The Rewards of Virtue

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    Tommy’s father entered his room before he could finish a breath.

    "What’s going on?" the man demanded.


    "Okay Tommy… Just calm down and we can get you the help you need…"

    "No! I’m losing my athletic scholarship because they think I’m taking steroids."

    "Why do they believe that?"

    "The e-mail alludes to my bone breakage, my increase of muscle mass, my fever, my heart attack and mood swings! Have I ever had mood swings before."

    "You don’t look like the picture of stability now," his father chided.

    "Can you blame me? I lost my best friend. I got into a fight. I got kicked off the team, and I’m not even allowed in the weight room anymore because of some false charges about steroids!" Tommy was beginning to cry.

    "Son, why don’t you just tell them about your operation. That ought to stop the misunderstanding."

    "I wish I could, Dad, but if I violate the Nondisclosure thing, the doctor might refuse to return Maria’s muscles. Man, life sure has me by the balls right now…"

    Tommy sat in his chair and sighed.

    "Hey, Tommy, are you in a coma too?"

    "Of course not."

    "Then stand up and keep going!" Father stared into son’s eyes.


    "You heard me! It isn’t your nature to lie around like this."


    "Ugh! Remember last season when everyone that the team was going to lose, but then you scored two touchdowns and won by a single point?"

    "I remember that." Tommy smiled slightly.

    "And when you called that college a dozen times before they would interview you!"


    "Or last Christmas on the way home from grandma’s. Icy highway, trucks sliding all over the place, but you were cool headed enough to avoid a scratch."

    "Yeah! I’ll never forget that." Tommy was actually laughing now.

    "Well, this isn’t any different. You can find new friends, the football team won’t hate you forever, and you will get into college!"

    "How, Dad?"

    "I’m not sure yet, but you’re our son and if you’re determined to get into college, we’ll help you get there."

    "Thanks Dad."

    Tommy felt a sturdy hand clap his shoulder. "We’re proud of you son. Now clean up this mess you made and get some sleep."

    "Good night, Dad."

    "Night, Son."

    A full fledged smile crossed Tommy’s face. He straightened up his desk, crawled into bed, and turned out the light.

    The next two weeks were comparatively idyllic. Tommy found heavy things to lift elsewhere. Eventually able to lift sedans, he soon realized that his muscle fibers seemed to be dividing, a process that should not occur in humans.

    "I’d better let the doctor know about this sometime." He thought.

    Another week went by. Frank apologized for accusing Tommy of steroid abuse.

    "I don’t know how you got those guns, Tom, but I know you wouldn’t do that junk, man. You hate that stuff," He said.

    Tommy cracked a half smile. "What brought this reversal?"

    "Well, I saw you in the shower in P.E. class yesterday. If you were really a juicer, you should have been shrivelled up by now, but you’re as hung as ever."

    Tommy furrowed his brow, consternated. "Is that so… At any rate, I forgive you. What about the rest of the team?"

    "I tried to convince them, but I don’t know. I’d stay away from the football field if I were you. Hey man, wanna pick up some chicks?"

    "No thanks, you know I’m too busy foir a relationship right now."

    "What you talking about, ‘Relationship’? You’re a geek? You know that?"

    Tommy laughed and gave his friend a shove. "A geek who could plant you face first in the ground." This badinage contingued until the phone at Tommy’s belt vibrated. He picked it up. "Hello? …. Maria!? Yes… I see…. I’ll be right over." "Frank, dude, I gotta go. My sister is awake!" Tommy lept into his car and proceeded to the hospital.

    He found his sister in a room in the middle of a diagnostic interview. A nurse was seated beside the spindly woman. "Tell me the longest word you know."

    Maria pondered and stammered, "gammahydroxybutyrate."

    "Okay," said the nurse. "Do you know what that word means?"

    She nodded, "It is a substance that leads to fat reduction and anabolic my-myography potential. It decomposes into GABA, water and carbon dioxide in the body. It has a relaxant effect, and the FDA outlawed it in the nineties because it was a safe and cost efficient alt-t-ternative to pharmaceuticals. This statement is supported by the fact that the substance is harmless when taken with correct dosages without interfering drugs such as alchohol, but it is potentially psychologically addictive…"

    "Very good. Do you know who he is?" The nurse pointed at Tommy.

