rather purple prose with nice, difficult adjectives such as cyclopean and chthonic, were always welcome.

    After hanging out together at the Dreaming City for a few years, they had eventually moved in together, and their house was nice and cheap, so the amount of merch and books was slowly increasing.

    July was just complaining to Vera for the umpteenth time that there still wasn’t a fifth edition version of Dark Sun. The big sleeves of her trancy headshop dress flew around.

    “We’ve been waiting for almost ten years now. It’s not going to happen! They even made one for fourth, and you know what I think about fourth!”

    Vera shrugged:

    “I’m sure there’s plenty of homebrews online. And besides, you can just use the setting and wing the rules. I mean, we’ve been using a version of AD&D down here that’s been house-ruled so much, it’s basically unrecognizable …”

    Jerry packed up some comic books for Dana and added:

    “I don’t think we’ve actually used the rules in the last two years, V.”

    “That’s another thing. The whole show gets pretty narrative after a while. Just ask Dana. Storytelling is a thing.”

    July groaned:

    “Hey, I don’t mind storytelling. I’m okay with it. We can hang out at the club all evening, screwing around with the Harpies and trying to intrigue our way into the primogen … But when I’m playing Dark Sun, I want to fight! And I want rules that feel like I’m having choices and options and … you know, I want my knowledge of the rules to matter!”

    The pale girl was getting rosy cheeks from the excitement.

    Randy, another regular, said:

    “Well, you could try Fate.”

    She turned around quickly. Dana reached over to hold her back. July’s finger stabbed at Randy’s nose. The chubby man took the poke right on his bulbous protrusion. The gothy young woman gave him a glare.

    “Stop with Fate. Stop with PbtA! For the love of Krom, none of these systems actually do what I want! There’s zero crunch. It’s all just blah-blah-blah! I want numbers! I want spell lists! I want complexity!”

    “Shadowrun, then? You could proxy the mutations with cyberware …”

    Dana knew that smile on July’s face. She quickly stepped in the way and blocked her sight of Randy with her bulk.

    “How about … Hey, have you seen that?”

    She directed her friend firmly to the back of the shop again.

    “What? I got my pull list already …”

    Randy wanted to say something, but he caught Jerry’s look. Then he nodded and put his stuff on the counter.

    In the back, July calmed down quickly. She sighed.

    “Sorry for that. He just pushes my buttons.”

    “I totally get you. I mean, I can only thank you for letting me dodge that bullet …”

    July snickered:

    “Yeah, that would have been a horrible pick …” Her voice suddenly trailed off. She whispered: “Say … Isn’t that Len?”

    Dana instantly turned towards the direction her friend was looking. July got super nervous for really no reason and made a sign for her friend to not stare. Dana ignored her and instead waved at him.


    Since he was maybe five yards away, the sudden shout was maybe a little too loud for the muffled place with its book- and box-covered walls. Len turned around. It was him.

    He smiled, then put the box back on the shelves and quickly walked over to them.

    “Dana? July? Wow! So nice to see you!”

    July hugged him, while Dana was a bit reluctant. She didn’t want to cause any weird associations. There was … the thing.

    Back when they were teenagers, the two young women had usually blocked each other from getting boyfriends. It had been quite stupid. On the one hand, Dana wanted to protect her friend from getting hurt, worried by her condition. On the other hand, July was careful to make sure that Dana didn’t get hurt. Some of the guys said pretty hurtful things about the bigger girl’s looks. Also, there was the issue of them both tending to get pretty jealous of each other if they actually managed to find a good-looking dude.

    The only guy with whom they managed to get somewhere was Len. He was just a cute, relaxed guy that didn’t cause any problems and stayed respectful. Also, while not per se hot, he was kinda nice to look at. As a result, they got him to their place, and then decided to share. Len was all for it, and then, he found himself in bed with them. It took a bit of sorting out at first, but eventually, their fooling around turned into some fondling, some kissing, and then, to their surprise, to Len being caught between their legs.

    Dana would squeeze him with her strong, thick legs and hold him tight, while July would wrap her slim limbs around him too. In that moment, she fantasized about actually being able to hold him the same way Dana did.

    It was nice, but it didn’t lead anywhere. Eventually, the whole thing drifted apart, especially after Len hooked up with Ashley, who was an on-off member of their game group.

    Even much later, the moment the name Ashley was mentioned, July would tighten her fist and growl “ASHLEY!” in her worst intimidating voice.

    Dana asked:

    “So, you’re back?”

    “Mhm. Yeah. I … I kinda couldn’t bear it anymore, and it’s nice to be around here again. Helps me relax.”

    Dana picked up the depressed vibes a bit, but decided not to ask. July, on the other hand, pushed a bit:

    “Do you have plans for tonight? You could come over for old times’ sake and we could maybe continue our legacy game from last time.”

    “You still have it?”

    July grinned:

    “… Somewhere? I’m sure we still have it in the closet …”

    “Then … yeah! I’d love to. I’ll bring snacks and drinks, okay?”

    “You had me at snacks.”

    Dana rolled her eyes. July’s approach to snacks was really just shoving them around in the bowl and occasionally nibbling at some before getting all nervous. But yeah. It was a good answer.

    “Okay … Then … Uh … How about you come over around six-ish? We need to clean our place up a bit.”

    “Don’t stress yourselves. I’m just happy to be around people right now.”

    “That we can provide!”

    The young women filed out of the room, though July had to take a glance at the artwork book she’d been hesitating on for a while again. It was big, it was fancy, it was expensive … but it was Brom? She was a fan! She just didn’t have that kind of money.

    July and Dana surprisingly spent the afternoon cleaning their home. There was this strange unspoken agreement that they wanted to make Len feel at home. He arrived a bit early and waited outside the door until it was time, but Dana spotted his shadow through the frosted window as she passed the front door and she immediately had him come in. Len had indeed brought snacks, and quite a lot of them, as well as a cooling bag full of beer, energy drinks and soft drinks and another bag of other bottles.

    “I didn’t know what you’d like … I mean, I basically thought just some Mountain Dew for old time’s sake, but then I thought, maybe we all graduated from this, and I got this bottle of wine …” Dana raised an eyebrow, but he continued: “I don’t know a thing about wine, but the lady in the shop said this was reasonably good.” She was grinning by now. “And then, I panicked and bought a bottle of mead, some beer, three cans of Monster and … whatever that is?” He showed her a can with some strange writing. “I don’t even know what language that is.”

    Dana shrugged:

    “Come on, we’re fantasy nerds, strange script shouldn’t be a problem!”

    He blushed. She grinned and took the can, then held it up high:

    “Iä, Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! In strange cans, even thirst may die!”

    July popped in from the kitchen:

    “Are you okay?”

    Dana chuckled:

    “Totally.” She took Len’s hand: “Come on, let’s get you a glass for all these drinks. July has been doing her awesome tofu wok. You’re going to love it!”

    Eventually, dinner was done, and Len offered to wash the dishes. The girls were a little surprised, but nodded:

    “Nice. Just …”

    “Don’t worry. This is not my first rodeo!” He laughed and got to work.

    Soon, the dishes were clean and the wok was ready for its next use. Everything was stowed in its place and they moved to the living room.

    The trio got on the couch and they had Len in the middle. Everybody was relaxed and there was some breathing out sharply and producing of comfortable “oof”-sounds. Dana declared:

    “Okay, that was super nice. Thank you, July!”

    “Don’t mention it. It just felt nice …”

    Len agreed:

    “It was amazing. Really, thank you both for having me.”

    They took a bit of a pause. July had eaten very little, but still more than her usual. She set some snacks on the coffee table and opened the Mountain Dew.

    “For old times’ sake.”

    They all grinned and took their glasses. Dana sighed:

    “It’s still as bad as ever.”

    Len nodded:


    “Sooo … What happened to you after you left town?”

    July leaned in. This was interesting.

    “Yes, tell us!”

    Len looked away. He had basically expected that this would come up. Of course, they would want to know. He took another sip of Mountain Dew.

    “Ugh.” He put it back down. “I can’t believe we guzzled that stuff.” He looked into the hungry eyes of his hostesses. “Alright. So the thing was, I met Charlene at a convention. She was cosplaying as a Klingon warrior, and I pulled out my basic Klingon and greeted her, we got into talking, managed to switch to English once our vocabulary ran out and ended up being together pretty much a week later.”

    “A qu’ lut!”

    “I know, right? It’s like a fairy tale. The ending was … less so.”

    Their expressions were suddenly worried. He reached for the glass, then shook his head and sighed:

    “Here’s the thing: We got along really well. She was as big a nerd as I was, and it seriously worked well. We soon moved in together, and there was talk of having kids, though she was reluctant.” Slowly, it dawned to July that he was speaking of her in the past tense, and not in a way that suggested a breakup. She felt an immense sadness well up within her.

    “Charlene was a cool dude, but she had this horrible past. Her father and her brother were real assholes, and they did everything they could to destroy her. I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure it was sexual too …” The two women were crestfallen at this announcement. “They hurt her, they made her feel like shit, and they brought down her confidence hard. When we got married, it was a moment of freedom for her.”

    “That sounds good, doesn’t it?”, Dana said.

    “I wish it had worked. The problem is that something like that will never let you go. Even as she managed to leave them behind, the whole thing came to haunt her. It started small and she had auditory hallucinations when she was stressed or alone. It took me a while to find out, because she tried to hide this. She was afraid of saying it out loud, which I really understand. If she did, she thought, maybe I’d dump her …” He sighed. “Once I figured it out, I tried my best to be supportive. I suggested she should get help from a professional, and we even went there together a few times, but she refused to continue with it, and the voices got worse and more destructive. Apparently, it was bipolar schizophrenia. I managed to deal with it and I did my best to be supportive, but without help, it was too much. In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore …”

    He looked down.

    Dana and July didn’t know what to say.

    There was this long and terrible pause.

    Eventually, Dana managed:

    “I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t be. It is sad, and I can’t change it, but I tell myself that she is beyond the pain now, and we had a wonderful time together. She didn’t go unloved. That is one good thing.”

    There was an awkward silence. As it dragged on, the situation felt worse and worse. At last, Len took another sip of the soft drink and said:

    “Ooh boy, we really had no taste back then.”

    Dana smiled weakly:

    “Come on, it’s not that bad!”

    He grinned:

    “I guess?”

    “You know, if you want, you can stay here with us …”

    July stared at Dana, embarrassed and nervous. Len didn’t notice, but he said:

    “Thank you, but that won’t be necessary. I already found an apartment and it’ll take me a few days to settle in, but then, it should be fine. I’ll invite you to the housewarming party!”

    “That would be nice!”

    There was another pause. The situation wasn’t yet defused. Len groaned and got up:

    “You know what, I’m going to have to call it a night. It’s been a pleasure, and I sure hope we’ll do this again. Please.”



    They accompanied him to the door, and after a bit of extra chitchat, he left, turning around several times to wave and say goodbye again, until July finally declared that this was the longest goodbye since Lord of the Rings, and they laughed, while Len at last disappeared.

    Back inside, July stared at Dana.

    “Wow. You were kinda insensitive, you know?”

    “You think he hates me now?”

    “I don’t think so. But … read the room, Dana.”

    “Hey, you know I’m bad at this. I’ve always been bad at this, and I think he knows.”

    “Like that one time after the car crash?”

    Dana groaned and covered her eyes.

    “How can you even bring that up? I had forgotten all about it, and now it’s back!”

    “Okay, sorry, but it was kinda hilarious … I mean, cringeworthy, but … kinda fun?”

    “I was so embarrassed!”

    “Len laughed at that one, though.”

    Dana sighed:

    “Still sucks, right?”

    “Yeah. Our lives all sure peaked early, huh?”

    “I don’t know what you are talking about. I haven’t had any peaks yet.”

    “Yeah, just let me put away the dishes and …”

    “He already did. Remember?”

    “Fuck. Damn, he is nice. I sure wish …”

    “Forget it. Let’s just go to bed, okay?”

    “You’re probably right.”

    They headed upstairs to go to sleep. It had been a nice evening, but the reveals had been a bit tough …

    The following week, they collectively decided on movie night. Len had found a treasure trove of weird sword and sorcery movies from a rather unknown Italian studio. The films were deep trash, but some of the special effects guys had had surprising later careers and had learned their stuff there, so at least the creatures were fun.

    Also, the actors looked their parts and the props were quite nice too.

    Even the stories weren’t bad, usually adapted from Weird Tales or other public domain stuff from the twenties and thirties. When he told July what the various people had worked on later, she had gotten quite excited.

    The actual watching, though, was almost painful. First, the dub was atrocious, with the voice actors basically phoning in their lines. After twenty minutes of flat “I am the Master of Demons and you shall drown in the blood of the innocents.”, Dana said:

    “Okay, enough. Just let put on the subtitles and the original sound, and we’ll read them aloud!”

    This improved the experience somewhat, especially on account of the amount of giggling, especially when Len started doing the deep, sultry voice of the evil sword master. The dialogue with the crystal queen, which July voiced in a shrill, very intense style, only made things weirder and more funny.

    This alone didn’t save the movie.

    The second problem was that the special effects were supposed to work on a grainy projector or a seventies TV-screen. The super high definition DVD release showed every length of string, every makeup line and every black curtain hung up to hide the lack of a set.

    Dana suggested putting on sunglasses.

    The resulting picture they took was very eighties.

    The last, and unsolvable problem was that the movie’s pacing was atrocious and super old-fashioned.

    In the end, they were all happy when it was over. They had fun, but they were also tired. The popcorn was eaten, the soda was drunk, and Len was just lying on the sofa, grinning. With his sexy sword master voice, he said:

    “That was very bad … Happily, they made a whole trilogy …”

    Dana put her face in her hands and groaned:

    “Please, no! I only deserve this much suffering!”

    July had gotten up and checked out the place, meanwhile. She looked at some of the pictures on the wall and asked:

    “Len, is that Charlene?”

    On the picture, there was a really buff young woman with long blond hair, wearing a tiny bikini. She smiled, but July could sense that this was a pose.

    He nodded:

    “That’s right.”

    “She was a bodybuilder? Wow …”

    “Yeah. It was a funny story, actually. We had a D&D campaign with friends and she played a fighter. The character was always in full plate armor and never showed much skin. Then, one time, we had a quest that involved participating in a beauty pageant, and Charlene’s character was the only one that was tall enough to stand a chance.”

    Dana and July were grinning now.

    “Anyway, the character, Yarys, showed up in a fancy dress and won the competition. We managed to succeed, and to stop the intrigue by the evil vizier.”

    Dana grinned:

    “There’s somehow only one flavor of viziers, right?”

    “Apparently. Maybe that’s what you’re taught at vizier college. Charlene loved the scene and drew her character, and of course, at Strength 20, she was pretty buff. Everybody liked the drawing, and then she decided she wanted to dress up as Yarys for Halloween. She did that and it looked cool. She had spent a few months working out, and she built a bit of muscle tone. Then, after the party, she decided to go all in. She really hit the gym hard …”

    He sighed. The women could tell that he missed her, and it was obvious that he liked the look. A lot.

    “It was cool. I really loved her transformation. She was feeling better, she had a real motivation to stick to it, and she was feeling more confident. At the same time, I should have seen the signs. She quickly started using steroids to push her training further and she probably went too far on the whole thing. I’m not sure, of course, and she probably had the problems with her psyche before, but … living so intensely certainly didn’t help either.”

    July looked at the picture. There was this inner sadness and confusion in Charlene’s expression. It was subtle, but once you noticed it, it was undeniable.

    Len took a deep breath.

    “Anyway, when her condition got worse, she stopped training. That was the point of no return. Maybe I could have done something in that moment, but … yeah. I failed her. Pretty shitty, huh?”

    Dana felt the tears well up. She hugged him.

    “Don’t be hard on yourself. You loved her, and you tried to help.” She released him, but held him close. “I don’t know much about it, but it’s like a disease. You can’t blame yourself for her getting sick. You were there for her, right?”

    “Mhm.” He sighed. “Hey, I’m sorry for being such a sadsack. Let’s …”

    July decided to change the subject:

    “Uh, Len, do you still have our old character sheets?”

    He nodded:

    “Yeah. They have to be in one of the boxes. I never threw them out.”

    “Let’s take a look!”

    They all knew it was a kind of twist to get out of the rut, but they were all happy for it.

    Eventually, the two women returned home. They were both somewhat thoughtful due to their talk with Len. Dana called their cat:

    “Abraxas! Food!”

    The black cat with the single white dot over his eye came running. A couple of years ago, Dana had read an article about training cats. The only thing that worked was this, though she was pretty sure that just opening the can was enough to summon him anyway. As she scooped the goopy food into his bowl, July picked up the food for Milton, their pet snake. This one had been a stupid purchase that had been made very drunk and whose terrarium crowded up one of the rooms. The snake didn’t do much all day except lie around and slink into the sun whenever the light shone in. July had tried to do some dancing with it, but she had quickly felt stupid, realizing that with her figure, she was no Salma Hayek.

    As she walked over to the terrarium, she said:

    “We’re going to have to clean that thing eventually.”

    “I did it last time.”

    “You did?”

    “Totally. It’s on the list.”

    “There’s a list?”

    “Yeah. It’s your turn.”

    “Bah.” She sighed: “Fine. I’ll do it. Tomorrow.”

    July grinned at Dana:

    “You know, I think our Len is into musclewomen.”

    “Yeah. Definitely. It was weird for him to try and hide it.”

    Abraxas rubbed his head against Dana after eating. She groaned:

    “You smell of cat food. Bah.”


    “I was talking to Abraxas.”

    “Oh. Yeah.”

    Dana sighed:

    “I like him, you know?”

    “Mhm. Me too. He’s cute.”

    “He totally is.”

    July groaned:

    “Seriously? We’re both into him?”

    “Is it any wonder? He’s cute, he likes us, and we fooled around enough back when we were teens.”

    “Yeah. Fuck. So, what do we do now?”

    There was a long pause. Abraxas looked at them, rubbed himself against July, then back against Dana, then, as neither did anything, he left.

    At last, Dana said:

    “Okay … How about we … have a competition?”

    July cocked her head.


    “Yeah, not a real competition. We just try and see which one of us he actually wants, and that’s it?”

    “You mean just asking him?”

    “Then we wouldn’t get an answer. I mean, he’s not going to disappoint either of us. But … we could try to seduce him? Just see which one of us he wants to be with, and stay friends?” Dana gave her a friendly smile: “Something like that?”

    “Uh … Okay? That sounds like a recipe for disaster.”

    “Maybe? But we could just try it anyway? Workout, get buff, make him happy with our muscles?”

    July gave her friend the most weirded out look in a long time:


    “Come on, that’s what he’s into. If we want to seduce him, we gotta get fit.” She looked away. “And I wouldn’t mind it, seriously. I really could use some motivation to finally get rid of all this flab.”

    July wanted to say something about Dana’s eating habits, but since this was a touchy subject and she was also struggling with her own problems, it was for the best not to go down that road.

    “Okay … I kinda can get behind this? So we just try and get fit, and then, we can see which one makes him hornier and that’s the decision?”

    “Now that you put it like this, it sounds really stupid.”

    “It totally does. But … I kinda like the idea of being an amazon. Charlene was rather hot, right?”

    “Yeah …”

    “Also, imagine me as a Brom lady!”

    “A what now?”

    “Forget it! I’m in. Let’s do this, even if it’s stupid!”

    July held out her hand and they did the clasp from Predator. Dana’s arm jiggled, while July’s looked even thinner like this. The chubby girl declared, with her best German accent:

    “They got you pushing too many pencils?”

    “Okay, stop it!”

    Dana pushed a bit more, then released her.

    “This is going to be crazy …”

    Dana and July showed up at the gym equipment shop the next day. The rather fit older man that greeted them smiled:

    “Hi! I’m Earl. What can I get you?”

    Dana hesitated, but July replied:

    “We want to set up a home gym in our basement and get buff. Yeah. And Dana wants to lose weight.”

    “Alright! For starters, I’ll just set you up with some mats for isometrics and a simple starter’s weight set. Also, jump ropes.”

    “Jump ropes?”

    “Best cardio. All the boxers do it.”

    “Okay … I thought this was just for little girls.”

    The man grinned:

    “I wish I were as fit as a little girl.”

    July chuckled:

    “Okay, sounds weird, but now that I think about it …”

    “Exactly. Try those things first, and if you feel alright with your progress, I’ll fix you up with more specialized equipment.”

    “Wow.” She blushed: “I seriously thought you’d just try to sell us some junk …”

    “We used to do that, but now that everybody’s ordering everything online, we have to get serious and really help people with their fitness. We also offer beginners’ training lessons, if you want some pointers.”

    “Okay … That would be awesome.”

    Dana nodded, still a bit nervous, but starting to relax.

    Earl smiled:

    “We’ll get you fit in no time.”

    Soon, the two young women had their basement cleaned up and fitted as a gym. At first, it was really just the mats and the weights, but soon enough, they added a chin-up bar, a machine set and a squat rack. Working out became second nature to them. Every morning, they would eat the protein-rich meal July fixed for them and then, they would head down to pump iron. After work, they would do a second round, usually something lighter and more relaxed, while also making sure that they didn’t hurt themselves.

    Dana was less than convinced of the food they were eating.

    “This stuff is … boring.”

    July grinned:

    “At least it doesn’t taste bad anymore.”

    “Okay, the first week was really awful.”

    “I had to figure out how to do this. Sorry. The recipes I found on the net were … unhelpful.”

    “Yeah. And gross.”

    “Girl, I didn’t know, okay?”

    “Still …”

    “It’s better now, okay? I’m just glad it works.”

    “Yeah, right.”

    July smiled at her friend. No wonder Dana wasn’t happy. She had made no progress at all, at least visually. The young woman was still as chubby and shapeless as before. It was a little deceiving, though, because she was crushing it in her workouts. While July was looking better and better, with muscles popping up all over her body, she was far behind as far as her max and her endurance were going. Dana was really fit, she just didn’t look like it!

    The not so thin woman put her hand on Dana’s.

    “Don’t worry. It’s going to get better and you’ll see, I’m pretty sure there’s some point after which all your awesome muscles are going to come out.”

    Dana poked at her chicken.

    “When pigs fly. It’s going to take forever. You’re starting to look like a real amazon, while I’m stuck here as eternal blob girl.”

    July tried to be supportive:

    “Just stick to it. You’re strong as fuck, and you’re only getting better. It’ll be amazing!”

    “Nah. Len is not going to fall for it. He wants a beautiful barbarian princess, not an orc warrior girl.”

    “Hey, don’t diss orc warrior girls!”


    Dana looked back at her food.

    July walked into Earl’s shop and waited for him to finish explaining something to an elderly couple. They looked around and he turned to her.

    “Hi, July! How have you been doing?”

    “Great! I managed to do fifteen pullups!”

    The older man nodded appreciatively.

