The Rewards of Virtue

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    Nice chapter. I can't wait to see what exactly Maria can do with her improved muscles. Thank you Axel for continuing the story.



    Ooh Im loving this…. Hehehahaha. ^_^


    nicely done axel. really you are a genius


    A genius?¬† I'm adroit enough to perceive hyperbole, but not that intelligent ūüôā

    Thanks for the encouragement.¬† Sorry again for the delays, I keep seeing the thing wrapped up, but then a new plot lobe emerges…

    EDIT:  FYI  I'm also toying with the idea of another story that is sort of a combination between The Succubus Stones and Midori No Hibi.


    As a week passed, Maria's ex boyfriend dissipated into an acrid memory.  In morning's cool ochre visage,  Tommy wheeled himself up to the table and began to eat breakfast.  He watched Maria fill a mixing bowl with cereal and poured most of a gallon of milk into it.  She sat next to her brother, who was gnawing on his toast.   

        "Hey, don't you have physical therapy today?"


        "You sound sad."

        "I'm still sore for my last workout."

    ¬† ¬† "It will get better…¬† I'll help you."


        Tommy's directive was issued in vain, for Maria was clasping his back with her thumb and index finger.  The slightest nudge elicited a disconcerting crack.  Maria gasped. 

        "You broke my shoulder."  Tommy frowned. 

    ¬† ¬† "Sorry…"¬† Maria muttered and looked downward.

        "Just go away."  Tommy said.

        Maria stood up, head brushing the ceiling now, and lumbered to the backyard.  She paused to examine a flourishing oak which loomed over the two story house.  It still held the hull of a treehouse.  The woman became a smiling statue, awash in the glowing strata of childhood memories. 

        After staring into space, Maria jumped at a strudy branch, her pulsing legs sent her higher than intended, so she moved along another branch and dropped onto the treehouse.  She peered into the abandoned shelter and giggled, recalling tea parties, and comic books and poring over muscle magazines.  Her eyes glistened with amusement when they traveled to a series of dashes against the brown corrugated bark.  She looked at the red marks, which  hung above their white counterparts for years until the last, when Tommy's marks topped Maria's by a hairbreadth.  She tore off the shelter's vitiated top and carefully waddled to the painted series of lines.  She glanced at them and blinked.  The last height measurement was taken when she was about 6' 3" at the age of 18.  Now the red line lay under her nose.

    ¬† ¬† Pondering this for a moment, she shrug her shoulders.¬† "The tree must have grown…"¬† She then heartily hugged the tree's trunk in nostalgic giddiness.¬† The wodden column felt somewhat like warm taffy as it buckled and popped, and very rapidly imploded.¬† The huge woman managed to prevent the 30 foot oaken caber from falling, but the satellite dish was flattened.¬†

    "Uh oh…¬† I'd better hide this."¬† She looked at the unwieldy stake in her hands and began to run.¬† Two miles later, she stood on the boundary of a sylvan preserve.¬† "No one will look for it here!"¬† She hoisted the broken tree in one hand and hurled it like a javelin at the dense forest.¬† The projectile leveled a blue spruce before impaling a redwood.¬†

    "Crap!¬† I hope no one will notice."¬† ¬†Maria sidled off, making a feeble attempt to remain inconspicuous.¬† As she engulfed the streets with her shadow, the thought.¬† "I've got to get my mood swings under control.¬† I've been pumped on adrenaline all week…"

    By the time she stepped through her door, her family was finishing lunch.  She found Tommy in his room.  "I'm sorry for breaking your shoulder.  What did the therapist say?"

        "She didn't say anything, becuase it was intact by the time she arrived."


        "A compound fracture healed completely in two hours.  That's phenomenal.  By the way, I saw what happened to our receiver."

        "A meteor did it!"

        "A meteor of sufficient size to smash a dish and snap a tree would have left a remarkable  crater.  I also wonder where a meteorite could hide the evidence, hm??  Seriously, something's happening to us.  The myotranspositor must have altered our cellular composition somehow.  Haven't you noticed your mass lately?"

         "Are you calling me fat?"

        "No, go measure yourself sometime."

        "I'll do that."  Maria rushed out the door and into her bedroom.  She stripped off her clothes and wound a tapemeasure around her limbs. 