    "Tommy!" Maria staggered over to her brother and weakly gave him a hug. "You’re so big? What happened to you? What happened to me? Why am I so weak?"

    Tommy took a breath, but the doctor interceded. "He borrowed your muscles."

    "That’s stupid!" Maria laughed. "No one can do that…"

    "Now they can! And I can show you." At that point, the doctor’s pager rang. He turned to the nurse and ordered. "Hook them up to the myotranspositor. Make sure the donor and recipient are in the same seats as last time, and run Protocol Z on the computer.

    Maria seemed sollicitous as they hooked her up to the alien machine. Tommy tried to reassure her. " Don’t worry. You’re going to be stonger than ever when they’re done with you. I would never expose you to something that I thought was dangerous."

    "Thanks Tommy."

    With that, they were strapped into the machine and the transfer began. Tommy felt contradictory emotions as he sensed the muscle being drained from his body. He sighed and smiled as he saw the muscle gradually billowing from Maria in the corner of his eye.

    Suddenly an alarm sounded, agony coursed through his body. The last thing that Tommy heard before blacking out were Maria’s screams. He strained to see her rapidly metamorphosing form, but he could only feebly relax his head, and submit to the encroaching tide of shadows.


    Outstanding chapter Axel3.14. Thanks a lot for it.

    Now, I can’t wait to see how Tommy and Maria end up.



    Arrrghh! Cliffhanger!!! I’m very curious to see what is going to happen. Great going.

    Bart Gunn

    Considering Tommy’s done nothing wrong, I just hope he doesn’t wind up screwed.


    I’m really imaptient to see the rest (or should I write to read) of this story… The darkness is falling on our brave hero, trying to preserve his sisters’s muscles… BTW: cool story


    The two siblings were in connected hospital rooms. Both remained in a deep slumber, exhausted by the faulty procedure. Two people studied them through a one way mirror.

    "What happened! He never should have lost that much!" The doctor examined the two sleeping forms with clenched teeth.

    "Well…" The orderly sweated. "You said to place the donor and the recipient in their original places. Originally, he was in terminal A and she was in terminal B…" The subordinate wrought his hands."

    "Idiot! The recipient always goes in terminal A. The safeguards that should have protected the donor were applied to the recipient, and now this happened."

    "Am I fired, Sir?"

    The doctor shook his head. "No, you aren’t. They can’t sue because he signed that waver, but we won’t be able to patent the procedure before a successful trial."

    "Look, Doctor, she’s waking up."

    Maria stood up and stretched. Then she noticed her physical prowess. She squeezed the solid bulges of her arm, which measured at least thirty inches around. "Whoa…" She muttered. Then the massive woman turned to the mirror. She took a step back, and charged the speculum, shattering it and falling into the observation area. The hospital staff’s jaws dropped. Maria stood up and started screaming at the men.


    The doctor realized the girl’s agitation and spoke. "We are not aliens. Come, We’ll help you." A nurse led Maria by the arm for debriefing.

    Ten hours later, the nurse explained it one last time, patience untrammeled. "You have big muscles because Tommy donated yours to you."

    "But why am I so big?" She reiterated.

    "When your muscles were inside of your brother’s body, they were given what we thought was an inert genetic tracer, but it seems that the muscles with the tracer had the power to undergo mitosis, allowing him to give back more muscle fibers than were originally transplanted from you."

    Maria began to stutter extensively as her eyes narrowed, "Hh-h-hhow much dydidd you take from him?"

    The nurse was hesitant in her response. "Welll…. you see, a discrepancy caused…"

    The creaking sound of a wheelchair interrupted the reply. Maria looked at the ingressor and gasped. "Tommy!"

    "Hi, sis. You look great!" He forced his lips to smile as his head bobbed erratically, like a Parkinson’s patient.

    Maria walked over, bent down and hugged her maratic brother. A popping sound and a cry of pain caused her to pull back.