    “Nice. Well done! You’re really making amazing progress!”

    He looked at her. She had started to wear sports clothing in her daily life recently, and it looked good on her. Right now, she was standing there, her shapely, nicely muscled legs wrapped in a pair of yoga pants, her toned stomach on display and her rounded shoulders covered by a cute biker-style jacket.

    “That’s what I wanted to ask about: I’ve made a lot of progress, but I’m afraid I’ve reached my limits.”

    “That can happen. Plateaus are really common. You should switch your exercises around, try to focus on different movements and challenge your muscles in another way. If you want, I can show you a few tricks that’ll get the old burn back …”

    She nodded:

    “That would be really nice. There’s one more thing, though …”


    “I saw a lot of videos on the net about safe steroids. And I wanted to know if you got any.”

    He smiled:

    “As a matter of fact, I would instead recommend going with SARMs. They have few side-effects and as long as you get checked regularly, it shouldn’t be a problem. There’s a doctor we work with, and he’ll get you the clearance after checking your blood and hormones.”

    “Wow. You guys really manage everything.”

    “We do our best. I’m glad you feel well-supported.”

    “I absolutely do. I’m just a bit worried about Dana, you know? She’s really struggling, and she can’t see how far she has come already.”

    “I guess it’s tough for her. I talked to her yesterday, when she was here to pick up more protein powder, and I tried to be supportive, but she really needs some success.”

    “I just hope it comes soon.”

    Dana stared at the mirror. Still no change. Her body was as plump and heavy as ever. It was incredibly frustrating. Plus, everybody was trying to be nice about it! They were all so supportive and all trying to cheer her up and motivate her.

    She hated it. If they told her that she was a fat, useless slob, she would have hated it too, but then, at least, she could have been angry at them.

    This way, there was nothing she could do.

    It was just so shitty. She stuck to that stupid, disgusting diet, to all the training routines, everything. And it was useless. She couldn’t even look at July anymore when they worked out. While Dana was looking like a fat shithead, her friend was turning into a beautiful, sexy amazon.

    She hated herself even more for being jealous! Why couldn’t she just be happy for her friend? Why did everything have to be so fucking difficult?

    Abraxas came in and rubbed himself against her leg. She scratched the cat’s head, then pulled him up on her lap and started caressing him. Soon, the black cat was purring deeply, enjoying the treatment. She groaned. Being a cat was the best. You could just walk up to people, boop them with your head, and they would start giving you little rubs or scratches. If she did that …

    She realized that booping Len with her head would also yield her rubs and scratches. The man was no fool. But … that was seriously not a thing she felt ready for. Booping people needed confidence, just like Abraxas had. She didn’t have it.

    She looked at the bottles of fat burners she had tried over the last weeks. None of them had done much except making her jittery. She had stopped quickly enough again.

    And yet, she still needed an answer. She couldn’t accept July completely overwhelming her, even if she did like her and felt that her being with Len was okay. She just wanted to get fit too …

    Stroking the cat’s back, she looked at her phone again. There had to be some quick and easy alternative! Usually, those things existed, they were just expensive. She was pretty sure she could get a loan or something …

    A few weeks later, the two young women had Len over. The trio had been hanging out a lot together, with Len even joining them on a few workouts, though he was a bit skeptical on what they were trying to do. He much preferred movie night and, even better, game night.

    After a truly devastating game of Settlers of Catan during which Dana cut off a good third of the island and cornered the market for clay, July poured him another cup of tea and asked:

    “Len, there’s a thing we’d need you to do.”

    He put away the little bits of wood and said:

    “Anything you need.”

    “Could you take care of Milton and Abraxas for a month or two? Dana and I have something to take care of and we can’t take them along.”

    “No problem. I guess Milton doesn’t need much company anyway.”

    “Yeah, just a mouse a week and a bit of water and he’s happy.”

    “Would it be okay if I took Abraxas with me to my place? It would be easier than making the trip twice a day, and he wouldn’t be so alone.”

    Dana nodded eagerly:

    “You would? You know that he has a way of scratching furniture.”

    “I do, but it’s okay. I’ve been thinking about getting a cat eventually, so this will be good practice.”

    She laughed:

    “Okay, Abraxas is the school of hard knocks. If you can deal with him, you can deal with any cat.”

    “Perfect, then.”

    The cat came over and booped its head against Len’s leg.

    “Alright, I think this is going to be easy.” He started to rub the cat’s back.

    Dana gave him a weird, slightly embarrassed look.

    A week later, July was resting on the hospital bed. Her breasts were still smarting a bit, especially now that she no longer got any painkillers, but the satisfaction with her new bosom outweighed the lack of comfort. She hadn’t seen them unwrapped, but the weight and the heft, as well as the sheer size of the bandages were enough to excite her.

    The doctor had been a bit skeptical about her wishes, but after a bit of arguing and making it clear on why she wanted them, the woman had agreed. The surgery had been a breeze, without any complications. Now she sported a pair of custom bodybuilder breast implants, large, broad and round, which pushed her solidly into the large end of D cups. It depended on the manufacturer, she guessed, but with her broad back, she would have to get custom bras anyway.

    To her surprise, she already felt sexier, even though she was still wearing that stupidly unflattering hospital gown. Once this was healed, she would perfect her muscles, and then, it would be incredible. July still couldn’t really believe it … Ever since Len’s return, she had transformed her body and somehow managed to push through her anorexia. Okay, she probably had a different eating disorder now, or actually just the same, just focused on something else, but to her, it felt as if it was just a bit more comfortable to deal with. Also, in a strange way, she preferred this level of control. Sure, she could always get bigger and stronger. The sky was the limit, as far as she was concerned. She could work on her definition, optimize her diet and fiddle with her various hormones …

    But instead of her previous problem, she had the impression that she now had a set of controls in front of her. Just struggling to lose weight was such a primitive, pointless way of trying to master her body. Building muscles with minimal bulk … that was a challenge, but one she could really sink her teeth in. In a way, it was min-maxing with her body. Not a bad idea, all in all.

    It was strange. When she hit puberty, her body had changed in the most awkward and stupid way. July had been a thin, tomboyish girl that just liked to run around and argue with people. In elementary school, she was considered, as one of her teachers put it “a danger to herself and others”. More than once, she had to be picked out of trees or rescued from scaffoldings. Puberty put an end to this.

    Instead of having a lot of energy and scraped knees, she suddenly turned into this gangly, shapeless, dysfunctional thing! The boys got strong, tall bodies and smelly pits, the girls got boobs and hips and July got … zits and weirdly located fat.

    Her periods were painful and lengthy, she lost her agility and balance, and she ended up with this stupid, useless body. It was like an insult. The boys with whom she had played before stopped spending time with her because they were all getting nervous about the girls, and she couldn’t keep up with their games either. Somehow, her previous recklessness was gone, while the boys just threw themselves at any idiotic danger they could find.

    Obviously, this proved to her that she was losing control.

    Happily, there were three things she could do: She could commiserate with Dana, she could nerd out with the other freaks at the gaming store, and she could punish her body for being such a shitty failure by twisting it into the shape she wanted. She just needed to figure out how to do this.

    Hence, eating disorder. July was aware very soon of what she was doing and that it was fundamentally a stupid idea, but at that point, she also liked the effects. It was an addiction, and like all addictions, it was easy to stop, but hard not to start again. Lastly, she had to admit that she liked the thin look. At least, better than the weirdly shapeless one. Of course, now that she had found her new obsession, the amazonian princess look was wonderful. It was just incredible, and it didn’t change much to the reactions of the various detractors.

    Other than that, the comments were the same. You just had to switch “You should maybe eat something.” to “You should maybe tone down the training.”

    Maybe those people should just all shut up. She knew she had this problem, but she was putting it to good use. She grinned. She was the Rain Man of bodybuilding. Fuck.

    July gently set her hands against those huge tits. She never had big boobs anyway, and now, she had those massive, sexy knockers out of nowhere … She was literally transforming into her own dream …

    The nurse knocked on the door and said:

    “Hi! The doctor will come over in a minute to take off the bandages and check whether everything is alright.”

    July smiled:

    “Perfect! I can’t wait!”

    Meanwhile, a very nervous Dana was sitting in the office of the mysterious Doctor Kent, who apparently was a rather special health professional. He certainly had an impressive taste in assistants. The woman that had let her in was amazing. She was very tall, very old, and incredibly muscular, with an amazing pair of tits!

    Now Dana normally didn’t put things like this and tried to talk like a non-perverted person, but … holy fuck … that woman was incredible! She was sitting at the desk, checking the paperwork Dana had submitted, and just watching her do this was amazing. She had her long, snow-white hair tied up in several thick braids and wore a clearly custom-fit sheath dress that clung to those incredible curves like saran wrap.

    The still rather fat young woman sighed. She sure wondered if she could look like this … Man, if she had a body like this woman, she would win easily. And then some! Muscles like these were enough to win anything! The whole look … She was old, okay, but she just oozed confidence and power. Dana was sure that Len would crave her perfectly if she had muscles like that. She would have a hard time getting him off her. Actually, no. With muscles like that, it would be very easy. She’d just take him and pull him off.

    If she even wanted that.

    Fuck. This woman was amazing. She just hoped that doctor could do something like this for her. That would be wonderful …

    Dana smiled awkwardly as the old woman looked up for a moment. Then she said:

    “Alright, Dana, I have reviewed the documents. The tests are positive, I think you would respond very well to the treatment. Doctor Kent will see you in a moment.”

    Dana nervously got up and walked through the office once more. The before and after pictures were just as amazing. The women had clearly come in as weak and soft, with small, ridiculous breasts and had been transformed into these incredible amazons. Each one had a perfectly sculpted, muscle-packed uber body.

    She suddenly found the assistant’s pictures. The before picture showed a nervous little woman with a cute nose and black hair. Dana asked:

    “Is that really you?”

    The old woman looked up.

    “That is correct. It used to be me.”

    “How does it feel?”

    The bodybuilder smiled:

    “It’s incredible. I love it. Every morning, when I get up, I am glad that I made the choice.”

    “Wow … So there really is a shortcut.”

    “In a way, yes.”

    “Amazing … I really need that …”

    “Well, the doctor will see you now, so just come on in.”

    A very handsome man in his late thirties opened the door of his office and smiled:

    “Dana? Are you ready?”

    “Certainly, Doc!”

    He turned to the gigantic assistant:

    “Audrey, would you please get us some tea?”

    “Of course, dear.”

    Dana grinned. Okay, so that was the doctor’s mother? Or wife? Something? She was a tad confused by the whole thing, actually. The woman on the photo was all young … Then there was the other photo and she was old. It didn’t quite fit. Why would someone not put an immediate before picture on the wall?

    Inside, the doctor offered her a seat and said:

    “Okay, Dana, welcome. I hope you had a nice trip?”

    “It was okay. A bit cramped.”

    “Ah, well, if you get my treatment, this is not going to get better.”

    She realized what he meant and chuckled.

    “Yeah, that would be kinda the point, right?”

    “Exactly. It’s a big issue, really. If you receive the treatment, it will transform your body accordingly. It will increase your muscle mass, change the size and shape of your breasts and harden your skin. It will also remove pigments from your hair.”

    Dana nodded. If she ended up with a physique like Audrey, she was in!

    “Okay. That sounds great!”

    “Very well. The effect is very fast, so I recommend preparing mentally for it. We have a few guides on how to deal with it on our website, which I will also send to you. Besides the mental adaptation, there are also several side-aspects you should know about.”

    In that moment, Audrey came in, balancing a tray with a cute Japanese tea set on it. She set it down and poured them a cup each. Dana was mesmerized. While the doctor explained the details and went over them with her on a booklet, she was completely lost in her fascination.

    She barely made out the words her said.

    “… reduced fertility … skin aging … self-control … arousal …”

    Dana just nodded vaguely, then signed the documents right away. The doctor offered her to take them along and think about them for a week, but she didn’t care. She wanted this, and she wanted it now!

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    Should you enjoy stories about married women turning themselves into loving, yet very strong and hairy, masculine creatures, then this is the one for you!

    New Luck
    Birgit’s skiing accident gets her a cast on both her legs. The rehab after this gives her a taste of working out, and soon, Philipp is head over heels for his growing, increasingly virile and hairy wife. Together, they explore their strange new fetish. This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, hair growth and gender-blending. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    It is available here:

    The beginning is here:

    Birgit grinned reluctantly:

    “So it’s true. The warranty runs out at forty!”

    Philipp was pretty down. Their first ski vacation together since the kids had moved out, at last, they had some time together and bang, Birgit managed to break both legs on day two. The vacation was over.

    Once the cast was on, they drove home. Their mood was pretty much ruined. Suddenly, their home felt empty. There was this sensation that they had rushed through their lives pointlessly. They got married early, had the kids early, paid the mortgage early, got solid jobs early … Wasn’t this supposed to be the path to happiness? Their parents had been all for it, even if Birgit’s mom thought she should have looked around a bit more. Philipp didn’t mind and took the hidden jab well enough.

    Still, they had quite a bit of time to think now. Sure, Philipp got back to work after the vacation and was back on his construction job trips, and Birgit got busy too. Happily, she could do her job online mostly. The worst was doing business calls with clients, and she definitely could do that from the sofa or the bed.

    When they finally took off the casts after a few weeks, she was shocked. She had never been fit or anything, but now, her legs looked all thin and feeble. It felt terrible. Philipp sat beside her at the doctor’s office and looked just as distraught.

    “Wow. That looks bad.”

    “It feels really weird.” Her legs were all thin and hairy now. She made a few careful movements. They were all stiff. It was to be expected, but it was still uncomfortable. The old woman said:

    “It should get better soon after a while. Just train regularly, then the muscles will rebuild.”

    “Me? But Ma’am, I’m teleworking all day. I just sit at the computer.”

    The doctor shrugged:

    “You don’t have to run to the gym. Just get yourself an exercise bike and ride it while working. That would be a step in the right direction. It’d be a good exercise for the both of you. Half an hour of endurance training every day, and you’ll see, it’ll do wonders.”

    Philipp felt a little attacked by this.

    “Me too?”

    “Sure. At your age, it’s a good idea.”

    Now he was getting annoyed. The doctor was much older than the both of them. Provocatively, he asked:

    “And you do that?”

    To his surprise, the older woman nodded:

    “Half an hour of cardio every day, and one hour of strength training.”

    The couple was surprised. Birgit asked:


    Suddenly, the doctor grinned:

    “I brought this over myself, didn’t I?” She took off her coat. It was instantly obvious that she had broad shoulders for a woman. She undid the buttons of her blouse’s cuffs and rolled the sleeves up. Fascinatingly, there appeared a rather large biceps, that is, for a woman. It stood out by half an inch from her otherwise trim arm. Philipp and Birgit had never seen anything like it. The doctor flexed and the muscle grew a little bigger. For a moment, there was a flash of pride on her face, then she was serious again: “There. You see, it’s possible, so stop trying to come up with excuses and give it a try.”

    Philipp’s voice sounded all horse. Somehow … He couldn’t explain it, but this woman … What was going on? Why … He felt a kind of flutter in his chest. Was he having a heart attack? It didn’t hurt, it was just extremely intense.

    Birgit didn’t seem to notice. She wanted to leave, but the doctor added:

    “You know what, I’m going to see whether I can get you set up for rehabilitation. Did you have your computer with you?”


    “Alright. I’ll see if I can spin this into an occupational accident.” The old woman grinned. “If not, you’ll have to pay for it, but it’ll still be good for you. At least, you’ll get some hints and methods how to improve your lifestyle and be healthier.”

    Birgit was a little nervous, but if it helped, it’d be great, that much was clear.

    The couple thanked the doctor and Philipp supported her on the way out.

    To their surprise, the doctor managed to make it work, even though the rehabilitation facility was in the most boring and depressing place of the whole country. Whoever had the idea to set it up smack in the middle of a nineteenth century mining moonscape had to have some twisted sense of humor. The place combined Eastern bloc aesthetics with the love and care of a nazi elite school.

    Philipp brought her there and asked:

    “Are you sure? This place doesn’t look welcoming at all.”

    She shrugged.

    “I think I’ll be able to cope. It’s just four weeks.”

    “Four weeks. Fuck. Wow. Anyway, I hope it works. I’ll call you in the evening, okay?”

    “I’d rather call you. Who knows what they’re up to, and when I’ll have time?”

    “Alright. Sounds reasonable.”

    “That’s it. I love you.”

    She kissed him.

    “I love you too. Stay strong.”

    He hugged her. Soon, he was on his way home.

    She didn’t call. Philipp sat at home and stared at the phone. Nothing happened. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and called her himself. The phone rang a few times, then there was a voice that the person he was calling couldn’t be reached right now. Philipp was quite shocked by this and called the center directly. After what felt like forever, a harsh female voice responded:

    “I am sorry, but there’s no reception around here. No, we only allow for one call a week. Otherwise, everybody would hang out around the office all the time. Yes, I will tell your wife you called.”

    And that was it.

    Philipp was alone. He didn’t know what to make of this situation. He had basically talked to Birgit every day for twenty years, even when he was on work trips to who knows where, and now she was gone. Somewhere in Saint Chernobyl-upon-Shite, and he was alone.

    And there was this feeling …

    Every time he thought of the doctor, there was this tension within him. He managed one evening, but then, he checked to see if there were any pictures of her online. It turned out that the woman had several social media accounts. And she definitely showed what she had. To Philipp’s shock and confusion, the woman’s pictures made him hard. Well, so was she. She was old, okay, but she was incredibly fit, and she was very confident.

    That was the beginning of the end. Through the magic of the picture search, Philipp ended up on more pages of musclewomen, and before he knew it, he was hooked. He was stunned. There really seemed to be no limit. The doctor was rather quaint compared to the international level. There was much more. He got all twitchy.

    The four weeks raced by. He really had only fifteen minutes to chat every week, and the lady at the reception was very strict and incorruptible. Philipp tried it several times, but it always ended with her hanging up. There wasn’t much to say anyway. The rehabilitation facility seemed to be the most boring place ever. There was nothing to do. You could train, swim and trek. That was it.

    As a result, Philipp was right on time to pick up Birgit. Not that the clerk decided to keep her because he was ten minutes late.

    He parked the car and wanted to go in just as Birgit came out.


    Philipp was speechless. She strode towards him quickly, her bag thrown lazily over her shoulder, absolutely effortless. She wore a blue wrap dress and looked incredible!

    He took the bag and they embraced.

    “I missed you so much!”

    “Me too. It took way too long!”

    They snuggled against each other. Philipp noticed that her body felt a bit tougher. Not muscular, but trim and well-trained.

    They kissed and enjoyed the closeness. It was wonderful. Birgit grinned and looked up to him:

    “It took soooo long.”

    “Oh yeah. It was hell.”

    They kissed again.

    „What do you think about returning to civilization and eating out? Something other than the prison food would be nice, right?”

    She smiled brightly:

    “You had me at ‘civilization’!”

    As soon as they had recovered and lived together again, Philipp noticed that Birgit stuck to her training regimen. Every day, she went to bike, swim or run. She really kept up. She did her daily strength training, both isometrics and using weights. At some point, she asked Philipp whether he wanted to join her. He nodded. This became her daily rhythm. Birgit insisted on a better diet and even though it got a bit boring sometimes, it was okay.

    The effect was impressive. After half a year, they were both in pretty good shape. Philipp was all surprised. He lost ten pounds and was at a healthy bodyweight for the first time in years, while Birgit was starting to look quite fit. It felt great.

    All this rekindled their sex life. Just like many other things, it had suffered because of the kids, the jobs and the daily stress. Now, it was burning again, and they were enjoying it.

    As a result, Birgit saw right through him. Of course, Philipp was amazingly bad at hiding things from her, but he had tried.

    When she stood in front of him after their training session, sweaty, her slim muscles pumped from the effort, with a big grin on her face, his hard-on was obvious. Then she had remarked:

    “I wonder just how muscular a woman can get …”

    His cock had almost torn through his training pants. It was time to talk business.

    Birgit stared at the phone. She was astonished. Then she was more astonished. And even more. And then, she was simply speechless.

    It took a while for her to be able to speak again, then she said:

    “Okay, I mean, I knew that that was a thing, sure, but … wow. This is … wow.”

    Philipp sat there, his head a deep crimson. His hands were shaking with nervousness and excitement. He was about to panic. Was this it? Did he make a mistake? Shouldn’t he just have shut up? But … she brought it up herself … What should he have done instead? Should he really have said:

    “Yeah, no idea. There’s probably something, I dunno, whoop-da-whoop?”

    It would have been ridiculous. She looked at him. Was there a smile on her face? His heart was beating up to his neck. She set a hand on his forearms.

    “Okay … Philipp, I can see this turns you on. Me … maybe a little too? I mean, those women look really proud and happy with themselves.”


    “And being fit is very nice for me.”


    “So … what I’m trying to say … I … I don’t think I can see myself like this …” She pointed at a picture of a heavyweight female bodybuilder whose body was absolutely packed with muscles, her skin drawn tight over her veins and fibers. “But this …” She showed him a picture of a crossfit athlete. “This I like. Broad shoulders, tight waist, those arms … That’s hot. This is what I’d want!”

    Philipp’s throat was dry as a desert. He swallowed.


    “Sure. I’m certain that feels awesome.”

    His cock was rock-hard.

    “Cool …”

    She kissed him.

    “I don’t think you’ve been this horny in twenty years …”


    “I like that!” She grinned and climbed on him, her sweaty skin against his.

    One thing was obvious with Birgit: She never half-assed things. She joined up at the local gym and got everything explained, then she started. Philipp came along to train with her and did his best to support her. It was quite impressive. She really stuck to it, hit the gym six days a week and pushed herself constantly. The primary effect was a massive soreness. Philipp was instructed by his very angry and loudly groaning wife to get busy cooking, cleaning and shopping.

    He enjoyed it, though she wasn’t too impressed with his cooking at first. But just like her physique, he improved over time. She made good progress but after a few months, she noticed that things got slower. There still was some progress, and she was getting close to her goal, but she was definitely lacking the initial impetus.

    As a result, they were at the gym a few weeks later when Philipp spotted the doctor, who was also training there. He was quite surprised. In real life, she was even more impressive, especially since she wore an extremely tight and revealing training outfit. The woman was maybe an inch shorter than Birgit, but she was incredibly ripped and her muscles were strong and swole.

    He looked over to her, then he made a sign to Birgit. His wife looked at the older woman and commented:

    “Wow … Okay … Now, that is impressive.”

    “Wanna talk to her?”

    Suddenly, he was as nervous as a schoolboy. Birgit hesitated too.

    The woman finished her set and walked over to them. She smiled:

    “I guess the rehab worked?”

    “Yes! Thank you again. It was a bit weird over there, but I have made a full recovery, and I feel even better than before!”

    “Congratulations. That’s good to hear. Are you here every day? I noticed you a few times.”

