Video Games Featuring Femuscle

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    From where I can download that collector patch.

    BTW thanks for all the help guys 🙂

    Patch is located here on Maniac's deviant art page.

    Place the DATA folder you find in your City Of Heroes folder and voila it will work.  REMOVE the patch by deleting the data folder, only do this if you are patching for a big expansion like Issue 5


    Does Freedom Force has muscular skins n stuff in it?I have heard a lot about the game.Can someone fill the info please?


    It does, but I haven't used that game in such a long time that I really can't help you out with the skins.  Especially since they are located on a hard drive which is currently out of order.  Technically unless someone else saved it I was the only one with those muscle skins, and now I can't access them.


    In that game Amplitude (or Frequency…or both, I don't remember), you could create a buff chick. Well, it was more of a chick head on a man body. I don't remember if they actually had a buff female body. I just remember I made a buff chick character.


    I used to own this game called Trap gunner that had a picture of a buff girl on the front of it but it was such a bad game. . . .  but there is a link to it


    If you are looking for realistic forms of muscle in computer and video games, Tekken 5 has a little.
    The character Nina Williams as toned arms and legs, same as her sister, Anna. Asuka, in her secret costume, as a noticible bicep in her finishing pose. As well as Xiaoyu.
    Good luck in your search for more.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    There's a Japanese Mah-Jong game called Hot Gimmick Forever (??? ???? ??????) which features a girl from a bodybuilding club called Akiko Daimon (????). 

    There's a good picture of her on this page and another on this one.


    Wow, she really looks hot, I could use some inspiration from her to make a wrestling manga  😀
    I wish I knew how to play Mahjong
    Now in video games, I have seen muscular females at:
    "Beauty Girl Wrestling", a wrestling RPG in japanese, have a pair of muscular girls
    "Undercover Cops", with Rosa, a pretty gil with some muscle
    "Natsuki's crisis battle"
    Lucia, from "Final Fight 3"
    I've heard of a game called "Geo Strength W", but I wonder if that's only a legend


    vampire bloodlines is a good game you can build up the strenth of your vampire wetherit be mail or female

    Trent Harlow

    I just remembered another one, that ICP Backyard Wrestling game let you create a muscular female wrestler.

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