    "Sorry to scare you like that, Maria. I’m just more fragile than I used to be."

    Maria looked at her brother and started to cry. Tommy positioned himself with his tenuous arms and awkwardly hugged her waist.

    "Come on, let’s go home." Tommy took her sister’s hand and attempted moving forward, but Maria stopped him, cradling the wizend hull of her brother in one arm and pushing the unoccupied wheelchair with the other.


    Poor Tommy… But then again, we all saw that comming. 😉

    I wonder where you’re going with this story. If it was a wife/husband thing, I would pretty much have an idea about their new relationship. But being brother and sister kinds of limits the perspectives (at least for most people).

    Looking forward to reading more.


    I wonder where you’re going with this story. If it was a wife/husband thing, I would pretty much have an idea about their new relationship. But being brother and sister kinds of limits the perspectives (at least for most people).

    Looking forward to reading more.

    That’s an interesting point. Most FMG stories about loving relationships are erotic in nature.

    Additionally, in FMG stories, almost all brother characters are rarely explored except as punching bags, weakness-riddled foils to enhance their sisters’ awesomeness, or sometimes ,as in Matt and Emma, sources of muscle.

    This story deviates from both of those trends.


    Additionally, in FMG stories, almost all brother characters are rarely explored except as punching bags, weakness-riddled foils to enhance their sisters’ awesomeness, or sometimes ,as in Matt and Emma, sources of muscle.

    That reminds me ‘Wish Book’. It is/was (depending if it’s continued or not) a great story about a brother and sister.

    Thanks a lot for this chapter and I will be waiting to know the path this story will take.



    The rest of the day slid morosely by as Maria placed Tommy into his chair.  He wheeled himself with some effort to a corner, where he leafed through a book with vivid illustrations of various minerals.  Devoid of appetite, he skipped dinner and slept shallowly in his wheelchair, unaccustomed to upright repose.

         Tommy realized that life in his emaciated condition would be different, but he had not had an appreciation for the scope of how much his life would change.  His back was becoming increasingly uncomfortable; it was unbefitting for an athlete to remain seated for so long.  The morning brought the realization that he was in need of new strategies.  Not dextrous enough to transfer himself from the wheelchair to the toilet, he ended up with his face in the grime festooned bowl.  With a shudder, he used the toilet and tried to fling himself into the shower.  Unable to manipulate the dial reliably, he managed to scald, freeze, and nearly drown himself within a period of ten minutes.  After surviving the bathtub, Tommy found his body too exhausted to move, leaving his parents to find a twitching, sprained mass of their son some hours later with his head under an endlessly dripping faucet. 

         After a hand blocked the onslaught of hammering crystalline particles, Tommy felt a pair of hands lifting his trembling form.  He was wrapped in clothes that were at least three sizes too large for him.  Slumping in his chair, he realized his parents were chasitizing him. 

        "…very dangerous.  You should have asked for help.  What made you think you can do that by yourself."

        Tommy's face contorted, "Perhaps the fact that hundreds of people live with wheelchairs every day without being coddled by their parents like babies."

        His mother stormed out indignantly.  His father shook his head and sighed.  "Tommy, we know that you're still an adult, but that was very foolish."

    Tommy was about to respond, but he was interrupted, "I'll put into terms I know you can understand.  Your current plays are no longer working; you need some new ones."

       "I know that!"

       His fother continued undaunted, "But you can't start doing new plays spontaneously!  You have to practice them, with your team."

        Tommy's ears perked. "Speaking of practice, don't I get some sort of rehabilitation training?"

        "That's right.  The first session is scheduled in two days."

        "Okay… how am I going to go to school?"

        " I thought you'd want to stay home today.  Maria can drive you."

        At school, Maria, left Tommy at the door.  "Where are you going?"  he squeaked suddenly.

        "I'm not a student.  I'll pick you up."

        Tommy looked down.  Maria bent down, hugged him, and whispered, "Don't worry, you'll be all right."  She then went to her car.

        The rise of confidence inspired by that remark evaporated as Tommy entered the crowded halls of his school.

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