    Philipp nodded and Birgit replied:

    “We’re trying to. I think … more strength is a good thing.”

    The doctor nodded:

    “Absolutely.” She looked at her patient. “If you need any help, just let me know. I get pretty much everything.”

    “What do you mean?”

    The older woman was a little surprised. Then she said:

    “Supplements, drugs, hormones?”

    Birgit was even more confused. Slowly, she understood:


    “Of course.”

    “I mean … you use them?

    The doctor smiled:

    “Of course. Otherwise, you’ll never reach the level. I’m holding back a lot because I can’t have any visible side-effects, but yes, I use them. If one’s careful and gets regular checks, there’re really no problems.”

    Birgit looked at Philipp. He shrugged.

    The doctor added:

    “I would be happy to have a training partner. In this town, all the people are so uptight. So, if you’re interested, I could write you a prescription for the necessary drugs. This way, the insurance will cover them.”

    Philipp felt the excitement well up within himself. Birgit noticed and grinned:

    “Alright, that sounds like a great idea! I’d be glad …”


    “Birgit. And that’s Philipp.”

    “It’s a pleasure.”

    “Well then, I’m looking forward to it.”

    “And I’ll do my next set.”

    Philipp was impressed. His life with Birgit abruptly changed. Since Marianne took care of her training, her visits to the gym became harder and more intense. The doctor got her a masseur, sent her to physiotherapy and yoga, and got Philipp to buy a large freezer for their home. This thing was then stuffed with food, and then emptied again as Birgit had five to seven meals a day.

    After a short introductory phase, Marianne got Birgit her prescription and the fridge filled up with dozens of packages and vials. Obviously, Birgit was very, very sick and had to take all those drugs. Philipp looked at the side-effects of some of those things, and he ended up being just as shocked as he was getting aroused. If something went wrong … The thought that Birgit would change made him afraid, it disgusted him, but it also turned him on incredibly as much as it confused him. There was this incredible shiver in his chest, this indomitable horniness …

    Marianne picked Birgit up to train, while Philipp got ready for his next tour. It would be two weeks, and he was anxious to see what would happen.

    Birgit didn’t say anything.

    Two weeks later, he was finally home. It had been incredibly tiresome. Everything had gone perfectly, but he was still happy to be home. He really couldn’t wait anymore. Birgit had just sent him messages, and she hadn’t talked about her training at all.

    He would see what had happened.

    At home, he took care of his laundry. The first thing he noticed was the rather intense smell from the basket. There was still some room left in the machine, so he picked a few pieces that matched the color and … wow. The “scent” of the clothes was pretty bad. The training pants had such an extreme smell of sweat, it almost made him sick. He was quite shocked.

    Suddenly, he heard the door open.

    “Philipp, are you there?”

    “I’m doing the laundry!”

    “Wait …”

    She was coming, he could hear her. There was something scratchy, rough to her voice. Hopefully, she wasn’t sick!

    He left the door of the machine open. Then, a strange smell wafted in through the door. It reeked of … teenager? Stinky young man?

    And then she was here. Birgit had changed a bit. She stood up straight, and it was impossible to ignore that her muscles had grown. She definitely had this crossfit-look which she had picked in the beginning.

    Then she hugged and kissed him. The smell of sweat and … teenager? was incredibly strong. It made his eyes tear. And at the same time, her lips were so delightful, so seductive …

    Her strong arms wrapped themselves around his chest and he got hard instantly. She looked up to him:

    “I missed you so much!”

    “Me too!”

    “And I’m sooo horny!”

    “Me too!”

    Maybe they could have managed to get to the bed. They got to the floor.

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    Here’s a long story with plenty of muscle growth, as well as some futa and incest! Things get really wild in this one.
    Despite the announcement, people treat each other rather well and there is no horrible violence and the main character is a decent human being. Well … she becomes rather superhuman, but you get the jist.

    The Alpha Challenge
    William always wanted a son. A true alpha male. Not this … girl! Isabella might be at the top of all her classes, successful, beautiful, fit and intelligent, but she’s not enough for him. That’s when she challenges him to outdo him! This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, height growth, breast expansion, futa, and incest. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    The story is available here:

    And here’s the preview:

    “And let me congratulate our best student, Miss Isabella Carter, who managed to finish her master’s degree in three years only, and at the top of her class. She also captained our soccer team, leading it to three titles in a row. It really pains to let you go. I was getting used to the trophies!”
    The dean of the university chuckled as the crowd laughed.
    “Miss Carter was so nice as to set up a training program with our coach Ms. Lopez, so I believe there is hope, though.”
    There were cheers and Isabella blushed. She smiled and looked to her parents. Her mother was incredibly happy, clapping cheerfully and waving at her whenever she caught Isabella’s eye. Emilia Carter was hard to miss, and quite a few of the other parents and some of the students couldn’t help looking at her. She had curly dark red hair and blue eyes, and she was in wonderful shape. Her emerald-green designer dress clung to her slim body with curves all in the right places. She was one of the few blessed women who looked incredible when made under and fantastic in makeup. Right now, she was blowing everyone away with her cheerful enthusiasm.
    Next to her, Isabella’s father William was sitting there like a Greek statue. He was a tall, grim man with the huge shoulders of a professional athlete and the stoic demeanor of a philosopher. This was a man who seldom smiled and pursued his career with reckless confidence. Right now, he was looking at the spectacle above and wished that it would end soon. He had a lot to do, and this circus was taking up his precious time.
    When his eyes met Isabella’s, he saw her smile and his lips grew thin. Her eyes shone for a hopeful moment, then she understood. The dean continued:
    “When you get to my age, you realize that things take a little longer sometimes. You walk slower, you think slower, and your eulogizing goes on for longer.”
    There was more laughter.
    “But apparently, these rules don’t apply to Miss Carter who also reorganized our charity system, increasing our donations and paying for those sweet paper napkins at the buffet tables.”
    The crowd was looking at the hors d’oeuvres with a certain appetite.
    “She also set up two quite successful startup companies with her fellow students, earning the university the ‘young entrepreneur’s award’ two years in a row! Lastly, and most importantly for our teaching duty, she wrote several scripts for her fellow students and organized cramming classes, increasing our success rates in the national exams. Seriously, if you go on like that, you’re going to put us out of business!”
    The cheers resumed. Isabella looked away from her father. He wasn’t impressed. Again. It was awful. She had really pushed herself, racing through school, skipping classes, graduating at the top, mastering ballet, learning the flute, the piano and the violin to a level that brought her a record deal, and even putting herself through university on a self-negotiated modeling deal. She had worked incredibly hard to prove that she could do it, and he still seemed bored at best.
    She sighed. Tears were welling up in her eyes, but she forced herself to swallow the pain and smiled instead, waving at the crowd as the dean launched into the final part of his speech.
    “Talent goes a long way, but hard work goes further. Miss Carter, we are very thankful for having you here at our university, and we all wish you luck on your further career. Thank you, and be safe!”
    He handed her the diploma, the honor ring and a special letter of thanks, shook her full hand clumsily, bowed to her, she bowed to him, and then the assistant declared the buffet to be open.

    The crowd was busy stuffing their faces while Emilia caught Isabella and led her to their table. Her father stood there, as unimpressed as ever. Emilia tried to gloss over the situation:
    “We’re so proud of you! Bella, look at you! You’re incredible! The poor man wouldn’t stop praising you! This is amazing!”
    The young woman blushed. Her father sighed:
    “Clearly, there are no real men anymore, so that clown up there has to put on a show for the scraps.”
    Emilia looked at her husband, crestfallen:
    “But William, she did so well! She was incredible! They said so. Everybody says so. You should be happy!”
    He snorted:
    “This is cute. For a woman. I only hope you’ll find a real man, though I wouldn’t blame any guy being scared away by all this wagging your tongue.” He rubbed his temples and said to himself. “My Lord, I am truly cursed.”
    Emilia was trying to hold back her tears. She took Isabella’s hand and whispered soothingly:
    “Please, don’t listen to him. I love you. I’m proud of you and I can’t believe you managed to do all this in such a short time. You’re the best daughter I could ever hope for!”
    William growled with a mocking undertone:
    “For once, Emilia, you have said something intelligent. ‘The best daughter I could ever hope for.’ That’s it. I wanted a true man. A son. An alpha-male son worthy to be my heir. And you only managed … this.”
    He made a vague gesture at Isabella. The young woman took deep breaths to control herself. She knew him well. In a way, she hadn’t believed he really would accept her after this. She had hoped he would praise her, but it had been a fool’s hope and a nagging voice at the back of her head had told her that she was deluding herself.
    He went on:
    “She’s desperately trying to be something a woman cannot be. Look at yourself, Emilia. We’ve been through this! You tried to do your thing, go to the university, everything, and look how that turned out! It’s all really obvious, and people are just lying to themselves: Women are caretakers, and they crave men who know what is good for them. Alphas. Real men. Strong men who can please them, not some pathetic weaklings that go and cry for their mommies the moment something goes wrong. Men who make hard choices and lead from the front!”
    Isabella clenched her fists. She was getting furious now. Three years of intense, constant work. Three years of sleeping as little as possible, working for herself, the other students and her future, while still looking perfect every day, never having a bad day, never missing a beat, carrying along her entire class, and now this? This? Again?
    And then, she took the plunge. Later on, she couldn’t explain why she had done it.
    “I’ve had it.”
    He seemed to only now notice her now.
    “You have what, girl?”
    “I’ve had it with your stupid alpha-male speech. You’ve been running that on repeat since the day I was born. You keep talking about manliness all your life as if you were in some way afraid I could actually challenge you.” William chuckled, but she continued: “Well, here we are. You are getting challenged. William, because I’m no longer calling you dad, or father, or whatever, over the next year, I will defeat you.”
    He snorted, amused by what his daughter was saying. She was all weak and pathetic, and now, she was talking of challenge?
    “You, defeat me? You don’t have anything of what it takes.” He lifted his arm and flexed his biceps. The muscle swelled against the fabric, giving both her and Emilia a good look of its size, even through the sleeve. “You are weak. And you lack something else. You lack a cock. Good luck pleasing a woman like that!” He laughed and turned to his wife: “Isn’t that right, Emilia?”
    The beautiful woman sighed and looked away. The big man didn’t stop himself:
    “And then, of course, you’ve been running all this with training wheels. You think you understand one thing about business? All this fancy university stuff is nice to get a piece of paper to hang on the wall, but when we’re talking real business, there’s no such thing as diplomas and grades to help you. You need to be strong and dominate your business ‘partner’. You gotta make it clear you know your shit, and you gotta make them bow to you! I really doubt you have even a little of that!”
    “So you accept the challenge?”
    He laughed:
    “Yeah. Why not? It’s your graduation gift. Because you managed to finish this shit-show. You can try to make a fool of yourself.”
    “Good. The first challenge is negotiating. I’ll prove to you that I can handle this and strike the better deal.” The big man nodded, amused by her way of talking. “The second one is love making.” Now he was grinning. Kids these days! “And the third one is strength. You’ll see!”
    “I will, girl, I will. Oh Lord, we live in a crazy world, Emilia.” He raised his glass of champagne. “To your challenge! Your mother will comfort you when you lost.”

    Isabella looked at her reflection. She was cute. That was nice. She was beautiful too. She knew as much. She was also fit, which was equally good. She should probably be happy with her looks. After all, most women would kill to look as good as her, though few were willing to put in the work that was necessary.
    Well, it was time to improve on perfection. She snickered.
    “What did you get yourself into, girl?”
    She had a year to outclass her father, and that was pretty much impossible, to be honest. And yet, she knew that whatever she set her mind to achieve, she could do! She had developed a training schedule that looked quite brutal, and which most people would qualify as suicidal. Happily, Isabella knew her limits, and she would do her best to go right up to them and push on from that point. If everything went well, she would grow like a weed and she should be able to hit her father’s level eventually.
    She sighed. Oof. If anything, her challenge had made her dad worse. The older man was constantly parading his muscles now. At home, he would walk around in a tank top or just topless and wear pants that showed off his monstrously large cock. It was all a bit puerile, if she was perfectly honest. Then again, she had to admire his mass and power.
    Isabella packed up her supplements and her equipment and headed for the women-only gym she had picked. It offered a safe, secluded place, but still allowed for hardcore bodybuilding upon request. She hoped that the atmosphere would help her.
    As she walked down the hall to the stairs, she heard her dad and the maid. She stopped and listened:
    “Mister Carter … I … I’m flattered …”
    “You are flattering, yourself, Carina.”
    “I don’t know what to say …”
    “You don’t have to say anything. Words will only make things more complicated …”
    “But what about Mrs. Carter?”
    “Mrs. Carter has already been thoroughly satisfied today. I think she should be happy for now. You needn’t think about her. Think about yourself … And us.”
    “Mmh … I have to admit, Mister Carter, you are amazing!”
    “I know …”
    “This chest … I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it.”
    “And you haven’t touched anything like it either, but we will change that now …”
    “Oh God! You’re so hard … and so big …”
    Isabella peeked into her dad’s study. Carina, the maid was very close to her father, running her small hands over his gargantuan chest. She was a beauty, Isabella had to admit. The young woman wasn’t as model-like and statuesque as herself, and she didn’t have the bimbo way of her mother, but she was cute!
    She could see her father’s strong hands undo the buttons of her uniform, exposing the maid’s chest. He grinned and she gasped, then his fingers caressed her, her nipples hardening instantly. She moaned as he pulled her closer.
    Isabella had seen enough and turned away. Her dad’s womanizing was quite shocking, but not unexpected. She grinned. She still had a few things to learn if she wanted to compete with him!

    A few days later, after her workout, Isabella headed to her father’s company. She had to pick up the information about the upcoming deal. She had to prepare, after all. The contract preparations were progressing nicely, but the final handshake was yet to come. While her father trusted his lawyers on setting up everything and just went in for the bargaining, she knew she had to do the homework on her own. She couldn’t trust those guys to sabotage her just to stay in her dad’s good graces.
    She arrived at the headquarters, impeccably dressed as always. The people recognized her and let her through to her dad’s office. She wanted to talk to the secretary to get the files, but the office was abandoned.
    “Hm …”
    She checked whether there were any notes left for her, maybe a prepared package. The receptionist had told her that the boss was there, and that usually meant that Nali was here too. The secretary was another drop-dead gorgeous young woman. Her father might be a chauvinistic authoritarian, but Isabella had to admit that he had an amazing taste in women!
    Not finding any documents for her, she walked over to her dad’s office. The grunts immediately cleared up the question of the missing secretary. She smirked. Where did he get the energy from?
    She opened the door a bit and saw her father mounting his secretary, his giant cock sliding in and out of the slim young woman. She moaned loudly as he pistonned his cock into her pussy. He hadn’t even bothered to take off his pants or his shirt, just fucking her right there.
    The Korean woman let him do his thing, her long black hair falling down her face as he pounded her. Finally, he came with a grunt. Isabella could see his thick cock pulsate as he pumped his load into her. Then he pulled out, his dickhead still throbbing. With a grin, he slapped her butt and made her turn around. Then he said:
    “Lick it clean. I don’t want any stains on my pants.”
    Isabella could detect a kind of revulsion in the young woman’s expression, but then, she complied, carefully cleaning his cockhead with her tongue. Once she was done, he wiped it on her cheeks and stuffed it back into his pants. He turned around and looked at Isabella. He had clearly known she was here all along.
    “You see, daughter, this is what being an alpha means!”
    He grinned, slapped Nali on the ass and left, kissing Isabella’s forehead as he did.
    Once he was gone, Isabella got Nali some wet wipes and a glass of water to rinse her mouth. The secretary thanked her and said:
    “Ma’am, I know I may be speaking out of turn, but I sincerely hope this man gets his comeuppance!”
    Isabella nodded:
    “I’m doing everything I can. I think he’s getting worse just to get at me.”
    “Nah. He was pretty much always like this.” Nali seemed unfazed. “Here are your files, by the way.”
    Isabella took them. It was quite the stack.
    “Be careful. We only use printouts because this is so sensible. Don’t lose them!”
    “Come on, Nali, you know me. I take things seriously.”
    The young woman smiled:
    “That’s correct. Still impressed how you managed to do all this …”
    “I’ve had a lot of support. If you plan to try it too, let me know. I can help you!”
    “Thank you for the offer. I’ll keep it in mind.”
    “And don’t let him push you around.”
    Nali sighed:
    “I wish …”

    In order to improve her networking skills and to get in the right mindset, Isabella took up golfing. She found it a bit boring, not really challenging her athletically, especially since the other players tended to not really apply themselves. Basically, they wanted to talk, while she wanted to win.
    Once she realized this, she managed to tone down her intensity a bit, and soon, the other businesspeople relaxed around her. Also, hanging around at the clubhouse in the evenings proved to be quite useful to find out some details about the movers and shakers of the place.
    In a few weeks, she pretty much discovered all the dirty little secrets they hid, and started using them to push her agenda. If she was to outdo an established pillar of the business community like her dad, she had to build up some clout!
    As a result, she preferred to evade her father at the club as much as possible, carefully timing her visits so as not to tip her hand. Then, however, he showed up unexpectedly …
    Isabella was hanging out at the bar in the evening. She was wearing a charcoal grey powersuit and a white top, as well as some four-inch heels. The outfit was new, a necessary acquisition after her training had made her shoulders swell, making her silhouette a bit more X-shaped. She loved the look, but it had really put some strain on her wardrobe.
    She was just enjoying a cigar and a glass of whisky with ‘the boys’, when one of them came back from the bathroom, looking all amused and blushing. One of the other business guys asked:
    “What’s up, Mike?”
    “Big Billy is back there. He’s screwing that Coco girl, and they’re really putting on a show!”
    Isabella rubbed the bridge of her nose. Her father really couldn’t keep it in his pants, could he? She wondered what he was trying to prove.
    Jack grinned and said:
    “Okay, boys, I’m gonna wash my hands. Gotta see the man at work.”
    “Fuck you, Jack!”
    “Come on! That guy’s a fucking machine. I ain’t never going to get to his level, but I can enjoy his handiwork, right?”
    Isabella rolled her eyes and sighed. Yeah. She definitely had some work ahead of herself …

    The day of the challenge came. Isabella looked at her reflection as a final check. She wore her new bespoke business suit, a charcoal ensemble made of a blazer and a pencil skirt, complete with stockings and heels. Her make-up was reduced, but perfectly on point, not a strand of hair was out of place, and she felt at ease. She had continued her training, and she now carried a bit of bulk, but it only improved her silhouette. She wouldn’t be out of place at a physique competition, and she’d probably win it just like that. She wasn’t too ripped, after all, she didn’t want her face to look too dry, but she kept her bodyfat down, and it really paid. She could see the split in her calves through the stockings, and she quite liked the tightness of the fabric on her muscles. She still had a long way to go, but her progress was already making her feel quite fine.
    She took a deep breath, then waited for a moment and went through the various points she had prepared for the negotiations in her head. She had spent the last month setting up the necessary information to make the deal work. Isabella had spent hours working through the specifics, checking up on the framework, the legal stuff and the technical aspects. She was on point. She breathed out.
    Isabella stepped out into the corridor and headed for the office. Her father awaited her, grinning like the big smug boss he was.
    “Hello, daughter. I hope you are ready to get put in your place?”
    She smirked:
    “Do your worst.”
    “Cute.” He cracked his knuckles. “Nali is going to be the judge so you don’t complain about any unfairness afterwards. I don’t like being bitched at.”
    “Dad, I don’t bitch. I never bitch.”
    “Whatever. If I had a son, I wouldn’t even have to have this conversation!”
    Nali came in, smiling at Isabella. Her expression was quite neutral to William.
    “I have brought the suppliers in. Isabella, yours is in room 5, Mr. Carter, the people you are expecting are in your office.”
    Isabella nodded, while William grinned. The secretary continued:
    “The goal is to get the best deal in the least time. As far as the company is concerned, cheaper is better than quick. As soon as one of you has closed the deal, the other gets half an hour extra to finish up. Otherwise, that person loses, regardless of how good the deal is. Got it?”
    William seemed a bit annoyed by the young woman’s casual way of talking to him, but he nodded, as did Isabella. Nali finished up:
    “Good luck. May the best one win.”
    The big man produced a snorting laugh and said:
    “It’s a bit of a waste of time, but let’s get it over with.”
    He left. Isabella thanked Nali and stepped outside too.

    Moments later, Isabella walked into room 5, a friendly, controlled smile on her face. The men got up to greet her, clearly a bit surprised.
    Before they could ask, she said:
    “Thank you for being here, Mr. Duquesne, Mr. Thomas.” They nodded, smiling too now. “I’m Isabella Carter, and I’ll take care of the negotiations today.”
    “Oh.” Mr. Duquesne was somewhat disappointed. “We expected Mr. Carter.”
    “He is currently occupied, but you will find that I am just as well prepared to go through with the deal.” She was all smiles, inspiring confidence.
    The two men looked at each other, exchanged a few glances, then shrugged and sat down.
    “Alright, let us hear it.”

    Nali was listening in through the intercom. It was strange to hear the difference. As far as she could tell, Isabella was working on really building a relationship with the suppliers. She was just making it clear that this would be mutually beneficial and Nali thought that she sounded reasonable. The men seemed quite impressed with this. She could hear Mr. Thomas whisper to Mr. Duquesne:
    “Maybe we should just hire her? She’s nice to look at, but she’s also got the brains …”
    Nali grinned and switched to William’s office. Here, the situation was a bit more tense. The suppliers were trying to push their stuff on him, and he was basically dominating them, threatening to switch unless they accepted his demand for a discount. By now, they were all grunting and growling at each other. She got up and walked over to the door, glancing inside. William was towering over the two other people. He was pointing at them, his massive muscles stretching the sleeves of his suit. One of the men was just getting up too, and now, they were all shouting at each other. Nali caught the other man’s eye and she could tell he was frustrated with what was happening.
    His expression told her “never again …” loud and clear.

    Still, ten minutes later, the three men emerged from the room, their faces red. One of the suppliers basically screamed:
    “Okay, okay, fine! Three percent cash discount! Okay!”
    Then William held out his big hand and just as the other man took it, he said:
    “Five percent.”
    The guy glared at him, then closed his eyes for a moment, took a deep breath and said:
    “Okay … Seriously, man, go fuck yourself.”
    “As long as I get my five percent …”
    “Yes. Yes.” He turned to the other guy. “Fuck this, Marc, we’re done here.”
    The two men turned to Nali and said goodbye quickly before leaving. William grinned, stretched a bit and asked:
    “Is Isabella already done?”
    Nali wanted to say something when the door opened and Isabella let the two men out. They were all smiles and the overall sensation was one of mutual understanding. Mr. Duquesne and Mr. Thomas bade Nali goodbye and as they passed William, one of them said:
    “Your daughter drives an excellent bargain. Nearly cleaned us out, but I think this is going to be good for both our companies …” He chuckled.
    William just snorted:
    “Yeah, cute.”
    The man was a bit taken aback by the reaction, but left after thanking Isabella once more.