    ¬† ¬† "Wow!"¬† She still had her hourglass proportions, but her body had widened all over.¬† Her frame was swelling with sinew, but her face looked as feminine as ever.¬† ¬†"At least you haven't grown…"¬† She rubbed her slender feet.

         With overflowing enthusiasm Maria stomped back into her brother's room.  "You're right.  I bet I could be a superhero!"

        "You're forgetting something."


         "Get some clothes on!"  Tommy snapped.

    ¬† ¬† ¬†"oops…"¬† Maria blushed and manuevered her body into her bedroom.¬† Suddenly overtaked with fatigue, she crashed onto the floor and began to nap.


    Interesting direction this story is taking. I laughed at how Maria managed to hide the evidence. Definetly it would have being quite a sight seeing a amazon muscled woman running with a tree in her arms.

    Another great chapter Axel. Thanks a lot for it.



    Man Im loving this more and More. Keep it up. ^_^


    yes that is great!!!


    Maria felt a tug at her arm before awakening to a panoply of flashes and microphones.  Tommy tried to restrain the tide of journalists, but he was somehow shuffled out the door, an enigmatic feat considering the bulk of his wheelchair. 

    "What?"  she babbled.  The flood of intrudered clamoured at her cognizanze.

        A microhone was shoved in her face.  "You have been witnessed throwing a tree weighing over one thousand pounds."  The voice faded into the background.

    "Strongest woman in the world—"


        "Would you.."

    "Endorsements, documentaries"


        "movie contract."

          Maria stared numbly at the flashing babble for quite some time before somebody touched her.  At this, she lept off the bed in alacrity.  "Out!"  She hoisted the unfortunate reporter by his tie and stuffed him swiftly through the tight frame of the window. 

        She turned on the masses, which seemed mollified by this outburst.  Within a minute, Maria was cluthching her head and grunting in solitude.  A third of the strangers managed to flee her virago grasp, but most of them ended up defenstrated on the lawn. 

    ¬† ¬† ¬†Outside, Tommy wheeled up to assess the damage.¬† Miraculously no one was hurt, not a single piece of equipment was damaged and some of the males seemed inexplicably excited.¬† He shook his head and addressed the extirpated crowd.¬† "I warned you not to overstimulate her…."¬† He began.

        Several hours later, Maria had calmed down and dealt with the abased masses.  She chatted with her brother about the lucrative results over their dinner.

    ¬† ¬† "… So then I'm going to be on three commercials, and next year I can go to Harvard on a football scholarship."

         She looked at her brother's face.

        "What is it?"

    ¬† ¬† ¬†This incensed Tommy even more.¬† "That should be my scholarship…"

         "What!  I worked out, and I deserve it."

         "One, some of that muscle is mine! Two, you don't even know what a line of scrimmage is!  Three:  you stole my scholarship!"

         Maria clenched her teeth.  "You knew that procedure would be risky.  I have a whole season to learn what lina skurmidge means.  Lastly, you know I want to go to college- you've always been smart, you don't know what it's like to be frustrated."

    ¬† ¬† "You've always been the best swimmer, runner, archer, driver, gymnast… et cetera.  You also excel at mathematics.¬† I joined the sports teams to be just like you!  And for the last ten years I have been known as Maria's little brother..  And now I had a chance to be recognized as a great athlete on my own virtue, and it went to you.

    ¬† ¬† ¬†Maria gripped Tommy's nose, but but the anger had left her voice.¬† Moreover, tears began to well as she rebutted.¬† "But you're so smart…¬† and I don't think you appreciate that….¬† No one ever calls you stupid…¬† You don't have severe dyslexia.¬† People respect you, and not for silly things like lifting really big weights above your head.¬† I know you can get into college.¬† Knowing you, you'll find a way to get in on a… weakness scholarship!"¬† Maria stomped out of the room.¬†

    ¬† ¬† ¬†Tommy pondered his macilent limbs, and in futility glanced at a tear stained college pamphlet one last time.¬† Eventually, opening his eyes wide, he laughed and whispered.¬† "Maria… you found the answer."


    Oh! I would have love to see how Maria threw at those reports out of her house. That could have being a great image.  ūüėČ

    Great new chapter Axel. I will be looking forward for the final piece of this great story.


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