The Rewards of Virtue

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    Zespara Alathar

    You have to love any story that has defenestration in it.  😀



    keep up the good and virtous work!


    Niiice. ^_^


    A nondescript number of days passed.  Tommy turned off the television, limped over to his DVD player, and put the disc inside a box with a picture of Maria surrounded by generic extraterrestrial antagonists on it.  He stood and hobbled to the kitchen where he stared at a neatly arranged stack of suitcases.  A grandisonant crash and the doorbell disrupted his reverie.  When he finally opened the door, his jaw dropped as a sensation that felt like being hit by a towering wave of water hit him.

        "Maria!" Tommy gasped, managing to pat his enormous sister.  She let go of him and walked into the living room.

         "Aren't you going to get me a drink?"  She sneered.

        "Yeah yeah…"  he muttered as he poured a glass of skim milk and placed two and a half cups of whey powder and a tablespoon of peanut butter in it.

         She took the mixture and imbibed it fondly.  "How are you?"  She asked, removing her hat, scarf, sunglasses, and trenchcoat.

        "Sister, it's eighty degrees outside.  Aren't you a little overdressed?" 

        "I don't want to be recognized here." 

        Tommy rolled his eyes and studdied the megalithic woman sitting in his father's recliner.  "Whatever you say… you're even larger than I remember!"

        Maria smiled.  "I have a nutritionist in Hollywood.   Apparently a vitamin deficiency was stunting my growth…  Are you ready to go off to college tomorrow?"   

        Tommy grinned spastically, "Hell Yes!  I got into a program that was even better than I thought I could get into."

        Maria smiled.  "What was that thing you did again to get into college?"

        "It's called a disability scholarship…  Apparently they think I have cerebral palsy."

        "Cereal policy?"

          "No…  Cerebral palsy…  I've been having psychomotor difficulties ever since… the accident remember?"

          "Oh yeah.  I thought you had super healing or something."

          Tommy shrugged his bony shoulders. "That was just temporary."

          "You lost your powers?"

         "No, the human body is designed to elimanate gratuitous structures to prevent excessive energy expenditure.  Because I suddenly lost a significant percentage of muscle, my body was slow to deconstruct the concomitant mineral and nutrient delievery facilities.  It's not like I'm a supherhuman of something…"

        Maria's face lit up.  "That reminds me."  She paused to recall, "I got a part in the new She Hulk movie!  Guess which one!"

        "Hmmmm…..  Is it- Jennifer Walters?"

         "No, doofus!  I'm the She Hulk!"


          Maria's countenance softened, despite the muculature that deformed it somewhat, "Actually, I came to thank you about that.  If you did not volunteer for that procedure, this would never have happened.  Thanks to you my dream came true." 


        "Do you feel sad about being so small now?"  Maria tried her best to look contemplative.

        Tommy stared at his perpetually twitching hands, his vimenious limbs, the stack of luggage, and his grinning sibling.  After a moment of consideration,he responded .  "Some was lost, and some was gained.  Tell me more about She Hulk," he said, mustering a tepid smile

          "I almost didn't get it because I was too tall, but the director said that camerawork could take care of that."

         "That's a major role for your second movie.  You know, I was just watching your last one."

         Maria sighed.  "Ick.  Me… Halle Berry…  um… whatshername…  Nobody ever seems to like Catwoman movies."

          "Well, many of the fans were put off by the fact that Catwoman's main weapon was changed."

        She blushed.  "That was my fault.   That flimsy leather strap kept burning up when I tried to crack it, so they replaced it with that… metallic whip thingy."

        "That was a wrecking ball attached to a chain inented for hauling vehicles!"

        She shrugged.  "Same difference.  I can crack it like a whip, can't I… Let's play with it now!"

        Before Tommy could remind her that playing with such objects can be perilous within the suburbs, Maria grabbed him, and her heavy movie prop and ran into the front yard.  "What's that?"  Tommy gasped.

        "Oh… I used it to get here."

        "Where did you get that helicopter?"

        "from the movie set…"

        "You stole a helicopter?"

        "No, I borrowed it.  I'm not being like Winona, you know!" 

        "I see.  So can you really make that thing go at supersonic speeds?"  Tommy tapped the chain.

        "Of course!  I can make it go even faster than that."

        Maria swung the ball and chain above her head as if she were swinging a lasso.  After a few minutes of escalating momentum, Maria flicked her wrist, and the sonic disruption caused the windows to burst.  After a few more rotations the iron spheroid glowed brilliantly and began to lose its shape.  The heat caused a sound like thunder, which caused Maria to lose her grip on the chain.  The molten wrecking ball broke free from the chain, demolished a satelite dish, and landed in the neighbors yard, impacting a noticable crater. 

         Maria and Tommy looked at each other.  "Meteorite!"  They said in unison. 

        "Ah, My hearing!" Maria patted her head.  "What's this."  Two earplugs fell out.  Tommy removed a pair from his own ears and explained.  "I had a feeling something would break the sound barrier tonight, so I slipped these into your ears when you weren't looking."

        "You're still the smart guy…  Hey, I promised to return this thing before tommorrow morning, so I'm going to leave now."  Maria kissed her brother on the cheek, and entered the chopper, only to exit it soon afterwards."

        "I ran out of gas and it's a long way to the filling station, so I should go."

         "Maria, Wait!  The 7-11 doesn't carry that kind of fuel!"

         Tommy's advice had no avail.  Maria had already hefted the vehicle on her shoulders and was jogging out of distance.

         Tommy smiled as he saw her sister run into the horizon, laughing so hard he nearly fell over.. 

    The End

    Sorry if it is too anticlimactic.


    Great end Axel. I will be looking for that She-Hulk movie  😉

    I must say I really like the strength feast Maria did in this final part. Specially the chopter one. It was extremelly hilarious.

    It was also great to see that Tommy is doing well too.



    😀 Tis all good. I enjoyed it.

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