    Then it was time to compare results. Nali looked the data through and sighed. At last, she turned to the two competitors and said:
    “Looks like Mr. Carter won.”
    He grinned at his daughter with all the smugness he could muster.
    “So that’s that.”
    Isabella looked at the information.
    “It’s just a 0.85 % difference? Ugh.” She groaned. “Okay. Close. Dad, well done.”
    She held out her hand. The big man didn’t even bother:
    “That was cute, girl. Imagine what my son could have done …”
    He grinned and left, telling Nali:
    “I’m going home. You’re in charge of the calls.” Then he turned to Isabella. “If you want to come along, be quick.”
    And he was gone. Nali waited until he had left and turned to Isabella.
    “Don’t be sad. You did well. And I’m sure we’ll be able to build on the foundations you just laid.”
    The young woman smiled:
    “You got that?”
    “Mhm. Pretty clever. I’m not a business pro or anything yet, but I read about the coming shortages in the report …”
    Isabella grinned:
    “Awesome. Nali, you’re amazing. If I win this, I really want you as my assistant!”
    “That would be a pleasure, Ms. Carter.”
    “Isabella. Thank you.”
    They hugged. Nali suddenly hesitated and ran her hand over Isabella’s upper arm.
    “Wow … This is nice … Just how buff are you, girl?”
    “Oh, I work out …”, Isabella grinned.
    “You’ll have to show me once in a while.”
    “I will, but I gotta run. My dad may be a jerk, but he’s also my ride.”
    “Okay. See you!”
    Isabella turned and left.

    In the limo, William sat there spread-legged, a huge, uber-smug grin on his face. He waited for Isabella to sit down, then gave the driver a sign to bring them home. As soon as the car was on the road, he said:
    “That was fun! You never stood a chance, but it did make it a bit more entertaining. Makes it a bit more thrilling!”
    Isabella sat there in silence. There wasn’t much she could do or say. He went on:
    “I can’t wait. This really makes me horny! Fucking over one of these omega excuses for men is one thing, but putting you into your place? That’s the cherry on top!”
    The young woman gave him a stern look, but that only seemed to amuse him more. Deep inside her, she was boiling with anger. She just hoped she would manage to stick to her training. She really had to prove herself now. With the first challenge failed, she had to make good on number two! She just wondered whether she would manage …
    William was still going on about himself:
    “Those poor guys never saw it coming! I guess that’s what you get for just sticking to your shitty college stuff instead of trusting your instincts … Sometimes, I really wonder what this world is coming too! God, I can’t wait to get my cock sucked!”
    Isabella did her best to tune him out.

    Back at the mansion, William stepped inside, threw himself on a chair and snapped his fingers. Emilia walked up to him, wearing a dark green sheath dress that came down to above her knees. She was looking all happy, though Isabella knew that it was a bit of a show she put on. She squatted down carefully in front of him and undid his shoes, then took them off carefully. She put them away as he stood up, sighing happily. Then she undid his tie and he kissed her. She kissed him too and embraced him gently. He smiled at her and said:
    “I’m going to hit the gym, and then, get ready for a good fucking, darling.”
    She smiled demurely at him:
    “I’ll be upstairs.”
    He sank his powerful fingers into her firm ass and gave it a good squeeze. She gasped.
    “Ooh …”
    “Your husband has just fucked over two little assholes who thought they could screw him over. I gotta celebrate!”
    Emilia shot an unhappy look at Isabella. The young woman nodded slowly, somewhat embarrassed by her failure to defeat him. Emilia lowered her eyes. She slipped her hand down between William’s legs and gave his cock a good rub through the fabric.
    “Don’t take too long …”
    “I won’t, darling. Trust me. With tits like these awaiting me …”
    He gave them a good fondle and then walked away, adding a sharp slap of Emilia’s backside in the process.

    Five minutes later, Emilia was getting ready for William. She was dressing up for him, although she was well-aware that he usually didn’t much care about what she wore in bed. To him, she had to be willing and available. Also, he was probably getting his cock sucked by Carina just to, as he put it, “get in the mood”. It was crazy how little he needed to get hard.
    If she could act as if she desired him, it was good enough for him. Then again, he was an amazing screw, that much was true. Sure, he was inconsiderate and brutish, but she had to say … this confidence was perfect for him. There were no hesitations. Sure, sometimes, she would have liked a partner that treated her like a human being and not some, well, service he needed to fulfill his social roles and satisfy his needs.
    On the other hand, he could seriously blow her mind with his big cock and his amazing muscles …
    She returned to the elegant piece of lingerie she had recently bought. She was now a bit confused. This thing had looked so nice at the shop, with all those straps to underline her marvelous figure, and the assistant had been really helpful putting it on, but now, she had somehow fumbled it, and it was all twisted and knotted. She sighed. Whoever thought that making clothes that needed instructions was a good idea, was probably a monster.
    She took it all off again, tried again, and found it once again not working.
    Enough. She’d ask Isabella. She was sure her daughter would manage. She was amazingly smart, she would be able to help her mother put on a sexy outfit!
    Besides, she had to know how it had gone.
    She threw on a silk robe and walked over to Isabella’s room. She probably should have knocked. It was one of the points of contention between them. However, it was too late to take it back. Instead, she walked in on Isabella taking off her business suit and blouse.
    Emilia stood and stared. At some point, her daughter must have started training incredibly hard, because she was built!
    Isabella’s shoulders had grown wide and strong, leading into a set of strong pectorals that supported her taut, supple breasts. Below, she sported a hard and trim sixpack framed by a nice set of obliques. She was pretty much a hardbody. Right now, she was leaning over to get out of her underpants and Emilia could see her daughter’s strong, rounded butt and her thick, intense hamstrings, as well as her sharp calves.
    Now she was naked and Emilia’s heart beat fast. She had known her daughter was training hard, but she had never expected her to make progress like that.
    Then Isabella turned around and noticed her. She produced a cute little gasp, her muscular arm rising quickly and setting her hand on her mouth.
    “Mom! I didn’t notice you!”
    Emilia was just as shocked by her reaction.
    “Ah! I’m sorry. I should have knocked!”
    There was a pause, then Isabella smiled:
    “It’s okay.”
    They stood there next to each other, Isabella naked and buff, Emilia with her tangled lingerie and her robe. Isabella asked:
    “What did you want, Mom?”
    “Uh … Just some help with this?” She opened the robe and showed her daughter the mess. “I can’t seem to get it right, and your father is coming in a bit …”
    “Wait … Let me take a look.” Isabella quickly got to work and rearranged the various strips and straps. Emilia sighed. Somehow, feeling her daughter’s strong hands on her body was incredibly soothing. While Isabella was busy, Emilia commented:
    “You’ve really become buff now, Isabella …”
    “Mhm … It’s not very girly, I know …”
    “Nah, it looks just fine. I like that.”
    “You like that?”
    There was a pause. Emilia realized she had said too much. Her daughter’s inquisitive look was merciless, though. Okay, what else could she do? Emilia said:
    “I like muscles? It’s the thing that initially attracted me to your father …”
    Isabella finished arranging the straps. She ran her hands over her mother’s shoulders, taking in the softness of her skin.
    “There you are. It will be fine.”
    “Thank you …” Emilia blushed hard. She had just admitted to something unthinkable, didn’t she? Maybe she could salvage the situation? “Muscles … Yes. I mean … to look at? It’s just a good look, right?”
    Isabella slipped her sports bra and undies on and flexed her arms. The muscles swelled nicely, showing off her athletic frame. To Emilia, it seemed as if she had managed to divert her daughter’s suspicions, if there were any. At the same time, seeing those biceps grow … It made her want to panic. Isabella thrust her arm down and pushed out her growing triceps.
    “Absolutely. I still have a long way to go if I am to give Father a run for his money …”
    “Are you really sure this is a good idea?”
    “You know, it’s a good question. Basically, I could just take my businesses and my contacts and just leave it at that. Never talk to him again and wait until he gets his comeuppance one day. But … I can’t accept that.”
    She leaned back, tightening her abs. They looked like a plate of armor.
    “I want him to understand that he can’t act like this towards me. It’s a matter of respect, you understand?”
    Emilia nodded. She had listened, but not too attentively. Her whole mind was occupied with her daughter’s amazing physique. Suddenly, she realized she was getting late.
    She quickly hugged Isabella, suggesting a kiss on the girl’s cheek, and said goodbye:
    “William’s going to be there any moment, I gotta get ready … Just … keep doing what you’re doing. I love you!”
    And she was gone.
    Isabella stood there, unsure of what to think of this encounter. Her mother’s reaction had been completely unexpected, but not unwelcome. Still …
    However, there was one lesson to be learned from this: If she was to win the second challenge, she would have to learn to seduce and satisfy women. Finding that muscles could be attractive to some of them made things easier. She was quite certain that she could find “training partners” at the gym.

    Four months later, Isabella’s physique had improved tremendously. She had stuck to her diet, her training schedule and her rest times, and the effect was amazing! She had shed a lot of the useless bodyfat and become quite big and ripped. Isabella wouldn’t have looked out of place at a physique competition now, and she’d probably place easily, even without further preparation.
    This time had been a bit difficult for her. In a way, Isabella was a very rational, distanced person. Sure, she was clearly incredibly fit now, but all of this had a cerebral aspect. She set herself a goal, then she made a plan, and then she implemented that, before trying to figure out further improvements.
    This was all well and good to complete her studies, to win championships and to build her body, but as things got emotional, she found herself a little stumped.
    Sure, she had quickly found a fellow gym member, Sarah, that liked to look at her and which enjoyed some small-talk, but the actual seducing … She couldn’t just move on her and say:
    “Hey, I have a competition with my dad coming up, would you help me practice?”
    Figuring this out was hard. No amount of guidebooks and tutorials could help her, or at least, most of them seemed quite toxic.
    Happily, Sarah decided to make the first move.

    “Isabella, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but … how about we grab some coffee when we’re done, and … take a look at the new Miriel exhibition?”
    Suddenly, Isabella was blushing. It was not usually her thing. Normally, she was the one who called the shots, who seized the initiative and moved before the others did. Now she looked at the other woman and didn’t know what to say.
    “The Miriel exhibition?”
    “I’m gonna be perfectly honest: I’ve been checking your social media, and the kind of pictures you liked … Miriel’s stuff is fitting right in. So, I got us those tickets, and it would be a shame not to go there, right?”
    Isabella’s blush only got worse. She knew about the exhibition, of course, and she had been wanting to go, but somehow, she never managed to fit it into her super-tight schedule. An offer like that, though …
    “But isn’t that a bit sudden …”
    “Bah. It’s going to be fun! And seriously, you can’t always plan ten steps ahead. Because someone might just show up and force you to improvise. As in, you’re going to that show with me. Finish up, check your coffee plan to see which one you want, and I’ll catch you in half an hour, okay?”
    “Okay …”
    Isabella was overwhelmed. The bubbly young woman had just taken her by surprise, and if she got her body language right, this wasn’t going to stop at the exhibition.

    It didn’t. The exhibition was amazing, and Isabella impressed Sarah with her knowledge and interpretation of the works, but she was also quite surprised by the sheer amount of erotic subtext to the dude’s art. She hadn’t noticed this until now, and it was really a bit much.
    It did turn her on, though. By the time they were done with the show, they were both excited and happily, Sarah’s studio apartment wasn’t too far. They stumbled inside, already trying to get each other out of their clothes. Isabella giggled:
    “This is incredible …”
    “You are incredible.”
    “No, you are …”
    “Help me with this, your shoulder is so big …”
    “Mhm … I love it …”
    “Damn, Isabella, I knew you were ripped, but you’re a beast, you know …”
    “I’m gonna get even bigger than that, Sarah …”
    “Nice … Don’t forget to show off for me, big girl!”
    “Absolutely … I mean, you’re so sexy … I just love your butt …”
    Isabella gave Sarah’s ass a good squeeze. The girl yelped with lust and jumped, sitting on Isabella’s hips.
    “Quick … Get me to the bed!”
    “Where is it?”
    “It’s in the wall …”
    “Okay … Wait a moment …”
    Carrying the girl around, Isabella reached for the bed’s sling and pulled on it. It descended slowly and Sarah kissed her:
    “Tadaa! Welcome to Sarah’s playground!”
    “This is so corny.”
    “I know.” She kissed Isabella again. The buff young woman sighed. This was a nice taste. She kissed her too and gently carried her to the bed, getting her on the mattress. She climbed on top of her and rubbed herself against her. Isabella felt Sarah’s hands on her back. This was very, very nice.
    “Fuck, Isabella, I love your look …”
    “Thanks. I love yours too …”
    They kissed again, and Isabella began to gyrate her hips against Sarah’s. She gently worked Sarah’s panties off and ran a finger over the girl’s pussy. The young woman sighed.
    “Mmh … Nice …”
    Isabella grinned and kissed her again. There it was. She had prepared for this. She hadn’t managed to make the first move, but she had intense knowledge of how it all worked.
    She got down on Sarah and kissed her way down to the young woman’s pussy, then licked over her lips.
    “Oooh … Wow … You’re so fast …”
    Isabella sank her tongue between Sarah’s lips and found her clitoris, then began to circle it. The other woman moaned and breathed deeply.
    “Yesss … This is nice …”
    Encouraged, Isabella continued, going in deeper and returning back on top, circling her again. Sarah lifted her legs and set them against Isabella’s head. She sighed.
    “Mmmh … You’re … please … ooh …”
    Sarah was getting all wet already and she writhed under Isabella’s tongue-work. She gasped, tensed, and then relaxed.
    “Wow … That was … Mhmm …”
    Isabella looked up. She smiled. She was happy to have done it correctly. Sarah grinned:
    “You really pushed that one …”
    “You liked it?”
    “Totally. Come here …”
    The other woman made a sign for Isabella to come up to her and cuddle against her. Sarah’s warmth was nice. They just stayed close to each other now. Still, Isabella was a bit surprised it was over so quick. Sarah noticed this and asked:
    “Are you okay?”
    Isabella hesitated. She had experimented a bit in college, but it had just been fooling around. Even less, it had been mostly just doing things because it was expected. She had played with a few girls at parties she had to attend, but she had never had any time for a relationship and last of all for actual, emotional sex. She knew how it worked, she had a knowledge of it and some experience, but really, it was more of a step-by-step thing. She knew how to perform, but …
    “I’m sorry.”
    “You’re sorry? What for?”
    “I … I kinda used you.”
    “You did? It was me who just came.”
    “Yeah … I know. I just … It’s a thing, you know? I did it the right way, but in the end, I just try to practice for a competition …”
    “A what?”
    Sarah was more confused than outraged by what Isabella just told her.
    “It’s complicated. But the gist of it is, I just tried my technique on you and you …”
    Sarah rolled her eyes:
    “Stop it right here. Girl, do you really believe I don’t get that this isn’t the big love of my life? It isn’t. It can’t be. I’m just having fun. I mean, the people you meet at the gym, they’re not looking for love. They’re trying to look good and fuck well. That’s the whole point.”
    Isabella was a bit surprised by Sarah’s honesty.
    “What I’m saying is that this is just a good way for me to enjoy myself. You’re charming, you’re intelligent and you know what you’re doing. That is just what it’s supposed to be like. And if you have a weird competition coming up … I don’t care? Most of the guys and girls I fucked at the gym had some kind of contest they were preparing for. If you’re thing is competitive fucking, then that’s fine.”
    She grinned. Isabella was speechless. Finally, she managed:
    “So that’s okay for you?”
    “Sure.” She made a gesture at her slim, fit body. “I built this body to feel good and to enjoy life. You’re hot, so it would be a shame to waste the opportunity.” Now she smirked: “The thing is, if you want to ‘practice’ some more … I wouldn’t mind at all. Maybe take your time and don’t put as much pressure on yourself?”
    Isabella nodded as the words sank in. Sarah kissed her, then said:
    “It’s just easy, you know? You have to make it feel effortless and look relaxed.”
    “Okay …”
    “Now come here, and stop being shocked!”
    Isabella grinned and kissed Sarah again. The young woman answered her kiss and whispered:
    “Maybe I can just make you relax a bit more …”
    She climbed on top of Isabella and found a nice spot to rub herself against.
    When she left Sarah’s place a bit later, Isabella’s mind was spinning. The other woman had been right. Focusing on her goals was all well and good, but forcing everything was making her unhappy. There had to be a better way to do this. One that would make her feel good. She just had to find some kind of calm and confidence in all this …

    This realization took out the pressure. Isabella just went to the gym now, did her routine, and whenever she found a woman that interested her, she would take the plunge. The effect was amazing. She was rarely refused, and most of her “conquests” turned out to be charming and relaxed. The more she fooled around, the more she took the edge of her own expectations. It finally became a game, and one she enjoyed and got pretty good at.
    One day, she went to her father’s company again, just for some little intelligence gathering. It was usually worthwhile to stay in the know. The last thing she wanted was to be surprised by any strange moves he would pull. Also, despite his annoying macho mentality, she actually liked the business he was in, and she did think that she would eventually like to take it over. Of course, this was still a thing for the far future, but if there was one thing that Isabella saw as important, it was being ready!
    She walked up to Nali’s desk and smiled. This casual smile came to her easily now. Before, she tended to be a little stressed when interacting with other people, anxious to make a good impression and to “get” them. Lately, with all the wonderful, relaxing sex she was getting, she found herself to be more confident and able to just do.
    Nali looked up and immediately mirrored this. It wasn’t the usual secretary smile, it was genuine.
    “Hi, Isabella! Looking for your father?”
    Isabella shook her head.
    “Hello, Nali. No, I just wanted to see how the Veles deal shaped up. Would you mind me looking at the files?”
    “Sure. Let me get you an office ready. Coffee too?”
    “Oh, that would be marvelous! Please.”
    “No problem.” She clicked on her computer and said: “Got it. I have the 6.08 booked for you. You have all the time you need. I’ll bring the coffee in a bit.”
    “Thank you so much, Nali. This is really nice …”
    “You’re really nice … I mean, no problem. I mean, you … Just feel welcome.”
    There was a minimal awkward pause, then Isabella nodded nervously and tried to fight down her blush. Okay, so much for becoming confident and relaxed …
    “I’ll just … to the office, 6.08, right?”
    “Mhm. That’s it. 6.08.”
    “See you …”
    Isabella walked away quickly. What just happened?

    She set herself up at the office and pulled the data, then started reading the documents. They were amazingly neat! Her father tended not to care much about documentation, insisting that he knew what he knew, but Nali had obviously worked very hard on writing this all down in clear, concise language. The files were well-structured and complete, with necessary annotations. Reading through them gave Isabella a good view of the whole process. Suddenly, she noticed a problem. It wasn’t a loophole, per se, but it could mean trouble down the line. She thought about it, then quickly drafted a memo outlining the problem and suggesting a change on the payment terms.
    As she was typing, Nali came in. She looked ravishing in her blouse and skirt. The young Korean woman looked at Isabella through her elegant glasses and smiled. Isabella was so absorbed in her wording that it took her a moment to look up, but then, she lost her train of thought. The other woman set down the plate with the coffee and just mumbled something along the lines of “Sorry for interrupting”, but Isabella just smiled too, and got up.
    “Thank you … You’re really nice.”
    There was a flicker of tension. Nali blushed a bit. Isabella came a little closer and added:
    “And you look amazing.”
    “You too …” Nali looked at Isabella and took in the other woman’s figure. Her strong muscles were poured into her pantsuit and she was oozing power and elegance. “… I like the buffness …”
    “Me too … It’s amazing …”
    “Can I see …” The secretary’s voice drifted off. Isabella grinned and said, out of nowhere:
    “Say please …”
    “Please …”
    She nodded and slipped out of her blazer, folding it over her chair with a casual movement. She revealed her strong shoulders and muscled arms. Today, Isabella wore an elegant white neckholder top that really showed off the mass of her biceps and the strength of her forearms.
    Nali’s eyes opened a bit more and she blushed even worse. Then she hesitated, but an encouraging nod from Isabella allowed her to touch the other woman’s strong arm.
    “Wow … You’re huge …”
    “I’m not … Not yet …”
    “No, seriously, I … I have never seen a woman like you in the flesh.”
    “And you like it.”
    It wasn’t a question. Nali nodded anxiously.
    “I do.”
    Isabella grinned and tensed her biceps a bit. The other woman swallowed. Clearly, her throat had just run dry. She traced Isabella’s muscles, touching her veins.
    “This is so good …”
    Her fingers explored Isabella’s physique now, and suddenly, Nali felt the other woman’s hands on her skin, and before they both knew, they were kissing, caressing each other and getting each other out of their clothes.
    It didn’t take long for Isabella to show to Nali what she had learned. The Korean woman was deeply impressed, to say the least. She moaned loudly as Isabella licked her, her strong tongue eagerly exploring her lips and clitoris.
    “Oh … Oooh … Isabella … this is … Mmmmh … Oooh … yesss … yesss …”
    She tensed as the muscular woman went in deep and played with her. She was in tears, pleading Isabella to finally release her, her mind overwhelmed by the other woman’s touch and power.
    She came with a howl, instantly panicking, afraid that someone might hear. Isabella gave her a happy, soothing look. With wet cheeks, she said:
    “Don’t worry, the doors are soundproof …”
    Nali gasped.
    “Wow … That was wonderful …”
    “I love it.” She took a while to calm down. “This is incredible. You … you just got it perfectly … I … How did you do it?”
    Isabella caressed her, then smiled:
    “I just tried to get a feeling for you …”
    “Well, you certainly did! It was so good!” She lowered her voice: “I’m not going to dunk on your father, but … He never makes me feel like that.”
    “That’s okay. I take it as a compliment.” She undid her fly. “So … How about you return the favor?”

    The next challenge was coming up, and Isabella was assembling her outfit. She was laying out the various swimsuits on her bed, comparing them and trying to figure out which one would work best. She had already eliminated one obvious failure, and she couldn’t remember what had possessed her to buy a micro-bikini anyway. It was really quite stupid.
    Just then, her mother knocked on her door.
    “Are you trying to pick your outfit?”
    Isabella nodded with a smile. Was it just her, or was her mother slowly recovering from her William-induced stupor?
    Lately, she paid more attention and seemed to really think about things. Isabella liked this subtle change about her mother.
    “Yeah. It’s hard. I gotta grab the person’s attention, but I don’t want to come across as slutty or needy.”
    Her mother took the tiny bikini:
    “So this one is ruled out?”
    “Yes. Definitely a non-starter.”
    “Too bad. Your father would love to see me in one of these …”
    “Mom, Dad is … well, you know.”
    “I know. I don’t approve of all this! Why can’t he just be proud of what you achieved?”
    “I don’t know. Insecurity, probably. I think that he’s treating you terribly. The whole idea of the contest … I mean, openly humiliating you like this?”
    Emilia sighed.
    “It is as it is.”
    Isabella hugged her:
    “I will fix this. I promise.”
    Her mother didn’t say a thing. She just liked her daughter’s embrace. She was getting so strong!
    After a moment, Isabella released her and asked:
    “So, which one would you pick?”
    The older woman looked at Isabella, then at the various outfits and said:
    “That’s you.”
    “The navy one with the gold trimmings?”
    “Mhm. You’re never going to be a bikini person. You just need class.”
    “Let me try it …”
    She stepped out of the room and returned a moment later. Emilia blushed and nodded:
    “This is gorgeous. Anyone will know you mean business.”
    Isabella cocked her hip and looked at her reflection. Yes. She looked amazing like this. The suit was draped over her strong muscles. Now she just needed to be lucky and find a girl who liked this look.
    Her mother watched her from the background, sighing again.

