The Rewards of Virtue

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    Thanks for the update. I'm sorry we couldn't see at Maria. Hope you passed well the storm.



    Not a problem man, interesting direction you are taking.


    Innntresting. Would love to see results.


    Two thumbs up! A true masterpiece in female muscle growth literature!


    I finnally got around to reading this and I must say i do like it. It's nice to see a big strong sister not adbusing her brother. I wonder what type of future they will have.


    After watching her brother enter the school, Maria attended to the road and travelled to her gym.

          "I'm an hour early…"  She muttered, looking at her watch. 

        She obtained a drink from a vending maschine, sat down at a module, and prepared for her routine.  "Two hundred pounds…?  It feels so light."   

        Then she proceded to test the maximum weights of all the devices.  To her dismay, she was able to pick up a bench press console in one hand.  Curiously she picked up a dumbell, and squeezed the grip.  The warmth and the power caused the metal to dilliquesce like butter, sending the weighted ends bouncing off the mat.

    "Holy Crap!" Maria exclaimed.  "I'm stronger than my muscle plus his muscle!"

        The female apotheosis of muscle turned around and almost collided with her promoter. 

        "Hi Gus!"  She bent down and gently hugged the balding middle-aged man. 

        He smiled then eyed her suspiciously, "Maria, you've advanced miraculously."

        "Uh… yeah!'  She flexed her biceps.  Light played off the furrowed bands of muscle like the color pattern of a watermelon. 

        "Have you been hitting the juice."

        "Yes.."  she said nonchalantly.

        Gus sighed "I knew it.  What kind is it…"

        She lifted a bottle in her large grasp and read it.  "Grape!  I'm on grape juice."

        Gus snorted, "Grape?  You putz…  If you're going to be so obvious with your doping, you'll be banned from bodybuilding."  He muttered and moved along. 

        She went to the hall to change, but heard odd noises issuing from a supply closet down the hall.  She opened the door and gasped.  A taught blonde fitness instructor pulled up her pants and fled in embarrassment.  Maria advanced on the closet's other occupant, a nonplussed but handsome bodybuilder.

      "James!"  She grabbed him by the occiput and dug into his flesh.  "You cheating piece of filth!  It's over!" 

        Maria yanked a ring from her finger, threw it at James and stormed out of the building.  She sulked and did isometric excercises in her parents' house until someone opened the door.

      "Are you okay?"  Tommy asked.

      "Men suck!  I wanna castrate all of em!"  Maria moped.

      "Uhhh… I'm going now."  Tommy began to back away.

        Maria turned to him.  "Not you… don't leave, please…"


    Poor Maria. She has a small trauma for taking the muscle of her brother and now she found out at her boyfriend cheating on her. I wonder if she will use her extra muscle to show him some respect.

    Thanks a lot Axel for the update. I really wonder how Maria and her brother are managing their current states.



    I love where this is going, cant wait for the next update!


    me too.


    Tommy wheeled his chair further into Maria's room.  "What's wrong?"

         "Gus said I was stupid."

         "That doesn't sound like him at all.  Are you sure that's what he said?" 

         "He said I was too much of a dope to bodybuild." 

         Tommy looked at her askance.  "Really?  I'll talk to him tomorrow…"

         "Thank you."  Maria tried her eyes with a finger, dactylar muscles bulging at the knucles.

         Tommy backed up, but paused after looking at his sister again.  "Something else is bothering you isn't it?"

         Maria gazed downward and nodded sullenly.

         "Is it about James?"

         She only sighed.  "I know…  you told me so."  A few more tears leaked out.  "He called and apologized again.  He sounded real sincere this time."

         Tommy took a brush from a dresser and began to smooth out Maria's tousled hair.  "What did you say to him?"

          Maria hesitated.  "I didn't say anything."

          "You are going to leave him this time, right?"

           "You think I should.  He's really nice, when I don't do things that upset him."

           Tommy grapsed Maria's shoulders with his tenuous strength.  "This isn't algebra!  James is a creep!  He will continue to exploit you until you confront him and extirpate him from your life."

           Maria started crying until Tommy hugged her.  "So, I should face him?"

           "Ultimately it would be for the best." 

           "He should be home now.  I'll see him now.  Thank you Tommy."

           "As always"

          Maria turned around,  "Do you mind if I borrow something from your geology cabinet?"

          "Yeah, sure."  He left nonchalantly.

            Tommy went to his room and opened his books.  Scanning over his homework, he wondered about the closet.  "Maybe she wanted my old boots…"  He muttered.  He did not pay attention to Maria's feet, but they seemed slightly larger after the procedure.  He did not consider the matter until he went to the kitchen for a glass of water.  In passing, he noted that Maria had left the had left the wardrobe door wide open.  Tommy approached the wooden storage unit, froze aghast, and slammed the door.

           Wheeling around at maximum speed, Tommy nearly knocked his mother over when exiting his house.  When asked for an explanation for this behavior, he responded, " I have *pant  to stop *pant*  Maria!"

        "What do you mean?"

        "No time to explain!  Got to get to James' house now!"  he yelled to his mother.

        Mercifully, she did not inquire further.  She pushed him rapidly to the destination.  A block away, the two spotted a trio of screamung prostitutes fleeing from the house.

        "Maria's handiwork… Hurry, Mom!" 

         Tommy was rushed to the house with a hairbreadth window of opportunity.  "Maria!  Stop!"  He panted.   

         The vast woman stood with Tommy's hammer poised behind her back, ready to deliver a coup de gras to the beaten man in the corner.  Every muscle in her body tightened as she turned around, grasping the item frenetically.

         "Don't do it!"  Maria's mother said.

         "Tommy said it;  exterminate him from my life."

         "No!"  Tommy corrected.  "I said extirpate him!  As in leave him behind and move on.  If you make this stroke, your deed will bind you to him forever."

         "I hate him!  He should die!"  Maria's face grew red. 

         "Even if that were true, please don't.  Don't let your rage overwhelm you.  I need you."

         Maria shifted awkwardly on her feet.  "Uhhh!"  She began to fall.  Tommy propelled himself forward. 

         "Ow!"  He shouted as Maria's enormous frame landed on his lap with a crack.  "That's what I was trying to warn you about.  Your body isn't used to the muscle.  This emotional state is sending you into shock.  Relax…"  Tommy whispered rapidly.

         "Oh my god, you need an ambulance!"  Tommy looked up to see his mother rush to the kitchen. She came back with a plastic container that contained at least ten kilos of cocaine.  "I found this in your pantry!  She glowered at James, "I'm calling the police, jackass!"

         A few minutes later, Tommy still clutched Maria while he waited with James in the living room.  The near unconscious man mananaged to speak.  "Thanks man, you saved my life…"

         Tommy blinked, spat at him, and watched his mother through the window.

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