    It was late afternoon, the sun was warm and the sand was crunching softly under Isabella’s steps. Her skin was glowing, her perfect tan underlining her physique. Her long blond hair was tied up in a messy bun that contrasted with her stylish swimsuit and jewelry. She felt sexy and powerful.
    Next to her, her father walked along. He was wearing tight trunks and an expensive, yet casual-looking shirt and a gold chain around his neck with a single bull’s tooth dangling from it. The sunglasses and the five-o’clock shadow completed the look.
    He smiled somewhat condescendingly, then jerked his head at a pair of gorgeous twin girls that hung out under an umbrella.
    Isabella smiled. The two women were quite amazing. She nodded:
    “Alright. We try them both and we’ll see which one of us they prefer.”
    The older man chuckled:
    “You’re a real nerd, you know that? I can’t believe you’re my daughter. Well, at least you’re not my son.”
    Isabella sighed and approached the two women.
    One of them turned around to look at her, then signaled to the other one. The second twin also turned to face them, clearly liking what she saw.
    “Hi …”
    Isabella gave her her best seductive smile and asked:
    “Hi. I’m Isabella, and that’s William. We’ve got a thing to settle, and we wanted to ask you if you could help us.”
    “Sure. What’s it about?”
    “It’s more of a demonstration, really …”
    The first twin nodded:
    “I’m all for demonstrations. Hi! My name’s Laura and this is Flora.”
    Isabella said:
    “Okay, then I’ll show it to Flora, while William will take care of Laura …” She held out her hand and Flora took it. The muscular young woman hoisted her up in one movement, catching her in her arms. The twin gasped:
    “Wow … Those muscles aren’t just for show, then?”
    “No, they’re quite real.” Isabella held her gently: “But there’s more …”
    She gently directed her away while William said:
    “I’m a man of fewer words, but you will find that I have my advantages too …”
    He got down and scooped Laura up. The young woman produced a surprised, but intrigued sound. Then he carried her away.
    Meanwhile, Isabella found a quiet place away from the busier parts of the beach. She had prepared for this, and quickly unrolled a blanket. Flora grinned:
    “Okay … So I guess you and your dude had all of this planned?”
    “Wow. Alright. Of all the strange ways in which I have been hit upon, this is the strangest.”
    “It works, though.”
    “It works.” Flora got on the blanket and smiled at Isabella. “It helps that you’re hot.”
    “Thank you. The same goes for you.”
    Isabella sat on the blanket with her and took the girl’s hand. Flora blushed a bit, then gently set her other hand on Isabella’s strong upper arm.
    “Wow … You’re really buff … I’ve never seen anyone like this … I mean, in real life.”
    “I just like being strong. It really makes things easier.”
    “Yeah … I can see that.” Flora traced the veins on Isabella’s arm. “The thing is … It would probably make anyone look manly, but you … You look awesome …”
    Isabella grinned.
    “I know.” She caressed Flora’s cheek. “It’s nice to hear it, though.” She grinned with a bit of self-irony. She kissed her gently. The girl blushed.
    “Mmm … This is nice …” Flora replied with her own kiss. She was clearly enjoying this. Isabella continued, her hands now exploring the slim woman’s body. In no time they were embracing even closer.
    Isabella felt Flora’s trim body under hers, her strong muscles rubbing against the girl’s soft skin. They continued kissing, but it got more intense, hungrier, more lustful. Flora whispered:
    “I’ve never felt anything like this … How can you be so confident?”
    “Oh, just a bit of practice …”
    The muscular woman pulled aside the girl’s bikini top and exposed her breasts. She kissed Flora’s erect nipples. Then she gave one of them a little nibble. The slim woman gasped:
    “Oooh …”
    “Sweet …”
    “This is … How did you know?”
    “I just knew …” The musclewoman continued playing with Flora’s chest until the girl was sweaty and hot. Then she gently eased her out of her bottoms. Flora was clearly overwhelmed, but she egged Isabella on with soft, gentle moans.
    Then she felt the strong woman’s finger on her lips and she spread her legs further. Isabella’s hand caressed Flora’s thighs while she continued kissing her.
    “Mmm … I love this … You’re so … intense …”
    “I am … And you are beautiful …”
    The girl caressed Isabella’s lats and answered her kisses eagerly. She sensed Isabella’s finger brush against her clitoris.
    “Isabella … this is good … so good …”
    The strong woman didn’t stop. She continued eagerly, bringing Flora closer and closer to orgasm. The young woman locked her legs around Isabella’s hand, trying to get her to get in deeper. Isabella resisted, carefully edging the slim woman closer and closer to cumming.
    “Uuuuh … Please … this is … it’s so … I … I gotta …”
    Flora twisted under Isabella’s strong body. The buff woman’s powerful hands played with her, directing her and bringing her almost to cum.
    Suddenly, the musclewoman slipped downwards and lifted Flora’s butt up, then ran her tongue over the startled girl’s lips.
    “Whoa …”
    Flora wrapped her legs around Isabella’s head and groaned. The strong woman continued and pushed her, making her squirm and shake.
    Then she came.
    The slim woman seemed to collapse under the release, and Isabella gently set her down on the blanket again. Then she laid down next to her and caressed the girl’s stomach. Flora took a while to recover, then whispered:
    “Wow … That was … you’re … wow.”
    Isabella grinned and wiped her lips clean. Flora kept breathing deeply. She seemed very satisfied. Then she hesitated:
    “What do I do now? I mean … I can’t just leave you like that, can I?”
    “That depends. Do you feel satisfied?”
    “Me? Totally. I … I kinda just had my mind blown, you know?”
    “Good. Then it’s fine.”
    “Okay …” She raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Just so I get it … What exactly was the thing you were trying to settle with the big guy?”
    “Well, it’s a good thing you’re asking … Let’s go looking for them, shall we?”
    “Uh … okay? I feel that I am missing something here.”
    “Nah. It’s fine. As long as you have fun.”
    “I do, I do.”
    “Let’s go then.”

    They joined up with William and Laura soon after. The other twin sister seemed a bit stunned, her equally slim body looking rather rough. The moment she looked at Flora, she gave her an intense grin, followed by a nod. Flora replied the same way, though she seemed a bit less convinced. Maybe it was just Isabella suddenly feeling insecure, though.
    Anyway, her father seemed quite happy with his handiwork and instantly seized the initiative.
    “That was nice.” He gave Laura’s ass a squeeze with his strong hand. The dazed girl yelped, but clung to his muscular arm. “How about you? Wanna see what a real man can do?”
    Flora stared at him. William was not coming across as nice or sympathetic, but the expression on her sister’s face suggested that he was very able to blow her mind.
    She smiled a little awkwardly at Isabella.
    “Uh … Would you mind?”
    The muscular woman shook her head.
    “Not at all. Have fun …”
    William laughed:
    “She will. She will …”
    He adjusted his mighty cock in his trunks. Then he took Flora’s hand and led her away, leaving Laura standing without even looking at her. The young woman, still obviously quite overwhelmed, gave Isabella a groggy look.
    “Uh … That guy your sugar daddy?”
    Isabella looked away. Fuck. Failed again. She groaned. The girl asked:
    “Did I say something wrong?”
    “No, it’s fine. It’s just … frustrating. I was doing great, but he’s just …”
    “I love how he really doesn’t care. He just does his thing, and he’s got a gift, you know?”
    “I don’t want to hear it. Sorry.”
    Isabella accompanied Laura back to her place under the umbrella and got her something to drink. The young woman’s thoughts cleared up a bit and she found herself cuddling with Isabella as she recovered.

    Eventually, William came back, grinned at Isabella comforting the girl and said:
    “Okay, Isabella, let’s go. I’ve had my fun, and I think I win this one too.”
    The twins were trying to process what had just happened, but by the time they realized what the whole situation was about, the two musclepeople were already gone.
    On the way home, William didn’t stop grinning.
    “You know what that means, daughter? We’re already done. You didn’t even manage a match ball.”
    She glared at him. He laughed:
    “I mean, I suppose you did well for a woman, but … that is what you are after all. If you want to get ahead in this world, you need to be a man, and you’ve got to have a big cock. Simple as that.”
    She looked out of the window. William amused himself:
    “Listen, girl, I’m not going to hold it against you. It’s just the way you turned out. If your mother had managed to produce a real heir for me, maybe I wouldn’t have to engage in your stupid games. But here’s the thing: This may be idiotic, but I’m having fun.” He rolled his shoulders. “So here’s the thing. I have won. Your crummy little companies are mine by right. But I’ll give you one last shot. You can do the last challenge, if you still feel you need it. If you manage to beat me, and that’s the biggest ‘if’ ever, then I’ll let you have one of them back. Maybe.”
    He laughed at his daughter’s humiliation.
    “So, figure something out, girl. Maybe you get to not be completely ridiculous.”
    Isabella looked at the car’s ceiling. Yes. She’d definitely have to push herself.

    At home, Isabella carefully closed the door of her room, then took off her clothes and went to her bed, grabbed the pillow and held it to her mouth, screaming her frustration into it. She just vented the whole terrible feeling of humiliation into the soft fabric. It was such a stupid, stupid situation! Why did she even do this? What did she have to prove?
    She could have just stuck to her work and ignore him. There was absolutely no point in trying to fight such an idiot on his own terms! She had let him suck her into his bizarre worldview, and she had embraced it. Okay, she had tried to work around the worst aspects, but in the end, hadn’t she just committed to the same stupid mindset? The girl had been really nice and cute, and she could have had more than just a quick, casual fuck.
    Why did she need this man’s recognition? What did she expect? William had no reason at all to reconsider his position, hadn’t he? Even if she managed to outdo him, what would be the result? She’d just outjerk one of the most massive jerks in the world. That didn’t reduce the number of jerks, it actually increased them!
    What if she had kids one day and then did the same to them?
    That would just cause an endless circle of jerks.
    The world really didn’t need that.
    She threw the pillow away. It shot through the room and slapped against the wall next to the door.
    The musclewoman noticed that the door was open. Her mother was peeking inside anxiously.
    “Isabella, are you okay?”
    Emilia was standing there in an emerald-green robe, her strong red hair tied into a big bun. She walked up to her daughter and sat on the bed next to her, then carefully caressed the frustrated young woman’s muscular back. Emilia shivered a bit as she touched Isabella’s strong physique. It was quite impressive …
    “No, Mom, I’m not okay. I lost! And it was so foolish. The whole thing was idiotic. I got caught in Dad’s stupid game and now, I have nothing! I haven’t even managed to get one thing right! I couldn’t even force him into a tie break!”
    The older woman continued exploring the hills and valleys of Isabella’s back and focused on her breath, amazed by the power that the girl had built up. She was nowhere near William’s size, of course, but … it was enthralling …
    “Don’t worry, Isabella. It will get better. You can just let him do his thing and try to ignore him. I do that a lot …” She smiled weakly.
    “Mom, that’s not acceptable. I don’t know how you put up with his antics. He just keeps being a jerk to you and treating you like his property and you let him have it his way!”
    “I guess you’re right, but what else can I do? He’s rich, he’s strong, he dominates everything and everybody around him. If I dare say anything against him, what do you think he’ll do? I mean, he can trade me in for a younger woman any day if he wants.”
    “Why do you think I put up with his adultery? He keeps me around because I look nice in a dress and I give him that aura of a conservative gentleman. Also, he can’t accept that I would ever sleep with another man …”
    Isabella sighed as her mother found a nice spot and gave it a good rub.
    “Wow, Mom … That feels amazing …”
    “It’s nothing really. I’m glad you like it.”
    “Yesss …” The musclewoman moaned happily as Emilia worked her fingers into the hard muscles. To her confusion and curiosity, she started to feel quite aroused by this. She shivered nervously. Touching her daughter’s muscles like this was an amazing experience … Emilia struggled to return to the conversation.
    “What I’m saying is that I’m caught now. I don’t even want to imagine what William would do to me if I ever dared leave him. And you know it: He can be charming and generous and … he’s very good in bed.”
    “Don’t remind me.”
    Suddenly, both women blushed. This was the worst topic for conversation ever. Isabella turned around and lay on her back. She looked at her mother, whose face was almost as red as her hair. Emilia stared at her daughter’s strong midsection, her heavy pecs and her broad shoulders. She had never seen another woman with muscles like these, except on TV shows that wanted to mock bodybuilders as a freakshow. Isabella wasn’t bulky per se. She was strong, hard and ripped, and the lines of her muscles were every bit as elegant as her face and her, well, everything.
    Emilia took a deep breath, then set her hands on the young woman’s obliques. She held her breath as she ran her fingers along their lines, bringing them to the blocks of her abs. The older woman’s mind was racing. She was doing something inacceptable right now. There was no massage that could justify having her hands where they were. And yet, Isabella didn’t seem to be unfavorable to her touch. Instead, her daughter smiled at her, quite intensely even.
    There was a feeling of intense nervousness in the room, a sensation of shame, but also of curiosity.
    They tried to avoid each other’s gaze.
    Emilia continued, following the deep cuts of Isabella’s muscles.
    At last, she breathed:
    “So … are you still going to try the last challenge?”
    Isabella sighed, enjoying her mother’s strangely intimate touch.
    “I … I have to … I can’t just let him have it his way …” She smiled. “Besides, I have grown quite fond of bodybuilding. I actually enjoy it … Even if it weren’t for the challenge, I’d probably just continue anyway.”
    Emilia fell silent for a bit. The idea of her daughter becoming even more muscular shocked her. And it turned her on, which only shocked her even more.
    “But … That … that would … you know … It’s … uh …”
    “Mom? What’s up? Are you okay?”
    Isabella smiled at her. The older woman’s soft touch, her blush, the whole hesitation … It was making her nervous as well, but she liked it. She lifted her arms and carefully touched Emilia’s sides under that robe. Her mother was in an amazing shape, regardless of her age. Women ten years younger would envy her.
    Just as Isabella wanted to say something, William’s voice thundered through the house:
    “Emilia! Come here!”
    They both froze. Both women lifted their hands away and separated. There was a faint sense of longing in their looks, but then, Emilia got up and said:
    “I’ll go and see him. I’m … I’m glad you are … okay. Don’t be angry at yourself. You deserve better.”
    “Thank you, Mom. And … yeah …”
    Words were left unspoken, and Emilia was gone.
    Isabella remained on the bed alone, suddenly feeling lonely and quite furious. Also, she was deeply confused with what had just happened with her mother. She would have to think about it …
    After a moment, she got up, showered and slipped a big fluffy robe over her body. Then she went downstairs to fix herself some food. As she passed her parents’ bedroom, which she actually didn’t need to, she heard them fuck hard. The noise William was making was more akin to a boar or a bull than a human being. She could imagine what was going on in there, and she was both disgusted and … turned on?
    In that moment, she struggled with the conflicting horniness and fury.
    She practically ran to the kitchen.

    The strange experience with her mother was quickly forced from her mind when she realized just how much work she’d have to put in at the gym to even hope to win the final challenge. She was, after all, still just a young woman, and she had little of the decades-long muscle maturity her father had built up. As a result, she had to approach this intelligently. If she managed to focus on the main points of the challenge, then she could maybe prevail. After the first two failures, she was getting a bit nervous about this, though.
    As far as she had thought about it, the challenge would focus on posing, lifting and some simple strength exercise. Her father sometimes amused himself by bending things to impress other people, so they would go for this too.
    Very well. If she perfected these parts, she stood something of a chance. Time to get to work!

    Sarah looked at the whole arsenal of drugs that Isabella had lined up in the VIP dressing room. She stared at the vials, patches, bottles and blisters.
    “Okay … Now that is a whole pharmacy’s worth, right?”
    Isabella just finished undressing and stood there right next to her, her super-fit body all tight and strong. The musclewoman’s physique suggested a kind of panther-like power, with a lot of hidden strength and the ability to just surprise people and … probably take their heads off?
    It was a look, alright. Isabella shrugged:
    “It is what it is. I’ve got to get huge and strong, and being natural is not going to get me there. So … here we are. But I have an excellent doctor checking on me, so it will be fine.”
    “I guess? It’s just a little intimidating seeing all this.”
    “Yes. It feels odd. Sure does. But I have to win this.”
    “Do you, really? I mean, you could just walk away from it all. It’s not as if there’s anything holding you back …”
    Isabella looked at Sarah. The other woman was cute. She was nice. She adored Isabella and she was quite good in bed. But … she really didn’t get it. Isabella was quite sure that this girl would end up with a nice young man eventually, and she would have her cute little career and her nice house in the suburbs, and eventually, their life would grow boring, with her 2.1 kids … She would eagerly submit to people that were stronger and better.
    Isabella wouldn’t. And she certainly wouldn’t tolerate or accept her father’s shit. Especially regarding Emilia. Seeing as he spent his time using and abusing her even worse lately, she knew she had to at least show him his limits. It was enough. The man had to be put back in his place.
    “Let’s say that I have some things I want to take care of. Also, I doubt that this will come as a big surprise, but I really like my muscles.”
    The young woman spread her shoulders and lats, amusing herself with their expansion. It was still weird, but she had to admit that just taking up more room made her feel confident and powerful. Also, sensing her muscles “obey” her will … It was a great experience.
    Sarah blushed:
    “Okay … I like them too …”
    The musclewoman caressed her cheek and kissed her:
    “I know.” Then she smiled encouragingly: “Would you help me? Here’s a woman that really needs to get bigger. A lot bigger.”

    The weeks roared by. Isabella was completely focused on her training now. She just kept pushing herself with religious devotion. There was no space for weakness or hesitation. Since her father had taken over the two companies, she was basically free to just do this one thing, and she pushed her body further and further to the limit. In a way, it was a method of punishing herself for her failure. She almost enjoyed the terrible pain the constant hard training caused her.
    When she finished her workout, she would just lie on the mat for a while, waiting for her brutalized muscles to stop hurting. She was aware that this was not a good idea, but what else could she do? She had picked this fight, now she had to win it. There was no way to back out of this without losing face. And she definitely couldn’t accept that.
    So, she struggled on.
    Her progress was making it worthwhile. Sure, it was terribly hard on her, and she would wake up in the middle of the night from some overtrained part of her body suddenly acting up, and she often caught herself staring at the plate of protein-rich, taste-poor food she had to swallow just to provide her growing body with just enough nutrition to keep growing.
    When she looked at her reflection, though, she realized it was worth it. She was growing quickly. In these four months, she packed on the muscles hard, adding a good twenty pounds of pure, unadulterated beef. The transformation was incredible. She had to get her clothes custom-fitted, and she seriously enjoyed the new look. When she walked now, she had this swagger to her, the broad shoulders, her slim waist, and the hard, perfectly rounded glutes giving her a super-intense hourglass shape. It was amazing!
    Isabella had not only built up her muscles, though. She had also worked on her flexibility and her lifting technique. She knew her father tended to brute-force things, and she certainly couldn’t keep up with him on that level. She had a realist perspective on this. Even if she trained on at that level for twenty years, she couldn’t hope to outdo him in sheer power and muscularity.
    But she could use her strength with more skill. So this was the plan. She would outlift and outflex him, and hopefully manage to survive the feats of strength. It was tough. Despite her incredible physique and her mental focus, she was still the underdog against this man.
    She would just have to do everything she could and push herself.

    The day of the challenge, Isabella went up to her room after a copious breakfast. She had just picked something nice, none of the boring stuff. Just something sweet and tasty to put her in a good mindset. Pancakes. Mmh …
    The taste was still lingering in her mouth as she stepped inside and found her mother sitting on the bed. Emilia was wearing a robe and seemed a bit anxious. She smiled at her daughter. The young woman was wearing her now usual fitness outfit, which did absolutely nothing to hide her massive physique. Her broad chest was stretching a sporty crop top, her disappeared breasts just leaving two small bumps under her nipples. Her thick traps were framed by the straps, and her thick pecs shaded her eightpack abs.
    Isabella had reached bodybuilder level, and she was certainly one of the bigger women in the world now. No heavyweight, no champion, but with her height and the short time she had to build her muscles, she was certainly impressive.
    Emilia got up nervously, taking in her daughter’s amazing body. Her little girl had grown in every direction, and to her shame, she loved what she saw. Sure, she was nowhere as big as William, but she had a gentleness to her, a kind of love that the big man never even thought of showing.
    Her mother looked away nervously:
    “I … I just wanted to wish you luck. I hope you win.”
    The musclewoman smiled and nodded gratefully:
    “Thank you, Mom. I’ll do my best to make you proud.”
    The older woman came closer and hugged her. Her large, soft breasts touched Isabella’s hard chest. It felt … nice? She returned the embrace and held her, caressing her mother’s slim back. She felt the other woman’s gentle fingers on her own thick lats and up her back. It was a wonderful sensation.
    Then, suddenly, her mother kissed her. On the mouth. Then again, and her mother’s tongue parted Isabella’s lips. There was a pause, some looking away, some nervousness, and then, another kiss. Longer. Deeper. More intense.
    Isabella wanted to say something. She was aware that this was wrong. That it had already been wrong before. That it was insane. But if it was, why did it feel so good?
    She sighed, but she couldn’t find the heart to push Emilia away. Maybe it was for the best to call her that. Emilia. Not Mom. Maybe she could …
    “Isabella …” She heard her mother whisper her name. “It feels so good to touch you.”
    “It’s the same for me …”
    “I shouldn’t. I know. But … I … I love you …”
    “I love you too.”
    Saying these words made things harder. Much harder. It was terrifying, in a way. As silence set in, they looked each other in the eyes. The fear, the doubt, they were fading. They were still there, it was only natural. But they could no longer deny it.
    Isabella felt her insides cramp up.
    “Emilia … I don’t know if I’m going to win this, but you will see. I will make all of this right. I will put him in his place, and I will be with you. I swear it.”
    “I believe you. If there’s one person that can fix this, it’s you.”
    “I …”
    There wasn’t anything else to say. They kissed again. Emilia carefully explored Isabella’s muscular body, touching the girl’s packed back, her yoked shoulders, and her strong, bulging biceps. Her daughter was her knight in shining armor, wasn’t she?
    At the same time, Emilia felt she was sending the girl to her doom … What would William do to her? How would all of this end?
    She closed her eyes and prayed silently to whatever god might be listening …

    Isabella walked down the hall with a firm step. She was ready, she was prepared, she knew she would win. She had to. The young musclewoman emerged into the garden. The weight sets were prepared, and her father was warming up eagerly. He had let himself go a bit, or at least Isabella hoped this was the case. He was still huge.
    She smiled formally at him, while he just looked at her, almost without registering her presence. She stood firm now, her broad shoulders on display, her posing bra covering her reduced breasts and her hair tied up in a ponytail. She felt ready. She would defeat him.
    The big man slowly started to grin and then said:
    “You look ridiculous.”
    She had expected something like that.
    “Thank you for noticing me.”
    Indeed, he had acted as if she didn’t even exist lately. The big man laughed:
    “All this work to look like some kind of strange half-man! It’s painful to watch. Daughter, you should stop with this stupidity and just accept things for what they are. You are a girl, and as such, you are weak, soft and helpless. Your feeble attempts at being the son I should have had … I don’t even understand what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to hurt me by rubbing in the one thing I failed to do?”
    Isabella was a bit speechless. Did he really think like that? Was this a joke?
    “Father, this isn’t about you. This is about me. About making it clear that your stupid manliness fetish is worthless. That you treating everybody like trash is ridiculous and cynical.”
    He grinned:
    “Yeah, here we are. You know, Isabella, here’s your problem. You’re so caught up in your big brain college fantasies that you think everybody is out to get you. You have weird dreams that that intellectual vision is somehow true. It just doesn’t work like that. Women are nice and cute, and they can be pretty and say smart words, but when it comes down to doing the work, you need one like me.” He flexed his huge arm. It was way bigger than Isabella’s. “How about you just stop with this foolishness and run along. Maybe find a nice young man who can show you how it feels to get good dick, and then, maybe you’ll get real.”
    Isabella groaned. She stretched her back in frustration. Sensing her lats spread and her traps swell was a nice feeling. She really longed to finally get started.
    “Whatever, Father. How about we get this over with?”
    “I gave you a chance to back out.”
    “Yes, yes. Let’s do this.”

    William had picked Carina and one of his friends, another business guy called Mark as judges for their little contest, while Isabella had agreed on them and suggested Nali as a third. Emilia joined them as they prepared. She didn’t want to have to choose between her husband and her daughter and had thus opted to just enjoy the show.
    The Mark guy stared at Isabella. Having his friend William walk around in shorts was one thing, but seeing his daughter in that tiny suit was another. Also, that chick was buff! He didn’t understand what the point was, though.
    Also, he was a bit confused by the William’s super-hot wife getting up from her garden chair and cheering for her, while the other equally hot secretary girl in her bikini clapped. The maid was also there, looking cute in her uniform and seeming a tad overwhelmed. She too applauded. Reluctantly, hoping that he didn’t do anything wrong, he clapped too.
    William and Isabella took up positions. He said:
    “Okay, to get this over with, we’re going to do some posing, and you’re going to pick who does it best, and then we will lift some weights. Understood?”
    There were some nods and more cheering.
    Then they started their routines.
    Isabella instantly felt good about this. William as doing some bog-standard poses. He was a bit sloppy on them, and didn’t seem to know much about how to handle this. Double biceps, side chest, crab pose … That was all very nice, but Isabella knew her stuff.
    She hit the beats of her choreography. It was a joy to watch. She strutted towards her audience, giving her muscular hips a good swing, then, stood there, cocking them, smiled brightly and lifted her arm. A first, simple flex made her biceps swell, a second, harder one made it pop. She shot that Mark character a seductive glance and leaned back, bringing her abs to the forefront and flexing them into a network of muscle, then turned around with a slow twirl and displayed the sharp lines of her back. The Christmas tree shape in her lower back was practically carved into her flesh. She added a sharp flex of her glutes, transforming them into a hard, brutal X, then displayed her hamstrings and calves, before dropping down into a superhero pose that showed off her sculpted shoulders. She was all smiles and intensity, letting the spectators enjoy the display of power.
    Mark, who had previously been a bit confused by the idea of watching the muscular daughter of his friend strut her stuff in a bikini, was getting into it. He was ogling her intently and was practically salivating as she rolled her abs and flexed her pecs. William was so absorbed in his own posing that he ignored the other man’s looks. Isabella was surprised, but not that much. Okay, maybe she could make this work …
    She let her pecs bounce enticingly, then released her hair from the ponytail and gave it the best fancy whip one could imagine. The poor guy was basically hard now. She grinned and turned around, lifting her arms and flexing them while also exploding her back into a landscape of brutal muscle.
    As she did, she glanced over at her father, and caught his eye, then looked over to Mark.

    Moments later, his father’s fist connected with the man’s face.
    The sound was quite bad and the peeping tom was first smashed to the ground and then lifted up, dangling from William’s outstretched arm.
    Isabella grinned, but hid her expression by looking away. Then she said:
    “Okay, I think we’ll have to discount Mark’s vote, right?”
    Her father glared at her, then shoved the other man away. He frowned:
    “Maybe you shouldn’t strut your stuff like some floozy?”
    “Maybe he should keep his eyes where they belong.”
    She smiled at her mother, whose eyes definitely weren’t where they belonged. The older woman instantly looked away. Carina blushed too, though not from looking at Isabella. Well, a little?
    Isabella raised an eyebrow and declared:
    “I think that we can conclude from this incident that my posing was better.”
    The big man hesitated, then his face turned into a leer:
    “Yeah. It’s not as if that’s going to help you. After all, that’s just flouncing around like some kind of …”
    His voice trailed off, but he returned by continuing “… Anyway, let’s get to lifting. That’s a real man’s thing to do! Alphas don’t strut around like peacocks, they work hard!”
    Isabella didn’t say a thing. No point. Instead, she stepped over to the weight sets.
    “How about we just do deadlifts to exhaustion?”
    The big man was a bit surprised by the suggestion. He hadn’t expected his daughter to actually try and outlift him. Maybe she would have tried some stupid curling exercise or some dumb aerobics girly shit, but not this?
    Anyway, he shrugged:
    “Yeah, why not? I mean, it’s not like you have a chance!”
    “Let’s go for 250 pounds. That should be a bit of a challenge for you.”
    He laughed:
    “250 pounds is nothing! I do 400 for reps!”
    “I know.”
    He was a bit puzzled by her expression, but shrugged.
    “Fine, then.”
    They took up positions next to each other. She said:
    “Alright. We lift clean, no jerking around, no swinging, no stunts. Whoever manages to stay in longer, wins.”
    Then he grabbed the bar and started. Isabella did the same, though she went in slower, with less impetus. This weight was pretty much her top level, and the possible lowest she could ask him to do that could still screw him up. She was shorter than him, she had trained her grip strength intensely, and she certainly had better stamina. Both would work in her favor. All she had to do was manage to get through the pain, and she’d win.
    Emilia, Carina and Nali watched as the two musclepeople pumped. It was a rather intense show. They were both grunting and sweating horribly, their muscles swelling with effort, blood pumping hard through their veins, their faces red. It was hard on both of them.
    Nali counted out the reps for Isabella, while Carina did the same for William. At first, they moved in unison.
    “Five … six … seven …”
    The grunts got louder. William’s movement got slower. His initial speed had fallen off. He didn’t yet struggle, but he was certainly not going to breeze through this in the way he had expected. Isabella kept to her rhythm. She didn’t slow down, she didn’t speed up. She just worked mechanically at making simple, controlled movements with as little waste as possible. She just had to conserve her energy, and she could probably outlast him.
    “Ten … eleven … twelve … thirteen …”
    They were still at it. By now, the competitors were sweating profusely, their muscles pumped and red. The strain was visible on their faces, but neither would give up. A fat vein appeared on William’s forehead, pulsating obscenely.
    “Hrnk …”
    Isabella replied with a “gaaah …”.
    They kept pumping. The reps were flying by, but Emilia noticed that William was definitely slowing down further. He was two behind now. She stayed in the rhythm, although her body felt as if it were going to explode. It was terribly painful … She was used to pushing herself to her limit and beyond, but this was something else. She gritted her teeth, sweat running into her eyes. She couldn’t stop now. If she got out of the rhythm now, it was over!
    She groaned as she put out one more rep. And another. And another.
    Next to her, her father was losing ground. His movements got slower and slower, with more swinging and less precision. He too was growling in fury and pain now. He hadn’t expected this to happen, and he was clearly suffering for it.
    Not that he would quit, though.
    While Isabella went on, hearing the count in the distance, “thirty … thirty-one …”, she felt the frustration rise. She had thought he would give up the moment he started to hurt. She had expected him to be all bluster, all show. That he would just laugh it off and declare himself a winner or something.
    Well, that was not the case. She had underestimated him. It wasn’t just a show after all.
    Still, she had a chance. She could outlast him. Her body was a finely tuned instrument of power and elegance. She had prepared for this diligently, and she had proven to herself during her training that she could last longer …
    She grunted loudly.
    “Forty-two … forty-three … Please, don’t hurt yourselves!”
    She heard her mother’s voice answer Nali:
    “Yes! Be careful!”
    Her father just glared at his wife. She shouldn’t lose count!
    By now, Isabella was slowing down too. She was reaching her limit, and that horrible man still wasn’t giving in! Why? How was he doing this? She hissed under her breath. The pain in her body was terrible now, completely overwhelming her mind. Her thoughts were circling now, going back to her mother’s touch, their brief moment of intimacy, the love she had felt. She wanted to be in a happy place, away from this stupid, terrible contest in which she had brought herself.
    She couldn’t stop now. She couldn’t doubt herself. She had to win this. Just this one. Please …

    The cramp hit her like a gunshot.
    She managed to put down the weight on the fifty-ninth rep in a clear, controlled fashion. But then, it was over. Her thigh felt as if it were going to rip itself apart.
    She tried to camouflage it, to act as if she was just taking a break, but she knew. She was a few reps ahead. Her father was at fifty-three … If he just failed before reaching her level, she’d win … Even with a tie, she could claim victory due to the posing …
    At first, William didn’t notice it, but the moment he did, he found new strength. His expression was quite terrifying, his gritted teeth, his bloodshot eyes, the pumping veins, the rictus face … And now, there was a sadistic grin.
    He was suffering, and it was Isabella’s fault. He would show her.
    Fifty-five … fifty-six … fifty-seven …
    Isabella found herself shivering in growing panic. She just hoped …
    Fifty-eight … fifty-nine … siiii …
    The weight went up slowly again. The man’s body looked as if it were about to blow up. He was tall, he had a lot of lifting to do to get the barbell to the right level. He was exhausted, and he wasn’t in that good a shape for stamina exercises.
    And yet … Almost there …
    Something in Isabella screamed in frustration and panic.

    in reply to: My stories on Smashwords #156672

    Here’s a story for people who like their women become hairy, muscular and dominant, while abusing their power.
    You know who you are …

    A Dream into a Nightmare
    Valentina finds out that Marco is into musclewomen. She is disgusted. Drunk and frustrated, Marco uses an experimental serum on her that makes her more muscular. As he does, she changes, not only her physique, but also her personality … This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, height growth, hairiness and personality changes. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Here it is:

    And here’s a preview:

    The cup swung down on his finger, dumping the coffee on the floor. By sheer luck, it missed the carpet, which probably spared him more scold. Valentina stared at the screen, then her head turned to him slowly, as if completely in shock. Her expression was hard to parse. Confusion? Disgust? Complete disbelief? Her mouth opened slowly and then shut again quickly.
    “Marco … What is that?”
    He was trying to righten the coffee cup and stared at the brown liquid on the floor. Right now, he was a little overwhelmed. He had just gone over to the kitchen to get himself a new cup of coffee and had left the social media page of his female bodybuilding appreciation club site open, even if he had minimized it. He was a bit confused. Why was Valentina at his computer?
    Still trying to figure it out, he managed a “It’s social media?”, which only made her look even more confused. Slowly, her expression shifted to anger.
    “I can see that. What I’m asking is … What perverted shit is that?”
    Now her voice was getting louder and more aggressive. Marco shrugged:
    “It’s just athletes?”
    “Athletes, my ass! That’s just a bunch of perverted she-men prancing around in their bikinis! Look at them! They look like men! They don’t even have breasts!”
    For the rest of his short life, Marco wanted to stuff his next words back into his mouth. But it was already too late by the time he thought of that.
    “Most men aren’t even half as muscular!”
    It wasn’t just what he said, it was how he said it. She roared, her face a deep crimson:
    “So you like that? You like these freaks? You like these manly women? Are you a fucking pervert too?”
    She was screaming now, and Marco was blushing up to his ears. The humiliation was terrible. He wanted to shrink into the ground, to run away, to turn back time.
    “I just … like the look … A little? I love you. I love your look too. A lot …”
    “Don’t you dare lie to me!” She walked up to him. He was 5’11”, she was a nice 5’6”, slim, with a pair of wonderfully large and soft breasts of which she was quite proud. Valentina tended to show them off a lot, which Marco enjoyed most of the time. Even now, she was wearing a comfy shirt and some sweatpants, and she still looked amazing!
    Okay, so she was also extremely furious and she had just found out about Marco’s fetish, but … even when she was angry, she was hot.
    “I’m not lying to you! I just … Okay, I confess. I love muscles on a woman. That doesn’t mean I love you any less! It’s just a thing I like too …”
    She cocked her head and said:
    “Your mouth says one thing, your face says another. You are a shithead, and a liar, Marco!”
    “But … I only kept it secret because I thought you wouldn’t understand!”
    “And I don’t! I don’t understand how anybody could want a body like this! Not you for looking at it, and not them for wanting to look like freaks! You can sleep on the couch, freak!”
    She turned around and stormed out of the room. There was a slam of the bedroom door, then there was silence, followed by soft crying. Marco stood there, shocked, confused and actually quite angry. Why did she even do this? He never pried into her personal things. He would never look at other women in real life. And he certainly would never have nosed around in her search history.
    They had been married for seven years now, and passion had faded a bit. Plus, his work at the lab took up a lot of his time. He paid for the apartment, he paid for the food and he took care of the many little things at home, repairs, building things, and so on. Sure, she was an excellent cook, she was an amazing screw, and she was very passionate, but … She didn’t have to explode at him like that!
    Marco decided to go on a walk. It was late already, but at this point, he doubted he could sleep. He put on his track pants and headed out. Wandering through the darkness of the warm summer night, insects buzzing about, still furious and frustrated, he ended up back at the lab.
    This was when the fateful decision happened, and in hindsight, it had been amazingly stupid. Mostly.
    He stepped inside, and headed for his workspace.

    Marco returned much later to their apartment and to be honest, he wasn’t totally sober. He had his little science project with him. A small vial with the special booster drug he had developed in his off time. A little thing that would improve the regeneration and muscle growth in people. It was still very much experimental, but he was certain that it would either work or do nothing. It was not toxic or anything. He careful opened the bedroom door. Valentina was sleeping like a log, spread-eagled all over the mattress. She was making cutesy little noises. Marco shook his head. Then he whispered to himself:
    “Freak … Yes … Fuck this. You’ll find out how it feels to be a freak … Fuck … Fuuuck …”
    He groaned, then took the vial, loaded it into the sterile injector and shot it into her half-exposed butt. The moment he did this, a small voice in his clouded mind asked him if he’d gone crazy, but most of his inner voice just shouted that she would get what she deserved. Then he staggered out, putting the vial away.

    The next morning, Marco woke up on the sofa. Valentina wasn’t there, and she was clearly still angry. Normally, on their days off, she would set up breakfast for him, even if she had to go out early. Instead, he was having a bit of a hangover.
    He sighed, rubbed his temples and headed for the shower. After cleaning his body, brushing his teeth and shaving, he looked at his reflection and said:
    “You’re a shitbag, Marco. You’ll have to tell her.”
    Then he heard Valentina come back. He put on his outfit and went out to greet her. She looked at him, and hesitated. He smiled vaguely at her. She had changed a bit. Fuck. The serum worked.
    She was all smiles, even though he could still sense her anger.
    “I had a great workout! I think I went past my personal best on all my stuff. Seriously! And I think I lost two pounds? Is that even possible?”
    “I don’t know.”
    She hesitated for a moment. Then she said:
    “Okay, Mister Muscle Freak …” He blushed. “… I still think you’re a pervert, but … here’s something to be perverted by.”
    With these words, she worked up her shirt and showed him her stomach. It was as thin as ever, shaded by her large breasts, but there was a faint sign of maybe a few abs. Of course, he immediately got horny and got a hard-on. The serum worked amazingly well!
    She spotted his cock tenting his pants and sighed:
    “Okay, you really are hopeless.”
    The moment had passed. She walked past him and shook her head. Marco was left confused by what had just happened. If she didn’t want him to be into muscle on women, why did she tease him like that? What did she expect?
    In a moment, he was angry again. Alright, so he wouldn’t tell her. It would serve her right!
    Grumbling, he went to work.

    During the day, Valentina felt weird. It was as if somebody had put her into overdrive. At work at the salon, she was flying, quickly taking care of everything and managing the customers without any effort at all.
    The other stylists stared at her. Normally, Valentina was a bit of a bitch, enjoying the attention her large tits and her long, wonderful blond hair got her. She tended to work way less hard than she should, and still got the best tips from the men. Of course she did.
    Today, she worked fast and easy, and the customers were happy.
    As they all took their break for lunch, Maria asked:
    “Hey, did you change anything in your workouts?”
    “No, why do you ask?”
    “Just … you look different.”
    “Different? I mean, I somehow managed to lose a bit of weight since yesterday, but I guess that was just because I was so stressed.”
    “Yeah. I found out Marco is a pervert.”
    “They all are. Don’t worry. You just found out early. Still, I like your arms.”
    “My arms?”
    “Yeah. Flex them, will you?”
    “No! What’s your problem?”
    “Nothing. I was just asking. I thought you’d be happy your workouts paid off.”
    “Not you too …”
    “What?” Maria looked nonplussed. “Did I say something wrong?”
    “Forget it. I’m just a bit sensitive right now.”
    “Okay. Whatever. Time to get back to work.”

    At night, the atmosphere was a bit strange. Marco tried to smoothen things with Valentina, having prepared a nice dinner and bought some flowers. At the same time, he kept glancing at her arms, trying to spot a hint of muscle. Whenever she did something, he stared, hoping to catch a bit of a flex.
    Valentina wasn’t sure what to make of it. It was obvious that Marco tried to fix this, but he didn’t apologize per se. Instead, he kept ogling her. Okay, she was used to that, and she usually liked it, but like this … Not quite as much. Really not.
    Still, the food was good and she decided to mostly forgive him. Not completely, but she found that he was a bit of a dork, and as long as he left her alone with his perversions, she could accept them. A bit.
    Later, she was in the bathroom, getting ready for the night. She looked at her reflection. Okay. She could see why people reacted like this. She was … looking fine? Fit. Like someone who took their gym work seriously. Whatever had happened, she had hit just the right amount of bodyfat versus muscle tone to look good.
    She hesitated, then she did a little flex. She immediately felt ashamed.
    Disgusted, even.
    It was time for bed. She needed her beauty sleep.
    Valentina still insisted that Marco slept on the couch. Things were not alright again yet. To her surprise, he didn’t mind. He just readied his stuff and crept off to the living room.

    Marco was incredibly nervous and excited. The drug really worked! The serum had improved Valentina’s physique in just twenty-four hours, and it didn’t seem to have had any ill-effects. Good! He still felt a bit disgusted with himself that he had tested this stuff on her without her consent, but … she kinda deserved it, didn’t she? After all, she was still quite bitchy.
    She also didn’t even say thank you for the dinner, or even talked to him like a normal person.
    Well, there would be more soon.
    He laid on the couch and waited. He couldn’t have slept if he wanted to. He was just too eager to continue. He just had to wait for her to sleep fully.
    As he waited, he wondered just how far the serum would push her. She had gone from slim and busty to fit in one day. If he shot her up again, would the drug have an even stronger effect? There was only one way to find out, wasn’t there?
    He crept to the bedroom door and gently opened it. He was ready to explain something about needing his outfit for the next day, but Valentina was already sound asleep.
    A moment later, the injector produced its tiny hiss and the drug was in Valentina’s other butt-cheek.

    He awoke abruptly in the morning. The sun was up and he rolled off the sofa with a tumble. Fuck. What time was it?
    He had had the strangest dreams about a giant woman tossing him through the air and laughing in a deep thundering voice, and he was still absurdly hard.
    He got to his feet and checked his phone. Fuck. So he overslept. There wasn’t much he could do right now to fix this, so he just called in sick. They would understand, he hoped. He quickly looked around to see if Valentina was still there, but there was no sign of her. He quickly showered and the moment he was done after rubbing one out, he heard the door.
    Drying himself off as he got out of the bath, he almost ran into Valentina, who was looking at him rather surprised. His eyes went up and down her body and he immediately noticed the drug had continued its work. She was looking harder, sharper and … buffer. She had gained a bit of mass on her shoulders and that definitely emphasized her hourglass shape. Also, her face had leaned out a bit. She also had switched out her top and it was way more covering.
    He could feel his cock rise again.
    She stared at him:
    “Shouldn’t you be at work?”
    “I … no. Sorry. I … I overslept. I’m not feeling too well. There must be some kind of virus or something.”
    “You do look a bit stressed. Did you sleep badly too?”
    “I just had the strangest dreams.”
    “That’s usually a bad sign. Might mean that you are really getting sick. I just hope you don’t get me infected.”
    He smiled weakly:
    “I’ll do my best.”
    “If you’re still here, could you fix me breakfast? I’m so hungry, and I still have to get ready for work!”
    “Sure. No problem. How was the gym?”
    “Okay … That’s all?”
    “I don’t want to talk about it.”
    “Alright. I’ll just get you something to eat.”

    A few minutes later, Marco slipped the scrambled eggs on her plate, the salad and the cheese and tomato following up. To his surprise, she immediately wolfed everything down. This was a big serving, and she’d usually leave something for him on account of her being full, but clearly, she wanted more.
    He didn’t wait for her to ask and just said:
    “I’ll make more.”
    “Yes. Definitely.”
    He headed back to the kitchen, trying to catch a good look at her body. It was difficult. For the day, she had chosen one of these large, fluffy blouses that hid her shape almost completely. It even covered her bust, which was a bit of a surprise. After all, she normally loved to show off her big tits.
    When he came back, she asked:
    “Uh … Marco, could I borrow your razor?”
    “My razor? Why? Don’t you usually wax?”
    “There’s a bit I need to take care of. Is that okay?”
    “Sure. Sure. No problem. Just clean it when you’re done.”
    “I will.”
    She didn’t.
    After putting away the dishes, Marco went to the bathroom and found that the sink was pretty gross. There were little hairs stuck in his razor and Valentina had clearly not been too careful when flushing all the hair. There was a ring of blond and blackish hairs around the outlet.
    Also, there was this lingering smell in the room. Strange and, to Marco, arousing …
    He quickly cleaned the sink and the razor, then thought of his wife and got very hard.

    At work, Valentina was a bit quieter than usual. The other women noticed it too. After a few exchanged glances, Maria asked:
    “Everything okay, Tina?”
    She was busy with one of the clients and only slowly reacted:
    “Yes, yes. Everything is fine.”
    “You sure? Your voice sounds all rough. Are you getting sick?”
    “I don’t think so. I had a nice morning, basically. I just … I don’t think it’s anything.”
    “Uh-huh. Yeah. If Marco is giving you any trouble …”
    “No. No, he’s fine. He even made me breakfast, and cleaned up.”
    “Good. You gotta teach them how to behave!”
    Maria grinned. Valentina nodded, unsure of what was going on. She felt a bit odd. As if there was something bugging her. Some kind of tension within her.
    As the day went on, she felt increasingly uncomfortable in that blouse. It seemed tight, especially around the armpits. Also, she was sweating for no reason. Maybe she was getting sick? If Marco managed to get her infected with his stupid bug …
    Just then, one of the clients looked at her and asked:
    “Excuse me, young lady, but … can you smell this too?”
    Valentina looked up at her. She was busy with the woman’s toenails and had spaced out while she worked.
    “Smell? No. I don’t smell anything.”
    “Are you sure?” She lowered her voice: “Maybe you should … take a little more care of yourself.”
    Suddenly, there was a flash of anger racing through Valentina’s mind. She stood up abruptly and glared at the woman.
    “Are you saying that I smell?”
    Her voice was rough, harsh and threatening. The other woman stared at her, shocked.
    “I didn’t say a thing!”
    “You did! You said I smell!”
    Without warning, her arm shot forward and she barely managed to just point at the woman without actually touching her. The sudden tension tore the seams of her blouse on the shoulder. There was a cracking sound. Just as the manager turned to look at her, Valentina noticed the hole that had formed.
    The boss’ eyes narrowed and she made a sign for her to come to the back room with her.
    “Sarah, you take over for Tina.”

    A moment later, they were in the small room, out of sight of the clients. The boss asked:
    “What are you doing?”
    “I … This woman said I smell!”
    The boss sniffed. Then she said:
    “I’m not sure it’s you, but … there’s a smell, yes. Smells like my son’s clothes after his training.”
    “But … That’s not me! It can’t be!”
    “I don’t care. Go home. Clean yourself up, relax for a bit, and come back tomorrow morning. Understood?”
    “I don’t …”
    “Home. Now. Please. Come back tomorrow, clean, happy and ready. Got it?”
    Valentina opened her mouth, but the other woman’s expression allowed no debate.
    With an eye-roll, she left.

    After a surprisingly copious dinner, Valentina was restless. She had noticed that Marco kept staring at her, and it was making her uncomfortable. She was feeling off. It was so strange. Her clothes felt tight, her skin was all itchy and uncomfortable, and yes, now she was smelling it too. Something was happening, and she didn’t like it at all. She decided to take a shower and go to bed early. Maybe tomorrow would be better.
    Marco watched as she left for the bathroom, careful not to show her body at all. He was struggling with his erection. He could see that her legs were getting quite fit and shapely, and the seams of her blouse were quite strained. As far as he could tell, she could basically show up at a fitness competition and place. The drug was working, and it was turning him on …
    In the bathroom, Valentina quickly showered. As she dried herself off, she was careful not to look at her reflection. She could tell what she was looking like now just from looking down on herself, and the last thing she wanted was to see the full extent of what was going on. She just hoped things would calm down quickly. She just needed to get to bed fast …
    Once she was asleep, Marco snuck to the bedroom. She was lying there, stretched out over the mattress and snoring. It was a strange sound. Valentina rarely snored, and when she did, it was usually a cutesy squeaky sound. Now, it was quite impressively loud and frequently interrupted by grumbles and mumbling. He grinned. He was horny again. Also, he had to admit that he was feeling a little ashamed about doing this to her, but then again, she deserved it, didn’t she?
    He waited until she rolled on her chest, producing a long, drawn-out snort, then he gently pulled up her nightdress. It was a little difficult since her legs had become quite a bit thicker, as had her butt. Just brushing against it with his fingers and feeling the hardness made him shiver with lust.
    Marco stuck her with the needle and injected the next dose.
    “Fucking mosquitos.”
    The husband panicked for a moment as Valentina complained in her sleep. Her voice sounded harsh and rough. Then she reached around with a swing of her arm and scratched her butt. He breathed out sharply. Then he left to jerk off.

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    Sometimes, stories get an unexpected sequel. So, here’s the continuation of “The One Thing”, which you can find here:

    One More Thing
    We’re revisting Bill and Chelsea from “The One Thing”, and now, it is time for her to make their common dream a reality. She will gain the muscle they both crave and their fantasy will be realized …
    This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth and breast expansion. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Read it here:

    And here’s a preview!

    Chelsea awoke slowly. She groaned. Then she looked around. That wasn’t the hotel room … She was back home, in bed.
    Oh no …
    She sat up, her back rebelling. Why did this have to be so hard? Why did it have to hurt? She must have twisted something as she dreamed. To her frustration, she felt her saggy breasts, well, her saggy everything flop down. She looked down at herself, the bulging rolls of fat that formed her midsection, the elongated, stretched breasts resting on her belly.
    She rubbed her temples. There had been this wonderful dream, this perfect vision …
    And it was gone. Disappeared. Fading into nothingness. She was back to being old and disgusting. Carefully, she crawled out of the bed and groaned as her back grumbled back into position. What a night … She wondered where that had come from …
    Okay, to be honest, it had been quite enjoyable. Normally, Chelsea didn’t remember her dreams, or just some strange fragments that then floated around her mind for the next few days. This one was still there, clear as day.
    She sighed. Wow. Wow. Just thinking of it was both disturbing and comforting.
    Chelsea walked to the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. Everything was back to normal. She blinked, hoping to summon back the body of her dream. Nothing. Of course.
    The weird thing about this dream was that she never wanted to do any bodybuilding. Of course not. That was for perverts and freaks. The most she had done was some sports in high school, and even then, it had been more of a chore than a pleasure.
    Now, on the other hand, it was somewhat enticing. Of course, it was completely illusory. She didn’t have time for that. And she certainly lacked both the motivation and the discipline.
    But there was this little voice in the back of her head that whispered: “You liked that …”
    She shook her head to clear it. Time to get ready for the day. There was a lot to do, and she certainly had no time for daydreams, especially not for disgusting, crazy ones like this one!

    At work, it only got worse. The dream was haunting her, and whenever she passed a reflective surface, she’d check whether somehow, her body had returned to its incredible state. Usually, she would be caught by another employee or even worse, her boss, and snapped back to reality. It was even worse than being caught daydreaming. After all, how dare she inspect her reflection? Wasn’t she aware that she was disgusting?
    It was humiliating.
    She hurried back to her spot and dove back into her files. There was so much to do, and yet, her mind kept drifting back to her bizarre fantasy. She gave in eventually and hurried to the bathroom, locking herself into a stall. She looked up some bodybuilders and stared at their strange, mutated bodies. It was just so odd … It was fascinating, though. Even if she couldn’t really “get” what Bill was seeing in them, she liked the confidence. The cockiness. The decision to transform oneself into one’s dream …
    She groaned.
    Was she really going to do this? It was so stupid! There really was no point to it, right?
    She took out her phone and wrote to Bill:
    “Are you okay?”
    There was a pause, then she got his answer.
    “I am. I just had a bit of trouble getting out of bed today. Weird dream.”
    “Weird dream?”
    “Hot dream?”
    “Incredibly hot.”
    “Whoa …”
    For a moment, they both thought about what was just happening. It couldn’t be … This was all too strange. Then she saw his reply:
    “You too?”
    “Uh-huh. Was I in your dream?”
    “Yeah. Me too?”
    “Yes. So much.”
    “I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know what happened. I mean, I know what happened in the dream, and I’m getting horny thinking about it … I just can’t explain that you …”
    “Me neither. But it’s making me hot.”
    “Yeah. We gotta talk. Would you come to my place after work?”
    The answer came so quickly, Chelsea wondered how he had typed it so fast:
    “Yes! I’ll bring pizza!”
    “Alright! I can’t wait!”
    She wanted to add something, but then, she heard her boss outside of the bathrooms:
    “Anybody seen Chelsea?”
    She wrote:
    “I gotta get back to work. Sorry! But I’m really excited!”
    “Me too! See you later!”
    She managed to duck back to her place, evading her boss’ search. When he found her a bit later, she was all smiles and acted surprised that he didn’t see her. Confused, the man walked away. She giggled to herself at this wonderful deception, then got nervous because of tonight. What if this was all just a misunderstanding?

    She came home a bit later than expected and found him standing at the door, pizza cartons in hand. There was also a bag of soft drinks and to top it all off, a salad. He grinned and made movements to make her come over faster:
    “They’re hot!”
    “Oops. Sorry. I forgot that you had no keys.”
    “Don’t worry, just let me in. Please! Or take the cartons.”
    “I’m working as fast as I can! I just got held up at the office.”
    “Yes, yes, no worries.”
    She let him in and he sprinted through the apartment to set the cartons on the kitchen table.
    “Oof. Now … How about we eat and relax, and then, we talk about the elephant in the room?”
    “That sounds like a good idea. We could also watch a movie?”
    Bill hesitated. He wanted to talk about their dream, but … it was incredibly awkward at the same time.
    “Alright … Pick something nice.”
    “Will do.”
    A little later, they were sitting on the couch, enjoying the pizza and watching some inane comedy. Having the characters fill the voids in their thoughts was a very good idea. However, after a bit, the movie was over, the pizza was eaten and the salad was still sitting there, threateningly.
    It was time to talk.
    She took a deep breath. In a way, she had to be the brave one. After all, that was her thing, right? She put the boxes away, carefully ignoring the salad, and sat down next to him. He put his hand on hers and looked at her nervously. She smiled and then managed to say:
    “It was a dream … And I was in it with you.” He nodded. “And I was a bodybuilder.” He agreed again. “And you had it too?” He swallowed, then replied:
    “It was the hottest thing ever.”
    “I know.”
    “You liked it too?”
    “Liked it? I was … it was … fuck. I never felt anything like it!”
    “Mhm. I … I can’t say where that came from, or how that even worked.”
    “Twilight Zone?”
    “Maybe? But in a good way.”
    He grinned:
    “It still makes me horny, you know?”
    “Me too. We could leave the lights off and try to imagine …”
    “Yeah …”
    She noticed he was already getting hard. She too was feeling a wonderful tension within her. Clumsily, she got up and asked:
    He nodded eagerly and followed her. Moments later, they were struggling out of their clothes in the dark, which involved a lot of giggling. It was such a strange sensation: They were like horny teenagers all over again, and it was amazing!
    Finally, they managed to get on the bed, and after a bit of fumbling, she got on top of him and rubbed herself against his dick.
    “Mmmh … This is nice …”
    “Yesss … I love it …”
    His hands touched her sides and he caressed her, sighing happily. She whispered:
    “Now imagine me with a hard waist, with sculpted obliques …”
    “The muscles on the side!”
    “I know that, but I didn’t know you ever heard of them …”
    “I did my research, Bill. And I gotta admit, they look kinda cool …”
    “Yes. Fuck, yes!”
    “Man, you are getting pretty hard …”
    “Oh fuck yeah, I am …”
    She rubbed his cock a bit more, sinking her pussy over it. He groaned.
    “Mmmmh …”
    “Imagine how strong I would get … All over. Even down there …”
    “Fuuuck …”
    He shot his load. She gasped. This had never happened so quick! The thing was, he wasn’t getting much softer. Instead, she felt his arms move upwards and he was hardening again. How was this even possible? Before, it had always been a bang, bang, done thing. This time … it was way more intense!
    She leaned forward, moving up and down on his dick, even though it was a bit difficult, and whispered:
    “You’re touching my lats now … my big, hard lats that are really gonna give me that massive taper, you know?”
    “Oh Lord … What did I do to deserve a woman like you? This is …”
    He came again.
    Chelsea herself had been very, very close, but somehow, his horniness was still not dying down. He was just staying rigid. She loved it!
    She kissed him and rubbed her aged breasts against his body. He gasped as she moaned:
    “You’ll see … I’ll train my muscles everywhere, and of course, I’ll work on my chest … I want you to feel somewhat small in that department next to me …”
    He sighed happily. She continued:
    “No, strike that … I want you to feel tiny next to me. I’m going to build those pecs until they’re as big as my boobs right now …”
    He grunted:
    “That would be incredible …”
    “I know … It must feel so good to be strong. To have those muscles wrapped around my body … You’ll see. It’ll be a sight to behold. And when my pecs are really huge, and thick and cut, I’m going to get implants …”
    He sank his hungry fingers into her. His penis was hard as a diamond, and the precum was already welling up again.
    “You really would do that?”
    “Of course! I know it’s crazy, getting stripper tits at my age … But honestly, why should we care? We’re going to have fun, and I’m going to be happy and make you happy …”
    “Oh God …” He sighed and ran his fingers along the skin of her droopy tits.
    “I’m going to get those pumped up to the brim! The surgeon is going to ask me whether I want them to be that big, and he’s going to say they’re gonna look cartoonish and fake. And I’m going to grin and say: ‘Well, Doc, that’s exactly the look I’m going for!’ And he’s going to try and talk me out of it, and I’m going to tell him: ‘Doc, that’s all fine, but I’m only going to walk out of this office with tits the size of basketballs and a cup size near the end of the alphabet!”
    She felt him cum once more, his cock twitching hard. She loved this … This control, this passion … It felt incredible. She grabbed his hands and slammed them on her chest:
    “Imagine my fake uber tits and my massive, pumped-up pecs. This is it, right? This is what makes us hot!”
    “Oh Lord yes … Fuck! Chelsea, you make me go crazy just from you talking …”
    “I got a secret to tell you … It’s the same for me! Just saying these words makes me sooo horny!”

    With a grin in the darkness, she kept riding him, feeling closer and closer to the edge, and him, still as hard as before. She suddenly took his hands, set them on her shoulders, and guided them down to her upper arms.
    “Those are going to be huge, you know? Huge traps, cannonball shoulders, and biceps so big, you’re going to cream yourself just looking at them …”
    He came instantly. It wasn’t even funny anymore. The poor man was exploding with horniness, pumping a third load into her at full force. He was completely overwhelmed, and his cock was still rock-hard, but nothing further would come from it.
    It didn’t matter. Chelsea just rode him on, imagining her new, muscle-packed Amazonian physique. The idea of her body becoming perfect … it was enough to push her over the edge.
    She came with a long, drawn-out sigh, and collapsed on him.
    It took a while for his erection to die down, and he was still tingly with horniness.
    They lay in the darkness together, caught in the fascination with her possible body …

    After a night of some very strange dreams, Chelsea awoke in the wee hours, unable to stay in bed any longer. She let Bill sleep and went to start her day, still tense. After what she had experienced the night before, she had to do something. The effect her words had had on her husband, and on herself, the incredible dreams, the total fascination with this perverted fantasy … All of it made it clear to her that she had to deal with this.
    Maybe …
    She shook her head. It was just too bizarre an idea.
    Well …
    Maybe she could go half-way?
    That was a copout, and she knew it. Going half-way on this was basically an insult to their passion. She could do it … It would be tough, it would probably hurt a lot, and it was basically a surefire way to alienate everybody she knew, but … Just thinking of what her body could be like turned her on already.
    She sighed.
    It was a strange idea, but she had made up her mind, hadn’t she?
    The thing was, she would need a trainer to do this. That kind of fantasy couldn’t become reality simply by going to a mom-workout-class. She would need someone who understood the passion of it all and was able to deal with the insanity that lurked below it.
    She grabbed her phone and started looking around. There were plenty of personal trainers, but she quickly narrowed them down.
    Wellness … nah.
    Self-affirmation … nah.
    Fitness … nah.
    Crossfit … cute, but nah.
    Bodybuilding … maybe …
    Oooh …
    Wow. Okay. Okay … Now that was an idea. A crazy idea, but one she could maybe try? She felt idiotic even daring this, but then again, the woman advertised herself, right?
    Michelle Choe, four time Western Open champion, the biggest woman in the world, the queen of symmetry, the goddess of posing …
    And apparently, she was offering her work as a trainer to select clients. Chelsea didn’t know for sure whether she could even be considered, but she had to try!
    Nervously, she composed a message, asking for an interview to maybe be considered and hesitated to send it. If she did that, if she got accepted, then she would have to commit, right? She couldn’t just ask the best bodybuilder in the world to train her, and then chicken out.
    That would be … unthinkable.
    Her finger hovered over the “send” button. She closed her eyes, and thought about the absurdly intense passion in Bill’s eyes. Just thinking of it made her feel incredibly hot. She was shivering with delight as she thought of him cumming until he no longer could, her maybe-muscular body having completely drained his balls. It was amazing.
    She hit the button.

    As she went about her business in the morning, with Bill still asleep, she suddenly received an answer.
    “That sounds interesting. Let’s have a quick video interview in half an hour. Michelle”
    Chelsea stared at the message. To herself, she whispered:
    “Oh my God … It’s happening. She answered!”
    Nervously, she went to fix her hair and put on some kind presentable outfit. Then she thought about it, realized that the bodybuilder would probably want to see, well, her body, and took it off again, then she was halfway into putting on a tracksuit when the call came. Panicking, she stumbled out into the front yard in her underwear and took it.
    On screen, a gorgeous young woman appeared, Asian, her eyes shining with a kind of intense intelligence that was quite intimidating. She smiled:
    “Hi! You’re Chelsea?”
    “That’s right, Ma’am.”
    “Call me Michelle. Ma’am makes me feel old.” She chuckled. Chelsea sighed. Oh God, this woman was so cute! How was this even possible! She could see the young woman’s shoulders and bust on the screen, and she couldn’t believe that this was real. Even on the tiny screen, she looked huge and powerful. Those muscles were gigantic, and she was incredibly ripped. She was a sight to behold. Chelsea felt almost afraid.
    “Alright, Michelle. Yeah. So … I wrote, asking whether you would train me.”
    “Sounds good. I must admit, I was a bit surprised, which was why I decided to get back to you. What are you up to? What are your plans?”
    “Uh …” Chelsea swallowed and blushed. This was super-awkward. Could she even tell her? Wouldn’t she laugh? Or maybe even be disgusted? Should she come up with some other explanation? That would make things worse. Also, she was quite certain that Michelle would not train her if she just wanted to be a bit trimmer. She took another deep breath. The wonderful woman on the other side seemed amused, but still curious. “Okay … Now please don’t judge me … but … Okay. So, my husband Bill, he’s been photoshopping my head on bodybuilders for a while now, and they’re huge and massive and strong and … sexy. And I found out and got into it and now, it turns me on two.”
    Michelle smirked as she heard this. Now that was unexpected! But she liked this. She could relate to the strangeness of it all.
    When Chelsea talked about their shared dream, she nodded. Then Michelle said:
    “Okay, Chelsea, I think I understand you perfectly. How about you show me one of the pictures?”
    The other woman sneaked back inside, only now realizing she had been standing in the cool morning breeze in her underwear, and headed for the computer. She called up one of the pictures and held the phone so Michelle could see it. The trainer breathed out sharply. Now this was a challenge! But one she was willing to take.
    “Chelsea, I think we can do this. If you stick with me, I will help you build a body that will blow yours and Bill’s minds. It will be incredible! Also, I will teach you a few tricks that will be quite useful …”
    Chelsea felt her heart beat like a drum.
    “Wow! Thank you, thank you! I never would have thought …”
    “Don’t worry. Come to my place next week, I’ll send you the coordinates. Oh, and tell Bill that you will be away for the better part of a year. This is going to be hard work, and I don’t want it to be interrupted, okay?”
    The other woman nodded. That sounded terrible, but if it really worked, than it would be worth it a thousand times over!
    She would have to find some way to tell Bill without spoiling the surprise …

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    If you like another variation on the subject, here’s a story I wrote that riffs on the fairy tale:


    in reply to: My stories on Smashwords #156466

    It’s time for a spinach-based story!

    The Bar

    An innocent little outing at a bar turns into a catastrophic catfight when Debbie, the local queen bee, feels the need to seduce Philip. His girl, Sandra, won’t have any of it. Spinach-powered chaos ensues! This erotic fiction contains spinach-fueled female muscle growth (FMG), breast expansion, clothes ripping, height growth and fighting. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Get it here!

    And here’s a preview:

    “Okay, Sandra, this might just be stretching it …”
    “What do you mean, Philip? The place is a little rough, but I’m sure we can have a good time here.”
    The young man was a bit nervous. He was a preppy looking young man, with short chestnut hair and a polo shirt, looking straight out of college and maybe a little inexperienced. Sandra, his girlfriend, was channeling a kind of Marylin Monroe-vibe in her white dress with its three well-placed buttons, though she was way skinnier than the famous bombshell. She was rather slender, with long, slim limbs and her blond hair was tied into a pony tail. Overall, she had this aura of innocence that fit well to her boyfriend’s style, even though Philip had found out that she could sometimes let shine through some more … adventurous tendencies. He didn’t mind, though. The spice was welcome and it certainly made things more interesting.
    This time, though, he was a little hesitant. This place looked really … dive-y?
    “Are you sure about this place?”
    “Yeah! You’ll see, it will be fun. Besides, I can show you my pool tricks.”
    “Wait, you know pool tricks?”
    “Okay, I know one pool trick. But I’ll show you. Come on, it will be fun.”
    “Whatever you say, Sandra.”

    They walked inside. The music was this strange Country/Western/Classic Rock mixture. Not bad, just … old-fashioned. The patrons looked at them, rather surprised by this entrance. Most of them were heavy-set dudes who worked hard jobs and just wanted to drink their beers quietly. In the back, a few of them were indeed playing pool, and there was a dart board too. The décor included plenty of pennants of the local sports teams and a few autographed posters and jerseys. Some vintage posters added to the overall impression of being lived in.
    The regulars took some time trying to decide whether those newcomers actually were in any way annoying, but as the young couple got on bar stools and ordered a glass of beer each, they decided that this was going to be okay. However, one woman kept staring at them intensely. She was quite tall and very fit, with a rather impressive biceps for a woman and some obviously strong thighs that hiked up her Daisy Dukes. Adding to this, she also sported a set of shockingly perky, round breasts that were mashed together under a short-sleeved plaid shirt. Her auburn hair was cascading down her back in long, thick tresses and she licked her full, soft lips.
    The beardy dude next to Philip whispered:
    “Ooh boy, you’re in trouble.”
    “I am? What’s going on?”
    “That there is Debbie Anderson. She’s … kind of a man-eater.”
    “Oh. Wow.”
    “Yeah, we call her DD-Debbie.”
    “I can see why.”
    “Just wanted to warn you. You’re about to get into trouble.”
    A snap of a finger drew Philip’s attention around and he stared right into Debbie’s cleavage. Those tits were all proud, full and milky, and they did make his heart jump a bit.
    “Hey, handsome … How nice to have you here!”
    She set an arm on his shoulder and slowly moved it downwards. A shiver of delight went down the young man’s back, somehow instantly making his cock stir. Oh lord, this woman was so intense, and she had barely said a word …
    “Uh. Hello.”
    She leaned in a bit closer, giving him an even better view of her cleavage, while also bringing those deep red lips into view. She licked them and said:
    “My name’s Debbie. And you are?”
    “Philip, ma’am.”
    “Ma’am? Wow … You’re so cute! A real gentleman. We get those rarely around here. I’m just glad you are here …”
    Sandra was staring at her. She was completely overwhelmed by what was happening in front of her. It took her a moment to recover her cool. What was going on? How could any person not see they were together? And why was Philip turning into a salivating idiot without warning? She lowered her eyes and saw the growing tent of his pants.
    This was not acceptable.
    “Hey, Debbie, how about you leave my man alone? We’re trying to enjoy our beers and I don’t need a homewrecker to ruin my day.”
    Her tone was a bit on the angry side, but she tried to still keep it civil. If this woman just backed off, everything would be fine. Sandra was clutching her handbag, and the blood was pumping hard in her chest. This was quickly turning into a very bad situation.
    Debbie didn’t seem to be impressed. Indeed, she completely ignored the girl.
    “Say, Philip, would you like to help me? I’ve been feeling a bit sore lately, and I heard that gentlemen can be a real help there …”
    Stupidly, the young man tried to stay all businesslike. He knew he should probably have just turned away and stayed with Sandra, but the woman’s straightforwardness and her sexy looks made it very hard for him to even think that far. Instead, he mumbled:
    “I could … Where are you sore?”
    “Oh, here …” She turned around, trusting her round, taut ass in his direction, then leaned against him, pointing to her shoulders. “I could really stand a massage …”
    She slipped one hand back, brushing against Philip’s thigh and …
    Sandra had enough of this.
    She caught the woman’s hand and held it.
    “Stop this.”
    “Shouldn’t this be Philip’s choice? You know people can decide who they want to be with?”
    Sandra forced Debbie’s hand a little further away, and the redhead laughed:
    “Wow! This is so cute! You’re almost strong, you know?” She grinned and declared: “Okay, little lady, I can see that you are upset, and that you don’t mind to touch, so how about we settle this now.”
    Debbie sat on Philip’s lap, wiggling her butt to really make the young man all hard, then she grabbed Sandra’s hand and brought it in an arm-wrestling position.
    “Here it is: We’re gonna do this the way problems are cleared around here. Best of three!”
    “Wha …”
    Before Sandra could say a thing, Debbie pushed and slammed her hand against the counter. The bang was loud enough to stir the other patrons. Sandra felt the urge to cry in pain, but held it back as good as she could. The only thing she produced was a small yelp.
    She stared at Debbie in shock, but the buxom woman didn’t even care much and caressed Philip’s stunned face.
    “That’s one-nothing, skinny girl.”
    Sandra glared at her, extricated her fingers from Debbie’s grip and glared at her as she stood up. Then she ran to the bathroom in tears.
    Philip wanted to say something, but the redhead on his lap just kissed his cheek and rubbed her big breast against his chest. He was completely enthralled.

    Sandra slammed the door behind her and locked it. She was hyperventilating, her chest swelling with every breath. Her mind was spinning as revenge fantasies roared through her mind. Should she really do it? She hadn’t used it for so many years! What if it had turned bad? What if she lost control? How would she explain this?
    She leaned against the door, then took her purse. Screw this. She was not going to tolerate this. Never.
    She pulled out a can from the purse and carefully tugged on the pull tab. The last thing she needed was to tear it off now.
    Then she reached inside with pointy fingers, taking a pinch of spinach leaves. It still looked okay as far as she could tell. The smell was fine too. Bah. It would work.
    Down the hatch!
    She munched on it, then swallowed.
    Sandra took a deep breath and felt the power wash over her. In a moment, the pain in her hand and arm was gone. She stared at the bathroom mirror, and already saw her muscles tighten and grow. Wow. It was as amazing as the last time, all those years ago.
    All over, her muscles grew harder and bigger. Her legs swelled. Her quads visibly grew, their individual heads becoming easily visible under her skin. She could feel more and more power pump into them, lifting her up and making her feel light as a feather. Her calves followed suit, reshaping her legs into an athlete’s, while still retaining their elegance. At the same time, her hamstrings grew, filling out her legs fully.
    Her glutes lifted the skirt up a bit, still keeping her decent, but definitely having something to show now. She turned around, admiring her behind in the small bathroom mirror. Each butt-cheek was visible through the fabric, and as she watched, the “cleavage” became only more visible. She wasn’t just getting stronger, she definitely felt sexier too. It wasn’t as if she didn’t trust Philip, but even if he fell under that floozy’s spell, she was pretty certain she could win him back easily with just a wiggle of those wonderful cheeks. Just to feel it, she gave them a flex, hiking her skirt up even further.
    She looked more and more like a professional sprinter, or really like a speed skater, but without any asymmetry or pointless bulk. Then again, her upper body was still as slim as before. That was about to change, though.
    She could feel her abs emerge and turn into hard blocks of muscle under her dress. The fabric was getting a bit tight now as her midsection morphed into a cobblestone matrix. She sighed happily as her newly buff core built up, her waist staying as slim as before, but now so hard that it would give any martial artist second thoughts. She smiled happily. She loved this part! With every breath, her strength grew and her control of her rippling abs improved. She flexed and unflexed them making the dress creak as she put some strain on it.
    The transformation spread further, reaching her upper body.
    Her dress grew tighter as her muscles swelled, her chest growing visibly, the pecs filling out her cleavage. It was an astonishing sensation. Of course, it was feeling cozy around her chest like that, since the dress was, while not super-tight, still cut for a woman with a normal figure, not some kind of uber-sexy amazon! She didn’t mind the constriction, though. Just watching her pecs grow and feather was wonderful! Sandra pulled her shoulders back a bit to let her pecs tense and flex. The transformation was turning her on!
    Meanwhile her breasts pumped up to become round and full. Sandra could feel the engorged nipples rub against the fabric of her bra, and now, she realized that she probably should have prepared for this growth!
    She wanted to open the button, but she was too slow and it popped off with a little snap, bouncing around and landing in the sink. She giggled. She would have to sew it back on once this was finished. The spinach amazon extended a hand to fish it out of the sink, but noticed just how amazing her arms were developing at the same time.
    Her shoulders had rounded out already, transforming into hard, powerful spheres of tight muscle. She could sense the energy they contained. She was happy to see that her silhouette was as feminine as ever, only now, she was much more a Norse Valkyrie or a Greek heroine than some kind of bodybuilder. She stretched, the dress groaning some more, and admired her arms.
    With a happy grin, she saw her biceps build up into a hill of muscle. She did her best to relax them so as not to overstrain the fabric of her sleeves. She did hear the seams creak, though. The ball of muscle felt incredibly tight, as if it packed the energy of her anger. She nodded to herself. This homewrecker would end up regretting her challenge!
    At last, the growth subsided. She admired herself in the mirror. She had turned into a veritable little powerhouse, and she felt wonderfully strong!
    “This is even more potent than I remember! I love it!”

    With another happy flex, she folded the can’s lid back down, closing it up again. Then she tossed it to her bag. She didn’t notice that she missed it, the can rolling away into the dark of the bathroom. Regardless, Sandra returned to the main room after fixing her makeup.
    As she emerged from the bathroom, the regulars stared at her. The barwoman’s jaw slackened, while Philip gasped, overwhelmed by his girlfriend’s beauty and intensity.
    “Wow …”
    People drooled into their beers as she walked back to the bar, her muscle-packed hips swinging, her deep cleavage on full display. Normally, Sandra preferred not to draw too much attention to herself, but now, it was on! She was going to make that bitch pay.
    Debbie struggled to understand what she was seeing. She was trying to figure out how this was even possible. How could someone grow this big and muscular in a matter of moments?
    What was worse, though, was that this mighty woman was obviously pissed at her. A dumbfounded Debbie lifted her arm as Sandra made the sign for her to get ready, and set it on the bar. Without a moment’s hesitation, Sandra grabbed the bitch’s arm and fixed her. The redhead instinctively held against her, but the challenger’s hand wouldn’t budge, not an inch. She strained, her face turning a deep red, even more than her hair. She gritted her teeth.
    “Fff …”
    Sandra didn’t seem to be in the slightest inconvenienced by this. Indeed, her biceps was only slowly tensing more, straining the fabric of her sleeve just a little more. Debbie’s face was a mask of panic.
    “What is going on?”
    The muscular young woman chuckled and started playing with her a bit, relaxing her muscles just a little to fool Debbie into having some sort of chance, but then immediately flexing up again, righting their arms once more.
    As she did this, however, her muscle burst through her sleeve with a crack. Debbie stared at the fist-sized mass that emerged.
    “How are you doing this?”
    There was a hint of panic in the redhead’s voice now. Sandra’s grin turned quite wicked, and she released her full power. She slammed Debbie’s arm on the zinc bar with a bang. The bottles and glasses jumped and clinked. Some of the patrons turned to them, shocked by what had just happened.
    Debbie stared at her pinned hand, questioning her sanity. She even tried to push it back in position, but she might just as well have tried to lift a car like that. Her hand twitched and she struggled, but there was no way she could even move it.
    Sandra chuckled:
    “I guess we’re even now.”
    “Uh … uh … What the hell just happened?”
    “You lost, bitch.”
    With a further tense of her muscles, she whipped the whole Debbie out of Philip’s lap, sending her flying and landing her on her butt. She slid along for a bit, the power of the swing carrying her along.
    Sandra laughed, standing above her tormentress, all proud and happy of her victory. She raised her other arm and flexed it too into a mighty double biceps pose. The tension was enough to overwhelm the fabric of her other sleeve, and it came apart with a loud crack, her other biceps emerging, hard and strong.
    The gasps of her audience made it very clear that she had made her point.
    She inhaled deeply now and caused her breasts to swell. It wasn’t just the usual spreading of her chest, though. To the watchers’ delight, her tits actually seemed to get bigger. One more deep breath, and the second button of her dress gave way, shooting off her bust and hitting Debbie right on the forehead.
    Her yelp was ignored since Sandra’s bra came apart at the same time, collapsing under her dress. Sandra didn’t mind. Instead, she pulled it out and tossed it at Debbie. The garment landed on the redhead’s face. Sandra laughed some more. The shadows of her nipples were somewhat visible under the white dress’ fabric, but for now, she really didn’t care.
    She turned back to Philip, kissing him squarely on the mouth.

    Debbie stared at this, the bra dropping into her lap. She was shocked. What just happened? How was this even possible? How could anybody change like this in a matter of moments?
    She expected the other regulars to say something or come to her aid, but they all ignored her. She felt a wave of frustration wash over her and slunk off into the bathroom. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing her at her weakest.
    Locking the door behind her, she splashed some cool water at her face, trying to clear her mind. She pinched herself. This wasn’t a dream, right? This was somehow happening for real.
    It didn’t make sense, but …
    If it was real, there had to be some kind of rational explanation, right? People didn’t just sprout random muscles like that. No. And even if they did, they absolutely couldn’t just make their breasts grow like this.
    Something must have happened in here in the few moments that girl had been in there.
    She looked around. Maybe there was some kind of a trace of it. Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of one of the buttons from Sandra’s dress.
    She got on all fours carefully and looked around on the floor of the room. It was clean, that was one of the advantages of a bar most of whose regulars were men.
    Then she spotted the can of spinach.
    “What have we here …”

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    For all the fans of power draining and muscle and height theft, this is the perfect story!

    Ill-Gotten Gains
    Simon has been working hard to build his body, and he has put a lot of effort into his relationship with Ariane. Sadly, she is less enthusiastic about it and mostly ignores him. Until she realizes she can take his hard-earned muscles … This erotic fiction contains power draining, height theft, height growth, female muscle growth and breast expansion. All characters are at least 18 years old.

    Get it here!

    And here’s a preview:

    Simon climbed the stairs slowly, his legs feeling a little wobbly. He had recently replaced his previous cycling cardio with rope-skipping, and after a few initial problems, he had become accustomed to it. It was somewhat enjoyable, and he definitely felt like a fighter as the rope whizzed by. Overall, he could be proud! He was a hard gainer, but that didn’t let it stop him. Instead, he stuck to it, getting up early every morning to pump iron, then get to work, and do the cardio in the afternoon. With the nutrition, supplements and massages, he was putting in a lot of effort and money, but after three years, he could say he had earned it all.
    He had to stop. His legs were shaking. He grinned. Totally worth it!
    Seriously, earning it was his gig. He had built up his own body just as he had honed his skills, and he was getting good money as a systems administrator for one of the more intelligent social media companies. Overall, things were looking up. He couldn’t help noticing that the ladies at the company let their looks linger on him lately. That seriously boosted his confidence. He slowly started to accept that he might actually be good-looking.
    All in all, Simon could be happy. He had it all: Good job, fit body, his own apartment, and a cute girlfriend. If only Ariane were a bit more, well, focused. She had her moments, but she seriously lacked his dedication. Then again, she liked him, she was around, and she was a good fuck. What else could he ask for?
    He reached the top of the stairs after the break and checked his looks once more. He really wanted to make sure she liked what she saw. Hair was looking good, clothes were nice, he got that!
    Simon opened the door and he heard Ariane ask:
    “Are you here?”
    He immediately answered:
    “I’m here, yes! How was your day?”
    “Yeah, fuck that shit!”
    He walked into the living room and found Ariane at her usual place at the computer, sitting on his gaming chair. In a way, it had become her chair lately, since she used it pretty much all the time. She had recently taken up streaming, and the success was moderate. Not that she was bad at the game she was playing, no, that was mostly fine, at least as far as Simon could tell.
    It was more a problem with her constantly getting into fights with internet people. He suspected that they liked to bait her too. In a way, that was her claim to fame: She had had a rather loud and intense meltdown that had trended for a few precious moments as people amused themselves over her expletives-laden rant. Since then, she had tried to reproduce that effect, but the novelty had worn off as quickly as it had come.
    Most of all, though it meant that she just hadn’t heard him.
    He looked at her, focusing on her so she would notice him. She was cute, so much was true. At 5’2”, she was, as she put it, fun-sized, and she had a slim body, which she managed to maintain without any effort. She could literally devour a portion fit for a big dude like him, and it just disappeared. It was even stranger since she didn’t exercise or even move all that much.
    Some people had the strangest luck.
    She had recently cut off her long, rather stringy hair and paid a professional stylist a lot of Simon’s money to get a high-maintenance pixie cut, but he had to admit, it was a very good look on her. Seriously, Ariane might be superficial and lacking focus, but for an authentic nerdy gamer girl, she was amazing!
    Finally, she noticed him and smiled:
    “Simon, you’re back! I’m right in the middle of this …”
    “Yeah, no problem.”
    That wasn’t entirely true. He really would have liked to have her full attention.
    And then, he got it.

    “Guys, this is my dude Simon. Say hello, Simon.”
    “Hello. How are you doing?”
    She turned to him:
    “Seriously? ‘How are you doing?’ What do you think this is? Old people TV?”
    “Uh …”
    “Whatever. Simon here is my cute boy, and he’s really tired, you know?”
    Simon wasn’t all that happy with being online right now. He whispered:
    “Could we just take a break? I’m really tired and I would love to relax a bit …”
    She looked at the camera and answered a question:
    “Yeah, he’s been training for three years now, haven’t you?” Simon nodded. “I think he’s still pretty scrawny. Also, he’s a bit on the short size. But 5’7” is okay, I guess. When you’re a cute little girl like me, there’s no sense in having such a big, hunky dude, right? Though I gotta admit that it would be nice to have a dude to really look up to … Maybe with some real muscles?”
    That stung. Simon frowned at her. He tried to hold back, but then, it slipped out:
    “Maybe you should try working out, once in a while. Then you’ll see how much work this is!”
    She was still wearing her headphones, and she spat:
    “Yeah, how about you getting off your sorry ass and start working out yourself, fatso!”
    Simon shook his head. This was pointless. He was too tired, and having a three-way conversation with one party not even being audible, he put up one hand:
    “Okay, I’m heading for the couch. Join me there, will you?”
    She made “yeah, yeah” noises and returned to her game.

    A little later, as he was relaxing on the sofa, she came to him:
    “What was that?”
    Ariane seemed quite annoyed.
    “What was what?”
    Somehow, Simon was more tired now than before.
    “You criticizing me live while I’m streaming?”
    “I wasn’t criticizing you. I just said that it would be nice to do this.”
    “Seriously? Are you saying I’m out of shape? Are you saying I’m ugly?”
    “No, no, darling. I … I just thought you could enjoy it with me? I mean, it takes a moment to get used to, but once it becomes routine, it’s …”
    She cut him off.
    “And get all sweaty and sticky? Bleargh.”
    Simon lifted an eyebrow:
    “May I remind you of the sweaty stuff you enjoyed?”
    “Okay, okay, but that’s different! When we fuck, that’s fun! Working out … that’s just boring! You always do the same thing, and then you feel sore! Where’s the point in that?”
    He shrugged his buff shoulders:
    “I look better, I feel better, it’s nice? Seriously, you remember what I looked like before. Isn’t it better now?”
    She sighed:
    “Yeah … Okay, I get what you’re saying … Still, that’s pretty boring and sweaty and it takes forever! I don’t have the discipline for that! Either I get it quick, or I don’t need it!”
    He grinned:
    “Sorry, Ariane, but there really is no short cut …”
    She got herself a soft drink and asked:
    “Want one too?”
    He nodded and she plopped herself down on the sofa next to him, handing him the can. He opened it and took a sip.
    She put a hand on his thigh. It was pretty buff. Then she rested her head on his lap and looked up.
    “Your face looks funny like that.”
    “You look funny like that.”
    “Whatever, Simon.” She took another sip. “You sure got big tits.”
    “Those are pecs, Ariane.”
    “Look like tits to me.”
    “Oh, come on!”
    She giggled.
    “Seriously, your chest is bigger than mine! If I had one like that, I wouldn’t have any problem getting the views on my stream.”
    He sighed. Okay, the idea of her having a bigger chest, with bigger breasts … That had a certain appeal.
    “I would like that …”
    She grinned and ran her hand over his chest.
    “I can see why …”
    She felt his cock poking against the back of her head. As she looked at him, she suddenly felt a weird tension in her chest. Not in the middle, but at the sides? It was very confusing. What was happening? The sensation faded after a moment. It had been quite pleasurable, though.
    She wondered what it was.
    Ariane chuckled:
    “I mean, seriously … I recently saw a dude do that pec thing …”
    “Pec thing?”
    “When you bounce them? Can you do that?”
    He blushed. He had to admit that he had learned how to do it a while ago. It had been a personal challenge to him, and he had practiced in front of the mirror. He didn’t want to show off, but …
    Simon flexed one pec, then the other. Then back to the first. Then both. It was fun, but also embarrassing. Also, he wasn’t sure, but he felt as if it had become a bit more difficult. Maybe that was just because he was tired …
    She grinned:
    “Okay, that’s cool! I … wait, let me try …” Ariane focused, and then, her left boob jumped. She raised an eyebrow. “Where did that come from?”
    Simon looked pleased:
    “I don’t know, but I liked it! Do it again!”
    She chuckled:
    “Okay … Wait … Let me find the spot, and …”
    It jumped again. Then she did the right one. Then the left one again. Then both. She sat up.
    “Whoo! Left … right … left … right … both and … wave!”
    Her breasts jiggled. She looked at him. The young man was clearly amazed. His eyes were shining with lust and his cock was getting quite hard in his pants. She licked her lips.
    “This is fun! Do it in time with me!”
    He blushed a bit, but then he sat up straight next to her and wanted to start, but she cut him off:
    “Let me count in. Ready … On count of three. One, two, three!”
    He did a right flex and she did a left one.
    “What are you doing?”
    “I’m not doing anything!”
    “No, you started with the wrong side!”
    She poked his right pec.
    “Sorry …”
    He was all sheepish.
    “Now do it right!”
    She got back in position and said:
    “One, two, three!”
    She flexed her left pec, and it felt perfectly natural and relaxed. She glanced over to him and noticed that Simon’s pec wasn’t moving as smoothly as before. She lifted an eyebrow:
    “What was that? That was pathetic!”
    “Hey! Stop it.”
    “Yeah, yeah, but … where’s the bounce?”
    “It’s right there!” Simon tried to flex his pec, but it responded much slower and less intensely than before. He groaned, refocused and tried again. It took him a bit of effort, but then it worked. He was a little confused. Had he overdone it at the gym? But today had been leg day …
    He looked at Ariane, and she was merrily bouncing along as if she had never done anything else in her life. Was it just him, or was she getting the hang of it? Her breasts were jumping up and down now, and she appeared to be having perfect control over them. She noticed his curiosity and grinned:
    “This is how it’s supposed to look.”
    “Wow … You’re a quick learner …”
    “I am!” She did another set of bounces, the she got up. “It definitely is a good workout!”
    Ariane ran her fingers over the top of her pecs and grinned.
    “Is it just me, or did they just get bigger?”
    “I … I don’t know? How would that work?”
    “I don’t know, but I like it!”
    She traced them and said:
    “I think you can really see the top of the muscles now …”
    “Come on, Ariane, that’s impossible!”
    She grinned cheekily:
    “Maybe I’m an easy gainer?” She gave her breasts another bounce, then did a wavy motion, letting her newly developed pecs move under her skin. “That’s amazing! I love it! My watchers are going to adore this …” She looked down on him. “Got any other tricks I could learn?”
    “Learn? I mean … I don’t even know where you got that from …”
    “From you, I guess? Must be a thing, right?”
    Simon hesitated. Out of a weird idea, he flexed his own pectorals again. They felt … off? As if the tension in them was gone. What did it mean?
    He looked at Ariane, who was clearly eager for more. She called on him:
    “Come on, show me another trick!”
    He scratched his head. Her newfound enthusiasm was a bit intimidating.
    “Maybe … you could try the ab roll? People like to do that, and it feels funny?”
    “I’m all for it. If you can do it, it won’t be difficult!”
    “Simon, I don’t want to be insulting, but you practiced that pec bounce stuff for weeks, and I figured it out in five minutes, tops? I guess that makes me a natural. Show me the ab roll!”

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    Butch x Bimbo – Issue 7
    I finally managed to set this up. Here’s part seven of our project.
    If you feel like supporting us, why not download it and enjoy the story in one big chunk?

    Get it here:

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